Creative Craft Supply Storage with Printers’ Trays

Several years ago one of my sisters gave me a wonderful birthday present – five different printer’s trays. Score! I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to start filling the trays with all sorts of craft materials. The trays are segmented in different ways, with a great variety in the number and size of individual craft supply storage slots.

Creative Craft Supply Storage with Printers’ Trays

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Storage Unit

The trays are perfect for the storage I had in mind, but they quickly became heavy. It was a nuisance to lift and move all of the stacked trays to get to the ones I wanted. Plus I was always afraid they might get knocked over and I’d have to do all that sorting again.

The solution was to build a box to frame them, and to put each individual tray onto rollers so they slide out like drawers.  I am not very handy with carpentry, so I hired a handyman and he did an awesome job. He also built two drawers that were the same width and depth, and just a bit higher/deeper, to use for other purposes.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 7

What Gets Stored in Each Drawer

Four of the trays are different, and I have two that are the same.  I love the variety of drawer designs as they can accommodate so many different sizes of items. Most of the items I store here are metal bits and bobs, and scrapbooking embellishments.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 6

This entire tray is filled with Tim Holtz’s Idea-ology. I love having it all in one place.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 5

The tray with the largest openings is perfect for storing manila and other tags.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 4

More bits and bobs.

  Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 3

I reserved the space at the top of the cabinet for two rolling drawers. One is used to store pieces in progress. These are small pieces I’ve made while working on other things, that I hope to use in another project down the road.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 2
The top drawer currently holds all my deli trays and lids. These are the perfect size for laying out small projects that are in various stages of drying. I usually have quite a few laying on the counter at various times.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 1
I am so glad I added those two plain drawers to my printer tray storage, as they can easily be changed up for whatever my needs may be as time passes. I’ve been crafting a long time and as my interests have changed over the years, I’ve come to appreciate craft supply storage that can change with the times.


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What are some creative ways you store your craft supplies?

Get Organized: 20 Unique Storage Solutions

If you are anything like me, your home is probably just a wee bit cluttered—to say the least. Maybe it’s hard for you to throw things away because they have sentimental value, or maybe your home just lacks the proper storage to put things away in. Either way, things are starting to pile up, and you need some  DIY storage ideas. Look no further—we’ve got you covered. With this list of 20 Unique Storage Solutions, you can learn some great strategies for craft room storage to help you organize all of your crafting supplies. These DIY ideas are the ultimate storage solutions for anyone who loves to craft.

Get Organized: 20 Unique Storage Solutions

Craft Storage
First things first, you might as well start with your craft room. With all of the different materials you’ve acquired over the years for various projects, it’s most likely that that’s the disaster zone of your home. Put a dent in the clutter with these craft room storage solutions.

Gold-Dipped DIY Organizer

1.  Gold-Dipped DIY Organizer
2.  Knick Knack Cabinet
3.  15-Minute Recycled Desk Organizer
4.  Storage Station with PVC Cubbies
5.  Recycled Milk Carton Stationery Organizer
6.  Fresh Filing Cabinet Makeover
7.  Refashioned Cardboard Storage Bins

Kitchen Storage
You can never have too much storage space in a kitchen. Especially if you have a small kitchen, storing all of your supplies can become a huge challenge. Taking advantage of wall space is a great way to make a small space seem bigger, making DIY wall storage projects perfect when learning how to organize your kitchen.

Upcycled Bookcase Coffee Station

8.  Upcycled Bookcase Coffee Station
9.  Radical Repurposed Door Organizer
10.  Chalk Paint Pantry Jars
11.  Open Shelving Kitchen Pantry
12.  15-Minute Kitchen Canister
13.  Rolling Pantry DIY Kitchen Storage
14.  Create a Functional Pantry

Miscellaneous Storage Solutions
If after organizing both your craft room and kitchen, your house is still an unorganized mess, try out these other DIY organization ideas. Maybe your kids aren’t very good about putting their toys away, or maybe your files are piling up in your office. From playroom storage bins to office storage cabinets, we’ve got the convenient storage solutions to help.

