Be a Bookworm & Customize a Library Bag


This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

It’s summer break here and I’ve got all kinds of activities planned out for my kids. One thing we do every week (sometime twice) is to go to the library. This keeps them busy and they can get in some reading time. We do the summer reading program and they even get prizes from the library. Fun, right? Since they’re older and they get more books now, I decided to created them individual library bags. It was much easier than I thought it would be.


  • Canvas bag- I found mine at my local craft store in a three-pack
  • Fabric
  • Iron
  • Fabric interfacing
  • Silhouette or cutting template


Following the fabric cutting instructions on the Silhouette and fabric interfacing, you want to iron your fabric to the interfacing for about 2 seconds.

Next trim your fabric to match after that. Choose your settings and remove the white paper backing before feeding the fabric into the die cutting machine. You will use your mat for this as well. Using the correct settings (I also use the double cut) cut your design and remove it from the machine. Now you just have to iron it on to your bag for about 10 seconds.

I kept both my image choice and name font simple. Nice chunky letters looked best, I thought. You can get lots more creative with this as well. Here are a couple photos of the finished bags for two of my kids. Boy just love dinosaurs… at least mine do!


Your kids will love these personalized bags. You can also get sew-able fabric interfacing and add some stitching for an even more finished look and more stability.

Celebrate School Spirit with eBook from FaveCrafts!

It’s back to school time!  Time for football games, pep rallys, homecoming celebrations and parades…and what better way to show off your school spirit than by creating your own unique tie dye shirt, made with your school’s colors!

With the help of How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor and More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns, the newest eBook from and, you can create all kinds of shirts to help you show off your school pride.


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This Cobbled Bicolor Tie Dye Tee is a great way to show off your school colors.  Tie dye projects like this are even better when you do them in groups, so gather your friends, teammates, and coaches together for a tie dye party!  Everyone will love getting in on the fun of creating their own unique shirt.

You can find this pattern and several more tee shirt patterns in How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor and More.  Best of all, this eBook is FREE to download!  You can save it to your computer, iPad, or laptop and have it available any time you need it.  You can even print it out and have all the patterns ready for your tie dye party.

Celebrate homecoming in style this year with the help of How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor and More!


Download How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor, and More:  18 Tie Dye Patterns today!

Projects to Dye For: Tie Dye Projects You’ll Love

Hi there, FaveCrafts readers! I’m Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking, and in celebration of the publication of How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More I thought I’d share with you a few of my fave tie dye project ideas. I’m sure you’ve been inspired already this month from tie dye posts, but some of these are pretty original, so I know you’ll see something new!

If you’re up for clothing, home dec, or other tie dye projects, check out these!! Which ones are your faves??!

No tying involved exactly, but you’ll need bottled dye–how about making your own yarn colors, with this tutorial? I love the soft, natural mottled look you get when you knit with it!

Tie Dye Home Decor

  • I love how simple and cool this dip dying project is–a dip-dyed lampshade is so modern and natural-looking!
  • I love bedrooms, bedding, and bedroom decor… and these tie dye sheets are the coolest I’ve ever seen. They are SO fun for summer! Like something you’d see at a really trendy shop… but you can make them yourself in whatever colors you want. Perfect!
Source: Design Love Fest
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, how about trying some wax batiking with your tie dye? You could get really creative–like with a gingham print and tie dyeing!
Source: Martha Stewart

Tie-Dye Clothing Tutorials

  • A really great intro about basic tie-dying techniques. I love seeing the “before”s with the rubber bands on–reminds me of tie-dying experiments when I was a kid; I never understood how my mom made such cool shapes on hers when we took the rubber bands off!
Source: The Shed blog
  • And here’s a tutorial and video on how to make a tie dye heart pattern–perfect for these little girls’ dresses!
  • If you’re gonna go tie dye, why not go all out, eh? 😉 For the very bold, these tie dye leggings have a designer vibe, perfect for late summer! Colored pants are way more fun than plain, anyway!
Source: Martha Stewart
  • If you’re not quite up for the pants, here’s a tried-and-tested tutorial for tie dye tights. Way fun!

