How to Watercolor Roses

Learning how to watercolor is one of the most requested crafting techniques when it comes to the FaveCrafts audience. This charming and trendy painting technique is a stunning way to add subtle color to your DIY projects and home. The tutorial below shows you how to paint watercolor roses for a paper craft project, but you could easily use the steps to create wall art, handmade cards and more.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

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How to Paint Watercolor Roses

I want to share a fun, quick Watercolor Technique with you on how to create cute, playful Roses in no time – even without any or very little watercolor skills. I love this Technique not only because it’s quick & easy, but also because those Roses are so versatile in using them – you can use it to create quick, fun Cards with your Watercolor Roses, but also use them to embellish your Scrapbook Layouts or to add some fun Accents to your Mixed Media Projects or Art journal Pages etc.

• Watercolors of your choice
• Round tip brush
• Heavyweight Watercolor Paper
• Scissors
• Glue / 3D Adhesive Pads
• Cardstock for the Card / a Paper Gift bag  (or something else you’d like to add your flowers to)
• Stamps to add sentiments


  1. Decide a color for your Rose Blossom (I go with a shade of red here). Create a nice, watery mix of your color, load your round tip brush with it and you’re good to start.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses
  2. We’re working our way outwards starting in the center of the blossom. Start with two little half-circle shapes.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 2
  3. Then add two larger half-circle shapes around the center. That’s the way we’re going to build up our rose / the rose petals. Make sure to take advantage of the brush tip and vary the pressure of the brush to create variation in the thickness of the lines as you go – this creates a natural petal-look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 3
  4. The white space in between the individual brushstrokes / petals is very important, so make sure to keep this white space. Keep on adding those lines / brushstrokes working your way outwards.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4b
  5. Also, play with the amount of color pigment & water as you go to create variation in the color intensity. If you want to go a little fancy you can even use a second or third color and slightly add it to the still wet first color – let the colors blend into each other for a really cool look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5b
  6. Once you’re happy with the result, add some green leaves. I would suggest mixing some green from your watercolor palette with some yellow for a very natural looking shade of green with a little variation in the color.
    How to Paint the Leaves
  7. Keep those leaves very simple as well – just start right underneath the blossom with a very basic leaf-shape.
    How to Paint the Leaves 2
  8. Add a little stem if you like and a second leaf – that’s all it takes.
  9. Create several roses – play with different sizes, vary the brushstrokes, play with different colors. Also, paint some simple single green leaves. Then cut them out – leaving a small white border around the design.
    Cutting Out Accents 2
    Cutting Out Accents
  10. Stamp a sentiment with your favorite stamps (or create your own using Alphabet Stamps). Cut this out as well.
  11. Now you’re ready to apply your watercolor images to your project. I adhere them to a plain white card here and to a cute little paper gift bag. Be creative – you can embellish so many things and project with these flowers – your scrapbook pages, your Art Journal pages, some hand lettered projects, a cute little canvas or a picture frame!
    Multiple roses
  12. To add dimension and interest to your project use 3D foam pads / 3D gluedots. Layer the different blossoms and leaves to create cute little bouquets.
    Layer Roses
  13. You can give it a little more of an artistic look by adding some small paint splatters. Choose a black color or a dark brown for some contrast or just a color that is matching your blossoms. Load your brush with a watery mix of your watercolor and slightly tap the brush with your finger to add some small paint splatters to your project. (this takes a little bit of practice – so you might want to get used to it on a piece of scrap-paper first before using this technique on your finished project).
    Splatter Paint
    Splatter Paint 2
  14. And you’re done!
    Final Project


About the Artist
My name is Andrea Gomoll, I’m a fulltime Mixed Media Artist from Berlin, Germany.
Being creative with Paints, Inks, Pens, Markers etc. is essential for me – it helps me through the rough days and makes good days even better. That’s why I love Art journaling & Mixed Media Art so much – there are no rules and you can fully enjoy the process and see where it takes you. On my Website / Blog you can follow my creative journey, but you can also purchase prints of my artwork and stamps with my designs. I’m also teaching (online) classes for Mixed Media Art, Art Journaling, Whimsical Painting, Watercolor Sketchbooks etc. I just love to inspire and share my passion for Art with others – with YOU!

What is your favorite accent to add to handmade cards?

