Sewing for the Little Person: DIY Puppy Outfits

It’s a little difficult for me to make outfits for two Labradors. For one thing, they both won’t sit still long enough to put anything on, and for another, they’re both too big to fit into anything and they would pull it off anyways. You can find dog outfits nearly anywhere you go. For those of you who like to dress up your canine friend, and are successful at it, my hat is off to you. I’m constantly torn between my reaction of, “That poor dog” and “Oh my gosh, it’s so cute!” Most of it is practical — like a little wiener dog or a chihuahua in the middle of a Chicago winter: they need something on their backs so they don’t get sick and to keep warm. A Siberian husky? I think they could do without the extra sweater, since, you know, they were made for that kind of weather.

My favorite are the ironic costumes or the animal costumes that go with the breed. Like for wiener dogs, they get hot dog bun coat or dalmatians have a fire truck hat or labs get a lifeguard vest. Today is one of those days where I find the outfits cute, and I wish I could dress my dogs up for Halloween. Those of you with small dogs, take this opportunity to dress up your pets as much as you can because you never know how big your next fur-baby is going to be.

It just all depends on your taste. Some people like to go full out and dress their dogs up in homemade animal outfits, or they like to keep it simplistic with a simple dog collar or puppy bandana. Whatever your preference, you’re going to love these easy sewing outfits and projects for your fur-baby. All they need is a little bit of fabric and a whole lot of love. I’ve also included some fun pet sewing projects and animal crochet patterns. You can really make anything you want for your pets out of any scraps you have. Don’t forget to post a picture of your project in the comments!


Sewing For the Little Person: DIY Puppy Outfits

Dog Outfits

Doggy Bed and Blanket Seat

Winter Dog Boots

Darling Dog Harness

DIY Dog Clothes

Doggy Style with a Small Budget

Stay Put Dog Caddy

Upcycled Dog Collar

Puppy Necktie

Crocheted Dog Sweater Pattern

Crocheted Dog Leg Warmers

Cute Hot Dog Crochet Coat


Bonus challenge for you advanced crocheters: stitch this Bowser Sweater for your dog instead of your turtle.


Which side are you on? Do you enjoy doggy fashion?


DIY Pet Toys

I have two puppies. Well, technically not puppies. One is a 13-year old yellow Labrador, Lilo, and the other is a 7-year old half black lab, possibly border collie mix, Maggie. So they’re old, but Lilo still thinks she is the little pup we got so many years ago, even though her body can’t keep up anymore. However, no matter how old she gets, she still loves toys. She honestly makes a toy out of anything. We trained her to get the paper from the driveway, to pick out a pair of socks for my dad (as long as the drawer is open), and any loner socks she gets to play with. My dogs are able to make play time out of any household items. So making homemade pet toys has got to be cheaper than buying name brand items, right?


DIY Pet Toys


DIY Pet Toys


That’s why you need to ditch the store-bought toys and make your own with these DIY dog toys. Just a little bit of fabric or an old water bottle can make the different between a dud or a deal.

Now I may not have too much experience in the cat area, or any experience at all, but I feel like I have a good handle on the DIY cat toys and what is considered “cool” in the cat-world (thanks Youtube). Anything small or dangley that attracts attention for short burst of time. And anything they can scratch. Lordy, there’s a lot of scratching.


Crunchy ToyI love this crunchy dog toy. It is just a water bottle sewn into a piece of fabric and stuffed. It’s durable enough to play fetch, while soft enough for your puppy to snuggle at night. If you’re not much of a sewist, you can also put a water bottle in a sock and tie off the end. No matter if you’re upcycling fabric scraps or upcycling socks, your fur-baby will love this homemade toy.




DIY Cat Scratching PostFor cats, from what I have gathered, scratching posts are a ridiculous amount of money, but you don’t want to sacrifice your furniture for your cat’s habits. That’s why this homemade cat scratching post is a great way to recycle your cardboard boxes and save your money. I love the fact that you can make it however high or wide you want it so you can accommodate your living space.





Whether you have a canine-companion or a feline-friend, these homemade pet toys are going to be your favorite because of how easy it is to make cheap pet toys.

