How To Make a Shiny Santa Topiary

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

Hey there, FaveCrafts readers. I know you all have been crafting away this holiday season – I certainly have been. I just loved browsing Pinterest for ideas to use as a starting point. Recently, I came across a topiary and took it in my own direction. I used colors from around my house, so it worked into the decor seamlessly.


  • Clay pot
  • Floral foam bricks
  • Styrofoam circle
  • Push pins
  • Tulle
  • Dowel rod
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mini ornaments
  • Ribbon
  • Red and white paint
  • Black elastic
  • Silver glitter tape



First you’ll want to place your foam brick in the bottom of the pot with hot glue. You may need to shave some pieces off to get a good fit. I used a serrated knife.

Next, you’ll created a hole with your dowel rod. Fill that hole with hot glue and place your dowel rod. Let the glue cool.

Now you can place your Styrofoam circle on top. You’re ready to add the ornaments now.

Take off the silver or hanger portion off the ornaments and discard. Using the hot glue gun add each ornament to the circle by pushing them in a little bit to secure.

After the entire circle is filled you’ll go  back with push pins and small ribbon pieces to fill in the spaces. I use 3” pieces for my ribbon loops.

Paint your pot with the red and white paint. Let it dry completely.

Add your elastic around and create a square for the buckle. Add that to the front of the pot.

Finish it off by gluing the tulle into the pot and covering up the floral brick.

You could add glitter to the tulle as well to make it really shine. This project is a bit time consuming but for around $15, I created a custom piece for my home that I really love.


  1. Nanna P says

    Thank you the topiary looks so beautiful just what I have been looking for, will make a few for a great Aussie Christmas party :>)

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