Cute Craft Ideas for Easter

Over at we know how overwhelming it can be looking through all of the different crafts you can make for Easter. That’s why, to make things a bit easier for you, we’ve put together this collection of our very favorite egg designs, basket crafts and Easter bunny projects! These 34 Cute Craft Ideas for Easter are the only inspiration that you need for the upcoming holiday.


Whether you use them to carry your eggs or simply display them as Easter decorations, Easter baskets are a fun way to get creative for the holiday.The options are endless when you use your imagination.

  1. Blooming Coffee Filter Easter Baskets
  2. Bunny Whiskers Tote
  3. DIY Paper Easter Basket
  4. Itty Bitty Easter Baskets
  5. Crocheted Bunny in a Basket
  6. Recycled Easter Basket



Make your eggs egg-ceptional this year with one of the Easter egg ideas below. Whether you want to dye regular eggs or step it up a notch this year, we’ve gathered a bunch of fun and easy Easter egg design ideas and can’t wait to share them with you.

  1. Naturally Inspired Easter Eggs
  2. Tie Dye Easter Eggs
  3. Magnificent Marbled Easter Eggs
  4. Papier Mache Easter Eggs
  5. Painted Easter Eggs
  6. Watercolor Easter Eggs




Easter bunnies are a holiday staple, and making them is a crafty tradition we think you’ll love to begin. These cute and cuddly bunny crafts are so fun, you’ll wind up repeating them year after year.

  1. Bunny Hop Pillow
  2. Bunny Knit Egg Cozies
  3. Mini Sock Drawer Bunny
  4. Clothespin Bunnies
  5.  Peeps Bunny Bunting


Are you crafting your own Easter baskest, bunnies, or eggs this season?

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