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Decorate with Me

Finally! It’s happening! I’ve been waiting such a long time for this. My fiance and I finally bought our first house together, well actually it’s a townhouse, but still. I’m so excited to finally have my own place and decorate with my taste and our paintings. Living at home with my mom isn’t bad, but it’s all her things, and now it’s our turn! With that said, what am I going to do? There’s so many possibilities for every room. I came across this really cute green and maroon wall art. Right now our bedroom is like a blueish purple color, so I might have to play around with this craft and try it with different colors, but I love the style and design it has.


I also really like candles and modern art, so when I saw this candle cube I thought where can I put this? I almost think it would look really cute in the bathroom, after all, it’s always good to have something nice smelling in there. My bathroom is a light blue color, where would you put this candle cube?

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