8 Adorable Rainbow Loom Animals Your Kids Will Adore

Rainbow Loom Elephant CharmRainbow Loom is such a great idea for kids who love to go outside the box with their crafting. It’s so crazy to even think how we are now able to create cute little Rainbow Loom animals out of something as simple as rubber bands, and oh boy is this craft idea addictive. I currently have several different Rainbow Loom animals decorating my keys and random places around my house. I love learning new patterns, especially when they’re as cute as the Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm. This Rainbow Loom pattern was even easier for me to conquer because there was an amazing video that took me step by step through the process.

The great thing about Rainbow Loom is that it can definitely keep kids entertained for hours. I mean it’s almost impossible to get bored over these neat design ideas. My little niece is actually the one who showed me how to make my first Rainbow Loom animal. We both decided that the Slithering Rainbow Loom Snakes pattern was the way to go because it’s a little easier on beginners. We had a lot of fun working on this little project together. So if you’re looking for some bonding time ideas with your kids, this activity is definitely a great idea. They will love being able to teach their parents what they learned how to do.

Fun Rainbow Loom Animal Patterns

Adorable Turtle Rainbow Loom CharmYou can never go wrong with adorable Rainbow Loom animals. These amazing tutorials are great for guiding your kids through the process slowly so they don’t get frustrated over this activity. Pretty soon your house will be filled with tons of these rubber band animals.

BONUS Rainbow Loom Videos

These Rainbow Loom videos just made creating cute little charms a lot easier! You’ll find that it’s hard to keep your kids from making tons of rubber band animals after they get a hold of these fun Rainbow Loom designs.

Rainbow Loom Jellyfish Charm

The great thing about this Rainbow Loom Jellyfish Charm is that it’s one of the easier animal charm patterns. So if you come across this post and your kids are just beginning to master the art of the Rainbow Loom, then this is one of the first animal charms that they should tackle.

Rainbow Loom 3D “Piggy Bank” Charm

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this Piggy Bank charm was the little pig from Toy Story. I love pigs, so of course when I saw it I was very excited to share the idea with my niece. Her Piggy Bank Charm count is at 5 and growing.

Rainbow Loom Polar Bear Cub Charm

Kids always love the baby animals, so they’ll definitely love the Rainbow Loom Polar Bear Cub Charm. Rainbow Loom animal charms can’t get much cuter than this!


Rainbow Loom

If your kids love Rainbow Loom, then they’ll love all of the rest of our patterns! We have tons of fun Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns that they’ll go crazy over.




Have your kids ever made Rainbow Loom animals?

10 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Kids

10 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for KidsWhen I was a kid, friendship bracelets were the “go-to” craft when you wanted to get even the littlest bit creative. My friends and I would get together to show each other the new ways we learned how to braid our bracelets. Of course, we didn’t know how to do the nifty friendship bracelet designs like the Trendy Simple Stick Bracelet or the Hand-Crocheted Knit Bracelet, but we perfected the art of crafting the Classic Friendship Bracelets and the Tightly Woven Friendship Bracelet. I taught my kids how to make the classic braided bracelet first, but then I found all of these cool new ways to make a bracelet! They absolutely loved these cool friendship bracelet design ideas that I found.

Your kids will have a blast with all of these new friendship bracelet patterns! They can get super creative by adding beads to “bling-up” the bracelet, or they can make their friendship bracelets out of felt. There are just so many new and fun ways that they can create bracelets for their friends to let them know that they’re thinking about them. The great thing about these bracelet design ideas is that they’re super easy! Most of them take no time at all, so your kids will have plenty of time to make a lot. They’ll also love being able to share the new ways they learned to make a friendship bracelet with their friends.


Classic Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Classic friendship bracelets are always super fun to make, and they’re a great way to start teaching your kids how to weave a simple friendship bracelet.

Tightly Woven Friendship BraceletTightly Woven Friendship Bracelet

Classic Friendship Bracelets

How to Make a Braid Round


Easy Bejeweled Bracelets

If you want to give your friend a little something extra on her bracelet, then put some bling on it! You can never go wrong with a little extra sparkle. There are so many fun ways that you can add something else to a friendship bracelet. Your kids will love being able to add colored beads or gems to their hand-woven creations. My little girl loves putting jewels on the bracelets that she makes.

