Get Cozy with This Free Knitted Shawl Pattern

We had our first snow this past week. Our cool fall weather dipped below freezing, and we were hit with 6.4″ of heaping snow in one afternoon. With the temperature staying close to the freezing point each day since, that snow is here to stay. Now that winter has finally arrived, it’s time to bust out our favorite seasonal items. We’ll get that fireplace crackling and that hot cocoa made. We’ll bake some delicious cookies and rest on the couch while our favorite winter movies play. For the next few months, we’ll be hibernating indoors, which gives us plenty of time to whip up this fantastic free knitted shawl pattern.

This free knitted shawl pattern is a great project for keeping warm this winter. The yarn is so irresistibly soft and comfortable that you’ll want to drape it around you whenever you can. It’s perfect for reading, watching movies, or curling up with a mug of cocoa on the couch. Even better, this free knitted shawl pattern is easy to make, so you’ll have your new favorite winter craft done up in no time!

Get Cozy with This Free Knitted Shawl Pattern

You’ll Love This Free Knitted Shawl Pattern

By Christine Chen for



  • RED HEART® Strata™: 7 balls 2405 grey bulky yarn
  • Susan Bates® Knitting Needles: 8mm [US 11]
  • Yarn needle


GAUGE: 13 sts = 4″ [10 cm]; 16 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in Stockinette stitch.

Finished Size: Shawl measures 17″ [43 cm] wide x 72″ [183 cm] long.



Note: Slip first st purlwise and knit last st through back loop of every row for a more finished looking edge.

Cast on 58 sts. Knit 5 rows.

Row 1 (Right Side): Knit.

Row 2: Purl.

Rows 3-12: Repeat rows 1-2.

Row 13: Knit.

Row 14: [K1, slip 1 purlwise with yarn in back] to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 15: Knit.

Row 16: K2, [slip 1 purlwise with yarn in back, k1] to end of row.

Rows 17-40: Repeat rows 13-16. Repeat rows 1-40 for nine more times, then rows 1-12 once. Knit 6 rows. Bind off.



Weave in ends.



cm = centimeters; k = knit; mm = millimeters; st(s) = stitch(es); [ ] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified.

Looking for more amazing knitting patterns that will keep you cozy this winter? Check out this Extra Chunky Gratitude Blanket.

What are some of your favorite knitting patterns for winter?

14 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns That Will Steal Your Heart

When the winter winds become so bitterly cold that you can’t bear to be outside, what do you do? Hiding under the blankets and staying in your bed until spring is certainly an appealing option, but not a very realistic one.

Here at FaveCrafts, we say fight the cold with needles! Knitting needles, that is. There’s nothing better to protect yourself from the cold than a lovely, warm, knitted accessory. This week, we’re really excited about all the warm and adorable free scarf knitting patterns that we’ve found. Who can say no to such cute and comfy pieces?

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns That Will Steal Your Heart

This collection of free scarf knitting patterns has every type of scarf under the sun. From cable knits and cowls to openweave scarves and winter sets, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even gone so far as to find the right scarves for everyone in your life. Whether you’re knitting for yourself, for your husband, or for the kids, we’ve got just the pattern for you. So pick up those needles and get to work!


Knit Scarf Patterns for Women
Knit 2 Hours or Less Scarf

Stay warm and stylish with these free scarf knitting patterns!

Knit Two Hours or Less Scarf (shown)

Vanilla Meringue Cowl

Glitter Openweave Scarf

Sunset Scarf Knitting Pattern

Mountain Mist Scarf


Find more knit scarf patterns for women here!


Knit Scarf Patterns for Men Men's Winter Scarf and Hat

Keep the men in your life all warm and cozy with these free scarf knitting patterns!

Men’s Winter Scarf and Hat (shown)

Luxurious Alpaca Scarf

Chevron Scarf

Gray Knit Scarf Set


Find more knit scarf patterns for men here!



Knit Scarf Patterns for Kids Diagonal Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern

Keep your kiddies all bundled up with these cute free scarf knitting patterns!

