Recycled Crafts: 26 Button Crafts to Use Up Your Stash

I don’t know about your craft cabinet, but it seems like I always have a random supply of never-ending buttons. Buttons from sewing, buttons that came with new clothes, random buttons that seem to have just appeared there over night…the list is literally endless. I have no clue where all of them came from but they definitely can clog up my sewing box pretty quickly. If you’re like me and need to do some serious spring craft cleaning, then you’re in luck. I’ve created a list of fantastic button crafts that is guaranteed to help clean out your craft space.

If you’re looking for some pretty DIY accessories for summer, I’ve got them. If you’re searching for crafts for a specific holiday, I’ve got them. If you’re just needing a new and exciting craft project, BOOM! I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. I have all of your button basics covered and then some, so set back, relax, and clean out that craft cabinet, because we’ve got some serious crafting to do.

Do you have any cool DIY button ideas of your own? Let me know below in the comments. Here’s wishing you happy crafting!

Recycled Crafts: 26 Button Crafts to Use Up Your Stash

Recycled Crafts: 26 Button Crafts to Use Up Your Stash

Fashion Forward DIY Button Accessories

Red, White, and Button Earrings

Show off your patriotic pride with these easy DIY earrings!

Add some serious style to your jewelry box this summer with these fun DIY accessories that are on trend with the latest designer fashion!

Button Crafts for Every Holiday

Easter Egg Button Art

A chic and colorful way to celebrate Easter!

These crafts aren’t just for summer! Create beautiful button art to celebrate each major holiday throughout the whole year!




Other Holiday Ideas

Amazing Button Crafts for Every Occasion

Adorable Owl DIY Wall Decor

This DIY decor is a definite reader favorite!

Whether you use them for cool DIY decor, fun recycled ideas, or crafts with kids, these button crafts are perfect for anyone and everyone!

How do you use your leftover buttons? Leave a comment below!

15 Creative Centerpieces

It may still be the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean that the dreary weather of the outdoors should affect the inside of your house. One surefire way to cure the winter blues is to make an effort to brighten up your home. You can do this with all sorts of home decor crafts and DIY projects. This week, our favorite way to spruce up your house is with these creative centerpieces!

A centerpiece is a very underrated and yet vital piece of home decor. With just one simple statement, the right centerpiece can pull the entire room together. A centerpiece placed on the dinner table can make a normal and rushed weeknight meal feel like an actual sit-down dinner. You’ll go from rushing through the meal to watch TV, to a family that takes the time to sit down and talk about your day at the table. And even if conversation doesn’t flow easily at first, at least the centerpiece can become a talking point!

Creative Centerpieces

Centerpieces are also a great accent to bring out around the holidays. A fun “lucky” centerpiece for St. Patrick’s Day, or a beautiful Easter centerpiece of flowers will help you to fully celebrate the holiday. If you’re hosting guests for any upcoming holidays, the right centerpiece can pull your whole room together and make your house look elegant and festive.

We’ve rounded up a collection of our favorite unique and creative centerpieces for you to explore. So get creative and brighten up your home this month!


Creative Centerpieces

Simple Easter DIY Centerpiece

Cute Spring Doily Table Runner

Hanging DIY Flower Chandelier

DIY Cement & Copper Candle Centerpiece

Tea Light DIY Centerpiece (shown)Tea Light DIY Centerpiece

Elegant and Easy Succulent Table Centerpieces

Paper Flower Centerpiece

Elegant White Rose Centerpiece

Let Them Eat Cake Centerpiece

Sentimental Glass Centerpiece

Flowered Flute Centerpiece

Daisy Duck Spring Centerpiece

Upcycled Light Bulb Centerpiece

Pallet Wood Box DIY Centerpiece

DIY Geometric Candle Holders


Comment below and let us know, on what occasions will you use your centerpieces?

DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

I am one of the lucky few who get to say that I have lived on campus, in a dorm room, with the same girl for all of college. Anyone will tell you not to live with your best friend starting out; I’m just lucky enough that my roommate turned into my best friend. Out of all the crazy stories these past three years, I never regretted a single thing. The only thing I wished could have happened was a decorated dorm room. I got the basics that every college kid needed, overstuffed the car, and went my merry way to school. None of it matched. Even now, as I start my last semester, I still have the same black-and-blue bedspread, gray sheets, and a desk organizer. Besides all the little office stuff, there are no decorations that I take with me. The main reason, I buy my own supplies for college, so I didn’t want to spend money on things I didn’t need when I could have been saving it for things I did need.

