How to Photograph Craft Projects + Awesome Giveaway!

photograph-craft-projectsFor the majority of us, our smart phones are our go-to tool.  Not only are they phones, but most now can surf the web, pay your bills, store your music, and even act as a high-quality camera.  Gone are the days of poor photo quality…today’s cell phones have the ability to take amazing photos and upload them directly to your social media site of choice.

If you’re a craft designer like me, you may also use your cell phone to take photos of your work to upload onto Pinterest, Etsy, Artfire, or your own online store…and believe it or not, there are now tools to help you take professional-looking photos with just your smart phone…but we’ll get to that soon…

First, let’s talk about some basic photography tips that you can use when it comes to taking photos of your craft projects.  Most of us don’t have the luxury of having professional photography equipment lying around the house…so we have to make the most of what we have available to us…in Quick Photo Tips: Do What You Can with What You’ve Got, you can learn how to use the tools you have available to you to create amazing photos of your work.  Learn how to set up a photo studio and where the best places in your house are to take your photos.

Once you’ve set up your studio, read Lights, Camera, Action: How to Light Your Photos and Displays for helpful suggestions on how to shed just the right amount of light on your project.  We also suggest reading How to Photograph Craft Projects: Photography Guide for Selling Your Arts and Crafts Online for a great step-by-step guide for making your projects stand out above the rest.

Finally, it’s time to edit!  We suggest using PicMonkey to edit your photos, as you can easily edit one sigular photo or arrange several photos into an amazing collage!  Not familiar with PicMonkey?  Check out our series on how to use this free photo-editing software!


Once you’ve taken and printed off your photos, try crafting up one of these awesome DIY frames to help showcase your work!  Display them in your office, on the wall, or in the living room and have fun showcasing those who mean the most to you:


Bonus!  We want to help you create the best photos you can…so we’re giving away 1 Lightcase to 5 lucky winners!  The Lightcase is a pop-up photo studio that allows you to take professional-looking photos with your smart phone.  Great for photographing anything from small craft projects to new, exciting recipes, the Lightcase is a must-have for hobbyists of all kinds!  You have until May 19th to enterclick here to enter today!

Say Cheese! 15 Camera Crafts and Photography Tips

It was there when your sister got married. It was there when your grandson was born. It was there when you took a roadtrip to see the world’s biggest ear of corn.Your camera has accompanied you to the major (and not so major) events in your life. So show this clever little invention some love and celebrate National Camera Day!

Here are some cute and useful projects you can make to keep your camera safe on all your adventures:


It  seems only right that I feature some awesome photo crafts for the occasion as well. I’ll admit, I’m not a professional photographer by any means but I still love to take pictures. A lot of pictures! Whether I’m using my digital camera or just the point and shoot on my phone, I’ve documented everything from my family vacations to the daily lives of my pets (my dog is very photogenic).

If you are a shutter bug like me  and want to learn how to take better pictures you should take a look at these photography tips from our friends at CreativeIncomeBlog:

It’s so much fun to go back and look at pictures because they bring back so many memories. I can almost taste that gelato I posed with in Florence or hear the sound of my sister laughing as I hugged her at graduation. Right now all my pictures are stuffed in an overflowing hat box in my closet. It’s a shame that my precious memories have been pushed into the back of the closet. If you are in a similar situation and wondering what to do with photos, then you should check out these creative photo crafts. It’s time to think outside the frame (and scrapbook)!


What is your most treasured photograph and the story behind it?


New Pattern Monday: Frame Work

I always have tons of photos to print or upload after the holidays end. Sometimes the photos serve as belated gifts, or just nice household reminders of the good times with family and friends. I am a photo frame junky – and I’m very particular about which frames are displayed where. After all, frames can be works of art all on their own.

Here are some new frame projects to decorate your home:

Sparkle Heart Frame – Make it with the kids and give it to your sweetheart!

Beaded Star Frame – Makes a great family or pet photo frame.

Button Decorated Mirror Frame – Looks great in entryways and bedrooms; for your teenage daughter or best friend.

Forged Foil Frame – Try a new technique like forging foil on a plain frame. The result is vintage chic.

If you like these frame projects, check out the Frames section at

How to: Make Unique Christmas Gifts for Women

The Christmas season is always a tough one for me. We know it’s coming and we count down the days, yet every year it surprises me and I am never prepared for it. With the economy slowly coming back, it’s still tough to spend a lot of money especially for those with large families like me. This year, my budget is very tight and therefore I have resulted in making some homemade gifts. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on such extravagant gifts, but now you can have a low budget and still create something beautiful, after all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

The women in my immediate family are my three older sisters and my mom. I know them well and I know their personalities. Unique gifts for women can be far and few in between if you don’t quite know what they’re into. Luckily, I have a few ideas that may help you out.

If there is a woman in your life who likes to drink in social situations or even collect beautiful glasses then a great gift for her can be a wine goblet. All you have to do is buy a wine goblet of any size and any shape, whatever you wish. Get some paints and go at it. My favorite goblets are ones that my mom and I both have. They have ladies painted on them. Using fun paints, like a pink color you can paint a skirt and add some yellow for some blond hair. The most fun part about this kind of goblet is the stem. You can paint it whatever color you wish, draw a vertical line down the center and it becomes her legs. You can then paint a pair of shoes on the base part of the glass. I love it! The painted nutcracker goblet is somewhat of an example. He has blue pants. Use your imagination and creativity. Your woman friend will love it!

Some other great and unique gifts for women are the more sentimental ones like a scrapbook, a calendar or a photo frame. These are all pretty similar in the way you make them. For all of them you can collect as many or as little photographs as you want. My suggestion for the calendar is at least 12 photos, one for each month, but the more you have the more fun it is. To make a scrapbook, you can really go old style and use construction paper for your pages. Glue your photos on the pages; however you wish to arrange them. I personally have the fun scissors with the designed edges; it makes for a pretty borderline for the photo. After gluing is all done you can take markers, glitter, stickers and fun embellishments to make the pages look how you want. Once this is all done you can use a hole puncher, make three holes along the side of the scrapbook and then tie all the pages together. If you want something more sturdy you can always put the scrapbook in a folder of some sort.

As for the calendar, just glue whichever photos you wish on any month. I like to go in chronological order and use Christmas photos for the winter season and vacationing for the summer months. Again, you can use stickers and embellishments of your liking.

For a photo frame, you can buy a wooden frame, any size. Buy some wooden letters to glue on top of the frame. Plan accordingly so you can spell something out like sister or best friend. You can then paint the actual frame and the letters then glue the letters on. Add some glitter and some glam, put the photo inside and you’re done. Add a personal note on the back so they’ll always remember who it’s from.

Some other Christmas gifts for women:

Crochet Winter Gear
Wall Decor
Felt Needle Book

Color Week

Thank to Kleas, I’ves stumbled across this idea of a Color Week started by curious bird. This blog lists links to all the partipants (and there are MANY). Blue Monday was yesterday, which is exactly the right color choice for Monday, and today is Purple Tuesday. The craft bloggers (and other bloggers) are taking pictures of all the beautiful things in their creative little worlds in that particular color for the day. It’s really an opportunity for some truly talented photographers to exercise their skills. Tomorrow is yellow. I really wish I could participate, but alas my camera is in Dublin. Thursday is Pink and Friday is a complete surprise….stripes or plaid!  What about my favorite color green? As soon I get back to Dublin, I’m organizing a color week of my own.

Blue Monday at Kleas

Blue Monday at Kleas