Children's Numbered Bookcase

15.  Children’s Numbered Bookcase
16.  DIY Organization Board
17.  DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer
18.  Framed Burlap Earring Organizer
19.  Personalized DIY Desk Accessories
20.  Unexpected DIY Bathroom Rack

Which room in your home needs the most organizing?


Recycled DIY Organization Ideas

What are the trickiest areas of your home when it comes to getting organized? Maybe it’s the jewelry and fashion accessories in your bedroom. Or perhaps it’s your desk and office area that is most in need of an efficiency makeover. If you’re here on FaveCrafts Blog, then we’re guessing that your craft room needs a little help too. No one wants to have to go on a scavenger hunt through their house every time they need to find something simple. A few simple projects to declutter and corral all those little bits and piece will show you how to organize and have your supplies in order in no time.

Recycled DIY Organization Ideas

We know that sometimes, knowing how to organize seems to be just too hard, too expensive, and too unattractive. We’re here with DIY organization ideas to show you it doesn’t have to be!

Homework Caddy

Image courtesy of Aunt Peaches

There are lots of ways to get your kitchen, office, bedroom, craft room, or any other part of your home organized quickly and easily. We’ve rounded up 14 of these clever DIY organization ideas below and we just know you’re going to love how simple they are. Best of all, these DIY organization crafts are positively adorable too!

Recycled Can Organizer

Image courtesy of HP

Recycled Screwdriver Coat Rack

Image courtesy of Homemade Modern

  1. DIY Recharging Station from A Little Craft in Your Day
  2. Handy Cardboard Carton Desk Caddy from Aunt Peaches
  3. Chalkboard Coat Hanger from FaveCrafts
  4. Recycled Can Pen and Marker Organizer from HP Create
  5. DIY Magazine Holder from A Little Craft in Your Day
  6. 15 Minute Recycled Desk Organizer from FaveCrafts
  7. Stylish Recycled Organizer from A Little Craft in Your Day
  8. Wine Cork Jewelry Holder from FaveCrafts
  9. Recycled Screwdriver Coat Rack from Homemade Modern
  10. Rustic Recycled Tin Can Organizer from Homeroad
  11. Lovely Mod Podge Tray from FaveCrafts
  12. Easy Hardware Organization from Chez Larsson
  13. DIY Frame Earring Holder from Morning Creativity
  14. Easy Peasy Scarf Organization Holder from From the Desk

See? There are lots of great ideas for getting your house into tip-top organized shape using inexpensive recycled materials. Next time you’re about to toss out those cardboard tubes, empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cartons, boxes, or other potentially useful things, have a look at them with an eye to tidying up and having a home for each and every item.

Which part of your home is most in need of organization? Share your clutter hot spots in the comments below!




7 Clever Storage & Organization Ideas

We can never get enough of DIY storage ideas and these are the latest projects that our storage woes need! Good organization ideas can be hard to come by. They’re often expensive or they really don’t solve your problem. However, when you make your own storage projects, then you’re able to not only save money, but also customize a project to fit your specific needs. You’ll never believe how fun and creative these DIY organization ideas can be, so read on to discover your next craft project!

 7 Clever Storage & Organization Ideas

We like recycled projects, but a DIY storage project like this Adorable Recycled Skirt Pouch is simply too much! You can make this project with a skirt you no long wear or with a thrifted skirt that doesn’t fit, but has a beautiful pattern. We’re smitten with this organization idea. Plus, this DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer looks like it was bought from a store. No one will believe that you made such a rustic and chic storage solution yourself!

Desk organization is all the rage – but what about super affordable desk organization? This Recycled Milk Carton Stationary Organizer will keep all your stationary supplies organized and neat while on a budget too! Recycled materials take on a new life in this craft and you can make this Decoupage Storage Bin for additional storage requirements as well. These DIY storage solution ideas are perfect for crafters looking to use up stashed crafting supplies and to organize a craft room. You can also use these projects as inspiration for other projects if you have other rooms in need of some DIY organization. Once you start organizing, you won’t be able to stop!