Check out these other toys…


Easy Rope Ball Dog Toy

Recycled Denim Dog Toy

Fleece Tug Rope

Doggy Bed and Blanket Set

Your Pet’s Favorite Toy

No Sew Octopus Ball Doll

Run Rabbit Run Dog Toy


No Sew DIY Cat Bed

Crocheted Cat Toy

Crochet Cat Bed

Holiday Cat Collar

DIY Cat Toy from

Catscraper DIY Cat Scratching Post from

What is something odd that your pet plays with?

16 DIY Dog Bed Projects + DIY Cat Houses That Are The Cat’s Meow

I’m a dog person through and through but I hold a special place in my heart for the kitties I know. I can pretty much guarantee that if I made a diy cat house for my mother-in-law’s cats, they would love me forever. Maybe. You know how cats are.

So I set out to find out how to make a pet bed and found some amazing and clever ideas to share with you. Inevitably I came across diy dog bed projects too which is perfect because I have a little Pomeranian Chihuahua mix and he is the cutest dog ever! In my opinion at least.

These diy pet projects will hopefully make your pet feel special and add a unique touch to your home. Learn how to make a diy pet bed today and you’ll be obsessed with making things for your pets from now on!

1. Bring out the green in your cat’s eyes with this ingenious cat bed.


Cat Bed Junk Project via KI Nassauer Style


2. Of course, sewing a spiffy dog bed will automatically make your pooch look super handsome.


Stylish Strapped Pet Bed via AllFreeSewing


3. Just be sure that your cat is totally involved in the DIY process.


Crochet Cat Bed via Eilen Tein


4. You can even sew a Cute Cat Cube for your cat! (say that three times fast).


DIY Kitty Cube via Crafty Night Owls


5. Who knew that an old t-shirt could be so cozy?


DIY Cat Tent Bed via Practically Functional


6. Crocheting a cat bed will result in your cat posing like the model he truly is.


Crochet Cat Bed via FaveCrafts


7. See? Totally model material.


Fuzzy DIY Pet Bed via AllFreeSewing


8. Even if you have a stubborn cat, eventually he will warm up to the idea of his new digs.


The DIY Cat Bed via Me, Myself, & DIY


9. Dogs, too.


Dog Bed with Removable Blanket via Instructables


10. You can even be awesome and turn an old computer into a cat bed. WHAT.


Turning An Old iMac Into A Cat Bed via Inspire Wild Ideas


Even more DIY pet bed ideas!

11. Frugal and Homemade Winter House for Stray Cats from Krista Schnee

12. How to Sew a Fish Cat House from Instructables

13. Tube TV Turned Dog House from Restoration Redoux

14. How To Make a Suitcase Cat Bed from Sally Ann

15. DIY Quick and Easy Modern Cat House from Instructables

16. How to Use Cardboard Make Cat’s House from Cool Creativity

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Celebrate Your Furry Friend On National Love Your Pet Day

Today is a very important holiday … it’s National Love Your Pet Day! The next time your spot your favorite furry friend, give him or her a little extra squeeze (not too hard, though). Here at FaveCrafts, we love dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even sugar gliders! We love sharing stories about our pets and even passing around photos of our favorite “fur babies.” We know our readers love their own pets, hence why we have an entire pet crafts category of the site.


Today, make your pet something that they can wear or use for playtime. Your favorite companion deserves a little TLC, and these projects certainly show how much you care.

Crafts For a Cat:

  1. Snazzy Cat Collar
  2. Kitty Treat Jar
  3. Sock Bed for Kitty

Crafts For a Dog:

  1. Doggy Style Dress
  2. Easy Upcycled Dog Toy
  3. Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern

Crafts For Every Pet:

  1. Pet Food Mat
  2. 3-D Pet Collage
  3. Pet Treat Pail

Do you have a pet? Leave a comment and tell us all about him/her!

Does Your Pet Wear Clothing?

I can’t believe the outfits they make for dogs and cats these days! I just put together a great article on dressing your pet, called 31 Patterns for Pet Clothing. I’ve always had bigger dogs (Labrador Retrievers), so I’ve never paid much attention to dog sweaters or accessories. I just recently got a small dog–a Beagle/Boston Terrier mix–so I decided to buy him a sweater. Here he is sans sweater:

If I knew how to knit or crochet, you better believe I’d be stitching up a storm to give this little guy an adorable wardrobe! I’d love to make him the Crochet Dog Shrug, although I realize it might emasculate him:

I also really love this Knit Rainbow Sweater. The colors are so bright and cheerful!

