3 Best Ways to Celebrate National Scrapbook Day

Did you know that National Scrapbook Day has been a tradition since 1994? Celebrated on the first Saturday of May, National Scrapbook Day is a marvelous crafty holiday that celebrates memory keeping all over the country!

The challenge thus presents itself: what are the best ways to celebrate National Scrapbook Day? We at AllFreePaperCrafts are here to inspire you with creative crafty ideas!


3 Best Ways to Celebrate National Scrapbook Day 2014

National Scrapbook Day

 1. Shop for Scrapbook Supplies

Shop for Scrapbook Paper

Nothing quite says “Scrapbooker Camaraderie” like unloading all of your recently acquired cash on all different kinds of paper. Our friends over at CutRateCrafts have a variety of paper craft products for your scrapbooking needs.


2. Throw a Crop Party!

Springtime Baking Cup Banner

 B.Y.O.S. – Bring Your Own Supplies. You just went shopping; now it’s time to crop! Motivate and inspire your fellow scrapbooking buddies to crop ’til you drop! Decorate with some of these project ideas:


3. Make Scrapbooks!

Now is the best time to get out of that scrapbooking rut. If you’ve found yourself creating almost identical layouts over, and over, and over, try something new! Get inspired to make a new layout with any of the ideas below, and find embellishment ideas below as well!


Scrapbook Layouts

A vintage find, this collection of layouts was shared by Creating Keepsakes back in May of 2011!

Grab the full PDF here.

Scrapbook Layouts from Creating KeepsakesMeanwhile, check out these scrapbook layouts found on AllFreePaperCrafts:

Scrapbook Layouts

. . . . and more!



You can’t create a perfect layout without some perfect embellishments, and we have an abundance of ideas at AllFreePaperCrafts in our collection How to Scrapbook and Craft with Embellishments: 13 Simple Paper Crafts:

How to Scrapbook and Craft with Embellishments: 13 Simple Paper Crafts


Last but not least, for National Scrapbook Day 2014 you must WIN PRIZES!

Simply answer the following question in the comments below for the opportunity to win a scrapbooking prize!


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What are your favorite events to commemorate?



Memory Making 101: Scrapbook Page Ideas and Giveaway

When my sister graduated from high school, my aunt gave her a scrapbook. It didn’t look like much at first glance. The cover was plain green and it only had a few photos on it. Inside, though, that book was bursting with handpicked photos, captions, and adorable embellishments. My aunt spent four years learning how to make a scrapbook, collecting decorative pages, stickers, and stamps along the way. Fifteen years ago, scrapbooking didn’t have as much of an online presence as it does today, so my aunt designed the cover, page layouts, and embellishments herself. If online resources like FaveCrafts and AllFreePaperCrafts had been available then, she might not have spent hours struggling to put it all together.

ScTropical Memories Scrapbook Coverrapbook Cover Ideas

Even if you don’t copy one of these templates exactly, these scrapbook cover ideas can make putting together a memory book so much easier. If you’re just learning how to make a scrapbook, take advantage of free printable designs and patterns for covers and layouts. You can make your scrapbook look like it was made by a professional without actually paying one.

We have great cover ideas at FaveCrafts, and one of my personal favorites is this Tropical Memories Scrapbook Cover. I can’t help it; when it’s snowing outside, all I want to think about is the beach. This cover is especially fun because it incorporates several different media, including paint and glass, to achieve its summery look. AllFreePaperCrafts has some wonderful scrap book cover ideas, too, whether you want your scrapbook to be classy and chic or cute and whimsical.


DIY Scrapbook EmbellishmentsBlooming Scrapbook Flowers

My sister’s scrapbook was absolutely amazing and perfectly suited to her hobbies and interests. Because she spent a lot of her time at music department rehearsals, concerts, and other events, my aunt dotted the pages with notes, instruments, and marching band shakos.

Scrapbooking has become even more popular, so you can find embellishments to fit almost any theme. If you can’t find what you need in a store, there are tons of ways to make DIY scrapbook embellishments for only a few dollars. Take these Blooming Scrapbook Flowers, for instance. All you need is paper and a thumbtack to make one of these beautiful blooms.