Diagonal Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern (shown)

Ribbed Hat and Scarf

Colorful Winter Set

Bobble Scarf and Hat

30 Minute Arm Knitted Scarf


Find more knit scarf patterns for kids here!


Comment below and let us know, what type of scarf will you be knitting?

22 Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Learning to knit can be tough, so it’s best to start out with some easy knitting projects. All the better if those easy projects work up super quickly so that you don’t get bored or frustrated with your current project and stop knitting altogether! These free knitting patterns are some of our quickest and easiest knitting patterns, so they’re ideal for anyone who is just learning to knit or anyone who is a more advanced knitter but wants a quick, mindless pattern.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns

Cozy Ribbed CowlScarf knitting patterns are a great place to start if you are new to knitting because they work up relatively quickly and are simple to make. These scarf, cowl, and infinity scarf patterns are all perfect for beginners, casual knitters, or anyone who is just looking for a quick knit.

  1. Cozy Ribbed Cowl
  2. A Green Lace Scarf
  3. Cozy Weekend Infinity Knit Scarf Pattern
  4. Chain Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern
  5. Beginner Montgomery Scarf
  6. Easy Cozy Cowl
  7. Garter Scrap Cowl
  8. The Altimeter Red Knit Scarf
  9. Lightning Fast Mistake Rib Scarf
  10. Eiffel Beginner Knit Cowl Pattern
  11. Two Hours or Less Scarf

Easy Hat Knitting Patterns

Pink Quick-Knit BeanieAny beginning knitter needs a quick and easy hat knitting pattern in their arsenal. These hats are all super simple to make and won’t eat up a lot of your time, so you can be wearing a super stylish hat in no time!

  1. Pink Quick-Knit Beanie
  2. Basic Blue Striped Beanie
  3. Basic Adults Knitted Beanie
  4. Everyday Knit Hat Pattern
  5. Lime Slouchy Hat Pattern
  6. Sunset Beanie
  7. Fairy Lights Hat

Miscellaneous Free Knitting Patterns

Easiest Baby Booties PatternAlthough scarves and hats can be lots of fun to make, every knitter knows that there’s only so many scarves and hats one can have in their wardrobe. Once you’ve got a ridiculous amount of scarves and hats, to the point where you could never even possibly wear them all in a winter, you know it’s time to venture into other arenas of knitting. Here are some of our favorite easy knitting patterns that cover everything from baby booties to washcloths. These patterns are all still super easy and lightning fast.

  1. Easiest Baby Booties Pattern
  2. One-Hour Arm Knit Blanket
  3. Daisy Stitch Washcloth Knitting Pattern
  4. Two-Hour Fingerless Gloves

What’s your favorite type of project to knit?

Free Knitting Patterns for Fall

Okay, so it’s a little difficult to imagine wearing, let alone knitting, a sweater, scarf, shawl, or gloves. Especially when it is nearly July and the temperatures are soaring quickly into the 90’s. But all those things take time to make people! Before you know it, school is going to be starting and the leaves will be turning colors, and then panic mode will set in because you didn’t get a head start. Never fear, though, I compiled the biggest list of free knitting patterns for fall. You’re going to feel so cozy in these knit sweaters, homemade knit scarves, and fuzzy mittens.

Warm, homemade sweaters are going to be your favorite thing to make this summer because by the time you get done with all these easy sweater patterns, it will be time to wear them! All of your friends and family will be begging you to make them one of the fun and stylish knits for the fall instead of spending money at the store. You can get unique colors and patterns that match your personality and all of your winter wear. I don’t know about you, but I hate mismatched coats and accessories. I think the worst that has ever happened is a purple jacket with a red and black scarf, and green gloves. Yeah. Nothing matched. I really wish I had this awesome list of fall and winter knitting patterns, so I could have been strutting around with some stylish warmth.