I do know how to sew, however, so I may just have to try my hand at this adorable Puppy Necktie. You think dogs don’t need neckties? Well, think again! Look at how professional this pooch looks with his business casual attire!

You can see the rest of the adorable pet clothing patterns (and a few bonus pet crafts) in my article, 31 Patterns for Pet Clothing.

And if that isn’t enough to satiate you, here are some more pet clothing patterns I found around the web:

  1. This sock monkey hat from Posh Pooch Designs has got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! You can crochet one for your own dog if you buy her pattern, but she’s also got lots of free patterns to check out too.
  2. Also from Posh Pooch Designs is this free crochet pattern is for doggie leg warmers! Why? Why not! Here’s another Doggy Leg Warmer Pattern.
  3. It’s a little late for Easter, but if you love humiliating your animals all year round, you’ll love these bunny ears from Sew Doggy Style! Doesn’t this dog look hilarious?!
  4. Here’s another from the Department of Hilarious: You can make your dog its own Lady Gaga inspired meat dress, also from Sew Doggy Style. I’d say he’s a dead ringer!

Don’t forget to check out the 31 Patterns for Pet Clothing article for even more ideas on how to DIY your pet’s wardrobe. And tell me: Would you ever dress up your pet?

New Pattern Monday: Animal Inspired Crafts

If you’re an animal lover, then you’ll love these adorable, animal-inspired crafts, new on FaveCrafts last week.

Darling Deer Woodsy Purse: This wooden purse was a fantastical thrift store find. Even if you don’t have a wooden purse, you can use this whimsical design as inspiration for a lunchbox or even a small chest. Make the Darling Deer Woodsy Purse from Plaid today.

Butterfly Inspiration Charm Bracelet: Butterflies are so graceful and majestic, and they look especially pretty in a charm bracelet with some glitter and Mod Podge. Add the inspirational words of your choice to personalize.

Paw Print Ornaments: Let your precious pooch in on easy Christmas crafts by making these paw print ornaments from Erika Lindquist to decorate your tree with. These make great gifts from Fido to his owner!


Craft for Pets Contest from Crafters 4 Kids

Create Crafts or Treats that kids can make for their pets! You could win a $25 gift card and the opportunity to have your craft featured on TV!

Do you treat your pet as part of your family? As your child’s best friend? As your special confidant, after all, she’ll never tell ;-)!

Pets can get expensive, even out of control when you start considering food, treats, vet bills, and so many other costs, like toys, beds and so on!

Here’s your chance to show-off your crafty or culinary skills and make something cool and unique.  Make a collar, make a rattle shaker, or even a quick, healthy, tasty treat. Create anything that grabs the attention of your furry or feathered friend, a toy, or even a quick, healthy, tasty treat.

It doesn’t have to take long and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just try to spend less than $5.00 dollars.  In fact, use the items around your house or garage.  Use old t-shirts, socks, shoes…..whatever you can get your hands on, grab it, and innovate!

Don’t stop your creative juices there.  Showcase your craftiness in this month’s Crafts and Treats kids can make for their pets contest beginning May 3rd.  Let others know how easy and fun your projects are to assemble.  Even for those who claim they are “creatively challenged.”  Anyone can do it.  Team up with your brothers, sisters, friends or classmates to develop something special for your furry friends.  Whether a cat, dog or bird.  It doesn’t matter.  A pet is a pet and that qualifies you to enter the contest.  You can even make crafts and treats for pets at your local animal shelter.

It’s easy to enter! Here’s how:

  1. Upload a 2 minutes video to showing how your craft is assembled along with a step-by-step instruction. Title your video “Crafters4Kids Crafty Pets Contest (Your Name Here)”
  2. Don’t forget to tell how much the materials cost, if anything.  Remember, the craft should not cost more than $5.00 dollars and should be easy for children to make.
  3. If you are unable to submit a video, then submit detailed instructions along with pictures for each stage of assembly. (Size of the photo image must be under 1 MB) Please use your name as the photo title (ie janedoe.jpg). All entries must be submitted between May 3rd and June 10th and the winner will be announced on June 1st.    Increase your chances, make lots of crafts and treats for your pet, and enter as many times as you like.

