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20+ Crafts for Kids to Make from Recycled Items

Charming Egg Carton ButtonsEarth Day is quickly approaching, which means (if you haven’t been already) it’s time to start caring for our planet. You can do this in so many different ways, and AllFreeKidsCrafts is here to share how to do it in a FUN way. Help Mother Earth by reusing her items for good. That could mean as a present for someone you love, a craft that will make everyone smile, or a decoration that saves the soil from one extra plastic bottle. You could also grab your favorite little green thumbs and start planting beautiful blossoms to add beauty and fresh air to our everyday lives. For the ultimate list of Earth Day activities for kids, click here.


Whatever you do to help our Earth deserves a giant thank you from the entire population. Since coordinating that might be a bit difficult, I’ll do the honors: Thank you for your contribution to keeping our planet clean and to ensuring many more Earth Days for our children and their children.

BONUS: Crafts from recycled items are thrifty…that means that you are spending a lot less money!

Kids’ Crafts from Milk Jugs and Egg CartonsMilk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet

The creativity that people possess never ceases to amaze me. It’s not every day that I look at a milk jug and see a Storm Trooper Helmet. Thankfully, though, there are brilliant, artistic minds out there who finish their last egg and immediately see the body of a sail boat. To those innovative imaginations I say, “What??” I also say, “Thank you!” We now can spend days crafting the most fun projects out of items that are sitting in our recycling bins.

Charming Egg Carton Buttons
The Ultimate Bat Masks
Cute Carton Ladybug Crawlers
Egg Carton Caterpillars
Milk Jug Airplane
Egg Carton Frog
Egg Cartons on Sail
Eye Spy Glasses

Kids’ Crafts from Toilet Paper Rolls Racecars


It’s funny to think that an object used in the bathroom has become one of the most-used materials for crafting. But, hey –they’re cheap, and we all have them on hand. Using toilet paper rolls to craft also allows you to feel less guilty about going through a roll a day. You can lean down and kiss the Earth, but you can also say thanks by reusing its resources.

Beaded Butterfly Beauty
Advent Calendar
Billy the Goat
Slinky Snake
Fridge Marble Run

Recycled Crafts from Other MaterialsCD Fish

The fun doesn’t stop with old food containers and toilet paper rolls. You never thought that sentence would be said seriously, did you? Really, though, green crafting IS fun! And a ton of it at that. Use bottle caps, water bottles, scrap fabric, spare pieces of yarn; anything you can find, you can use! I challenge you to that. Next time you’re about to throw something away, think if you can use it to make a funky kids’ craft. You may just find that you’re the next Picasso through the process.

Better for the Earth Butterfly Craft
Robot Pencil Holder
Go Green Scrapbook
Must-Make Mini Glass Art

Gardening Crafts for Kids Mr. Potato Head Planter

Take a penny, leave a penny. Take a flower, plant a flower. We’ve all picked a beautiful, colorful flower from our green earth, and it’s time for us to return that gift. Plant some seeds, and watch them blossom into presents for our planet.

Eggshell Seedling Planters
Mr. Potato Head Planter
Silly Grass Heads
Windowsill Garden
Reduce Your Footprint Planter

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