Budding Stars Scrapbook LayoutScrapbook Layout Ideas

I’d occasionally flip through the pages of my sister’s scrapbook, wondering what the layouts for my book would look like. “Here’s where she’ll put the newspaper clipping from the play I’ll star in,” I’d think. “This would be the perfect layout for my Junior Prom photo with my super cute boyfriend!”

I finally made it through high school–without auditioning for a single play OR attending Junior Prom–and at my graduation party I could hardly wait to open my aunt’s present. I opened her gift box to find a hoodie from my college-to-be. It was a sweet gift; it just wasn’t the gift.

My aunt was so worn out from putting together layouts for the first scrapbook to even consider making one for me. Luckily, I can make my own cute pages with the help of scrapbook layout ideas like this Budding Stars Scrapbook Layout. Pink is my favorite color, so if I had starred in a play, this is definitely the page I would’ve chosen for that newspaper clipping.


Timbergrove Scrapbook Set

BONUS! We’re giving away one Timbergrove Scrapbook Set, a fabulous kit filled with coordinated paper and stickers. It also has some helpful tips on how to make memorable scrapbook pages and greeting cards. Check out our giveaway page to enter. You have until February 11 to enter to win this fabulous scrapbook set, so try your luck today!




Have you ever been absolutely positive that you were going to get a certain gift? What did you get instead?





Start Summer with This Lovely Scrapbook Layout


This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy for Any Occasion.

It’s finally spring and I have been in the mood to get some of my current photos down on paper. Today I have a bright and cheery layout to share with you using a new collection from Little Yellow Bicycle call Poppy.

For this layout, I decided I would use lots of the patterned papers and the die cut flower stickers along with the Naturals collection of hearts. I layered florals on the bottom with my journaling. Alongside the photo, I added large banners and clustered florals.

I added stitching here and there to give the layout a finished feel. I also raised a few of the flowers with 3D squares to give it more dimension. The clear cuts are my favorite pieces. I love that you can layer them and still see what’s behind. I used a couple of the flourishes on this page. This collection is one of my favorites for sure.

DIY Wedding Scrapbook: Michaels Scrapbook Blogger Challenge

Make-every-moment-countJust as I expected, it was an absolute blast to create my best friend’s wedding scrapbook in honor of National Scrapbooking Month. Thanks to Michaels, I was able to make a memorable gift that will be treasured for years to come.

A few days ago, I shared my vision for a DIY wedding scrapbook that I was making for the Make Every Moment Count Michaels Blogger Challenge. Below, you’ll find the finished result! I can’t wait to give it to my friend once she’s officially a Mrs 🙂

Because the wedding is not actually until July, the scrapbook is technically still a work-in-progress. The “groundwork” for the pages have all been created, and the photos will add the perfect finishing touches to complete the project.

Scrapbook-1The cover of the scrapbook was a no-brainer. Because of the type of album I chose, there was not much wiggle-room to add any additional decorative details. I actually prefer this classic and timeless look for this particular project. Sometimes, less is more.

The Frame A Name scrapbook by K&Company came with letter stickers, which I used to spell out the bride-to-be’s future last name in the front display window across the bottom. For the top display window, I chose a photo from the couple’s engagement party. I did not stress too much about finding the “perfect picture” for this because it’s not permanent, which is nice. The photo is simply taped on a piece of paper that’s easy to pull out and change on a whim.

One of the most common questions that newly-engaged brides get asked is “how did he propose?” Lucky for me, my friend’s proposal was a cute story – he popped the question on the side of the road because her car (a red VW bug) broke down while they were road-tripping to University of Madison-Wisconsin for the weekend.

19I wanted to be sure to include this moment in her wedding scrapbook, as I feel it’s an important part of their love story. I chose to use red and white (University of Wisconsin’s school colors) for the theme of this page, since that’s where they were headed when he proposed. I also included a picture that they snapped moments after she said yes. The Creative Chaos Snapshot Frames by Recollections came in especially handy for this; I think it perfectly captures the spontaneity of the moment. I used a black Sharpie pen to scribble a description and date, just as you would on a real Polaroid.

