14 DIY Recycled Crafts That Will Help The Earth

I just love it when I can take something from around my house that might normally end up in the trash and make it into something beautiful or useful.  It’s not only economical but it helps the environment too!  Earth Day is coming up but let’s find ways to take care of the earth every single day. Recycling items we would normally toss away or items we no longer have a use for (at least as they are now) is a great way to start.

DIY Recycled Crafts

Paper towel rolls, bottle caps, old magazines, cereal boxes, soda cans…the possibilities are endless. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying to look at the item differently. Instead of seeing it as trash, look at it as a chance to be creative and think outside the box. And if you’re stumped for ideas, don’t worry. I’ve gathered 14 of my favorite craft projects using recycled items together here for you.

There are some great crafts here for kids and teens like the tin can wind chimes, soda can tab belt, and the t-shirt shag rug. That sumo wrestler plastic bottle bowling set is adorable!  I just love the soda can camera and the honey bear vases myself. They are so unique and creative!  They would both make great accent pieces in any room.  But don’t think you can’t make crafty projects using recycled materials for adults too. Check out the coiled magazine bowl and DIY desk organizer for starters.

1.DIY smart phone charging station from A Little Craft in Your Day
2.Coiled magazine bowl from Creative Cynchronicity
3.Bottle Cap Collage from BluKat Kraft
4.No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag from Mommypotamus
5.Recycled Bottle Cap Frame from A Little Craft in Your Day
6.DIY Recycled Desk Organizer from Mod Podge Rocks
7.Gold Leaf Honey Bear Vase from A Beautiful Mess
8.Soda Can Tab Belt from Craft Bits
9.T-shirt Shag Rug from Molly Kay Stoltz
10.Sumo Wrestler Plastic Bottle Bowling from Hello Mess
11.Tin Can Wind Chimes from Design Dazzle
12.Egg Carton Lamp from AllYou
13.Paper Tube Japanese Flying Carp from Squirrelly Minds
14. Arizona Tea Soda Can Camera from Perfectly Unperfect Life

The options are limitless. You can use recycled materials to make jewelry and fashion, home décor pieces, items to help you get organized and even toys.

Which of these recycled material crafts is your favorite? Go raid your recycling bin and see what you can make!

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17 Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day is going to be here before we know it and I’m sure you’re wondering what you could do with the kids this year! Today I’m rounding up 18 of my favorite upcycled DIY kid crafts you can create with recycled items. You can turn a lot of items that normally gets tossed into some wonderful kid crafts. One of my favorite Earth Day kid craft project would have to be #10. You learn exactly how to take all your old shopping bags and turn them into a incredible Jelly Fish only using items you already have.


My favorite part of Earth Day is that it encourages everyone to find other uses for items. Why would you want to go buy construction paper for the kids to paint on when you could just use old newspaper that would not be used?

1.Super Simple T-Shirt Scarf from Favecrafts
2. Funky Paint Chip Garland from Favecrafts
3. Colorful Ladybugs Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Favecrafts
4. How to Stamp a Circle Shirt using Fabric Paint from A Little Craft In Your Day
5. Tissue Box Guitar from Octavia and Vicky
6. Simple DIY Seed Bombs from Favecrafts
7. Tissue Box Monster from A Little Craft In Your Day
8. Jackson Pollock’s Favorite Shirt from Favecrafts
9. Make a recycled herb garden with the kids from Small Fry
10. Jelly Fish created with recycled bags from Teach Me Mommy
11. Mini Tin Can Drums Earth Day Craft from Make and Takes
12. DIY Bird Feeder for the kids from HelloBee
13. Paper Roll Bracelets Craft from Learn Create Love
14. We’ve got the whole world in our hands kid craft from Meet the Dubiens
15. Earth Day World Paint Craft from Pin Inspired
16. Earth Day Eco-friendly Fishes from Mixie Studio
17. Stained Glass Planet Earth from Mom On Timeout


Here is a DIY video which I shared over on the Favecrafts Youtube Channel. You can learn how to simply create this DIY toilet paper roll butterfly with just a few simple materials you probably already have on hand.

If that isn’t enough Earth Day inspired projects, be sure to check out this free eBook that Favecrafts has published, It is called “Trash to Treasure : 28 Recycled Crafts”

Leave a comment telling us which Earth Day kid craft you want to try first!

Bright Ideas: How to Recycle Light Bulbs in Creative Ways

How-to-Recycle-Light-BulbsDING! Our creative light bulb just went off, and we’ve rounded up 12 lightbulb crafts for some truly green crafting.

Looking for some great ways to recycle this season? Well look no further! The following lightbulb crafts from FaveCrafts and AllFreeHolidayCrafts will shock and amaze you. Don’t throw out those “burnt out” bulbs. They have a lot more life left in them than you think.

Everyone dreads that quiet jingle that indicates that a lightbulb needs to be replaced. However, if you save your old glass bulbs, you’ll notice there is more jingle in your pockets.