7 Clever Storage & Organization Ideas


1.) Adorable Recycled Skirt Pouch

Adorable Recycled Skirt Pouch

2.) Felt Organizers Set

Felt Organizers Set

3.) Bedside Hanging Storage Pockets

Bedside Hanging Storage Pockets

4.) DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer

DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer

5.) Recycled Milk Carton Stationery Organizer

Recycled Milk Carton Stationery Organizer

6.). Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Magnetic Makeup Organizer

7.) Decoupage Storage Bin

Decoupage Storage Bin


What room in your house needs some DIY organization?




8 Craft Room Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

As a very creative person, I have trouble keeping my life organized. I tend to lose focus or bounce from one project to the next and what’s left? A giant mess of scraps and half done projects. Story of my life. However, I’m hoping to change my ways slowly but surely by learning how to organize crafts effectively so that I can actually get things done. Half done projects drive me crazy and so does disorganization. I just need to sit down and spend time organizing everything once and for all.

I browsed around for the best organization tips out there and found so many great ideas! Organizing crafts doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. In fact, organizing a craft room can be crafty in and of itself. Music to my ears! Put those creative and crafty minds to work my friends, we’ve got some organizing to do!

Save your money for buying new craft supplies and use what you have around the house to create the best craft room ever. If you’re look for craft room ideas on a budget, you’re in luck. Seriously, don’t spend a lot of money on your craft room! Plan out what you want to do and figure out the cheapest way to make it happen. You’ll be much happier in the end.

Now, depending on your craft room situation, you may need to start with some small projects and work your way up to larger organization projects. No matter where you’re at, a craft room makeover is in your future and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One step at a time and you’ll have the best DIY craft storage you could ever dream of. These craft room ideas are about to blow your mind.

1. Start with some basic drawers that could use a little face-lift and follow this clever tutorial.

Storage Drawers Makeover Easy Craft Project

Storage Drawers Makeover Easy Craft Project via FaveCrafts

2. I don’t know about you, but I have a giant messy bag of ribbon and this DIY storage is the solution to my ribbon woes.

Ribbon Basket Storage - DIY

Ribbon Basket Storage – DIY from Minimoz


3. Using yarn to hold your yarn – it’s the craftiest storage solution we can think of!

Mega Bulky Crochet Storage Baskets

Mega Bulky Crochet Storage Baskets via AllFreeCrochet


4. Your initial + a little wood + a little creativity – this amazing thread holder!

Thread Rack Art

Thread Rack Art from Melly Sews


5. You won’t believe how easy this craft table is to make! When I saw this I immediately said “OMG I need to make this!”

DIY Craft Desk from Mommy Mentionables


6. We craft with mason jars all the time – why not use them to keep your crafting supplies organized? Our love for the mason jar is very strong these days.


Craft Room in a Jar via FaveCrafts


7. Ready for that big jump into total craft room organization? This pegboard tutorial will do the trick.


Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial from HoneyBearLane


8. For another small project, organize your baker’s twine with this free tutorial – and these frames are available at Michael’s super cheap! You can even paint them or stain them to match your craft room’s style.

How to Organize Your Baker's Twine

How to Organize Your Baker’s Twine via


Love these craft room ideas? We’ve got more where those came from!

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Cut Clutter: 13 Simple Storage Solutions

 There’s never a bad time to get organized. Some people make it a priority after the holidays (we’ve all had the organization new year’s resolution at some point), but we don’t like you should wait that long. The kids are heading back to school and the temperatures are starting to drop, so no is the time to hit the reset button on your organization situation. Before you jump in the car and head to your favorite big box store for generic bins and boxes, check out these projects and get inspired to create your own cool storage supplies.

I started thinking about this topic because I recently moved. As I began to unpack, I realized that if I didn’t have some method of organization, I would probably never see a couple of my belongings ever again. Now I don’t look at organization as a burden – it’s a necessity. When you change your view on the topic and make it fun, the creative possibilities really open up. You can use a variety of supplies for the storage and organization crafts in this list. Whether you want to dip into the recycle bin or go crazy with paint, you’ll end up with an amazing organizer – promise!