Stretchy Jewelry GemsStretchy Jewelry Gems

Giant Jewel Bracelet

Easy Beaded Bracelet


Other Friendship Bracelet Designs

If you want to make your friendship bracelet design even more unique, then why not make it out of something other than just string? You can make it out of felt, or you can put your favorite buttons on it! There are just an endless amount of cute and fun ways to make your friendship bracelet a one-of-a-kind.

Hand-Crocheted Knit BraceletNo Sew Flower Power Bracelet

Trendy Simple Stick Bracelet

Whimsical Button Bracelet

Hand-Crocheted Knit Bracelet



What fun kinds of friendship bracelets do your kids know how to make?

Teacher’s Pet: 19 Incredibly Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Everyone has that one teacher that we’ll never forget, who inspired us in some way and helped us grow as a person. For me, that was my high school art teacher, who encouraged me to experiment with all kinds of art and to push my creative boundaries. I’ll admit, I am terrible at drawing and art in general, but her encouragement definitely inspired me to push myself creatively and for that, I thank her deeply. Being a teacher is certainly an under appreciated field, given how extremely important their jobs are, so as this school year ends, let your little ones show their teacher just how special they are with this collection of incredibly easy teacher appreciation gifts.

From classroom-inspired gifts to one-of-a-kind crafts that your kids can personalize, there’s a perfect gift for any and every teacher. I’ve made sure to include gifts in a jar and other budget-friendly crafts that go a long way, so that your kids can shower their teachers in awesome gifts without breaking the bank. Your kids will love showing their teacher they love them with this list of fantastic end of year ways to say thank you.

If you have any other great teacher appreciation ideas, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and be sure to celebrate your child’s teacher with these wonderful DIY teacher appreciation gifts!

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher’s Pet: 19 Incredibly Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

An Apple for the Teacher: Cute Apple Gifts

Tiny Apple Refrigerator Magnets

Fun Fact: Did you know the tradition of giving teachers apples started in Denmark?

Write to It: Pencil-Inspired Gifts

Crayon Vase Gift for Teachers

This DIY craft would look perfect on any teacher’s desk!

Gifts in a Jar and Other DIY Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Day Goodie Jar

A great gift idea with tons of wonderful surprises!

One-of-Kind Teacher Appreciation Gifts

School Rules Homemade Chalkboard

Your kids can show their teacher just how much they rule!

How will your kids’ show their teachers some appreciation this school year? Leave a comment below!

On the Road Again: 27 Easy Travel Activities and Crafts for Summer Vacation

Oh, summer road trips. Long hours spent on the road, fun trips to amusement parks and sightseeing stops, my sister and I fighting in the backseat…nothing says summer vacation more than a family road trip. If your family will be hitting the road this summer or even flying to an adventurous location, I’ve decided to create a list of awesome boredom busters to give your kids some entertainment during those endless hours in the backseat. So buckle up, because I guarantee this list of travel activities will keep your kids occupied during traffic jams or long lines at the airport.

This list of crazy amazing summer crafts for kids contains not only exciting travel games, but free printable activity sheets, easy art projects, and ways to keep your kids (and car) organized. Most importantly, I’ve included a list of relatively mess-free snacks that are travel-friendly, so that your kids won’t be asking you to stop at every McDonald’s you pass. This list of travel activities is literally everything you could ask for!

I’d love to hear how you keep your kids entertained during summer vacation below in the comments, whether you have DIY craft ideas, fun and easy snack recipes, or organization tips. Here’s wishing your family happy traveling!

On the Road Again - 27 Easy Travel Activities and Crafts for Summer Vacation

On the Road Again: 27 Easy Travel Activities and Crafts for Summer Vacation

Kid-Approved DIY Travel Games

Vintage Vacation Travel Games

Kids and parents will love this collection of vintage-inspired crafts!

Free Printable Activity Sheets

Mandala Free Coloring Pages

Be sure to check out all of these awesome free coloring pages!

Organization Ideas

Kid's Road Trip Activity Binders

Tons of great ideas for keeping your kids and your backseat organized!

Easy Art Projects for Kids

Airplane Doodle Books

The perfect way to keep kids entertained during long flights!

Yummy Mess-Free Snack Ideas

Yummy Ladybug Healthy Snack

A deliciously healthy alternative to junk food!

How do you keep your kids entertained during summer road trips? Leave a comment below!

