36 Crafts for Geeks and Nerds

free-geek-craft-tutorialsWhen it comes to sci-fi TV, films, and books, there is a definite and loyal fan base. Movies like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars have attracted such passionate fans that there are entire conventions devoted to reenacting, reliving, and reimagining favorite scenes and characters. For those super fans who affectionately label themselves as a Trekkies, Jedi’s, dragon slayers, wizards, or vampires, we bring you this epic collection of 36 geek-tastic crafts that are sure to satisfy your inner nerd!

From old favorites, like Star Wars and old school computer gadgets, to new obsessions, like Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, this collection of 36 Geeky Crafts for Nerds is all you need to take a well-deserved trip back to your childhood (or to satisfy your need to have Harry Potter marathons every October).  And, as an extra bonus, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a collection of even MORE awesome nerdy crafts!  Scroll on down for all the info!

36 Geeky Crafts for Nerds

Doctor Who

Harry Potter

Star Wars

Techie Nerds

Downton Abbey


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2 Shark Coloring Pages for Shark Week

Shark Week is still here, and we are still celebrating. We here at FaveCrafts love just about any animal out there. Sharks are no exception. There’s something so scary yet amazing about a shark. In addition to this crazy fun round-up we posted a few days ago, we wanted to provide some even more exciting shark craft ideas!Shark Coloring Pages

Look out below for some totally free to download free coloring book pages featuring your favorite toothy friends from the deep. The two pages below are completely free to download and keep forever and ever.

Floral Shark Coloring Page

Floral Shark Coloring Page

Flowers and sharks might seem like a strange combination, but this simple and elegant coloring book page really makes it work.
Download the Floral Shark Coloring Page.

Nautical Shark Coloring Page

Nautical Shark Coloring Page


Crafters who love nautical crafts and beach craft ideas will adore this free printable. Featuring one big shark and smaller nautical accents, you could easily frame this cutie as DIY wall art at your beach house or in your bathroom.
Download the Nautical Shark Coloring Page.

Find even more coloring pages to love over at FaveCrafts.com. We animal coloring pages, marvelous mandalas, and more!

What other animal do you think deserves its own “week”?

Charming Chompers: 19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week

The first Shark Week aired on the Discovery Channel in July of 1988, making shark week nearly 30 years old to this date. This fact alone is a testament to our obsession as a culture with sharks. Sharks are the dinosaurs of the deep, inspiring fear and fascination in our hearts. I’ve always been a little in love with sharks and, because of this, am a huge fan of Shark Week. A whole week dedicated to those chomping, swimming fishes? Yes, please!

Shark Crafts

In order to celebrate Shark Week, we have collected a wide range of shark craft ideas. From shark crafts for kids to more adult ideas like shark tooth necklaces and crochet patterns, the Shark Week crafts below are sure to be adored by any friend of these fierce fishes. Just keep scrolling (or swimming) to see all the jaws-dropping Shark Week crafts we have to offer. They won’t bite. We promise!

19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week

Jaws-Dropping DIY Necklace

Sharky Free Pillow Pet Pattern

Shark Fingerprint Art

Super Cute Shark Afghan

Shark Week Sewing Patterns
Find even more sharky ideas over at our sister blog, SeamsandScissors.com! Jaws-Dropping Ideas: How to Make a Shark for Shark Week features 11 free sewing patterns and sewing project ideas you will definitely want to sink your teeth into.



What’s your favorite shark movie? I love Jaws.

Link Love: Doctor Who Crafts and Free Crochet Patterns

My companions, in all of time and space you will never find such a stockpile of incredible DIY crafts and free crochet patterns.

For those of you who don’t know the TV show Doctor Who, you’re probably going to be slightly lost. I’m sorry, just run with it. This is my second favorite pop culture trend (next to Harry Potter) and it has been getting a lot of attention. Whovians everywhere are making their own DIY costumes for Halloween and Comic-Con, not to mention their everyday representation of the incredible fandom. With the 50th Anniversary being just last year, and our introduction of the War Doctor and 12, fans are going crazy trying to get their hands on easy crafts and free crochet patterns. Let’s be honest, why would we spend our hard-earned money on something we can just make ourselves? Why would we especially spend a ton of money on handmade geeky crafts when you will save when you make it yourself and have the satisfaction of a job well done. You can make your very own Doctor like no one has ever seen with free amigurumi patterns, homemade t-shirts, and DIY crafts.

