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Crochet Patterns – Wavy Shell Stitch

The Crochet Crowd concept launched in April 2008. Originally in this video, this blanket wasn’t well received by whom it was made for. It ended up being put into the closet and is still tucked into a box to this day.

In my emotion state of being hurt that the blanket wasn’t a great give… it inspired me to show You Tubers that “Here I am… and yes I know how to crochet!” Though my friend didn’t appreciate my creativity, I figured someone in the universe would.

This video is watched at a rate of 400 – 600 times every day. It’s because the pattern is really interesting but also gives new people an opportunity on what to look forward to.

While my friend didn’t like his blanket… this video has become the major video of my YouTube career at over 281,000 views to date.

Play Wavy Shell Stitch Tutorial here. 

This tutorial was later re-filmed 2.5 years later. New camera technology and more smooth techniques in teaching tutorials led to this. It was also filmed under the banner of AllFreeCrochet.

See The Re-Filmed Version of Wavy Shell Stitch Tutorial Here.

You can find AllFreeCrochet Videos on their specialist You Tube Channel.