Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 2: Canvas Wall Art

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

Canvas is the latest and greatest in décor. Head to the hospital, and you’ll see canvas art hanging. It’s also found in office buildings and homes. I even saw some when I was on a date at Arby’s the other day (hey…it’s what the husband wanted for dinner!)

I love canvas art. There’s only one problem: It’s expensive. So, I decided to make my own. See how cute?

I think I’m in love. This project is super easy. The most expensive part is the canvas. Just watch for when the craft store runs it on sale … then stock up because it comes in really handy!


  • Mod Podge
  • 12×12 Canvas
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook Paper

Total Cost: $30

  1. I started by painting the edges of the canvas brown.
  2. Then, dump some Mod Podge into the center of your canvas (you’ll need a good amount), spread it around and then put your scrapbook paper on it. Rub, rub, rub…and rub some more. Because canvas is so flexible, you’ll need to make sure to rub it all out. Here’s a tip: once you’ve got the paper down and rubbed out a bit, flip it over and rub from the inside of the canvas. It helps! I promise. Let it dry for a few minutes and then put a couple of top coats on.

Isn’t it cute with those iron rod accents? I’ve been looking for a way to use those for months and the canvas art was the perfect solution!

You can also hang them in a row and embellish them with ribbon or other accents. Or, even use stamps or vinyl lettering to put a word or phrase on each one. The possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting! Up next: a picture frame wall collage that I hope you LOVE as much as I do!

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.


  1. Kara Huen says

    Mod podge canvas art has gotten me through many gift-giving holidays and covers my bedroom walls! Honestly, It works just as well to go straight to the crafting aisle in WalMart, buy a 3-pack of whatever sized stretched canvas you need, and mod podge straight onto that. It’s a harder board and a little thinner than the look of the actual canvas, but with a layer of mod podge, a layer of scrapbook paper, and another of mod podge, you have an awesome work of art to put on the wall! It also works best to hang these (since they are fairly flat) with the velcro Command strips. Happy crafting!

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