So don’t make the same mistake as me. You have plenty of time before the season starts to change, but there are so many options that you won’t know where to begin. Let me help you. I would start with simple scarf patterns. In my mind, they are the fastest to get done. So if you’re knitting for more than just yourself, then these are the first and easiest thing to get done. Next, I would knit an easy hat for winter. That way, you get use out of it for both seasons, and they will look so cute with everything you wear!

So get your needles ready for this fall knitting spree because you’re going to need to start early for all these free knitting patterns!

Free Knitting Patterns for Fall

Free Knitting Patterns


25 Free Knit Scarf Patterns for Fall

These super easy knit scarves are a great way to start your fall knitting early because everyone is going to want one of these fancy scarves this season!

Comfy and Cozy Knitted Sweater Patterns

These sweater patterns have options for both men and women.

How Knit Sweater Top Any Season

In case you’re wanting some beginner sweater patterns.

Knit Mittens

Because mittens. Mittens are cute for adults too.

Prayer Shawl Patterns for Knitting

Cuddle with these warm shawls without being swamped in a giant throw blanket. Drape these over your shoulders and relax in the autumn evening.

48 Knit Hat Patterns for Winter

There are so many different styles and shapes of hats that you will have to try them all.


What is your favorite fall accessory?

The Knit Dishcloth Pattern Collection Every Knitter Needs

knit-dishcoloth-pattern-collectionHave you ever knit a dishcloth? They are one of the quickest and easiest things to knit and they make perfect gifts. Today I bring to you not one, not two, but nine knit dishcloth patterns all in different stitches! Learn how to knit a dishcloth in nine different stitches and you’ll be able to see which stitch is your favorite. I personally love them all! It all depends on your skill level, but you can work through each dishcloth knitting pattern and decide for yourself. Like I said, these are quick knitting projects that are perfect for beginners!

Knit Garter Stitch Dishcloth

Some people say that this pattern is the only pattern they use for dishcloths! Garter Stitch knitting is easy and this pattern is perfect for those who want to learn how to knit the garter stitch.

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern via FaveCrafts

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern via FaveCrafts


Slip Stitch Knitting Pattern

This dishcloth is super fast and easy knitting pattern. The slip stitch is a neat way to create texture.


Super Simple Slip Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting


Stockinette Stitch Dishcloth

Stockinette stitch knitting is a neat and tidy stitch that will help you practice you knits and purls.

 Super Stockinette Dishcloth

Super Stockinette Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

This knit dishcloth pattern is a great way to step up your knitting skills.

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting


Knit Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Knit seed stitch is the best way to create the ultimate texture for a dishcloth. Great for scrubbing!

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern via AllFreeKnitting

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth

After you learn the how to seed stitch, double the fun with this knit dishcloth pattern.

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Basketweave Knit Dishcltoh

This knit technique lets you switch from knit to purl to create the basketweave effect.

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth via FaveCrafts

Moss Stitch Knit Dishcloth

The moss stitch is another wonderfully textured stitch.

Moss Stitch Dishcloth

Moss Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Waffle Stitch Knit Dishcloth

Create this fun texture with an easy-to-memorize pattern.

Nana's Favorite Dishcloth Pattern

Nana’s Favorite Dishcloth Pattern via AllFreeKnitting

Which knitted dishcloth pattern do you want to try?


These free dishcloth knitting patterns are varied and unique – you won’t find two patterns that look anywhere near the same. Dishcloths are a great option for beginning knitters or anyone who wants to make something in one night. Often, these projects only require one skein of yarn, so you can make a dishcloth anywhere.

Follow AllFreeKnitting’s board Knit Dishcloth Patterns on Pinterest.

Need a Knit Dishcloth Pattern? You’re In Luck

Now that I live on my own and have my very own kitchen, I know one thing for sure: everything costs money. When I was a kid, items would just magically appear, I would use them and that would be that. But now, I have so many responsibilities, including keeping my kitchen clean and stocked with necessary items. One thing I never thought about growing up was dishcloths. Now that I’m older, I know just how important it is to have a good sturdy dishcloth that you can reuse over and over again. After all, paper towels are costly and wasteful! Thankfully, FaveCrafts has a bunch of knit dishcloth pattern ideas that I can use whenever I want.