12 Delightful Duct Tape Crafts

There are some items that are always bound to appear in your house, whether you remember purchasing them or not. Paperclips, notepads, candles, bobby pins, rubber bands…these items inevitably end up cluttering your junk drawers and overflowing into all areas of your house. For me, the biggest perpetrator is bobby pins. Those little metal clips end up in pockets, under couch cushions, and sometimes even in the washing machine!

But today, we’re here to talk about a household item that always seems to be missing from your junk drawer. That’s right, we’re talking about duct tape! Used by husbands and wives alike to hold together objects that are slowly breaking, or to package up the important gifts that you’re mailing to the relatives. Somehow, everyone seems to run out of duct tape. Which means you’re always running to the store to buy more. During your hunt for more duct tape, you might notice that nowadays, duct tape comes in all different colors and patterns. So maybe…it’s time to have some fun with your collection of duct tape 😉

Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tape crafts are all the rage right now! They are easy and run and so quick to create. Buy up a bunch of duct tape and craft with your friends and your next get together. Or, buy some duct tape for your kids and bond with them over this easy crafting endeavor. The possibilities are endless, and the end result of these duct tape crafts are not only adorable, they’re also durable!

We’ve gathered up some of our very favorite duct tape crafts just for you. So put your creative caps on and get crafting!


Delightful Duct Tape CraftsDuct Tape Crystal Bracelet

How to Make a Duct Tape Keychain

Duct Tape Minion Bag

DIY Luggage Tag for Kids

Duct Tape Plant Holder

The Easiest Duct Tape Flowers (shown above)

Unbelievably Cool Owl Tote

Duct Tape Bags

5 Minute Duct Tape iPhone Case

Duct Tape Crystal Bracelet (shown)

Funky DIY Dollhouse from Duct Tape

How to Make a Duct Tape Cuff Bracelet

How to Make Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings


Comment below and let us know, what do you like to create with duct tape?

The BEST Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Save those toilet paper rolls! You won’t want to toss them away and miss out on some awesome craft projects. Toilet paper roll crafts are great projects for kids for so many reasons. To start off, they’re cheap! These crafts with toilet paper rolls are the best way to use a common household item that everyone just throws away. Instead, put them to use as fun toilet paper roll crafts for kids. You won’t regret it. If their budget-friendly aspect doesn’t get to you, then the fact that they’re super easy might. They make great crafts for all ages.

The BEST Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Your kids will be mesmerized when they see what they can transform this common household item into with just a few easy steps. Considered to be “garbage”, toilet paper rolls make great crafts for any season. We’ve put together a list of fall and Thanksgiving crafts for kids, so your little ones can add their own special touch to your home’s decor. They’ll be so proud to show off their crafty creations.

What’s more, we’ve included fun Halloween crafts for kids and some Christmas craft ideas too! Your kids will be amazed at all the favorite seasonal characters they can create. They can create anything from scary, yet Goofy Gouls to Toilet Paper Roll Star Ornaments for decorating the tree. Encourage your kids to get creative by putting their own twist on these crafts. Let their imaginations run wild and they’ll be so excited for the holiday season.

The BEST Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids


Fall and Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Toilet Tube Hooty OwlsToilet Tube Turkeys

Toilet Tube Hooty Owls

Burlap Toilet Roll Turkey

DIY Paper Roll Pumpkins

Cardboard Tube Pilgrims and Indians

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Trick or Treat OwlHanging Toilet Paper Roll Bats

Goofy Toilet Roll Ghouls

Toilet Paper Roll Bat Buddies

Toilet Roll Pumpkins and Skulls

Trick or Treat Owl

Christmas Craft Ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer OrnamentsToilet Tube Christmas Wreath

Easy Toilet Tube Star Ornaments

Toilet Roll Snowman

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Ornaments

Precious Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Star Ornaments


If you like these toilet paper roll crafts, be sure to check out our collection of Brown Paper Bag Crafts! They’re great for crafting on a budget or creating an art curriculum for your classroom.

What’s your favorite toilet paper roll craft?

20 Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is such a fantastic time for crafting with kids because without homework, they have extra time to get outside to work on summer projects and try easy science experiments. Best of all, doing crafts with your kids is a great way to get the entire family together.

Not sure what to make? Craft ideas for kids are so much fun to search for. I know, because I took care of it for you! I found crafts using recycled items, I found crafts using paint, I even found easy crafts for kids that light up. Your summer is gonna rock!


