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Copyright Laws: What Crafters Should Know

As the editor of FaveCrafts’ weekly newsletter Creative Income, I’m always trying to learn more and find way to bring relevant information to crafters and craft professionals. One of the hottest topics right now is copyright laws. With the popularity of blogs and the constant dissemination of information, tips, tricks and tutorials, it’s so easy to unknowingly push boundaries or even break a law.

I came across a feature in the Chicago Sun-Times that I think Creative Income readers (and crafters in general) should know about. The piece, Crafters Should Know About Copyright Law was originally published by the Associated Press.

There were many important points made in this article, but what struck me most was the idea that simple photocopying a pattern can be seen as infringement. Never assume you can use someone else’s work as your own. Often on blogs, you’ll see that the crafter indicates how their patterns can be used. Most often, they say that their tutorials are “for personal use only.” A little research goes a long way in this case. Be sure to check the source and do your homework. If you want to share a pattern or project tutorial that you love (but isn’t your own creation), make sure you ask permission from the designer.

Craft professionals can protect themselves by obtaining copyrights on designs and patterns. It isn’t expensive and can be done online. In the end, that time and money could save you from future problems.

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