Instead of buying some boring old dishcloth, grab a pair of needles and work up a quick dishcloth that matches your decor. These are great projects to work on while you watch TV or sit in a waiting room. Best of all, dishcloths are perfect starter project for a beginner. Choose yarns that stand out and make a statement. Who knows – you may actually WANT to do the dishes from now on.


For Those Who Need A Knit Dish Towel Pattern ASAP

Pink Flamingo Dishcloth – How have I lived without this knitted dishcloth pattern?

Cotton Stripes Knit Dishcloth – Super simple but so adorable. I want one in every color.

Doily Style Dishcloth – Add a vintage flair to your kitchen – it’s so easy.

Ridged or Waffle Dishcloth – Waffles aren’t just meant for breakfast.

Mitered Knit Dishcloth – This is a new take on an old favorite knit dishcloth pattern.


But What If You Need A Basic Knit Dishcloth Pattern?

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – My new favorite free knitting pattern.

Simple Dishcloths – A quick project you can work on tonight.

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth – How great is this knit dishcloth pattern?

Easy Knit Dishcloth – I think I’ll make one of these for my mom.

Feathered Dishcloth – Girly, fun and too cute for words!

Tulip Dishcloth – Whether it’s spring or the dead of winter, you’ll appreciate this pattern.


Don’t stop with dishcloths! Make knit mug cozies, coasters and more with a little help from 12 Free Knitting Patterns for the Kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room of the house, so make sure it looks great and feels comfortable.  If you have a pair of needles and some yarn to spare, you can make these amazing projects.



What’s your favorite thing to knit?



12 Scarves You Need to Knit Right Now

There’s just something about a warm scarf on a cold day. Who doesn’t love the warm and cozy feeling you get when you sling one around your neck and head out the door? Scarves not only add warmth and weight, but they also add a touch of class and style to any wardrobe. The one problem is that when it comes to buying scarves, you can end up spending an arm and a leg. What’s a girl to do?

The latest free eBook, 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners solves this problem and makes life so much brighter. Browse our collection of the best free knitting patterns – each of which has a full materials list, step-by-step instructions and helpful hints. Whether you’re new to knitting or a true expert, this free eBook is sure to keep you busy (and happy) all season long. Best of all, these are so many fun kinds of scarves to make – you won’t get bored or run out of ideas. From cowls to light and lacy designs, this eBook has it all.


Download your free copy of 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners today!




Traditional Scarf Knitting Patterns

Just like snow and red noses, a long and chunky scarf is a staple of winter. They never go out of style or lose their luster, making them an essential for anyone’s winter wardrobe. You can make them in a variety of colors and (when possible) use a single skein of yarn. You can even add cool textures and embellishments to make the scarf stand out. The Coconut Milk Scarf is a reader favorite because it can be customized so easily. The loose stitches create wide holes, making it more breathable and less claustrophobic for the wearer. You use one color for the entire piece or add a second color on each end of the scarf. Another fun take on a traditional look is the Chain Stitch Scarf. This scarf is perfect for beginners because you only work up seven rows. This is a great way to practice your stitches and hone your knitting technique. This is a single color project, so you only need two balls of the same kind of yarn. It doesn’t get much better than that (especially if you don’t want to drop money on more yarn).


Unexpected Knit Scarf Pattern

What do bacon and potato chips have to do with scarves? A lot, actually! In 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners, you’ll find two potato chip scarf patterns and a Makin’ Bacon Scarf. Unfortunately, neither of these projects is scratch and sniff, though. While the Makin’ Bacon Scarf is meant to look like a strip of bacon, the Artsy Potato Chip Scarf and the Soft and Smoky Potato Chip Scarf actually have nothing to do with your favorite greasy snack. Both have wavy edges and tend to spiral when wrapped around one’s neck. The result is a pretty and dainty accessory that is sure to wow. Other cool and unexpected scarf knitting patterns in the free eBook include the Knit Scarflette and the Two Tone Cowl. If you want to stay warm and stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place. These patterns prove that knit scarf patterns can make a huge impression.



