Make Christmas Gifts That Look Expensive (But Aren’t)

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The holidays are fast approaching and you’re probably wondering what to get as gifts for your friends and family. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift that has more of a homemade feel to it,as opposed to something you can buy in a store. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can make for anyone, young or old. For instance, you can create your own holiday gifts for pets and even make special gifts for bacon lovers! Additionally, there are knitting projects, DIY gifts, and other crafting suggestions for handmade holiday crafts.


Here are three unique ideas for handmade gifts that we think you’ll love:

Knitted Angel Doll Pincushion Pattern

This knitted angel doll doubles as a pincushion! Wouldn’t that be a great holiday gift idea for a sewist in your life? This gift is small enough to be a stocking stuffer, but is customizable to whichever colors or patterns your gift receiver would most like. There is a link to a step-by-step procedure for making this knitted angel at CraftFoxes. Even if you’ve never knit a project like this before, take it a step at a time, and you’ll be ready for the holidays with a fun new present or gift topper!

Get the free angel doll knitting pattern.


DIY Terrarium for Geeks

Here is a great way to stretch your DIY muscle, and the final product can even be hung on a Christmas tree. The DIY terrarium is basically a tiny ecosystem inside a glass jar but it can also be used as a clear Christmas ornament if you’re feeling festive! For this project, you’ll need a glass jar (with or without a lid), as well as potting soil, pebbles and any action figures you’d like to put inside your terrarium. You could even put some Christmas-themed figurines inside!

Learn how to make a DIY terrarium at CraftFoxes.


Messenger Bag

This messenger bag DIY project involves some crocheting as well as some thrifting and is an awesome accessory to carry your stuff in. To create this project, you’ll need a crochet pillow sham and a belt for the bag’s strap. You’ll also need some rivets to secure the belt to the pillow sham. This is another DIY gift that you can easily tailor to anyone’s taste. Put your thrifting skills to use and you might just find the perfect piece to use in this DIY project.

Get the how-to for this DIY messenger bag and then visit CraftFoxes for more handmade Christmas gift ideas!


  1. Karen McKown-Arano says

    I’m sorry but none of these look like expensive gifts. They look like so-so handmade/repurposed stuff.

  2. Patty Boyd says

    I think that’s what crafts all about it looks home made that’s what I love you can express yourself in your craft love it

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