Craft Rooms Exposed: Edition 7

Welcome to the seventh (and final) issue of the FaveCrafts Craft Rooms Exposed series!  As promised in our monthly craft question post, we have featured the inside of your favorite designer’s craft rooms every Monday.  I hope you got plenty of insider tips, inspirational ideas or just pain had fun reading these posts!  And now without further adieu, let’s explore our final featured craft room. Until next time!

Featured Room Designer: Gail from Gail Friend Designs

Thoughts on Organization: Getting organized was definitely my major New Years Resolutions this year. I spend most of my free time working in my studio area in my apartment. I was in my spare bedroom and was outgrowing it. So I went with a rather unconventional approach. In my apartment the living room and dining room are one open area. I made my living room my studio. I have my computer desk, art supplies, sewing machine, bookcases and storage in this larger room. I put my former dining table in the middle of the room for a work table. The former dining room is now a small sitting room with the TV and stereo attached to the studio area. This arrangement probably wouldn’t work for most people, but I live alone, so I figured why not? I have been so much more productive and I am really glad I made this change. I think at first most of my friends and family thought it was a crazy idea, but the get it now. I love it. I love using unusual items for storage. I have vintage suitcases that I organize and keep my patterns I design in them. I use old cigar boxes for ribbons and trims. I have a pink cupcake theme I am working on, so I have found glass covered cake plates for display. On my work table I have a cake plate with containers with my art supplies. The really pretty Valentine Candy boxes are great for storing beads too. I have attached a few photos. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.

The Tour:


  1. Michelle says

    I’ve scrolled this tour and am giddy over trying to organize. I have 30+ years of every craft possible, am quilting, crochet & Knit, cross st. rug making. I have no less then 25 Walmart totes filled-bulging. They take up huge space in garage! Craft room is filled. Always see & buy something new to try!My list of UFO’s is monumental! I’m am never bored! but do need another room….hee hee!

  2. Lillyanne says

    I get you! The room looks great, but I just have so many hobbies and yarn, paints, fabric, stitching kits, batting,
    you name it. I have shelves that are 8 feet high, 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep and I have two sets of them wall to wall and they’re filled. I also have abouat 4 sewing machines – embroidery one, serger, smaller machine, one with discs and other regular one. I have tables the length of the room opposite the shelving and have the tops filled, under the tables filled with containers of threads, etc. I need help! Any more ideas other than to discard half of my stuff (LOL)

  3. Cynthia says

    I think it’s brilliant that you are utilizing your home the way you want to. The traditional LR, DR, Kitchen agenda is boring and wasted on many of us who don’t entertain enough to make it worthwhile maintaining such areas. When someone visits your home, they see immediately what you are about. I love your craft room most of all.

  4. Pam Chan says

    I am so glad someone else is as bad as me. I literally can’t move around my craft room. I buy storage box after storage box and it hardly makes a dent. I have over a thousand balls of yarn, over thirty embroideries to do and over two hundred craft books, not to mention candle making equipment, a loom,calligraphy stuff,flleece to spin, etc. etc. I have never counted the magasines or the UFOs, although I always finish something, often a year or two later….. I am sixty, and rather worried that I will die before I make any impression.

  5. Ann says

    WOW I thought I was the only crazy crafter! I have bunches of yarn, fabric, sewing thread, wood, paints and hundreds of craft books. See I’m like you other ladys here I can’t just settle on one craft I like to do many different crafts. My daughter calls me The Craft Lady from H*ll only because when I move she helps me carry it out! hahahaha P.S. Crafting is great therapy!

  6. Cherry Ping says

    I have trouble with letting go. I will not throw fabric away if it measures 2.5 inches. I know I can use it in a quilt or pot holder or pink it and glue it on the face of a card, add a button and some ribbon. Send it off to a good Friend. I have 4 sewing machines, serger,12’quilt table, and 2 cutting tables I am running out of space. We don’t even want to talk about books. I have fabric yarn thread. Rulers ribbon beads Studs, I know what my problem is I love all crafts. I have not found one yet that I don’t like. I am a self taught crafter. I am 63 and I share what I know with anyone that wants to learn.

  7. Ellen Schafer Decker says

    Just finished organizing my multi craft things… also 40+ years worth! I started with two long tables to sort on, bending is out now! Clear plastic bins with red lids(choose your favorite)use 8small for fat quarters(roygbiv,b&w), med. for felt squares, large for yarn, etc. Fill metal shelves, leave bottom shelves for books and mags in sleeves!Keep threads sorted by type and color,same for buttons and trims and ribbons. Each craft should have its own shelf!

  8. says

    My little craft room of 8×10 could not hold all these things. I have three or four big tubs of scrap fabric so I am always making scrap projects. I have shelves for a large basket of patterns and different card stock, but they share space with picture albums, my Hawaiian books, jewelry that I wear on a rather irregular basis, etc. I have high shelves above my cutting table and my sewing table…lots of plastic drawers for thread, felt, Pellon, etc. I hang two rolls of elastic from a dowel and have a three hanging veggie baskets for serger thread. But, with all this I still have the room to practice hula when a song comes on that I know!

  9. Vivienne Pender says

    I know exactly what you all mean, I have thousands of yards(seems like) quilt fabric, plus I am knitting, card making and anything else I feel like, hundreds of magazine and books, filling up my second room now, I’m seventy five and my kids all think I’m nuts.

  10. Jan Ciskowski says

    Wow, It must be an age thing. I am 66 and have all that stuff and more. My kids always say that I could open a shop by myself. I have been tempted. I am going to move at the end of the year, and the only thing that I am taking with me is my craft room. I am in the middle of trying to get it all together so I will know what’s what when I go to unpack it. Since I make a lot of gifts for Christmas, I really can’t pack anything that I think I will use to make my gifts. I am also doing a craft show in November just before Thanksgiving, so I have to put all that stuff in a separate place. What a job!

  11. says

    for ann the crafting lady from h##l, can you imagine what my sons call me when they have to move my ceramic molds and i have nearly 5,000 of them. that’s a HaHa, YeeHee. judy

  12. Linda Testerman says

    I thought I was alone with all this “wonderful stuff”! I am so glad I am not. My husband thinks, I should get rid of everything I haven’t used in 6 months. Well, we crafters, go back and forth with crafts. Right now I am into making lap robes for the Nursing home and baby blankets for the women’s homeless shelter. But then next week, I could go back to ceramics, or beads or counted cross stitch. We crafters are a different breed.

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