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Cute Baby Onesie

My sister just had a baby the other day. She is a little peanut; she weighs six pounds even at 18 1/2 inches. Her name is Avery Alexis, which I think is such a pretty name. She has a full head of black hair, which is normal for babies, but her sisters never had that much hair. Isn’t she so cute? I know, I’m biased!


Anyway, I have to get a little gift for the new one. She has so many toys and clothes already from her older sisters…and we had a little baby shower as well. I thought maybe I can make a little onesie. How hard can they really be? The baby bear onesie is really cute.


I can just picture her in it with those little ears and all that hair. I can’t wait to see her again. I’ll probably go visit tonight, after all, I’m lucky enough that they live right down the street. I’m always looking for cute little baby outfits or something for kids to wear. If any of you have some different patterns or unique outfits let me know!