8 Ingenious Painting Ideas for the Thrifty Crafter

Do you love to save money by creating your own DIY home decor? Check out these ingenious painting ideas and you’ll want to make one of these thrifty projects for your own home. When you make your own home decor rather than buying something already put together and made for you at a store, you’re already saving your wallet some pain. When you’re transforming some thrifted items that you found at a bargain — that’s even better! There’s something so fun and satisfying about seeing an item nobody else wanted turn into the same trendy item everyone is shelling out the big bucks for. It definitely pays off in the end when you’re able to see a piece’s potential to be great!

8 Ingenious Painting Ideas for the Thrifty Crafter

We can’t get enough affordable DIY home decor ideas because we’re always looking for a chance to change up or freshen up our spaces without spending a fortune. Painting projects aren’t just for kids: these modern and trendy craft ideas will compliment any home’s decor and will prove to be fun older ages. Plus, since some of these require a hunt for some thrifted goods, you get to go on a bargain hunt! It’s so much fun to discover a new treasure and to make it your own. No one will believe you that you didn’t buy it in a store. We can’t believe that these projects weren’t purchased at big box stores! So, scroll through this list and you might be surprised and find your next craft project idea. You might even discover that you have these materials around the house already and all you need is the paint. Feel free to have fun with bright colors too. A pop of color in a home is like a ray of sunshine and can be so refreshing!

8 Ingenious Painting Ideas for the Thrifty Crafter

Trendy Repurposed Porch Light Planter

Untitled design (21)

Wooden DIY Coasters

Untitled design (20)

Chalky Paint Mirror Finish

Untitled design (19)

Personalized No Sew Pillow

Untitled design (16)

Beautiful DIY Chalkboard Cutting Board

Untitled design (22)

DIY Rustic Concrete Garden Planter

Untitled design (18)

$20 Sofa Paint Makeover

Untitled design (23)

Thrifty Painted Wood Bowls

Untitled design (17)


Comment below and let us know, what are your favorite painting projects?

How to Paint: Techniques, Tutorials & More


When you think about painting, you might imagine a giant canvas hanging in a big museum. If you’re anything like me, you might think that your skills aren’t quite museum-level. That’s okay! In fact, there are so many quick and easy painting projects to try. Many projects require easy-to-find materials such as acrylic paint and brushes. If you’re not ready to create portraits and landscapes (leave that to the experts, I say), paint a blank clay pot or tray. You can even make your own decorative wall hangings! It’s so easy to get started, just grab a few materials and get to work!

How to Paint: Basic Materials

  • Sponges
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint (acrylic, glaze, etc.)

Most painting projects require two things: paint and a brush or sponge. You’ll want to invest in a few different colors to fit your project. You can save the extra bottles for later (once you try one painting project, chances are you’ll want to make something else). Many beginner projects require acrylic paint, but if you’re working on a ceramic piece, you may also find you need a certain type of glaze. Double check the materials list before you head to the store. Also, you’ll want to invest in a variety of brushes and sponges. Often, you can buy a large pack of brushes and save money.

Painting Tutorials and Techniques

Before you start working on different types of projects, check out these painting tutorials. Each of these techniques will help your projects come to life. You’ll also find helpful advice on storing and cleaning your paint brushes.

Free Easy Painting Projects

Geranium Painted Garden Pots – Use acrylic paints and a round sponge to create the blooms on this pot. The sponge helps create a more understated design that looks almost hazy. Use a small brush to create the petals and add a colorful background design.


Bird and Flower Heart Canvas – This project requires a flat brush, shader brush, chisel brush and filbert brush. Apply a variety of acrylic paints to a canvas using these materials and you’ll have a delightful piece of wall decor. This would look great in a little girl’s bedroom!





Colorful Tribal Plate – Make a huge statement with this bright kitchen craft. Opaque underglazes and a distinct pattern help bring this project to life. You’ll also need a variety of different sized brushes and a clear glaze to finish off the project.





How to: Painting Videos

I’m a visual learner, so video tutorials are often very helpful for me. If reading the articles above just isn’t making sense, you won’t want to miss this collection of painting videos below. Even if you’ve been painting for a while, these videos can help you learn a technique or “brush up” on an old skill.

How to Use Crackle Paint


How to Paint on Fabric

I hope that all of these free tutorials have helped you get started! Before you know it, you’ll be showing your work in a museum! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but you will be proud to show off your work. Painting can be a fun, relaxing craft medium – you just have to give it a try and start with the basics!


