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8 Craft Room Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

As a very creative person, I have trouble keeping my life organized. I tend to lose focus or bounce from one project to the next and what’s left? A giant mess of scraps and half done projects. Story of my life. However, I’m hoping to change my ways slowly but surely by learning how to organize crafts effectively so that I can actually get things done. Half done projects drive me crazy and so does disorganization. I just need to sit down and spend time organizing everything once and for all.

I browsed around for the best organization tips out there and found so many great ideas! Organizing crafts doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. In fact, organizing a craft room can be crafty in and of itself. Music to my ears! Put those creative and crafty minds to work my friends, we’ve got some organizing to do!

Save your money for buying new craft supplies and use what you have around the house to create the best craft room ever. If you’re look for craft room ideas on a budget, you’re in luck. Seriously, don’t spend a lot of money on your craft room! Plan out what you want to do and figure out the cheapest way to make it happen. You’ll be much happier in the end.

Now, depending on your craft room situation, you may need to start with some small projects and work your way up to larger organization projects. No matter where you’re at, a craft room makeover is in your future and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One step at a time and you’ll have the best DIY craft storage you could ever dream of. These craft room ideas are about to blow your mind.

1. Start with some basic drawers that could use a little face-lift and follow this clever tutorial.

Storage Drawers Makeover Easy Craft Project

Storage Drawers Makeover Easy Craft Project via FaveCrafts

2. I don’t know about you, but I have a giant messy bag of ribbon and this DIY storage is the solution to my ribbon woes.

Ribbon Basket Storage - DIY

Ribbon Basket Storage – DIY from Minimoz


3. Using yarn to hold your yarn – it’s the craftiest storage solution we can think of!

Mega Bulky Crochet Storage Baskets

Mega Bulky Crochet Storage Baskets via AllFreeCrochet


4. Your initial + a little wood + a little creativity – this amazing thread holder!

Thread Rack Art

Thread Rack Art from Melly Sews


5. You won’t believe how easy this craft table is to make! When I saw this I immediately said “OMG I need to make this!”

DIY Craft Desk from Mommy Mentionables


6. We craft with mason jars all the time – why not use them to keep your crafting supplies organized? Our love for the mason jar is very strong these days.


Craft Room in a Jar via FaveCrafts


7. Ready for that big jump into total craft room organization? This pegboard tutorial will do the trick.


Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial from HoneyBearLane


8. For another small project, organize your baker’s twine with this free tutorial – and these frames are available at Michael’s super cheap! You can even paint them or stain them to match your craft room’s style.

How to Organize Your Baker's Twine

How to Organize Your Baker’s Twine via AllFreePaperCrafts.com


Love these craft room ideas? We’ve got more where those came from!

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