Discover just how easy it is to craft your own storage supplies and live a clutter-free life. Once you organize your space, your day-to-day existence will feel a little less chaotic. These are big claims but we aim to deliver! Learn how to make your own bins, boxes and bags with these delightful craft tutorials – you won’t be disappointed!


Our Favorite Creative Storage Solutions

Tie Dyed Storage Baskets

Mini Drawer Storage System

Geisha Decoupage Box

Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage

Bed Pocketsgreat for a dorm room!

Perfect Storage Shelf

Bird’s Nest Photo Box

 Initials Storage Bin

Decoupage Storage Bin

Ribbon Organizer

Crochet Stash Baskets

Pringles Can Storage Container

Yarn Storage Box


BONUS! Check out these  5 Craft Room Storage Tips You Can Use and get inspired to create your own craft space. You don’t need a huge home or a giant warehouse, either. Discover how to transform even the tighten space into a craft sanctuary. In this collection, you’ll find DIY ideas, genius tips and so much more!




How do you stay organized?



12 Organizational Ideas

Get organized with these awesome organizational crafts!  Great for getting your work and personal life in order, these projects could really be used in the kitchen, in the office, in the bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room and so much more.  Best of all, many of these organizational ideas are also super thrifty…so you can work through your craft stash and get organized all at the same time!

Keep little things on your desk organized with this Star Origami Organizer.  This cute origami paper craft is a great way to store paper clips, thumb tacks, rubber bands, clips, and more.  You could also use it to store little craft supplies or smaller hair accessories.

Teens and adults alike will love this adorable Jean-ious Pocket Organizer.  Great for keeping your essentials organized, this wall hanging or locker organizer is made with denim pockets, so it’s great for storing everything from little notes to pens and other supplies.  And if you love that organizer, you’re sure to love this awesome collection of 27 Craft Organizers.



12 Organizational Ideas for You!

 Which organizational idea do you want to try?

17 Crafty Storage Solutions You Have to See to Believe

Craft-Storage-SolutionsI LOVE craft supplies.  I may go so far as to say I’m a bit of  a hoarder when it comes to embellishments, stickers, stamps, paper, yarn, and beads.  Since I currently reside in a tiny apartment with barely enough room for my clothes, finding convenient ways to store my craft supplies can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.  While I love big boxes and totes to help me keep track of all my must-have essentials, I just can’t pass up a project that A) helps me stay organized and B) helps me use up some of the supplies in my craft stash!

If you’ve been searching for some clever storage solutions that will keep your stash under control AND even help you work through some of your fabric and paper scraps, then you’re going to love this collection of 17 Crafty Storage Solutions You Have to See to Believe.  Not only are these genius ideas for storing everything from yarn to colored pencils, but many of these projects can be made with materials you have at home already!


17 Craft Storage Solutions You Have to See to Believe

Check out all these clever and creative ways to keep your crafting supplies, jewelry, and other small nick knacks under control!

Decorative Storage

Recycled Storage Projects

Yarn and Thread Storage

Bead and Jewelry Storage

Other Clever Storage Solutions

How do you organize your craft supplies?

Design Your Own Craft Room – It’s Easier Than You Think


This post is brought to you by Aimee Claire.

Scrapbooking and paper crafting require a crafting environment that combines organization and plenty of workspace.  The amount and variety of materials and supplies needed for scrapbooking can quickly become overwhelming if the work environment is not taken in hand right from the beginning.  The best way to do this is to have a dedicated paper craft room, complete with comfortable and functional furniture, a spacious work area, good quality lighting and plenty of shelving and storage for all those valuable supplies and equipment.

If you’re not sure where to start or need a little inspiration from  top craft bloggers, check out our eBook, How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers. Download your copy today – it’s free!




Decorating and Furnishing Your Paper Craft Room

When decorating a paper craft room, creating the maximum inspiration potential is the key.  Employ calmer, more neutral background colors for the walls and floor, and tap into brighter, bolder colors for the accents.  Hang inspirational pictures and clippings on the walls. You can create your own wall hangings and save money on home decor – simply use materials you have to create projects like Garden Inspired Wall Art.