Download your free copy of 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners today!





Why do you love winter?



30+ Knit and Crochet Sock Patterns

Keep your toes nice and warm with these fun and cozy knit and crochet sock patterns.  With warm socks to cover the feet of everyone in your family, this collection is perfect if you’re looking for something fun to make this weekend.

Making your own socks is a fun way to use up extra yarn in your stash…and handmade socks make great gift ideas for everyone on your list.  From tiny baby feet to daddy’s feet, these knit and crocheted sock patterns will make it easy for you to make all kinds of meaningful gifts for family and friends.

Looking for even MORE awesome knit sock patterns?  Be sure to enter our giveaway!  We’re giving away a copy of Creative Effects in Sock Knitting to one lucky winner!  Scroll on down for all the info on how you can win!


30+ Knit and Crochet Sock Patterns


21 Knit Sock Patterns

12 Crochet Sock Patterns


BONUS!  We’re giving away a copy of Creative Effects in Sock Knitting: Op Art Socks.  Filled with amazing knit sock patterns, this book will give you tons of fun and colorful ways to keep your feet nice and warm!  You have until March 14th to win, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome book!  Visit the Creative Effects in Sock Knitting book giveaway page to enter to win today!


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14 Cozy and Comfy Knit Afghans

The cold winter weather is no match for these warm and cozy knit afghans!  From the light and lacy to the thick and chunky, these knit afghans are sure to add a warm touch both to your decor and your freezing little toes!

We’ve joined forces with our friends over at All Free Knitting to bring you 14 of the best knit afghans we could find.  Personally, I’m a big fan of this In a Pinch Afghan.  With a lovely pattern that literally looks “pinched”, this afghan is a great project to work on during those cold winter nights that have you trapped in the house.

This Rainbow Stashbuster Afghan is another beautiful knit afghan pattern that I would love to have on display in my living room!  With a wide variety of colors and patterns, this afghan could be made to compliment almost any decor, and will instantly add color and style to any room in your home.

BONUS!  We’re giving away a set of Tipping Points Knitting Needles!  With 3 interchangeable tips, these knitting needles are great for almost all your knitting needs.  Scroll on down for all the necessary info!

14 Cozy and Comfy Knit Afghans



Want to win these awesome Tipping Points Knitting Needles?  With 3 interchangeable tips, these knitting needles are great for almost all your knitting needs.  Head on over to the giveaway page and register to win today.  You have until February 4th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning!  Head on over to the giveaway page now!


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12 Knitting Patterns for City Girls

These aren’t your grandma’s patterns.  Made with colorful yarns and incorporating fun patterns and designs, these classic knits have been given a modern twist…making them perfect for the chic urban knitter.  From the classic cabled hat to the more modern arm warmers, these knitting patterns will have you ready for a cold winter in the city in no time!

Are you new to knitting?  Well then you’re going to love this Slouchy Cowl.  With a simple stitch repeated over and over, this cozy winter accessory is great for keeping you nice and warm as you walk to the train or the bus.  You can even make one in all your favorite colors so you always have a fun accessory to liven up your outfit.

More advanced knitters can try their hands at knitting up these Wicked Knit Mittens.  With a beautiful knitting pattern, these cozy mittens will be all the rage when you wear them out to do your holiday window shopping.

Find even more cozy knit patterns below!

BONUS!  We’re also giving away a book that city knitters are sure to love!  Scroll on down to find out more!


Fashionable Knit Scarves and Cowls

Knit Hats, Mittens, and Ear Warmers

13KN01Bonus!  We’re giving away a copy of Metropolitan Knits, a book that gives you chic designs for your urban lifestyle!  With 20 patterns to choose from, this book has fashionable and fun projects to help you update your winter wardrobe.  The giveaway ends October 25th, so head on over to the giveaway page today and register to win!

What knitting project are you working on right now?  Tell us about it in the comments below!