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Cozy Projects to Warm Up Winter Nights

Well, it looks like winter is finally here.  The mild 50 degree days are nearing an end as Mother Nature and Jack Frost get down to business with snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  Luckily, I have my handy-dandy sewing machine to help me make it through these blistery winter weekends…and with this collection of cozy simple sewing crafts, you’re sure to find something to help keep you warm and comfy throughout the cold winter evenings still to come.

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the winter is to curl up with a book, a blanket, and a big cup of hot cocoa and relax by the fireplace…so I’m really excited to make this Minky Ultimate Couch Blanket.  BONUS!  The pattern even includes a little pocket for your feet so your toes stay nice and warm!

If you have to get up and refill your cocoa mug, be sure to have a pair of slippers ready at your feet.  A few months ago I moved into an older apartment with hardwood floors, and let me just say that the floor gets mighty cold!  I have been searching around for patterns for handmade slippers and I finally discovered this Cozy Slippers Tutorial.  How cute are these?  They’re so easy to make and would also make great gifts for any holiday or birthday!

For those who like to snuggle up with a laptop or a journal, there’s always The Snuglet, an easy-to-make fleece blanket with sleeves!  Now you can read, write, or surf the Web without sacrificing warmth!  I wish I could bring one to work sometimes!

Looking to snuggle up with your Valentine next month?  The Happy Couple Blanket is the perfect sewing craft to make this weekend.  This cozy blanket delivers the ultimate cuddling experience for both of you…a warm side and a cooler side.  Now you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning to get comfortable…this cuddly blanket is the best of both worlds!  So pop in a movie, light the fire, and cuddle up with your sweetie under this Happy Couple Blanket.

Now, I’m not a pro when it comes to a needle and thread, so I’m always looking for fun beginner sewing crafts.  When I came across these Winter Warmers, I literally ran to get my sewing machine.  These microwavable lavender packs are great for soothing your aching muscles after shoveling the driveway or a day spent sledding.  You can make them with leftover fabric you have on hand or you can upcycle a pair of flannel pj’s you no longer wear.  If you happen to be a sewing extraordinaire and are looking for some intermediate sewing machine crafts, check out this Snuggle Snowmen Quilt.  This would be a great project for a weekend where you’d rather build snowmen indoors than outdoors!  And unlike real snowmen, these little guys are great to cuddle with!

Now, you may find that you have to brave the winter weather and run to the store for more hot cocoa.  If that’s the case, don’t forget this Scraper Mitt for Winter.  It’s a great weekend project that will last you for years to come!  Nothing is more annoying than having to scrap ice off the car, but at least this little mitt will keep you hands nice and warm.

And we all know I’m all about easy sewing crafts, so this Wool Sweater Hat caught my attention immediately.  The thing I love most about this project is that I can make it with stuff I already have in my home…so I don’t have to run out in the snow to buy anything!  Speaking of stuff you have already, everyone has at least one piece of clothing that’s been sitting in the closet for years…why not turn it into these super cute Upcycled Embellished Mittens?  They can be made with a tee-shirt, a hoodie, or a sweater you no longer wear!  Plus those little flowers are just the cutest!

So if you find yourself snowed in over the next few months, warm up some cocoa and plug in that sewing machine!  These easy and quick sewing crafts will not only keep you busy, but will keep you warm and cozy during the chill of evening.


What’s your favorite warm and cozy sewing project?  I love my sweater mittens I made with an old sweater I shrunk in the dryer!