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Make Chores Fun With a DIY Clipboard Chart


This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.


If you’re like me and you have kids between the ages of three and eight, you know that they are not super helpful unless there is a set goal. I have tried different version of chore charts, behavior charts and more, but then I’m stuck trying to remember to give stickers or keep it updated. I searched Pinterest for ideas and found one idea that got my wheel turning… a chalkboard chore chart that they can mark off!!

I thought I could totally do that. My two older kiddos have five tasks they have to do every week besides having good behavior. They can earn more stickers (like money to them) if they complete all six tasks by the end of the week. I decided to create a clipboard using the chalkboard idea.






  1. Mask off the clip part of the clipboard to prevent it from getting paint on it.
  2. Spray the entire clipboard with chalkboard paint, letting it dry between coats about 20 minutes. I did three coats. I did not spray the back.
  3. While your paint is drying head over to your die cutting machine and die cut small circle, list items and name.
  4. Now you’re ready to assemble. Starting at the bottom adhere all the words and circles with Washi tape lines in between.
  5. Make your reward cards from thick cardstock, washi tape and staples. Clip these to the top.




The bottom row of circles is for parents only. You will mark here when the days items are completed.


This is a really is an easy DIY project that your kids will love and it will get you a teensy bit more organized. I know I need it!