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Craft Wars: Interview with Angela Daniels!

Here at FaveCrafts we can’t get enough of TLC’s new show Craft Wars! Not only is it fun to watch but we’ve gotten a lot of great tips and inspiration for future craft projects. Tonight, crafter extraordinaire Angela Daniels is one of the contestants and we have the inside scoop! We interviewed Angela about her experience on the show, her crafting style and got some great tips that we are sharing with you. Be sure to watch tonight’s episode to see if Angela wins!

Who is your partner on the show? How did you decide?

I had an easy choice. Pattye Duffner and I have know each other ever since we met on the set of the first (only?) online reality scrapbook show “Scrapbook LifeStyle.” Not only is she a talented crafter, she is hilarious and my main goal was to have a good friend to go on Craft Wars with me so we could have fun with the experience. Plus, she sews like crazy and I knew this was my big weak spot in the competition. I loved knowing I had someone with her interior design background and sewing skills in my corner and she DID make us all laugh all day during filming. Her microphone was linked to a PA assigned to us so even when I wasn’t in the same area as Pattye, I knew she was getting in a good jab at me because the PA would burst out laughing.

Did you have any strategy going into the show?

My strategy was to try to relax, have  fun and try not to get to freaked out about winning. I can be extremely competitive with myself and I have a tendency to panic when I put too much pressure on myself. My secondary goal was to make sure Pattye and I walked away with our friendship intact. I hedged my bets on that one by taking her to a fancy restaurant on Rodeo Drive the night before we filmed as a thank you for being on the show with me. You know, just in case I lost my marbles during filming and started yelling at her or something (which, thankfully, I didn’t!).


What’s your go-to crafting tool that you couldn’t create without?

I love the simple tools. You won’t often see me buying the latest and greatest tools on the market. If I had to choose the most versatile tool that I keep in my craft bag at all times, it would probably be a bone folder. It’s invaluable for scoring things but it also helps with rub-on accents and a variety of other uses it wasn’t intended for.

What was your favorite moment of the show?

My favorite moment of the show was when I was able to look at a finished project (done JUST in the nick of time) for the briefest moment. It made me feel like Pattye and I had made something that we were proud of. That was a big goal of ours. We wanted to try and wow the judges, but mostly we just wanted to be able to watch the show with our kids back home and be proud of what we made together.

What did you learn from the show?

The best thing I learned from Craft Wars is that crafting is crafting. I was so worried about making something BIG. Like most crafters, everything I make is generally relatively small. I just didn’t know if I could do something large scale. As it turns out, and I should have known this, crafting big uses all the same skills and techniques as crafting small. All you need is more time and bigger supplies. I came home inspired to do some bigger home decorating projects with that confidence.

Was it hard to stay true to your crafting style under all that pressure?

If you asked me in the middle of a timed challenge, I probably would have said yes but now that I have had time to relax and reflect, the answer is no. No matter how hard I try to change up my style, it generally comes out the same. I like linear design. I like things that are relatively symetrical and clean. As much as I enjoy looking at shabby chic designs, my end project never comes close. My design aesthetic always veers in the same direction- linear and graphic.

The pop craft challenge looks so difficult! What’s running through your head during the pop craft? 

Pattye and I had done a few less structured and less serious time challenges for the online show we were on  years ago so I thought we would breeze through the stress of a timer. WRONG. At one point, I was struggling to thread a needle (I swear it had the smallest eye in the history of needles to make matters worse) and I was literally shaking with nerves. It felt like it took hours to thread that darned thing and I couldn’t believe I was on camera shaking as Pattye tried to lighten the mood by joking with me. I had to take a deep breath to keep it together!

What’s your best advice for all the crafters out there?

The most important piece of advice that I try to live by is to just DO it. I have a tendency to set an ideal of perfection so high that I don’t even want to start a project. And NOTHING I create ever comes close to looking like the ideal I had in my mind. This can either defeat me or I can realize that, hey, it’s just crafting. I’m not trying to save lives here. If I make a shoddy craft that ends up in the trash, I can live with that now. What I shoot for, always, is to embrace the process of creativity. The joy it brings me. To end on a bit of a bumper sticker-ism, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Check out Angela Davis on Twitter as @GuiltyCrafter and find her crafting tutorial videos on  her Youtube channel.

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Be sure to watch as Angela goes head to head with two other crafters in tonight’s episode of Craft Wars on TLC at 8/7c!

Have you been inspired by any of the crafts on Craft Wars? Which has been your favorite?



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