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Colorful Pumpkin Ornaments – Guest Blog

I just LOVE the Fall season and around the middle of the Summer I start thinking about Fall and my Fall decorations.

It’s also a time of the year that drives my husband crazy. Unfortunately that’s my fault. You see I REALLY LOVE the Fall season. And I LOVE to DECORATE for the Fall – which means work for him dragging all my floral decorations and Fall decorations up from the basement.

Now it wouldn’t be so bad if I only had a few decorations and a few trips up the stairs.

Au contraire! Did I mention I LOVE FALL?

I can’t do anything in moderation. No – not me!

I like a LOT and I like BIG – which means big floral arrangements and big dolls.

And, all this means MANY, MANY trips up the stairs. My poor husband.

Fall just seems to drive my creativity. It happens each and every year and I have no control over it – or at least I like to think I don’t!

Well, a couple of years ago my Fall creativity must have been at an all time high as I designed over 100 patterns at that time for my Linda Walsh Originals website.

One of those designs was a trio of pumpkin ornaments.  My pumpkin ornaments are a fun group of “crazy guys” to make for the Fall.  They are 2″ cloth pumpkin ornaments with embroidered faces who just like to hang out just about anywhere.

Hang’em up! Stick’em in a bowl of potpourri!  Line them up on a shelf or even add them to a fall wreath. I hang some of mine from the door knobs in my kitchen and line others up in a long bowl surrounded by miniature cinnamon pumpkins.

They may be similar in size, but their diversity of color and position of their embroidered faces make them unique.  And, they are happy about that.  They figure that it’s okay to be similar and part of a trio, but they each have there own personality which is reflected in their color and their face.  And, that they are happy about, too.  They’re just a trio of ornaments – punkin ornaments that is!