What I didn’t realize is that I could have utilized my sewing machine or crafted some incredible dorm room decor so that I didn’t feel like I was staying at a hotel for nine months at a time. You have to make your new dorm room a home, otherwise you will feel so out of place (take it from this wise old senior). But if you or your parents are trying not to break the bank, you need to try these super cute dorm room decorating ideas for girls. They are mostly sewing patterns, but you can get some inspiration for sprucing up your organizers and office space.

Dorm Room Ideas

You’ll appreciate having a comfortable room to come back to after a long day of classes (or a long night of socializing). It will make you a lot less homesick when you personalize your dorm room and have cute homemade pillows to cuddle up to. Homemade picture frames will hold your memories for a lifetime. These easy sewing patterns for bedspreads and ruffled pillows are going to become your favorite patterns to make and will decorate your home-room and your dorm-room with double sets of them. By making your dorm decor yourself, you’re going to love how your unique personality shine through and how much money you will be saving.


DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Handy Dandy Organizer

Antropologie Knock Off Comforter

Ruffly Pillow Cover

Gathered Throw Pillow

Big and Bright Flower Pillow

Rose Pillow

Elegant Swag (Trendy Curtains)

Personalized DIY Desk Accessories

Bedside Hanging Storage Pockets

Storage Drawers Makeover

Fancy Storage Containers

What is/was your theme or color scheme for your dorm room?

DIY Centerpiece Ideas for Spring That Will Brighten Your Home

Nothing says spring like fresh, vibrant decorations around the home. The ultimate spring centerpiece brings together the best and brightest elements of the season in a creative way and places itself proudly in the center of the home.

Whether you have time for complicated centerpiece creations or want a simple yet classic statement piece for dinner parties, brunches, and celebrations, there are plenty of ideas for unique pieces of seasonal crafty goodness.

Traditional Floral Centerpieces

At the top of most crafters’ lists for centerpieces is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Not just any old flowers will do for springtime, though. Make sure to source the freshest, best varieties for the season to create the most appropriate centerpiece with real wow factor. Which flowers are best for springtime, you ask? Here are a few firm favorites:


These practically scream springtime and look and smell fantastic. For an extra punch of color, throw in some other varietal narcissi in white and pale yellow.


Also indicative of spring, tulips can be dressed up or down to create whimsical or formal centerpieces. Mix colors together for an even brighter statement.


Also known as Grape Hyacinth, this sometimes overlooked flower is often planted with daffodils and tulips and packs a punch of purple.


This bright purple flower has a whimsical, almost animal-like face that wows in any bouquet.

When arranging your flowers, try to think outside the box for a better visual effect. Blunt cut bunches of tulips and tie with twine, or get creative with pots, Mason jars, milk jugs, planter boxes, and other unconventional vases. Want something even more eye catching? Add citrus fruit to a glass vase or bowl and arrange your flowers on top.

Non-traditional Floral (Living) Centerpieces

If you’re wanting something slightly less typical for your floral bouquet, don’t forget varieties such as pussy willows (a personal family favorite), poseys, sweet peas, or flowering lavender. Kick it up a notch by adding tall grass or wheat grass to a rectangular planter or terracotta pots and mixing and matching colors and textures of plants.


Craft Centerpieces

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers just won’t cut it when it comes to a stunning and creative centerpiece. If you’re looking to take the creative road less traveled and to make your own showstopper, try one of these innovative pieces.

Bird nest

A DIY bird nest (not a real bird nest, obviously) comes together with very little effort, using only twigs, a hot glue gun, and some bobby pins, according to Kate’s Creative Space.

Crepe paper flowers

If you want the floral look without worrying about watering and wilting, try making your own everlasting floral bouquet with a bunch of flowers like these from Oh My! Handmade:

Candle arrangements

Sure to light up your dinner parties in more ways than one, spring themed candle arrangements give a meal a soft, romantic feel. Who doesn’t love dining by candlelight? Use a giant statement three wick candle on a glass platter or wrap smaller votives with lavender.