Other Tie Dye Project Ideas

Source: Prudent Baby
  • So, they’re not really tie dye, but in the spirit of things… how amazing are these watercolor cookies? What a great snack for a tie-dying party!!
  • And once you master these basic tie dye projects, try some of the dying ideas from Contemporary Dyecraft. Such a beautiful book!

So there you go, readers! Hope I’ve inspired you to get out there and try your Tulip dye kits. My most recent dying projects were these shoes and dip-dyed tee and these jeans. And I’m hooked! Love dying things to the color I want, and am dreaming of dip-dyed or tie-dyed curtains. So feel free to stop by my blog sometime and check out my other recent projects!

Free Book

And if you want more tie dying project ideas, you can download this free book full of tie dye projects from I Love To Create. Filled with tons of unique tie dye project ideas, you will love all the step-by-step instructions and full color photos. Don’t miss out on all the fun with this free book. Tie Dye is not just for T-shirts anymore.


Have fun tie-dying!

Enjoy the Last of Summer with New eBook from

Make the magic of summer last all year long with these awesome tie dye patterns!  FaveCrafts has teamed up with to bring you How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns, filled with tons of easy tie dye projects that you can wear, accessorize with, and use to decorate your house.

Perfect for kids birthday parties, crafting parties, and back to school nights, tie dye is a budget friendly and easy craft do to with a bunch of your friends and family.  Have everyone bring a white tee shirt, pillow case, or apron and gather together to create fun and unique projects that everyone is sure to love!

Download How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor, and More:  18 Tie Dye Patterns today!

I know when I think of tie dye, the first thing that comes to mind is tee shirts.  I remember making tie dye shirts with my friends for Back to School Night.  It was so much fun to create these colorful tee’s, and even better when we got to show our work off to everyone at school!  Since tie dyeing tee shirts remains one of the most popular ways to tie dye, we were sure to include plenty of awesome tutorials and techniques in How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More.  This Captain America Tee Shirt is perfect for all the super hero fans out there…and it can also double as a patriotic tee to wear for the 4th of July!

Download How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor, and More:  18 Tie Dye Patterns today!

There are also several tie dye techniques that are perfect for creating beautiful home decor for any room in the house.  This Sunburst Blossom Pillow looks like it was painted onto the pillowcase, but you can create this look with ease using a very simple and basic tie dye technique.  You can find this pattern, as well as many more pillows, totes, aprons, towels and more in How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns!

Download How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor, and More:  18 Tie Dye Patterns today!


If you’re looking for a different look other than the traditional tie dye swirl, be sure to download How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns today for some awesome projects that show off patterns that look anything but tie dyed!  This Cobbled Bicolor Tie Dye Tee is a great project to start with.  You can use opposing colors or similar colors to create a neat ombre effect.  Wouldn’t this technique look adorable on a dress?

Tie dye has come a long way since it gained popularity back in the 1960’s.  Not only is it a fun way to add color and style to your wardrobe, but it’s a great way to get kids into the crafting.  Tie dye also makes the perfect family activity, so gather up the kids and get ready for some post summer fun with these 18 Tie Dye Patterns from and FaveCrafts!

Download How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor, and More:  18 Tie Dye Patterns today!

Cool2Craft TV: Fun Shoe-Themed Ideas!

Cool2Craft TV - If The Shoe Fits

This week, the Cool2Craft community is sharing super cool shoe themed ideas! Watch your favorite crafters create super cool projects. Join EcoHeidi Borchers, Tiffany Windsor, Candace Jedrowicz, and Savannah Starr for this week’s episode.

EcoHeidi is creating a high-heeled mosaic box, Candace Jedrowicz paints up some colorful musey tennis shoes and stamps ruby slippers, Tiffany Windsor transforms plain sandals with tissue collage and Savannah Starr creates glittered shoes on lacing.

It’s easy to watch the Cool2Craft TV Channel right from your computer. Monday April 9, 2012 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ noon Eastern. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at See you Monday!


