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Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 5: Bathroom Wall Art

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

My husband doesn’t understand the need for decorating in the bathroom. He’s a man. When we got married and I moved in, he said “Everyone can tell I’m officially married now.” I wasn’t completely sure what he meant by that. He finished by saying “There are foofy pillows on the couch and towels I can’t touch.”

Yeah. It’s true. Towels are the easiest way to decorate a bathroom. Just tie them up cute on a towel rack, use some ribbons or flowers to keep them in place. It’s WAY cute. Only the husband doesn’t understand that. So, I’ve been banned from decorative towels in the bathroom.

Which is why I created this masterpiece. I needed something black and white to hang in my bathroom and this was just what it needed. It’s actually hanging above the toilet and it looks great in there. (The bathroom is a mess right now or I would have posted a better picture. Anyone else hate bathroom cleaning day?)


Total Cost: $5

I just took a big piece of scrap wood I found in the garage and cut it into 7×11 squares (I guess technically that’s a rectangle). I painted the sides and back black and then Mod Podged my paper on top. Then I hooked it all together with ribbon and voila! A bathroom masterpiece!

If you don’t have wood scraps you could use canvas (or maybe even that cool foam poster board stuff. That’s WAY cheaper than canvas.)

Looking for a way to keep your closet organized? I’ve got just the project. And yes…it uses Mod Podge!

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.