Scrapbook-3The rest of the scrapbook is dedicated to the actual wedding ceremony, which is still a few months away. Because I don’t have pictures yet to include, I decorated the pages to fit with her wedding’s theme and colors. Being as it is a beach wedding in Florida, this was fun to do with the help of decorative stickers by Jolee’s Boutique, K&Company, and The Paper House. I also used Creative Chaos Bright Frames to map out where photos will be placed.

Instead of having all the pages be plain white, I also alternated some pages with Bazzill® Basics Cardstock in Atlantic and Arroyo. Her wedding colors are coral and aqua, so I thought these colors fit perfectly with her special day’s theme.

This page is all about the reception. Again, I used cute stickers by K&Company and the Creative Chaos Bright Frames to plan out the page’s layout. Cute stickers that say “Tossing the Bouquet” and “Cutting the Cake” are the perfect set-up for showing off key moments from the reception. Recollections Bling on a Roll was also used to add a decorative detail along the edges of both these pages. This is definitely my new favorite product at Michaels because it’s a clean and easy way to add a touch of sparkle without the mess of typical glitter.

Thanks again to Michaels for giving me this opportunity to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month with you. I could not have created this wonderful album without you! Check out the Michaels lookbook here for more crafty ideas and inspiration. Plus, find even more free scrapbooking projects and tutorials from our friends at FaveCrafts.


What’s your favorite Michaels product to use for your scrapbooking projects?

The Big Apple: Michaels Scrapbook Blogger Challenge

Make-every-moment-countScrapbooking is such a rush, and while it takes time and effort, it’s totally worth it. The constant, flowing ideas are always surprising, satisfying, and lead to the most wonderful results. I’m referring to the creative process, which starts with a plan, but is ever-changing based upon inspiration and opportunity. I’m excited to share with you my results of the Make Every Moment Count Michaels Blogger Challenge:

Make Every Moment Count
This is, obviously, the cover, which began as a blank slate. Throughout the scrapbooking process, I decided to add song lyrics as captions on each page. This way there was a fun puzzle-like description, which is only clear to the giver and the recipient. I did the cover last, which I would definitely recommend. Once the rest of the book was complete, it dawned on me to use the song “These are a few of my favorite things” to title the documented adventure.


  • Ribbon
  • Photograph
  • Assorted scrapbook paper
  • Printed phrases on white computer paper
  • Tape runner

The instructions are really self explanatory. I simply backed each sentence with a larger rectangle of patterned scrapbook paper. To adhere both the ribbon and the paper, I used the tape runner from Michaels.


Below you’ll see all of the pages. I decided to make each feature two pages to allow for larger details and more photographs. You’ll see that each page has a different method for spelling out song lyrics. I thought it was really fun to come up with these various methods.

Above you’ll see the adorable boat from the sticker set I purchased. To cut out the letters, I used a machine that I bought at Michaels years ago. I’m sure they have something similar now. It’s almost like a printer; it’s incredible. There was no exact science for making  the photos appear as though they were from a film strip; just a lot of rearranging and cutting until it was perfect.

I love how fun this page is with the different patterns of scrapbook paper. Michaels has such a wonderful selection. I also used the fun foam letters to embellish this party page.

chris jaclyn scrapbook new york 005

This is one of my favorite pages. I edited the photographs so they would be black and white. It’s simple to do this with any photo editing program on the compter. I then printed out the phrase in a font that, to me, resembled graffiti. I cut the edges haphazardly and then used chalk to scuff it up a bit. I wanted to portray the rough vibe of the New York subway.

chris jaclyn scrapbook new york 006

I thought that featuring one photograph in a line of many was the perfect opportunity to use the circle punches. I again used the film strip idea, but with a stand-out photo. I punched out a large circle, a smaller one, and then cut the photograph into an even smaller circle. This created a nice framing feature that draws the eye.