No, that wasn’t the microwave – you just realized that there are so many wonderful decorating ideas to make with lightbulbs!

Perhaps these 12 lightbulb crafts will inspire you to come up with a few recycling projects of your own. Prepare to shout “Eureka!” because you’re about to discover some crafting gold. With lightbulbs, you can create thrifty projects that will both save the environment and save you money. Start saving those bulbs now because Christmas will spring upon you quicker than you think, and you will want plenty of glass bulbs to create ornaments and other trinkets. With so many home décor ideas and more, I’m surprised you’re still reading and not crafting yet! Here are 12 lightbulb ideas that will never dim.

 Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments

  1. Recycled Lightbulb Snowman
  2. Recycled Lightbulb Holiday Ornaments
  3. Recycling Old Bulbs
  4. Recycled Lightbulb Angel Ornament
  5. Shiny Recycled Lightbulb Ornament
  6. Cute Recycled Lightbulb Penguin Ornament



Soaring Light Bulb BirdsLightbulb Crafts

  1. Cute Recycled Lightbulb Vase
  2. Soaring Lightbulb Birds
  3. Upcycled Lightbulb Centerpiece
  4. Recycled Bulb Hot Air Balloons
  5. Homemade Maracas from Lightbulbs
  6. Bright Idea Father’s Day Gift


Did these lightbulb crafts give you a few bright ideas of your own? Tell us what they are in the comments section below!


The Ultimate Crafting Material

Crafters, I don’t know about you, but I just love recycled crafts. To me, there’s nothing more invigorating than making something new and beautiful from things that can be found in my recycling bin. Empty toilet paper rolls? Homemade Christmas ornaments! Old Newspapers and magazines? Fabulous paper flowers! It can be fun coming up with creative new ways to craft with materials you already have lying around.

But when it comes to recycled materials, there is none better than coffee filters. Yes, if there was a hierarchy of recycled crafting materials then I would dub coffee filters the queen (or king, whichever you prefer). You might be asking, why?


First and foremost, they’re extremely versatile. You can use them to craft for basically any holiday or season: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, you name it there is a craft (a ridiculously adorable craft, too) that you can make with coffee filters to celebrate. Second, because unlike other recycled crafts, which can at times look like you’ve just covered your trash in glitter (we’ve all seen those), coffee filters actually look beautiful. Don’t believe me? Check out the crafts below!

Valentine’s Day Crafts:Valentines






Easter Crafts:



4th of July crafts:4th-July






Halloween Crafts:





Thanksgiving Crafts:Thanksgiving






Christmas Crafts:



Looking for more? Check out these coffee filter crafts!

Have you ever crafted with coffee filters? What did you make?


11 Crafts to Go Green

Like most people out there, I try to do my best at being environmentally friendly. I use a refillable water bottle as opposed to buying plastic ones, I make sure to recycle everything I possibly can, and I try to avoid driving and walk to my destination whenever possible. Beyond going green for living, I also go green for creating! There are countless reasons why everyone should consider reusing, recycling, and repurposing when they craft. Obviously, it’s a little nicer on the environment. Green crafting is also pretty nice on your budget, too.

11 Crafts To Go Green

So for your next project, try going green! Bust out those scraps, reuse something you have lying around, or create something new with a few materials in your recycling bin. Old sweaters too worn to donate? Cut them up to create a fabric wreath! Spare buttons lying around? Create some button flowers! There are so many ways that you can go green when you’re crafting. Take a look at some of the crafts from AllFreeChristmasCrafts below. These crafts that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty to go green.

  1. Wax Dipped Pine Cone Ornaments
  2. Snowflake Washer Coasters
  3. Snowballs from Bedspreads
  4. Thrifty Tin Can Lantern
  5. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament
  6. Light Up Recycled Lantern
  7. Neck Tie Wreath
  8. Cereal Box Wreath
  9. Snowman Light Bulb Ornament
  10. Wine Cork Wreath
  11. Mini Toilet Paper Roll Wreaths

Want to Learn More About Green Crafting?

I'm Dreaming of a Green ChristmasEnter our giveaway for Anna Getty’s book, I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas. Full of crafts, recipes, and green tips, this book is the perfect way to get more inspiration for going green. The contest runs until January 28th so don’t miss your chance to win, enter today!


Your New Year’s Resolution: Crafty Ways to Go Green with Kids

Your New Year’s Resolution: Crafty Ways to Go Green with KidsYou’ve heard it before: reduce, reuse, and recycle. But have you really put in the effort to follow that simple mantra? With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I’ve made my list of New Year’s resolutions, and being more eco-friendly is at the top of my list.

Teaching kids to recycle is an easy way to get the entire family to go green. With just a little crafty inspiration, knowledge, and this guide from AllFreeKidsCrafts, you can make your New Year’s resolution a success. Kids are guaranteed to love these recycled crafts and learning activities, and you’ll love making a difference in your family’s lifestyle this year.