Still looking for more inspiration for the perfect spring centerpiece? Head outside and let nature be your guide. Focus on colorful, fresh, and seasonal flowers and pair with quirky accessories, or take even more time to craft your own handmade piece and your guests will be sure to appreciate your creative flair.

Which centerpiece idea is your favorite?


By Kaitlin Krull. For more design ideas and inspiration, head to

DIY Wreath: How To Make a Weatherproof Fabric Wreath

fabric-wreathWould you believe I have never had a wreath on my door? Well I figured it was about time to have one, and the best part is that it is a weatherproof fabric wreath.

Using Powertex®, which is a fabric hardener, allows me to work with fabric, sculpt it however I like and then place it outside if I desire.


  • Fabric, cut into strips
  • Powertex® Fabric Hardener: red, yellow, green, blueish-grey, transparent
  • Powertex® Colortrix: red pearl, bronze gold, pearl
  • ZipDry™
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Raffia
  • Powertex® Easy Varnish
  • Embellishments
  • Wreath form and hanger 12″ diameter
  • Americana® brushes, trays for paint
  • Westcott Titanium scissors
  • Disposable gloves
  • Skewers

You are going to need at least 60strips of fabric for a 12″ diameter wreath. This is allowing for adding other objects to the circle. Different fabrics will absorb the Powertex differently, and therefore add interest to the project. I used 100% cotton t-shirt, cotton apron with lace, and a floral pillowcase.

Roberta Birnbaum Powertex Fabric Wreath for Spring

The t-shirt strips are 1 1/2 ” by 8″.
The other fabric strips are 1″ by 8″.

How to cut strips (the easy way)

Usually if you are cutting a t-shirt, you will only want to get a Men’s XL or bigger. (better value). Cut off the sleeves and all fabric above the armpits.
I am going to show you how to cut strips using a pillowcase because it is essentially the same thing.
  1. Cut off the hem around the top of the pillowcase.
  2. Fold in half lengthwise, but leave 1/4 inch exposed. (Figure 1)
  3. With your scissors, starting at the fold, cut across to the folded material and stop just before you reach the other fold. This ensures all the strips stay together. (Figure 2)
  4. Unfold strips to reveal the longer strips. (Figure 3)
  5. Cut off any seams or stitching. Then cut and separate your strips.


Plan out your wreath. Decide on the placement of your fabrics and colors. I actually attached all the fabric in a ‘dry run'(and then untied all of them). I don’t necessarily recommend you do that because it is time-consuming, but I found that it was very helpful to me. Drawing a sketch is also very helpful.

Roberta Birnbaum Powertex Fabric Wreath for Spring
  1. Put on your gloves. Paint base with a solid color. I used green and painted both the front and back. The ensures that my entire base is sealed and protected. Let it dry.
  2. Make sure you work on a non-stick surface. Powertex will not stick to craft mats, plastic, or aluminium.
  3. Fill separate shallow trays with red, yellow, and green.
  4. Dip your strips into the various colors and create different color combinations. I achieved the beautiful red/coral/pink hues by playing around with the red, yellow and transparent colors. Remove excess paint from each strip and then tie it onto the wreath.
  5. Using skewers you can manipulate the wet fabric into any shape.
    Roberta Birnbaum Powertex Fabric Wreath for Spring
  6. I grabbed a handful of the moss and dipped it into the yellow powertex and then stuck it to the wreath ( Powertex bonds).
  7. Add various embellishments. Attach raffia with the glue to the back of the wreath.
  8. Once the wreath is dry, dry brush with Colortrix and varnish. You can dip the end of your brush into the varnish and then dip it into the Colortrix, picking up the powder on your bristles. Blend on a plate and then brush. Let the wreath cure for at least 4 days before you put it outside.
Roberta Birnbaum Powertex Fabric Wreath for Spring
Roberta Birnbaum Powertex Fabric Wreath for Spring

 Have you ever made a wreath?

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18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days

When the weather is just barely above freezing, it’s hard to think about flowers. In fact, it’s during this time of year that  you begin to forget what warm weather feels like and pretty flowers look like. It’s easy to let the cold and dreary temperatures bring you down, but what you might not know is that there are so many crafty ways to channel spring no matter the time of year.

With a little fabric (this is a great way to use up scraps!), you can create posies to wear, display and show off.

