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Saturday Special: Get those Christmas Wrapping Materials Organized!

Yes, it’s June, so you probably don’t want to see a blog post from AllFreeChristmasCrafts right now. But I’ll bet that your Christmas wrap is in shambles right now, shoved left and right in every crevice of your basement. Gift tags are mixed with bows are mixed with ribbon. You couldn’t find those Little Chalkboard Gift Tags if you tried.

Never fear, unorganized Christmas wrapper! AllFreeChristmasCrafts is here with a great DIY storage project to make your Christmas wrap endeavors a little less hectic. You’ll want to make this great DIY organization project now, so when Christmas rolls around, you’ll be prepared to wrap presents creatively and efficiently.

The Easy Christmas Jar Organizer

Cleaning up any kind of mess can be made so much simpler if you have an Easy Christmas Jar Organizer . . . or twenty. Use this jar craft to help create a cute but practical way to store your craft materials, gift tags, or whatever other Christmas wrap you’ve got in stock throughout the year. These Christmas jars can be decorated with your favorite festive scrapbook paper, so they’ll fit right in with the rest of your Christmas home decor. A way to organize that is also decorative? You bet we’ve got it here.

Materials for Jar Craft

Upcycle any plastic jars you’d like for storing your different Christmas wrap supplies. Use a small jar for gift tags, a larger one for bows, and an even larger one for wrapping paper! Okay, it might be a challenge to find a big enough one for rolls of Christmas wrap, but you get the idea. Pick out adorable scrapbook paper for this jar craft. The patterns and colors are totally up to you! You’ll need a ruler to measure your paper. Be sure to have plenty of Mod Podge on hand, and a foam brush to apply it. Last, get some chalkboard paint to cover the jar’s lid.

Instructions for Jar Craft

Once you have your materials on hand, you can put this fun Christmas craft together. You’ll paint the lid with several coats of chalkboard paint, and later you’ll label the lid with chalk. This craft is so versatile because you can easily change your mind about what you want to store in the jar; just erase the chalk and write a new label!  You’ll need to Mod Podge your scrapbook paper to the jar after you measure and cut it out. Add glitter Mod Podge for an even more festive holiday look. Once your homemade jar is dry, you can add embellishments like ribbon to finish it off. You will absolutely love how cute and efficient this little jar will make your Christmas gift wrapping.

Get more detailed instructions to the Easy Christmas Jar Organizer!


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What is your favorite way to organize your Christmas wrap?