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9 of the Craziest Rainbow Loom Patterns Ever

You love rainbow loom bracelets. I love rainbow loom bracelets. I don’t think I know a single kid that doesn’t love rainbow loom bracelets. No one can deny the awesomeness of rainbow loom bracelets, especially when they’re made for a good cause.

Last month, Jimmy Kimmel debuted the craziest rainbow loom project we’ve ever seen- an entire suit made of rainbow loom bracelets! After receiving over 3,000 rainbow loom projects from children all over the country, Kimmel commissioned his Suit of the Loom and wore it proudly on his February 27th show. The suit went up for auction to benefit the MaxLove Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers families fighting childhood cancers and life-threatening conditions. Kimmel even created a special cape for the young mind behind the MaxLove project, his guest of honor, that was made out of (you guessed it) rainbow loom bracelets! If you haven’t seen the heartwarming video, you can check it out here:

We might not be able to recreate Kimmel’s amazing Suit of the Loom, but we felt so inspired by this intricate loom-wear that we just had to find the kookiest, craziest rainbow loom patterns around to share with you. If you’ve seen our collection of  6 Incredible Rainbow Loom Patterns, you already know that challenging Rainbow Loom designs exist. Nonetheless, we bet you haven’t seen these Rainbow Loom patterns!

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Rainbow Loom Bracelets for the Adventurous Loom-ers

Are you prepared to take on the most challenging (yet totally radical) Rainbow Loom bracelets out there? Grab your rubber bands and get started!

Rainbow Loom Name Bracelet

Yes, you read that correctly. You can use this Rainbow Loom pattern to create a custom bracelet with your name on it. Make sure you’ve got time to spare before attempting this one!

Triple Fishtail Rainbow Loom Pattern

You love the fishtail Rainbow Loom pattern…so why not step it up a notch?

Open Oval Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Woah…this pattern is almost like seeing a Rainbow Loom bracelet within a Rainbow Loom bracelet. Too cool!

X-Twister Rainbow Loom Bracelet

The “X” is for X-treme! You have to try this awesome Rainbow Loom pattern.

Taffy Twist Rainbow Loom Pattern

This is perhaps the simplest of our kooky Rainbow Loom patterns, but it looks incredibly cool.

Other Amazing Rainbow Loom Patterns

Rainbow Loom patterns aren’t just for bracelets! Truly dedicated Rainbow Loom-ers show their obsession in any way they can, from making custom Rainbow Loom charms, wearable Rainbow Loom projects, or even a sweet smartphone case! Check out some of our favorite Rainbow Loom accessories:

Rainbow Loom Pencil Grip

Show everyone at school that you’re crazy for Rainbow Looms projects!

Rainbow Loom Pattern for Sandals

Summer is coming, even if it seems far away. Use this Rainbow Loom pattern to make beach-friendly shoes!

BFF Rainbow Loom Charm

You may love Rainbow Loom bracelets, but chances are you love your BFF a little more. Make this Rainbow Loom charm as a special gift!

Rainbow Loom Mini Handbag

Ready to show off your love for Rainbow Loom patterns on the go? This DIY purse is the perfect tutorial for you.

Rubber Band Loom Fun

Okay, so maybe these patterns are a little intense for you. That’s okay! We respect Rainbow Loom-ers of all skill level, and that’s why we’re giving away two copies of Rubber Band Loom Fun! Our giveaway ends on March 17, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time, so make sure you enter today for your chance to win!



What’s the craziest Rainbow Loom project you’ve ever seen?