Watch live streaming video from cool2craft at

Give the Gift of Holiday Wearables with New eBook from AllFreeChristmasCrafts

What is the best gift you’ve ever received during the holiday season? So often, meaningful gifts aren’t the biggest or the most decadent. In fact, it’s the small, homemade projects that often show hold the most value.

The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is often the coldest! This year, make a scarves, hats and other wearables that will help you get through the chilly winter months. You’ll also find projects for Christmas shirts and Christmas jewelry. From paper to felt, the materials used in the projects featured in 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More are easy to find and versatile. Whether you’re crafting with kids or spending an afternoon alone, you’ll find fantastic wearables to make for friends and family members.

Here are a few of the projects you’ll find in this eBook:

Easy Peasy Elf Hat

This project is perfect for kids (and kids at heart). Sew your own hat using old leggings and scraps of felt. Add buttons and a pom pom to make your hat even more fun. Santa’s little helpers are often the unsung heroes of the Christmas season, so why not celebrate them? This project can be made in an afternoon and worm all season long. Plus, the upcycled leggings cut down on costs!


Santa Scarf

Fleece, felt, fur – oh my! This cute craft screams Christmas cheer! Sew the scarf first and then add featured to Santa’s face with glue. Don’t forget the pom pom topper! Kids will absolutely adore this homemade scarf and will want to wear it all winter long.

Furry Ornament Necklace

Everyone know that person. The one who starts decorating in September, plays Christmas music all year long and rocks holiday sweaters with pride. This project is perfect for that person in your life. Use furry yarn and mini plastic ornaments to create this one-of-a-kind necklace. This accessory is perfect for a holiday party.


These are just three of the crafts you’ll find in 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook. Download a copy today, it’s free!


What’s Your Mad Men Style? 8 Retro DIY Fashions

The season 5 premiere of the show “Mad Men” is this Sunday and I’m ridiculously excited! It’s been over a year since last season’s cliff-hanger ending and I know the premiere is going to be packed full of drama.

But even if you don’t watch the show (which you should) or have just tuned in a few times, there’s still one big reason why you should be excited about the return of this 1960s-set show.
What’s that, you ask?

The fashion.

Every single episode of this drama is packed with so many amazing retro and vintage outfits, you’ll feel like you’re actually living in 1960s New York.  Now doesn’t that sound like fun?!

From Betty’s full skirts to Peggy’s bow-accented cardigans to Joan’s sexy, curve-hugging dresses, the costumes on this show are spot-on period perfect in every way. The fashions are so visually interesting that they’ve inspired a resurgence of retro fashion. Stores like Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers now have their own “Mad Men” inspired clothing collections.

But what if you want to add some retro-vintage “Mad Men” fashion to your closet without going broke?  Since we’re all crafty people here, might I suggest making your own vintage-inspired clothes?  Plenty of craft bloggers and regular Janes have already started making retro outfits for themselves and are showing them off (and sharing their tutorials and tips) online.

I’ve rounded up some of the best DIY vintage styles I could find, but you should also check out all of the “Mad Men” fashion ideas on Pinterest. There are so many fabulously chic retro outfits you can make!

Betty Draper Inspired Outfits:

This Festival Fancy Vintage Top crochet pattern is actually from 1956 and is totally something Betty would wear, especially with that belt!

This full, gathered skirt is perfect for Betty, who loves showing off her figure with flattering waistlines.

This knit pullover sweater is just the sort of thing we’d see Betty wear on the rare occasion when she’s not out socializing.

Peggy Olson Inspired Outfits:

With its high waistband and big bow, this fitted pencil skirt is without a doubt something Peggy would have in her closet.

This pleated skirt is another item that would be straight out of Peggy’s wardrobe. It’s so playful and innocent and fits her character to a tee.

Joan Holloway Inspired Outfits:

This gorgeous, figure-flattering sweater captures Joan’s fashion sense perfectly. When you wear this knit top, you’ll feel elegant and confident, just like Joan!

The feminine shape and bold color of this curve-hugging dress are so Joan! Nothing says the fabulous Ms. Holloway like a sexy silhouette!