I had so much fun documenting this amazing vacation. Thank you Michaels for the opportunity to capture these memories in a crafty and vibrant way! Hopefully you can pull some inspiration from these scrapbook layouts I created.

If you could scrapbook one event in your life which would it be?

Celebrating National Scrapbooking Month with Michaels

Scrapbooking has always been a passion of mine, so I naturally jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Michaels Make Every Moment Count Blogger Challenge in honor of National Scrapbooking Month. There’s nothing I love more than capturing and preserving memories through the use of colorful cardstock, stickers, stamps, and more. Whether you’re an expert scrapbooker or still learning the basics, you can always count on the Michaels Lookbook for ideas, inspiration, tips, and tricks.
Make-every-moment-countMy best friend is getting married in July, so I thought it would be nice to give her the gift of a wedding scrapbook to celebrate the special moments of her big day. Scrapbooks are always a wonderful homemade gift idea for friends and family because you know your gift will be treasured and cherished for years to come.  There’s no better way to reflect back on special moments of life than with a personalized scrapbook.

michaels-logoIt didn’t take long for my shopping cart to fill up with scrapbooking supplies at Michaels. Luckily, I had brainstormed a bit before heading to the store, so I was able to quickly find what I was looking for and managed not to get that overwhelmed. There were so many wonderful albums to choose from at Michaels, it was hard to pick the perfect one. I finally decided on the classic and timeless design of the Frame A Name scrapbook by K&Company in white. The rest of my purchase included:


photo 4photo 2I can’t wait to get started on creating my best friend’s wedding scrapbook. It will be so hard to keep this a secret from her until July!  Check back soon for updates and pictures of the finished album!

Michaels Make Every Moment Count Blogger Challenge

make-every-momentI was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the Michaels Make Every Moment Count Blogger Challenge, where I got to go on a mini shopping spree at Michaels Craft Store to stock up on the lastest and greatest scrapbook supplies. Scrapbooks are wonderful mediums to preserve memories in a fun and unique way. While pictures are lovely, they don’t always tell the full story; scrapbooks allow you to fill in the details with words, embellishments, and collages. So, you can imagine that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to document a very memorable trip to New York in a beautiful and descriptive way.


I immediately went to my nearest Michaels store on a mission. I wanted my scrapbook to tell the full story of my adventure, past what mere photographs can convey. Before venturing to the store, I organized the photos that I wanted to feature and chose a “theme” for each page of my book. Sometimes, you’ll get inspired at the store, which is totally fine, and an important step in the creative process. However, if you go in with absolutely no idea or strategy, you might get overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to have a page on the Subway, because that’s a quintessential symbol of New York, and we had some great pictures taken there. I also was intent on finding the perfect embellishments and scrapbook paper to enhance the photographs of us rowing a boat in Central Park. With these ideas in mind, I began my search.

Michaels is arranged so conveniently that finding what I needed was simple. There are a few different aisles dedicated to scrapbooking, and I must admit that I thought I had been sent to heaven. Here is the aisle featuring ALL of the beautiful scrapbook paper:


I then went on to the sticker aisle. This is my favorite section by far. There are the most adorable sticker sets I have ever seen. There are 3D stickers and themed embellishments. I bought this set because it was perfect for the boating page:


I also thought these were adorable:


Here’s a quick snapshot of only a sliver of this amazing section:


I bought a few sticker letters to spell out fun phrases and write captions, and I found these fun foam letters in large and small:

IMG_2195 IMG_2197

I wasn’t sure what kind of book I wanted, so while browsing, I decided that a neutral book would be best because I was ready to start from scratch. There are, however, some awesome themed books to inspire and inform. My book was on sale!


Here are some other scrapbook essentials that I purchased to make my crafty process easier:

IMG_2190 IMG_2192
Glue dots                                            Tape Runner (adhesive)

Also essential for scrapbooking are punches. You can get fancy shapes, but I just stick with circles of different sizes.

Some other fun details I purchased:

IMG_2208 IMG_2203
IMG_2202 IMG_2198

I can’t wait to get started on my project!