And while you’re picking up a new hobby, why not check out a new project and giveaway every day in March? We’re celebrating National Craft Month in a big way. Check out today’s post for your chance to win an awesome prize!

What’s the next craft project on your to-do list?

Get Sparkly with Glitter Crafts from Krylon®

Whether you’re a princess at heart or just like a little shimmer and shine, glitter simply takes the everyday item to a whole new level!  With Krylon’s new free eBook, How to Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Krylon Glitter Blast™, you can learn how to turn skateboards, guitars, and even mailboxes into sparkly, glittery works of art!

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One thing I love about Krylon’s glitter spray paint is that it doesn’t make a huge mess like regular glitter.  Clean up is a breeze and this Glitter Blast paint will work on almost any surface…so I can even add some sparkle to my iPod cover.  Finding my gadgets in my purse will be so much easier when they’re covered in sparkly paint!  There are a ton of other ways to liven up your home décor, and they’re all waiting for you in How to Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Krylon Glitter Blast!

Download your copy of How to Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Krylon Glitter Blast today!


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Heading down south for Mardi Gras this year?  Remember all the fun with Krylon’s Mardi Gras Scrapbook Layout.  And don’t forget to use the wide variety of Krylon spray paint colors to decorate a mask for the celebration!

I don’t know about you, but I’m on a mission to start 2012 off the right way:  with glitter!  Spray glitter for crafts can turn all your drab, run-down home décor items into works of sparkly art, and Krylon is ready to help you get started!  So be sure to download your free copy of How to Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Kyrlon Glitter Blast today!

Ask Maria “Any Jack ‘O Lantern Tips?”

Note: Due to our Blog Hop scheduled for Friday, Oct 15, Ask Maria is appearing on Thursday this week. It will be back to its regularly scheduled Friday time slot next week.

My daughter wants to make a Jack ‘O Lantern this year. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I thought you might like this Pumpkin Patch Card from to get you in the mood for pumpkin carving! As you wander the pumpkin patch, keep in mind what you want to carve (or paint, decoupage, etc.) on the pumpkin–is it a big design, does the design wrap all the way around, does your pumpkin need to be tall and narrow or short and round to work with your idea? Go with a plan in mind, but be willing to change it up–you might find a pumpkin you can’t leave behind!

You want a nice bright orange pumpkin with no soft spots. Go as large as you can afford or find. Check for bruises, mold, rot.

Experts recommend that beginners use a bold, simple pattern/design. If you are carving, cover your work area and use a sharp paring knife. When carving or cutting, angle the knife at a 45 degree angle. Cut out an opening at the top, scoop out all the inside guts, and do not let the outer shell of your pumpkin get wet! You can draw out your face first, then slowly and carefully start to cut out the design. Here are some sites that have inspiration for carving: Family Fun, Pumpkin Lady, and About.

Keep in mind you don’t have to carve a Jack ‘O Lantern! You can paint a pumpkin too! No surface prep is needed–all you have to do is sketch out a pattern or design and paint away!  Check out this site for ideas!

And has lots of tips and ideas for Jack ‘O Lanterns and Halloween with some great free-to-download e-books!

115 DIY Halloween Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

16 No Carve Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating

31 Halloween Craft Projects

Maria Nerius has over 25+ experience crafting and creating art. She enjoys answering questions about creativity and hopes you’ll send a question her way! You can find Maria’s bio on

Home Decor: Outdoor Spaces

The creation and decorating of outdoor living spaces has become a very hot trend in the last few years — it’s not just sandwiches at the picnic table or a grill and some lawn chairs on the deck anymore. Fully functioning kitchen spaces are being set up on room-size patios, complete with curtains, couches, and more.

Now I don’t know if you’re going that far with your outdoor decor this summer, but we do have some great outdoor decorating ideas on the FaveCrafts site. For some decorative items for your patio or porch, check out these crochet patio pillows, retro pitcher and glassware, and succulent container garden. If you have some resin chairs that have seen better days, check out this easy resin chair refresher. We also have a great side table recycling project and instructions for a beautiful fabric chair.