Link Love: Doctor Who Crafts and Free Crochet Patterns

Doctor Who Crafts and Crochet

If you thought I just talked a lot of gibberish, I thought the same thing before I became a Whovian. I highly encourage you to take the time and watch the show (please don’t be that person who skips 9). Even if you don’t watch the show yourself, there is somebody you know who does. Daughter, son, grandchildren, husband…one person does. I can guarantee it. Maybe they aren’t the incredible crocheter that you are, so a cuddly dalek pattern will be a great homemade gift. Amigurumi figures are small, doll-like figures that are normally crocheted and they are becoming a new trend with the younger population. There are amigurumi patterns that are really easy to follow and they’re so cute!

Now, my crafters, don’t panic. I haven’t forgotten you. I will admit that it was a little more difficult to find full craft tutorials. You can admit that Doctor Who is very much defined by the wardrobe and the faces of the characters. That said, you can easily make their accessories. Whoever (pun intended) is your favorite Doctor, they are each defined by a specific accessory. Think inside the TARDIS box. Your ideas are all there! But if you’re having a little trouble, you’re going to love these easy crafts that you can use over and over again.


Free Crochet Patterns

Tardis Amigurumi from Army of Owls on ravelry.com

Dalek Amigurumi from Lucy Ravenscar on ravelry.com

Amigurumi Adipose from Jennifer Christensen on ravelry.com

Fez Toilet Paper Roll Cover from Irish Lace

10’s Sonic Screw Driver from The Bean Patch

Time Traveling Police Call Box Scarf from Happy Hooker

Doctor Who Set of Doctors (1-11) + Tardis from Allison Hoffman on ravelry.com

Doctor Who War Doctor from Allison Hoffman on ravelry.com

Dalek Amigurumi Pattern from Craftster

Rose’s Scarf from Boomtown Pattern from The Worst Crochet Blog

4’s Scarf Pattern from Sandra Petit on ravelry.com

Baby Dalek Dress from Random Ramblings

Free Knitting Patterns

Insulate! Hat from Amy van de Laar on ravelry.com

Free Craft Projects

Homemade Fezzes from Tally’s Treasury

Tardis Needle Case from Craftster

Adipose Plush Toy from Tuts+

Doctor Who Painted Tardis Heels from Doodle Craft Blog

Bow Tie Necklace from 3 Chic Geeks

Tardis Closet from Madin Crafts


Interested in more geeky stuff? Check out this collection of easy superhero crafts!

Super Hero Crafts

The Ultimate Superhero Crafts Roundup

Who is your favorite Doctor, and how do you show your Who-love?

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Crafts and DIY Costumes for Kids

In lieu of the newest installment of the Jurassic Park series, your kids (and most likely you) are jumping up and down in excitement for the improved CGI graphics. As you should be! It’s been a long haul since the first movie came out. Universal Studios still has a portion of their theme-park dedicated to the incredible water ride where a T-Rex ends up eating you; when in reality you feel like you fall to your death, finally being soaking wet. I wonder what they will do to the park with the “Raptor Squad” being a thing with Christ Pratt on his motorcycle. Anyway, I’m sure your child is wanting to go see the movie. At your own discretion, parents, by all means go see the movie. But you don’t want your kid to just go in a t-shirt. No, they need an awesome, easy kid’s costume or dino craft to prepare themselves for an incredible movie.

Jurassic World Inspired Crafts

Honestly, I haven’t even seen the movie yet. Though from the record-breaking box office money made the first weekend alone, I feel like my chances of it being really good are, well, really good. I will also admit that it is not until very recently that I saw the first movie in its entirety. Oh, I know. It’s been on TV for forever and a day, but I never had any interest in seeing it. No, I haven’t seen the other two movies in the series, but I have been advised not to do so. I was told by a little pterodactyl that they were the equivalent to how good Jaws 2 and Jaws 3-D are. To each their own.

You’re going to have a roaring-great time making these dinosaur crafts for kids to do. I love the homemade dinosaur hoodie which would be paired great with the homemade tail that wraps around your child’s waist. You don’t have to make these just for the movie! Dinosaur crafts and dinosaur sewing are super awesome ways to get your child into play time and create their own Jurassic world. (See what I did there?)