Each video submission requires a separate contest entry form. All contest entries will become the sole property of Crafters 4 Kids and may be used for, but not limited to, PR communications, marketing, and crafting workshops.  By entering into the contest you are consenting to the terms outlined in the contest rules.


Spread the word! Encourage your friends and family to visit your video and submit their own videos. The top three (3) most viewed videos will be nominated as finalists. Sandy Sandler will select the winner from the top three (3) finalists based on the contest criteria.

If your video is selected as the winner, then you guessed it, you will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to and your craft will be featured on ABC TV with Sandy Sandler, one of featured designers and the creator of the best selling Bowdabra bow maker.  This great opportunity will showcase to the world your creative idea and the inspiration behind the craft.  Second prize winners will also receive a $25.00 gift certificate.

So Get Started.  Don’t Waste Any Time.  Show The World Your Creativity.

Don’t forget your pet’s safety.  Think the same way you would when making something for a child under age 3.

Today’s Newsletter: 28 Pet Crafts

Since I’m hoping to adopt a dog from a local shelter soon, I thought I would share some craft projects for man’s best friend. For you, best friend might mean a dog, cat, hedgehog or even a particularly personable goldfish. Explore our complete collection of 28 pet crafts here.

1. Tie-Dye Dog Bandana (shown)

2. Beaded Dog Photo Album

3. Dog Name Signboard

4. Crochet Duck Catnip Toy

5. My Best Friend Photo Frame

6. Crochet Bobble Dog Coat (shown)

7. Knit Cargo Pocket Dog Coat

8. Pet Treat Pail

9. Dog Treat Glass Jar

10. Kitty Treat Jar

11. Quilted Cat Wall Hanging (shown)

12. Crochet Dog Witch Costume

13. Puppy Apron

14. Beaded Dog Collar

15. Cat Plastic Canvas Pin (shown)

16. Cat Charm ID Tag

17. Crochet Cat & Mouse

18. Fun Cat Toy from Glove

19. Little Girl’s Pet Purse

20. Leopard Kitty Outfit

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New Pattern Monday: Puppy Love

As the weather cools, we’re all pulling out our thick sweaters and heavy coats. Chicago has been known to get some snow by Thanksgiving, so I guess we’re expecting it…

When you’re busy preparing yourself for the cold weather, don’t forget about Man’s Best Friend. Your puppy, especially if he’s a little one, deserves a nice warm sweater too! And let’s be honest, doggie sweaters are such a fashion statement.

Here’s a few new Dog Sweaters at FaveCrafts:


Hooded Dog Coat – This one melts my heart. Does it get any cuter than this? Go ahead, make a matching sweater for yourself too, you know you want to.


Crochet Bobble Dog Coat – For a cute little puppy, these crochet bobbles look great in all colors.


Rainbow Dog Sweater – This knit rainbow sweater will brighten up the gloomy weather.


Crochet Skull Dog Coat – For the hardcore puppy in your life, make this for your rockstar dog.


Festive Knit Dog Coat – Get your little rascal ready for the holidays in this beautiful snowflake sweater.

Tell us which one is your favorite!

Crafts for Your Pet

I came across an interesting site today: bowwowmeow. The company creates craft kits for your pets and (as the company says), “fun and easy to do and provide a great way for someone to express the love they have for their four-legged companion. They have craft kits for everything from scrapbooking to animal “party collars.” Take a look at the website to learn more. FaveCrafts also has some great pet crafts. Some of my favorites are below:

Dog Name Signboard: Give your favorite pooch a dog bone sign with his very own name. Hang above his dog house, dog bed or food bowls and the space is all his.

Dog Treat Jar

Puppy-rific Apron: Man’s best friend in apron form! Commemorate your favorite furry friend with this free craft that shows you how to make an apron. (Not exactly a craft FOR your pet, but I couldn’t resist because it’s so adorable)