And while I’m on the topic of furniture, Kathy Peterson has recently launched a line of outdoor furniture that comes in 15 colors and is paintable! To introduce the line, she’s partnered with some of her creative pals and asked them to decorate her chairs and she’s sharing them in a blog hop. The first stop in the hop is a chair decorated by Pat Sloan, who has some great quilted projects on FaveCrafts! Pat’s quilt-inspired chair is bright, colorful, and, in my opinion, utterly wonderful! Kathy has enlisted the help of several creative bloggers, so she’ll have a new chair from a different designer each week this sumer — the schedule’s on her blog.

If you’re looking for additional inspiration for your outdoor space, here are a few more blogs:

diy Design Fanatic: My Favorite Outdoor Space

DIY Outdoor Retreat Sunset from Apartment Therapy

Headboard Bench from Twice Lovely

How to paint a gazing ball or transform a bowling ball: garden crafts

I ran across this Whimsical Recycled Garden Art a while ago and was instantly enamored! It made me wonder what other kind of garden crafts you could make to transform a yard if you didn’t have the greenest of thumbs (like me). I remembered seeing a great garden craft project a few years ago — a painted gazing ball.

Gazing balls, also called lawn balls or garden globes or even mirror globes, are the reflective balls that are often perched on stands in backyards or gardens. Since they have a reflective surface, they reflect the grounds around them, but by painting them, you truly make the gazing ball the center of attention.

As with any painted glass project, you want to clean the ball with rubbing alcohol to prep the surface for painting. Then, just paint your design on the gazing ball using acrylic or enamel paints suited for glass surfaces. Whether you paint it with whimsical flowers as in the Colorful Flower Bowl or more traditional as in this trifle bowl painted in Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke technique, whether you choose a fresh repeating motif like the cherries in the Cherry Painted Glass Jar or something more geometric like the Funky Pitcher and Glasses, you’ll enjoy creating your own yard art.

And if glass gazing balls aren’t your thing, I’ve read of some people taking old bowling balls and decorating them. Some people use silicone (typically used for caulking) to attach small flat glass marbles. tumbled sea glass, or pennies to the bowling ball. Much less fragile than a glass gazing ball, to be sure. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you did a mosaic of little glass tiles? I can just imagine it. We recently posted an ivy mosaic pot on FaveCrafts, so mosaics have been on my mind lately and this seems like another great garden craft idea.

So get crafting for your garden. Even if you have a black thumb, you can craft a beautiful garden.

Go Nuts Over These Animals

I have five nieces and two nephews. Some of you may already know that, but I love them so much. Only four of them live in the same state as me…actually, right down the street from me, while the other three live in Minnesota. Any way, whenever they come to the house I always want to do something fun with them. All the coloring and all the making jewelry is getting a little old, they’re getting bored with it. So I ran into this really cute walnut animal craft. You use the shell of a Walnut along with some paints, felt and a few other materials.

turtle-walnut-animal duck-walnut

I really think if I work on this with the kids they’ll really love it. Of course, everyone has to make their own because why would they share? I thought I’d share these with you. I mean really, how cute are they? If you have any cute projects like this that you want to share please feel free to share them with me, I might use it with my nieces and nephews.

Beeeautiful Outdoors

It’s here! It’s here! Today is finally a nice day! Although it’s supposed to rain for the next few days or so, at least you can get some outdoor work done in between. The rain is taking care of your lawn, turning it green and making sure it’s fed just enough to look great this season. Now it’s your turn to make sure it looks perfect. Add some decorations to your lawn and make it yours. The bee garden stake is a great craft for the outdoors. It adds just a little bit of jewels and bling to make your lawn or garden sparkle. Make your grass the talk of the town with your homemade crafts!


Another cute craft you can add is the terra cotta garden turtle.


This turtle can be made in eight steps and it might help run off the other animal you don’t want in your yard. It’s a cute craft that I would love to have in my yard! What kind of decorations do you have in yours? Now is the time to start your summer garden.

Decorative Child’s Room

Spring and summer are the perfect times to redecorate your house or even your child’s room. Kids can often get bored easily and want to change the look of their room. What a great way to decorate then to make a colorful dragonfly for the walls? You can make multiple dragonflies in different shades and colors if you’d like. It’s done in six easy steps and your kids can help make it. There are so many other ways you can decorate your child’s room.

bright-wood-dragonfly dot-frame-trio bright-wood-dragonfly1

There are cute frames you can hang such as the dot frame trio. It’s triple the fun and memories. This craft is done in three steps and there’s no doubt your kids can help out with this one. They may need some supervision with the painting….just so they don’t paint the walls instead! Have fun this spring and redecorate!