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Crafts for Grandpa

Today is my grandfather’s 92nd birthday. It is difficult to think of an appropriate gift for someone of that age; someone who has everything and needs nothing. But my grandfather – no matter how gruff he can be – has always been a sentimental guy. My mom prints everything I write for him to read, and he reads and saves it all. He even still occasionally wears the baseball cap I gave him when I was in 3rd grade that has a screen print of a Picasso painting that I drew with oil crayons. So I knew creating something from scratch would be the perfect way to give my grandfather something he would appreciate. His living room is full of family photos, so I figured giving him a recent photo of my brother and me in a handmade frame would be a nice gift. I am a big fan of the embossed metal frames (pictured below) on FaveCrafts, but not having a lot of time to work on this project, I instead decided to create a collage frame. Since this was a project I had done previously, I got it together pretty quickly and it looked great! I am hoping he likes it when I take it to him on my next visit.

If you’re looking for a great personalized gift for someone who has everything, try a frame. FaveCrafts has a number of great handmade frame projects like the ones above. Check out the button mirror frame or the beaded daisy frame for a fun and easy project.

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