Jurassic Park Dinosaur Crafts and DIY Costumes for Kids


Dotty Dino TailDotty Dinosaur Tail

This dino tail is a cute way to get creative with different patterns for “scales.” If you’re looking for an educational standpoint, teach them about reptiles, amphibians, and fish that have scales.



Dino Tail for Dress UpDinosaur Tail for Dress Up

This homemade dinosaur craft is the same as above, only it doesn’t have spots. So if your child wants just a plain tail, here is a tutorial that will go straight to those steps.




Dino Plaster CraftsDinosaur Plaster Casts

You can make these easy plaster crafts of dinosaur toys and have them be “fossils.” Hide them in a sand box, sensory table, or a box of dirt so your child can “dig up” their own fossils.



Printable Dino MasksFree Printable Dinosaur Masks

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then you’ll love these free printable dinosaur masks. Your child still gets some fun play time out of them and you don’t have a mess to clean up!



Dragon Dress Up CostumeDIY Dragon Dress Up Costume

I know it says “dragon,” but this easy kid’s costume looks just like a dinosaur’s spiky spine.




Dino Hoodie DIY Dinosaur Hoodie

My movie theater is always cold—I believe that all movie theaters are programed that way because it somehow makes you buy more warm popcorn. Anyways, this modified hoodie will be your lifesaver for when your child gets cold.


We want to know: are you for the original Jurassic Park or do you like the new Jurassic World better?

Be a Hero! Superhero Crafts for Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday, May 3rd, is Free Comic Book Day. On this day, generous comic book shops throughout the country give away comics, completely for free! Since we love superheroes and all things free at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com, we’re celebrating this super-holiday with superhero crafts inspired by everyone’s favorite comics.

Superhero Crafts

Just because Comic Book Day is once a year doesn’t mean that these DIY projects have a deadline. Celebrate your inner-hero on the daily with decorating ideas, creative recipes, and amazing costumes, masks, and capes! Don’t forget to head out to your local comic book store this Saturday to grab your free comic, perhaps dressed in one of the handmade costumes below.


Costumes and Capes

Comic Book Hero CapesBe the hero on Free Comic Book Day with our favorite superhero costumes and capes. No matter what your favorite comic book is, there’s a simple superhero craft you’ll enjoy below. Put your sewing skills to the test and create a cool cape or mask.

  1. Fantastic Felt Superhero Masks
  2. Captain America’s Vibranium Shield
  3. Superhero Mask
  4. Spider-Man Costume DIY
  5. Superhero Cape Pattern
  6. Dark Knight Bathman Towel
  7. Comic Book Hero Capes
  8. Super Fun Capes [break] [break] [break] [break]

Comic Book Decorations

Superhero Comic Book BannerGet your home ready for Free Comic Book Day with a few handmade decorations that you’re sure to love. Invite all of your comic-obsessed friends over so you can read your free comics together! A party isn’t a party without decorations, and the ones below are super, man!

  1. Superhero Comic Book Banner
  2. Superhero Storage Jars
  3. Spider-Man Throw Pillow[break] [break] [break] [break]




Spider-Man Birthday Cake After your decorations are in place, you’ll need some super-snacks to replenish yourself. From Spider-man to The Avengers, the cute treats below perfectly demonstrate your comic book craze.

  1. Spider Man Birthday Cake
  2. Supercookies
  3. Superhero Cupcakes
  4. Earth’s Mightiest Avengers Cake Pops [break] [break] [break] [break] [break]


What is your favorite comic book?

Game of Thrones Crafts Are Coming…

Since the first episode of Game of Thrones aired,  I quickly became obsessed with the show. As many of my fellow GOT-enthusiasts can understand, I have suffered through massive losses at the hands of the (genius) writers, yet still keep coming back for more. Like every other Game of Thrones fan, I have a hard time choosing a favorite character, for fear of losing them. That’s why I have decided that commemorating each House is the only way to deal with the inevitable loss we will see this season. Over at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com we’ve rustled up some pretty amazing ideas.


Take your time, choose your house, and get started on a few of these handmade ideas that will have you either screaming, “Dracarys!”, warning that winter is coming, or lying through your teeth (Cough, cough, Lannisters, ahem).


House Targaryen

Dragon Eggs Dragons are perhaps the most exciting part of Game of Thrones, making Daenerys Targaryen a popular favorite. The crafts below are inspired by House Targaryen, in many different ways. Embrace Khaleesi’s fashion sense, and make your very own set of Dragon Eggs – what could be cooler than that?