More Mad Men Fashions:

This playful fitted cardigan is actually named after one of the “Mad Men” characters: little Sally Draper, Betty’s daughter.

After that little retro fashion show, now I’m even more excited for the season premiere (if that’s even possible)!  How excited are you?!?  Also, if you’re hosting a Mad Men party for the season premiere, be sure to check out these 60s inspired dishes that could have come right out of Betty’s kitchen!


What’s your retro style?  Are you a Betty, a Peggy or a Joan?


Get Your Kids Excited About School with These Fun Crafts

It’s that time of year again, kids are heading back to school and either your child is excited at the prospect or they are dreading the end of their summer. Either way it’s the perfect time to get them more excited by creating some fun back to school crafts you can all work on together.

This is also great for teachers looking for craft ideas to work on with students the first day. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your students’ personalities.

I’ve noticed my sister can always get her son more excited about the prospect of almost anything if she can personalize the project for him. By letting him put his personality into whatever they’re working on makes him feel special.

So here are some ideas that allow creativity and personality to shine, and are perfect for kids to use at school:

Cubby Coat Hangers– These hangers are easy to make, useful and will get kids excited about personalizing their own space at school. Plus, they’re adorable!

I.D. Tags for Backpacks and Lunchboxes– Even more fun are these colorful tags to personalize all kinds of school items. The kids are sure to have fun picking out colors, patterns and attaching them to their favorite items.

Beaded Wrapped Pens– This is a great craft for personality to show. It will allow for an assortment of color choices and decorative beads to make really cool pens. These are sure to make friends jealous, maybe even the teachers.

Altered Personalized Pencil Case– This is a cute idea for kids to add their names to their pencil/pen cases. Whether to stand out from friends, or for ease of keeping track of whose is whose at home or in the classroom.

Cute Clip-On Animals– This easy craft is a unique way for kids to make it easier for the teacher to know who’s who simply by adding their name to the animal. Also it’s a great way for teachers to learn something about each student, like what’s their favorite animal.

So what are some of your favorite back to school crafts, maybe something you remember from your childhood? Or are there any teachers who’ve gotten more of an excited response from one versus another with their students?

Finally, for other fun school related crafts check these out:

Crafty Gifts for Teacher

First Day of School Picture Frame

Bathroom Break Hall Pass

How to Refashion a Men’s Shirt

If you surf the web looking for new and exciting craft ideas, you have likely come across a collection of tutorials on how to refashion a men’s shirt. Oversize men’s shirts especially provide a great deal of fabric for new projects. You can learn how to refashion a men’s shirt from your man’s closet or pick up some used shirts from your local thrifty store. To spark your creativity, here is a collection of ideas on how to refashion a men’s shirt.

Men's Shirt to Cute Dress by Stefi Luca

  1. Quilt- A men’s shirt quilt is my favorite idea for how to refashion a men’s shirt. This refashion project is perfect for a Father’s Day gift or a quilted decoration that your man will love too. You will need between 7-12 men’s shirts for this project, depending on the size of the shirts and the size of your desired quilt. If you don’t have that many in the home, pick up a few more at your local thrift store. Pick a collection of different check and stripe shirts for an interesting look. You can do simple squares for your quilt or more intricate quilt blocks.
  2. Collars and Capes- Turn a men’s dress shirt into a cute little collar or a warm cape for the cooler months.  The collar of a men’s shirt can become a really fun embellished necklace. You can also use the collar and/or cuffs of a men’s shirt to add contrast to a woman’s shirt.
  3. Ruffles- You can use a men’s shirt to add ruffles to a plain dress or a dress refashioned from another men’s shirt (see Dress below).
  4. Apron- An oversize men’s shirt can easily become an apron when the edges start to wear. Use another shirt to create an apron with contrast edging.
  5. Cuffs- If you have minimal sewing expertise, you can likely still make something with the cuffs off a men’s shirt. Turn them into fashionable cuff bracelets, coffee jackets
  6. Pajamas- Use the comfortable fabric of worn-in men’s shirts to create comfortable pajamas. Make a fitted camisole and shorts set or a sleep sack for a young girl.
  7. Fitted Shirt for Woman- You can find many free sewing tutorials to refashion a men’s shirt into a fitted shirt for a woman. You can make a ruffle tube top, a peasant blouse or a fitted short-sleeve shirt.
  8. Dress- An oversize men’s shirt can be refashioned into a cute dress with colorful binding. You can cut-off the sleeves and use for flower embellishments on your girly dress. A smaller men’s shirt can be refashioned into a toddler dress too.
  9. Skirt- Turn the button down front of a men’s shirt into a bubble skirt or a fashionable pencil skirt.
  10. Shorts and Pants- Make striped shorts for a 4T toddler with one XL men’s dress shirt. Elastic at the waist is an essential addition for kids’ clothing. For a little one, use the sleeves of a large shirt to create a pair of pants, with cuffs at the ankles!