18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days


How to Make Fabric Flowers

Scrap Fabric Rosette Barrette – If you want to add DIY fabric flowers to your look, create these homemade barrettes. This is a quick and easy project that’s perfect for beginners and young crafters.

Ribbon Flower Pins – Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and rock one of these delicious flower accessories.

Upcycled Vintage Fabric Flowers – When you have an old t-shirt on hand, there’s no need to invest in fabric. In fact, that’s all you need to get started on this pretty project.

Coffee Stained Roses – The next time you spill coffee on a white shirt, make one of these flowers. In just minutes, you can turn stained fabric into DIY fabric flowers.

Mitzi’s Fabric Flowers – Chose assorted fabric scraps to make your flowers really stand out. Find ow to make fabric flowers that work on their own or as part of a bouquet.

Strip Fabric Flower – In just eight simple steps, you can learn how to make a fabric flower that looks unlike anything else. All you need is muslin to get started on this project.

Charming Hair Flower – Little girls will love sporting this delightful flower in her hair. DIY fabric flowers are always in season, so have her wear one when the weather is freezing.

No Sew Fabric Flower Bouquet – No needle? No problem! Use hot glue to construct your own fabric flowers.

Fabric Flower Bouquet – When it comes to this bouquet, the more fabric scraps you have, the better! If you’re making fabric flowers, why stop with one?


Even More DIY Fabric Flowers

Dyed Ribbon Flower – Use white ribbon to design your own one-of-a-kind flower. While you’re at it, make a whole bouquet!

Ric Rac Rose Rings – A little bit of ric rac can make a huge difference with this innovative jewelry project.

Multiple Use Fabric Flowers – The name says it all – you can do so much with these DIY fabric flowers!

Outstanding Organza Flowers – If you have a needle and thread, you can create your own version of this elegant project. Learn how to make a fabric flower that’s both delicate and dainty.

Stamped Fabric Flower Garden – The button embellishment take these free DIY fabric flowers to a whole other level. Make a bunch and use them as a display on your table.

Quilt Scrap Flowers – Don’t throw out that old quilt! Instead, use the fabric to create personalized flowers.

Roses, Ribbon & Chain Bib Necklace – Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve – it’s all about flowers on your neck. Once you find out how to make fabric roses, you’ll never want the real thing again.

Burst of Color Fabric Flowers – No-sew fabric flowers are perfect for non-sewers. Pick colorful fabric so your posies stand out.

Radiant Ruffled Blossom Bouquet – Start with basic white cotton fabric and use dye to turn each flower into a unique piece of art.


What’s your favorite flower?



Between the Pages: 10 Book Crafts

betweenthepagesBooks can take us on magical journies through time and space…opening doors to new worlds, introducing us to new characters, and giving us new outlooks on life.  They hold some of our favorite stories and tales, and they give us the power to scour the deepest regions of our imaginations. 
While books are great for painting a visual world in our brains, they can also be used as physical decorations in our homes…with images and words literally popping out of the pages and adding color and style to our lives.   Whether you use the cover or the pages, books are fabulous tools for making unique and amazing projects.
As an avid book lover, I fell in love with these amazing book crafts and project ideas.  These projects are great for putting old books and thrift store books to use, and they’re a cheap and fun way to “smarten up” your decor.
If you love decorating and crafting with books, you’re sure to love this little list of 10 Brilliant Book Crafts.  From wreaths to wrapping, pumpkins to ornaments, this collection offers a unique way of looking at an old book.  To further your fun, be sure to check out our giveaway at the bottom of the post!  Lovers of 3D book art are sure to appreciate this one!


Between the Pages: 10 Book Crafts
  1. Children’s Book Paper Banner
  2. Book Page Halloween Wreath
  3. Wordy Bird Ornament
  4. Rolled Book Pages Wreath
  5. Book Page Wreath
  6. Pretty Dollar Store Pumpkins
  7. Bird and Text Collage Art
  8. Recycled Book Page Ornament
  9. Book Page Envelopes
  10. Tin Can Pencil Holder


BONUS!  We’re giving away an Artfolds book to 2 lucky winners!  These amazing books can be transformed into beautiful works of art by simply folding the pages.  Printed with a bar on each page to mark how the pages should be folded, these publications make it easy for anyone to create a lovely book sculpture.  You have until October 14th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway!  Head on over to the giveaway page now and register to win!  Good luck!