Summer Crafts For Kids

1.A fun flower embellishment for your summer sandals from FaveCrafts
2.A pair of plain shoes freshened up with brightly colored tie dye from FaveCrafts
3.A simple dreamcatcher that will chase the bad dreams away from A Little Craft In Your Day
4.A plain t-shirt made colorful and cute with sponge painting from A Little Craft In Your Day
5.A pretty and handy sticky note memo holder from Creative Cyn Chronicity
6.Kids’ tasty lip gloss made with powdered drink mix from Adventures In All Things Food
7.An aquarium from of a mason jar from Hello Wonderful
8.A super fun bouncy ball that really does bounce from My Frugal Adventures
9. Adorable fireflies that really light up from Apartment Therapy
10. A recycled soda bottle mini garden pet from Beautiful Home and Garden
11. Homemade sidewalk chalk that you can then create more art with from Princess and Pinky Girl
12. A sea-faring whale made of egg cartons from I Heart Crafty Things
13. A plastic bag and a plastic bottle transformed into a jellyfish in a bottle from Bhoom Play
14. Paper tube confetti launchers from Piikea Street
15.A colorful and trendy metal washer pendant from Small For Big from Small For Big
16. A glass gem sun catcher craft from Kids Activity Blog
17. Tin can wind chimes from A Girl and a Glue Gun
18. Squirt gun painting from Fire Flies and Mud Pies
19. Buggles in a tin travel toy from Pebbles and Piggy Tails
20. Sand casting at the beach from Artful Parent


Are there any other easy crafts for kids you’d like to share! Write about them in the comment box below!


10 Ways to Make Homemade Playdough and Homemade Slime

10 Ways to Make Homemade Playdough and Homemade SlimePlaydough and slime are making a come-back! When I was younger, playdough and slime was all the rage among my friends, especially the little playdough kits that you could use to make your little plastic people grow crazy hair. The slime was equally as fun because of the ooey-gooey feeling between your fingers. We always used to pretend that they were little aliens.

Now, I can only imagine how much better playing with playdough and slime would have been if I had learned how to make homemade playdough and homemade slime. When I saw the Giant Bubble Slime Recipe, I literally did a double-take. Now you can blow bubbles with your slime? I thought to myself that this slime recipe would be a huge hit for my niece. She loves bubbles and slime, so putting those two together would have her overjoyed.

These days there are just so many awesome ways that playdough and slime can be made! All of these recipes will definitely have your little ones super excited about being able to be a little inventive with their toys. I have officially become the “favorite” aunt because of these fun recipes that I gave my little niece. Every time I go to visit her, she asks if I have a new recipe for her.

Incredibly Easy Homemade Playdough

Galaxy GooHomemade playdough is definitely the star of the kids’ craft world. Your little ones can take regular playdough and put a fun new twist on it! They can make Galaxy Goo that looks exactly like the night sky, or they can make the Edible Oatmeal Playdough Recipe. When you tell them that they can now eat their homemade playdough, they won’t believe their little ears! Now they can make their wonderful creations and eat them, which is most kids’ dream when it comes to playing with playdough.

Slippery Slime Recipes

Sparkly Ocean Slime RecipeKids love the gooey feeling of homemade slime because they’re very interested in different textures. They love to hold things with their little hands, and they love to make things with their hands even more. These recipes are so simple that they could probably learn how to make slime all by themselves. They will have a blast putting a fun summertime twist on their homemade slime with the Sparkly Ocean Slime Recipe. They’ll be captivated by how their ocean slime sparkles just like the ocean waters would in the sunlight. There are so many fun slime recipes for your kids to chose from that they won’t be able to decide which one to make first.



Golden Glitter Slime without Borax


How to Make Homemade Playdough: 22 Recipes for Homemade Playdough and Homemade Slime has a lot more fun homemade playdough and slime recipes that your little ones can try!



What types of homemade playdough and homemade slime have your little ones made?

16 Honestly Easy Kids’ Craft Ideas

16 Honestly Easy Kids' Craft IdeasThe big thing about finding crafts for your kids is worrying if they will be able to do them by themselves. Younger kids always like to show their independence by creating things on their own. We all hate to see when this happens, but this is a great way for them to gain their footing in the world. So why not encourage their new-found independence with some fun and easy crafts that will blow their minds? They can get as independent as they want to with these easy crafts.

There will not be a chance for them to sigh with boredom when they play with their Giant Bubble Slime Recipe or with their Fun Exploding Paint Bags. There are even fun edible crafts that will get them excited about cooking and turning their tasty treats into little works of art. Every kid loves eating sweet treats, so why not make it even more fun for your kids by letting them make their treats themselves?