Project Life: Rembering All 365 Days

Almost every scrapbooker has heard of Project Life by now, and we at FaveCrafts are huge fans of this scrapbook phenomenon. Thanks to Becky Higgins, the creator of this scrapbooking style, scrapbookers around the world have been able to document their daily lives in a fun, easy, and organized way. Imagine having a scrapbook to document each year of your life! Forget photo albums and trying to guess what year each photograph belongs to, with Project Life everything you need is in one place. Project Life makes it seriously simple to ensure every monumental moment is  safely stored in a gorgeous scrapbook, handmade by you!Project Life

This new scrapbooking trend has gained some serious popularity, and it’s no wonder why, Project Life makes scrapbooking simple. What makes it so simple are the customized photo albums and different photo pocket pages, which literally create your layout for you. Simply add in one photograph and journaling care a day to create your own project 365, which documents life on a day-to-day basis. If you’re less ambitious, you can try for a weekly or even monthly round-up. You can really use Project Life for anything! Try using it to document a pregnancy, the first year of a child’s life or an engagement. The goal of this scrapbooking style is to document each year of your life in an organized way. Just take a look at blogger Elise Blaha Cripe’s Project Life, which documents her life on a weekly basis. For more about Elise’s Project Life 2013, check out her blog.

Elie Blaha Cripe - Project Life

I know, it sounds like an enormous project to tackle, and well it is, but Project Life is the easiest way to make sure that you stay on top of your scrapbooking. When you have completed, you will have an amazing album to keep forever. No matter where you are in your life, you’ll have a simple way to remember everyday. This super trendy scrapbooking method is a fun and easy way to keep a piece of your personal experiences with you in one place. Store your family photographs, journal about each big moment, and get started on your own Project Life.

Project Life Journaling Cards

Digital Scrapbooking Software Giveaway!

Attention all scrapbookers!  This is one giveaway you won’t want to miss!

As an avid scrapbooker myself, I know how quickly and easily this hobby can get out of hand.  From buying more paper than I need to saving everything from buttons to ribbon scraps, scrapbooking can be one cumbersome and overwhelming craft.

Not so with digital scrapbooking!  With a digital scrapbook, you have all the paper and embellishments you could ever dream of, without ever having to set foot in a craft store!  With a digital scrapbooking software program, like this Memory Mixer Scrapbooking Software, you can create beautiful and colorful scrapbooks that won’t take up room in your craft stash or book shelf!

Another thing I love about this software is that I can upload my pictures directly to my scrapbook, so no more running to Walgreens to print out photos of my most recent adventure.  Everything is done on the computer, so I don’t have to spread out my entire paper crafting stash on the kitchen table when I’m ready to start crafting!

This awesome giveaway comes with four CD’s, including one CD dedicated to paper and backgrounds and another dedicated to embellishments.  I’m not kidding when I say that you can basically scrapbook anything with this Memory Mixer software!

And it need not stop at scrapbooks.  With this digital program, you can also create cards, calendars, journals, CD covers, and more!  You can easily print your creations, including your scrapbook pages, or you can send them to Memory Mixer and they will print it for you.  There’s tons of things you can make and create with this Memory Mixer software, so head on over to the giveaway page and register to win today.  You have until March 30th to win this awesome software and remember, you can enter once daily, so return often to improve your chances of winning!

How to Start Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a billion dollar industry that continues to grow rapidly every year.  Walk into any craft store and you’re bound to find aisles filled with colorful scrapbook paper, fun paper embellishments, and all the stickers you can dream of!  With so many wonderful options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re out shopping for supplies…so we’ve narrowed it down to the practical necessities…the simple tools you’ll need to create a scrapbook that can hold all your cherished memories!


Basic Scrapbooking Supplies:

Beginner Scrapbooking Layouts:

Helpful Scrapbooking Video Tutorials:



We are giving away a prize a day every day here on our FaveCrafts blog for National Craft Month. It is so easy to enter. Just go to our Project of the Day post and comment to enter! You have 31 chances to win and a new special prize each day.