How to Make a Bib Necklace

Fashion crafts are a popular topic at If you love fashion, you have probably noticed the recent popularity of the bib necklace. These chunky necklaces, which have a bib-like shape, are an eye-catching way to display an array of jewel, flowers and other embellishments. Bib necklaces are all the rage with designers right now, and we have seen quite a few craft bloggers come up with their own fashion craft tutorials. If you are a fan of DIY fashion or fashion crafts, try making your own with this bib necklace tutorial.


  • Black Felt
  • 1 yard Black ribbon (1/2 inch wide)
  • Paper and Pencil for pattern
  • Sewing Machine or Needle
  • Scissors
  • Black Thread
  • Hot Glue
  • Embellishments- See ideas below


  1. Draw a bib pattern on a piece of paper. This bib shape can be as large or small as you want for your bib necklace. You will be attaching this shape to the ribbon, so don’t worry about extending the sides up to fit around your neck. I would recommend a nice big shape to give you more creative freedom.
  2. Cut out your paper pattern. Double over your black felt and pin your pattern to the top of the felt. Cut out two bib shapes from the felt with the help of your pattern.
  3. Sew the two pieces of black felt together around the top and bottom edges, leaving the two, neck edges of the bib un-sewn.
  4. Cut your length of black ribbon in half. Place the cut edge of each ribbon inside the black felt about 1 inch. Stitch the neck edges closed, securing the ribbon in place.
  5. Now you are ready to embellish your black felt bib necklace. Find ideas below for how to embellish your DIY fashion bib necklace. For the best results, layer many different techniques and textures.

How to Embellish Your Bib Necklace

  • Iron-On Threads- For a fun starting background on your bib necklace, try ironing on different threads or braids in a random pattern.
  • Vintage Jewelry– Use hot glue, jewelry glue or hand sewing to attach vintage jewelry pieces for your bib necklace. You can also attach vintage pins or brooches with the normal pin back.
  • Hot Fix Crystals-You can use a special hot-fix tool to affix Swarovski crystals to your necklace or you can use an iron-on method for many crystal products.
  • Beads- Use big chunky beads to coordinate with your other embellishments.
  • Crochet– Use crochet to make shapes or crochet flowers to embellish your bib necklace.
  • Sequin Applique– Pick up some sequin appliques at a local craft store for your bib necklace. DIY fashion could not be easier. You can also make your own sequin shapes on fabric and hot glue to your bi necklace.
  • Silk Rosettes- Go big and bold by gluing on large silk flowers. Intersperse with gold elements and pearls for a soft, feminine look.
  • Buttons- Sew or glue buttons onto your black felt bib necklace. You can also make Dorset buttons with the help of a fabric.
  • Felt Flowers– Roll up strips of felt and secure with a dot of glue to create cute little felt flowers. Make your own felt flowers with wool roving.
  • Fabric Flowers or Yo Yo’s- Use fabric scraps to create your own fabric flowers or yo-yo’s. You will need to do a gathering stitch for either embellishment. Heart-shaped yo yo’s would also be a fun embellishment.

For more DIY fashion and fashion crafts, see 16 DIY Fashion Crafts.