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Craft Wars Interview with Winners Andrea and Lisa!

It was so fun to watch the creative feats of the contestants on last week’s episode of Craft Wars! The theme was Altar or Falter and the contestants were challenged to create a keepsake box using locks and keys (in only an hour!) and a wedding display made of old jeans, baby blankets, candlesticks and wedding invitations.

Here at FaveCrafts we were extremely impressed by the crafty creations of the winning duo, Andrea Currie and Lisa Fulmer (congratulations ladies!). We were excited to ask these crafting queens some questions about the show, their experience and their favorite crafting tips!

Have you two ever worked on a project together before the show?

Andrea – I feel like I’ve known Lisa forever, but what initially connected us was our shared duties as co-hosts on the internet craft show called the Cool2Craft Pajama Party. Our love for crafting mixed with other fun commonalities (like breaking out into song and dance for no apparent reason) eventually turned us into what we call “Crafty Sisters.”

Lisa – Andrea and I did do one webcast together here at my house where we did a pop-craft on the spot for everyone. We made these funny tiaras for each other that lit up with little battery-operated twinkle lights, it was a riot! Andrea is my heart, we truly are cut from the same cloth.

Lisa, how long did you ponder going on the show as Andrea’s partner? Or was it an instant “yes”?

Lisa – Andrea barely got the words “I need to ask you something” out of her mouth before I said yes—I would do anything for my crafty sistah! I was honored and so happy for the opportunity.

Andrea, I saw that your husband made you some good luck shoes for the show, what’s it like living with a man crafter?

Andrea – Those sapphire glittered shoes are the third pair of glittered shoes that Cliff has created for me! However, I consider these blue gems the luckiest of all 😉 Living with a man crafter is so fun because I’m not the only one covered in glitter and glue! It’s also nice to have a spouse that doesn’t give you weird looks when you ask for help with weird projects like giant paint chip valentines.

Did you have any strategy before you started? Was there any sort of plan going in?
Andrea – It was nerve-wracking to not be able to plan anything  beforehand. I told Lisa before the show that no matter what they threw our way we had to think out of the box and create projects that were whimsical and fun. The only thing we had control over was to trust our creative instincts and our many years of combined crafting experience. In the end, it was those things that helped us quickly adapt to each challenge and bring home the win!

Lisa – Andrea and I have complimentary skills and styles, plus we always seem to be inside each other’s head, so we made a great team!

What part of the challenge was the hardest?

Andrea – By far the pop craft challenge was the hardest. I never thought an hour of my life would go by so quickly. My heart was racing a gazillion miles a minute and I think I forgot to breathe too! In the middle of the pop craft we were so far behind and I really thought we weren’t going to be able to finish it. Luckily, we managed to pull it all together into a cute little gnome home keepsake box.

Lisa – The pop craft was the single most exhausting hour of my whole life!

Any big plans for the prize money, more crafting supplies perhaps? 🙂

Andrea – I’m giving Lisa half of the loot and I plan to use my half to create my dream line of craft products and designs!

Lisa – I’m so grateful for this gift. I will be using the money to build my marketing communications and consulting business.

What’s the one crafting tool you can’t live without?

Andrea – Even with my hot glue gun follies on Craft Wars I’d still have to say that I still reach for my hot glue gun 90% of the time. Tee hee 🙂

Lisa – Lots of really good scissors in all shapes and sizes. I have a pair handy in every nook and cranny of my house.

That use of the aluminum foil on the punches was smart. Do you have another crafting tip you can share with us?

Andrea – Why thank you! Another good tip is to freeze hot glue sticks 15 minutes before use so that you don’t get those hot glue gun strings that the Craft Wars judges hate so much.

Lisa – I never waste paint. When I’m done with a project, I swipe every last bit off my brushes and mop up every drop from my palette by brushing small pieces of fabric or art paper with the color. I can use these later in fiber art, mixed media collages, and cardmaking. I also keep large sheets of art paper and fabric on hand to use whenever I’m spray painting, misting, and stenciling. Capturing all those stray spurts and smudges on a nice foundation can be the beginning of something really cool!

Make sure you catch the next episode of Craft Wars on Tuesday on TLC!

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I can’t wait to see what the contestants make this week! Are you a fan of Craft Wars?