Amazingly Fun and Easy Crafts

Neon Glowing Water BeadsAll of these fun and easy crafts will have your little ones super excited about craft time. They will love the Lots o Dots Tie Dye T-Shirt because what kid doesn’t like to design his or her own T-shirt? Tie dye is definitely all the rage for kids right now, so add something to your list of fun crafts for kids that they won’t be able to say no to. There are also tons of other crafts for your kids if they would rather do something else. They can do anything from making their own Galaxy Goo to Rockin’ Melted Crayon Art.

Super Easy Edible Crafts

Sweet as Nectar Butterfly PizzaOf course kids are always after the sweet and the sugary, so be the best parent on the planet and introduce them to these fun and easy edible crafts. They will go nuts over the Edible Puzzle because they finally get to play with their food before they eat it! This  concept will definitely catch them by surprise. Now, there are other yummy edible crafts that won’t get your little ones all sugared up and bouncing off of the walls. They can try their little artistic hands at the Sweet as Nectar Butterfly Pizza, and make their yummy butterfly treat as cute and colorful as they can.

Easy Crafts for Outdoor Fun

Easy Homemade Bubble SolutionKids hate being cooped up inside all day, especially when it’s bright and sunny outside. Now they can be even more excited about running outside and into the warm sunshine with their Easy Homemade Bubble Solution. Now they can blow tons of bubbles and run to pop them. These fun easy crafts are definitely what your kids will need to have the best time of their lives outside.


Eye-catching Marbled Fish ArtThe great thing about easy crafts is that your kids can make them all by themselves and then surprise you with what they created! 27 Easy Kids’ Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers has even more fun ideas that will have your kids super excited about craft time.







What kind of easy crafts do your little ones like to do?

How To Survive a Three-Day Weekend: 15 Kids Craft Ideas

Ah the joys of long weekends. Kids look forward to them almost as much as birthdays and Christmas morning and parents look forward them … being over. Of course, three-day weekends present the opportunity to spend time as a family, bond and make memories. However, these days can also be filled with the sounds of fight children and choruses of “I’m bored.” Don’t let this happen to you and your family!

This Labor Day weekend, keep the kids happy and busy with a few of these fun kids crafts. Whether your little one likes to get dirty or prefers to stay clean, there are plenty of ways to make it a memorable three-day weekend.

Kids love creating items that can be worn or displayed. After all, what’s the point of crafting if you can’t brag about the finished product after it’s completed? Stay inside or head out and enjoy the last few days of summer – the choice is yours! No matter where you end up, be sure to take in the moment and enjoy. By the time the next long weekend rolls around, the weather will be chillier, the days will be shorter and the pool will be frozen solid.


Fun Kids Crafts To Keep Them Busy

Tie dye crafts are perfect for summer and since this season is on its way out, there’s no better time to create colorful crafts. Create tie dye lunch bags, t-shirts and even a drawstring laundry bag – it’s so easy. Kids will love getting a little messy and leaving an indelible mark on their most-used items. Kids can also use yarn and eco-friendly projects to create unexpected projects. Fun kids crafts shouldn’t require the newest, hippest craft supply or a trip to the toy store. Instead, use supplies you have lying around or dig into your recycle bin and get inspired.

  1.  Tie Dye Lunch Bags
  2. Flower Tie Dye T-Shirt
  3. Eco-Friendly Plastic Cup Flowers
  4. School Spirit Scarf
  5. 5 Yarn Crafts for Kids to Make
  6. Girl Stuff Tie Dye Bag


Looking for Easy Kids Crafts?

Use this long weekend as an excuse to make memories. Get outside and challenge the kids to a round of Soup Can Bowling – just be sure to use your own decorate soup cans and homemade “bowling ball.” While you’re at it, make your own chore chart or plates – it’ll make everyday activities like taking out the trash and setting the table so much more fun. And who could forget about friendship bracelets? This classic kids craft never goes out of style.

  1. Soup Can Bowling
  2. Denim Shorts Chore Chart
  3. Glow in the Dark Name Bracelet
  4. Spirograph Coasters
  5. Initial Name Plate


Summer might be ending, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the best aspects of the season. Instead, hold on tight and squeeze every moment out of the dog days of summer. Your entire family will cherish the time spent together and appreciate the little moments spent creating these adorable craft projects.


What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?