  1. Dany’s Dragon Eggs
  2. Drogon the Dragon Hat
  3. Dragon Skin Scarf
  4. Khaleesi’s Beaded Headdress
  5. Map of Westeros


House Stark
   “Winter is Coming.”

Mystic Forest Shawl The Stark family is known for their unyielding honor, which some would say has cost them over the past 3 seasons. Celebrate the most honorable House from Westeros with the tutorials below. Inspired by Winterfell fashion and the Stark dire wolves, these crafts are for winter warriors only.

  1. Red Wedding Veil
  2. Fuzzy Wolf Bonnet
  3. Style Your Hair Like Sansa
  4. Enchanted Godswood Fashion Cape
  5. Winter is Coming Banner
  6. Mystic Forest Shawl


House Lannister
    “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

Golden Goddess GownA Lannister may always pay his debts, but we wouldn’t mind saving ourselves from any interaction with them at all. This deceitful House of Westeros may be on top for now, but hopeful fans like myself are ready for revenge. (The North Remembers!) We do have to hand it to the capitol dwellers when it comes to fashion; Cersei’s attire is always enviable.

  1. Cersei’s Knit Cape
  2. Lion Baby Booties
  3. Merlot Hooded Cape
  4. DIY Body Chain
  5. Golden Goddess Gown



Which House would you align yourself with?

15 Oscar-Inspired Free Craft Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and no, I don’t mean Christmas)! It is award show season, and it all culminates with the Oscars. I know I cannot be the only one anticipating this Sunday’s airing of the 86th Academy Awards. The star-studded red-carpets, the glamorous presenters, the fabulous dresses, the exquisite jewelry pieces, what is there not to love about this magical, sparkly award show?

Have you kept up with this year’s list of nominees? I still have a few of the Best Picture nominees to see before the big show. Need a reminder of what films are on that list of nominees? Don’t fret, we have rounded-up a list of award-worthy craft ideas to go along with each Best Picture nominee. These crafts are worthy of critical acclaim on their own, but they are also a fabulous way to commemorate the best films of last year. We have several jewelry projects for you, alongside some other outstanding crafts to help you prepare for the big day. The show is soon, so get started today crafting these lovely movie-inspired projects.

Winning Crafts Ideas for the Oscars

First, we have American Hustle, a film with an all-star cast set in the 1970s. The flashy wardrobe is a big part of the ambiance of this film. Get the 1970s look with this Circle and Square Jewelry Set. If fashion isn’t your thing, you can still pay homage to this contender by crafting Mod Circles Wall Art.

Mod Circles Wall Art

Next on the list is Captain Phillips, a film that follows the true story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking and rescue mission. Feel that patriotic pride from this rescue mission and craft these Salute Earrings. However, you may also just be intrigued by the in-depth look into life on a merchant mariner. In that case, this Nautical Braided Bracelet is right up your alley.

Nautical Braided Bracelet

Dallas Buyers Club and Matthew McConaughey fans, you can show your support for the Lone Star state with this Manly Man Throw from our friends at Fave Crafts.

Manly Man Throw

Gravity is the next film on the list. Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement of space exploration? You are sure to love these Extraterrestrial Hoop Earrings!

Extraterrestial Hoop Earrings

Next up is Her, an unconventional love story between a man and his artificial intelligence computer operating system known as Samantha. Fans of Her are going to want to protect their technology, so they will enjoy these fabulous cell phone holders from our friends at AllFreeSewing.

Lady's iPhone Case

Nebraska is a black and white film featuring a father-son road trip. For old school cinephiles who love black and white films, you will like these recycled retro film strip earrings. If you are simply a fan of the color combination, don’t fret; we still have a project for you, a stunning Black and White Beaded Bangle.

Easy Film Strip Earrings

Philomena is the touching story of a woman trying to find her son who was taken away from her fifty years before. Her one memento of her son is a photograph. Keep your loved ones close to you, with this commemorative Glass Photo Pendant.

Gorgeous Glass Photo Pendant

Next on the list is 12 Years a Slave, the dark and powerful true story of Solomon Northrup, a free black man conned, captured, and enslaved for twelve years. Solomon’s story is known today because he wrote it down. Make your own story known with this Coptic Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial or this tutorial for how to make your own hardcover journal from AllFreePaperCrafts.