Furnishing a paper craft room means choosing functional pieces with an eye towards design and comfort.  Shelving is, of course, a necessity, whether that shelving is open, hidden behind cabinet doors, or a combination of open and closed space.  Open shelving is especially accessible and attractive, particularly when bins and baskets are used for supply storage.  Closed storage units are a good choice for paper craft rooms that pull double duty as guest rooms or if the crafting area is in a community room, such as a dining room. A Floral Mosaic Shelf is a pretty and practical option you can work on at home.

Another furniture piece that is a necessity for a paper craft room is a sturdy and spacious work surface.  Whether that surface is an installed counter or some extended dining tables positioned at a 90-degree angle, the goal is to have plenty of workspace.

Lighting is also very important.  A variety of lighting sources should be used, including overhead lighting, targeted lighting aimed at the work space, and work lamps that may be positioned and used as needed, then put away.


Tips for Organizing Your Craft Room

After designing the perfect paper craft room, keeping supplies and tools organized and easy to find becomes the new goal.  Storage options may seem as if they would be limited, but actually there is a lot of room for individuality when choosing shelving and other storage pieces.

Open shelving with colorful fabric bins as the main storage system is one option.  Various sizes and styles of baskets may also be used to hold supplies.  Plastic storage units with multiple drawers are good for storing bits and pieces used when scrapbooking, as well as paper punches, scissors and other tools. Make storage and organization more fun by crafting your own boxes and jars. Fancy and Fabulous Storage Containers don’t take long to make but can add so much to a drab space.

Small pieces of paper, tiny buttons and other accouterments may be perfectly stored in the tiny jars and drawers of an old spice cabinet.

Modular storage systems, which feature drawers, shelves and bins in combination, are good flexible choices for scrapbooking rooms where the storage needs of the crafter constantly change.  Modular units offer the option of altering the formation of storage options, as well as adding on to the unit to expand storage as needed.  Other storage suggestions include: using vertical magazine boxes for storing papers; using canning or jelly jars to store ribbons and buttons, adding a decorative touch to the room as they hold important supplies; and using a pegboard for storage and display purposes.

Need a little help in the organization department? Check out our 5 Craft Room Storage Tips You Can Use – each idea is more practical than the next.

It’s Never Too Late to Organize Your Craft Room

We’re about six weeks into the new year and many of us have abandoned our New Year’s resolutions. It’s okay – we’re all friends here! If one of your resolutions was/is to get organized, we’re here to help (whether it’s the beginning of the year or not). It’s easy to get overwhelmed when facing a mess of paper, fabric, scissors, glue and other supplies. We’ve all been there! But the sooner you attack the mess, the sooner you’ll find inspiration for new projects. Plus, you might discover some craft materials that you didn’t even know you had!

How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Our Favorite Bloggers, is filled with creative inspiration to help you makeover your space. You’ll find that not all of these crafters have ample space for their projects. Whether it’s a basement or a closet, featured designers like Latrice Murphy and Pat Sloan use the space they have to find inspiration for their DIY projects. They also take advantage of clear bins, bookshelves, plastic bags and so much more to store their materials and keep clutter at bay.

Inside the eBook, you’ll find color photos of all the craft rooms as well as information about the space from the bloggers themselves. Many designers offer tips for storage and organization as well as inspiration for the decor and aesthetic.


tina1  michael-sellick

Tina Johnson (left) and Michael Sellick show that yarn storage doesn’t have to start and end with plastic bins. In fact, they store their yarn vertically on repurposed bookshelves!



Alyice Edrich created her own craft tool caddy out of recycled aluminum cans. Not only did she say money on supplies for organization, but she also crafted with recycled materials!


You might be feeling a slight case of craft room envy at the sight of Mark Montano‘s very own craft cottage. Yes, you read right – he has a circus-themed crafty hideout where he creates the projects found in his books like the Big Ass Book of Bling. Though he describes himself as a “hoarder,” Mark’s creative space is a bastion of creativity and fun. Take a look inside this eBook and see for yourself!


For more storage and organization ideas plus 15 exclusive craft room tours, download a copy of our latest eBook How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers.
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