9 Easy Glass Etching Projects

glass-etchingDon’t let it intimidate you…glass etching is a fun and easy way to turn an old glass jar into something truly unique.  The fun design is made by using 2 main materials:  etching creme and a stencil.  Once you have your design ready to go, all you need to do is lay it down on your glass surface, cover it in etching creme and let the magic happen. 

I actually had the opportunity to play around with Etchall Etching Creme and I made this cute hummingbird coaster.  It was so beyond easy and I just love how it turned out!  You can create cute gifts and decorations like this by using etching creme and you’ll just love how easy and fun it is!

To help you learn more about glass etching and all the fun things you can do with this creme, we’ve gathered up 9 of our favorite glass etching tutorials.  From lovely fall and winter decor to projects you can make for a wedding favor or to give as a gift, this collection is perfect for anyone looking to get started in glass etching. 


  1. Falling Leaves Candle Jar
  2. Decorated Shot Glasses
  3. Elegant Leaf Plate
  4. Classic Christmas Hurricanes
  5. Initial Wine Glass
  6. Etched Coasters
  7. Tulip Centerpiece
  8. Etched Mirrors
  9. Etched Candle Display



BONUS!  We’re giving away a little Etchall Starter Kit, containing everything you need to create your very own etched glass art.  You have until October 7th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this fabulous kit.  Head on over to the giveaway page and enter to win today!

14 DIY Rug Ideas for Barefoot Living

“Take off your shoes and stay awhile.” That’s what my mom always say and it always guests into friends and family. Is there anything better than taking off your uncomfortable work boots or high heels and stepping onto something soft. With these tutorials, you can learn how to make a rug that will make your feet feel pampered and refreshed. Although it may not compare to the feeling of sand or cool water, soft rugs can provide instant comfort to hardwood or tile floors. These rugs are ideal for anywhere in the house that might need a little extra home décor.


Don’t overlook the floor when you’re busy making the house into a home. Your feet will certainly appreciate the variety of DIY rugs ideas that you can crochet, sew, and even paint. Use a DIY cheap rug to catch the drips from the kitchen sink. Enjoy the feel of a new DIY bath rug as you step out of the shower. Also, don’t forget to make a special rug meant for four legs with a special project for your pets.


DIY Rugs Ideas to Crochet

The most popular way to learn how to make a rug is by getting out your crochet hooks and stitching one together. With these tutorials, you can make rugs to fit any floor space you have. Learn how to make hexagonal rugs, oval rugs, or rectangle rugs. You can also create a rug to fit any color scheme you desire. Crocheting your own rug is much cheaper and easier than hunting for the perfect rug at the store.





Other Easy DIY Rugs

Of course, crocheting isn’t the only way to learn how to make a rug. Here are a few easy rugs that you can create using other crafting mediums. Get ready to stitch, paint, and knit your way to easy barefoot living with these fun tutorials.







What is your favorite DIY rug technique?



11 Ways to Use Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a must-have craft supply for all types of DIY crafters.  Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, Mod Podge can do everything from gluing down paper to adding a lovely finish to beads and jewelry.

If you love Mod Podge as much as I do, then you’re going to love this amazing collection of 11 Ways to Use Mod Podge.  With great suggestions on how to decoupage stools, tables, boxes, and jars, these projects will help teach you how to look at everything in your home in a new light.

Are you new to the art of Mod Podging?  Never fear!  We have a wonderful Mod Podge Basic Tutorial for you that wil give you the basics for working with Mod Podge.  This craft glue can help you do things you never thought were possible, and with a wide range of finishes to choose from, you’re bound to find a Mod Podge to suit your needs.

Once you’ve mastered our Mod Podge Basics Tutorial, check out the projects below for some great ideas on how you can use this glue.  The Upcycled End Table, for example, is a great project for beginners.  You can create a colorful table to match any decor scheme in your home and use up materials in your craft stash while you’re at it!

As an added bonus, we’re also giving you the opportunity to win a collection of Mod Podge supplies!  Scroll on down to the bottom of the post for more information on how you can win some Mod Podge of your own!


11 Ways to Use Mod Podge




BONUS!  We’re giving away a little collection of Mod Podge supplies!  This Mod Podge Podgeable Collection has everything you need to help you create wonderful decoupaged jewelry, artwork, and much more.  You have until July 22nd to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway!  Good luck!


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