Your Very Own Hardcover Journal

Last, but not least, we have Wolf on Wall Street. Fans of the 80s will love these stylish Triple Triangle Leather Earrings. You don’t need a lot of money, these budget-friendly earrings will still inspire envy.

Triple Triangle Leather Earrings

Plus, we have a special bonus project for Frozen and animated film fans:
The Elsa Dress
There are plenty more winning craft ideas where those came from. Check out AllFreeJewelryMaking, FaveCrafts, AllFreeSewing, AllFreePaperCrafts, and all of our sister sites for more buzz-worthy jewelry projects, sewing patterns, holiday crafts, and more!

Which film do you think should win Best Picture this year?

How to Celebrate the “Catching Fire” Release

It’s been over a year since Katniss Everdeen has graced the big screen, and we’ve been counting down the days until the “Catching Fire” premiere ever since. Finally the wait is almost over, but we need all the help we can get to carry us through the final countdown. Over at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com, we’ve found a few ways to make the final stretch less painful. Keep yourself busy during these next 4 days with our favorite “Hunger Games” crafts and prep for the premiere!

“Hunger Games” Book Charms

While you wait for “Catching Fire” why not brush up on your Panem history? With your own “Hunger Games” Book Charms you can power through your favorite chapters and familiarize yourself with your favorite scenes and characters before you witness them on the big screen. These adorable book marks make great gifts for your fellow-readers, and they’re simple enough for kids to join in on the fun.



“Hunger Games” Love Sign

If you’re still aching for the premiere, try hosting a “Hunger Games” viewing-party, we’ve got the perfect piece of party decor for you. “Hunger Games” Love Sign will have your guests falling in love with the story all over again. What better way to decorate your front door than with a sign commemorating everyone’s favorite character as the countdown to the “Catching Fire” release comes to a close? Decorating your door may not seem like enough for the loyalist of fans, so pop a few Glistening Mockingjay Emblems on your windows for an added splash of support.

“Hunger Games” Cookies

These cookies are the perfect activity to work on the day before “Catching Fire” premieres. Finish a few batches and bag these cookies up, because you’re bringing a snack along! With wax paper as your aid, these piped mocking jays are a cinch! Your guests and friends will love these trendy mockingjay treats.

Good luck creating these “The Hunger Games” crafts, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Who’s your favorite character from “Catching Fire?”



Cute and Cuddly Baby Crafts Fit for the Crown

In honor of the royal birth that we have all been patiently awaiting, AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com is celebrating with our favorite baby shower crafts! Whether we’re gaining a little royal prince or princess, these cute and cuddly baby crafts are fit for the crown. Take a look at our list of 20 Cute and Cuddly DIY Baby Shower Crafts; they will be sure to satisfy even the noblest babies! We can all agree that baby showers are life-long memories that new mothers will carry throughout their lives. Make them even more special with a few handmade baby shower ideas that are fit for the Duchess of Cambridge herself!

Royal Party Decor

Every party-thrower knows that it’s not time to party until you whip up a few handmade decorations. These DIY baby shower decorations will make the entire celebration sparkle! From buntings and banners to cupcake toppers and wall art, each one of these DIY baby shower decorations is definitely darling. Get the party started with one of the amazing, fun, and festive baby shower decorations on our list of 20 Cute and Cuddly DIY Baby Shower Crafts. This It’s a Boy Bunting is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a little prince! It’s easy enough to make a pretty pink version to celebrate a new princess.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Don’t forget to show your love for the little one with a homemade baby shower gift they can keep forever. Make their trip home from thehospital a warm and comforting experience with a lacy crochet baby beanie, or stack up a diaper cake full of everything that the little one will need when they get home. No matter which one of these homemade baby shower gifts that you choose baby will be happy, healthy, and comfortable with them. Personalize your own frame to commemorate the new birth that you’re most excited for! This precious picture frame is the perfect DIY baby shower gift.


Baby-Inspired Party Favors

The big sendoff is always a priority, because it’s the last memory your guests will have of the party. Make it a good one with one of our DIY party favors for the shower. These do-it-yourself party favors will prove your appreciation, and the mommy-to-be is sure to thank you for whipping them up. Make her job easy when you create a DIY party favor for the expecting mother, she has more than enough to worry about!

Baby watch 2013 is in full swing! Have a party with your gal pals while you wait for the new arrival; these cookies are the perfect party snack.


 What’s your guess? Will Princess Kate have a boy or a girl?