Step 1: Get the Info

Did you know that turning the tap off when you brush your teeth can save up to 8 gallons of water per day? Or did you know that recycling just one aluminum can provides enough energy for you to listen to a full album on your iPod? There are tons of cool things to learn about recycling! To really make the most of your New Year’s Resolution, start teaching kids about recycling by using fun facts like these. It won’t cost you anything at all to start learning how to recycle; in fact, the amount of money you can save when you recycle will amaze you.

Step 2: Get Crafty!

You can reuse just about anything you put your mind to, and these recycled crafts for kids are some of our best. Toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, and plastic bottles are some of the things you go through the most, but there are tons of other things you can recycle into cool craft projects! Let’s take a look at some unique ways to use items around the house:

Egg Cartons

Egg Carton FrogCharming Egg Carton Buttons: add some flair to your latest craft projects for next to nothing!

Egg Carton Frog: this adorable little critter is actually one of our Top 100 Projects of 2013, and it’s easy to see why. Who can resist a craft that’s both cute and thrifty?

Egg-o-Math Game: re-purpose an egg carton into an educational activity for kids!

Toilet Paper Rolls

The King's Recycled CastleThe King’s Recycled Castle: you’ll be the King (or Queen) of going green with this fun recycled craft.

Paper Roll Pencil Organizers: want to learn how to get organized this year, too? With these toilet paper roll crafts, you can be eco-friendly and organized all in one.

Cardboard Tube Minion Crafts: because who doesn’t love those silly yellow fellows?

Plastic Bottles

Miss Money-Saving SquidSoda Bottle Terrarium: this is by far my favorite way to reuse a plastic bottle. Teaching kids the importance of taking care of the earth is much cooler when they can watch something grow.

Creative Cuff Bracelets: turn going green into a fashion statement with this trendy recycled craft for kids.

Miss Money-Saving Squid: cutting down on the trash in your home means making new friends, like this cute creature!

For more entertaining and economical projects, check out our full collection of 92 Recycled Crafts.

Step 3: Go Further

You’ve got the crafts and the facts, so now what? Execution is the most important part of a New Year’s resolution, so it’s time to go further with your new eco-friendly life! Here are a few more fun ideas to help you become a friend to the environment:

DIY Recycling Bins: these recycled crafts from Relish are a fabulously fresh way to go green. Kids will love recycling with these fun and funky bins!

Printable Recycling Coloring Pages: these free printables from Color Me Good are…

My Garbology: this interactive online game for kids will help kids learn about what to recycle, compost, and reuse.

Teaching Kids to Recycle: Earth 911 has come up with five fantastic, interactive ways to teach kids about recycling

 Step 3.5: Go Green! (Literally)

Think you have to wait for spring to get started on your New Year’s resolution? Think again! These planting projects can easily be done inside during the winter, so you can get started on your New Year’s resolution ASAP!

Reduce Your Footprint PlanterReduce Your Footprint Planter

Windowsill Garden Guide

Recycled Newspaper Seed Planters


P.S.: I just can’t stop writing about recycled crafts for kids! (Can you tell I’m really looking forward to going green in 2014?) If you’re eager to be more eco-friendly, you’ll love learning how to craft with magazines, what to make with old jeans, and how to reuse old CDs!

What’s your New Year’s resolution this year?

7 Ways to Craft with Magazines

It’s time, friends.  I know I’m not alone in my magazine hoarding…and I’m finally ready to take the step and get rid of all those magazines that keep piling up in the corner of my living room.  Whether they’re donated, recycled, or turned into something even more fabulous, I’m bound and determined to conquer the magazine beast this weekend!

Therefore, I’m so excited to share these 7 Ways to Craft with Magazines with you.  From amazing art to functional planters, these projects will help you transform yesterday’s news and gossip into today’s treasures!  As an added bonus, we’re also giving away a brand new book, All Things Paper, filled with tons of amazing paper crafts that you can make to help decorate your home.  Scroll down for all the details!

Beautiful-Paper-Beads magazinebow magazine-wreath






Recycled Magazine Floral Wreath:  This is an absolutely stunning wreath that kids and adults can make together.

Sunburst Clock:  A simple way to add color and style to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Repurposed Magazine Gift Bags:  Don’t spend all that money on holiday gift wrap…just make your own!

Beautiful Magazine Paper Beads:  No one will believe that these beautiful beads are made from magazines.

Shredded Magazine Framed Art:  This super simple craft is a great one for tweens and teens.

Magazine Gift Wrap Bow:  Turn magazine pages into professional-looking gift wrap bows for any occasion.

Recycled Magazine Cork Board:  An amazing framed cork board made from rolled up magazine page strips.

Recycled-Magazine-Cork-BoardRepurposed-Magazine-Gift-Bags-1sunburst clock


As a little something special, we’ve also included 31 Newspaper Crafts + Recycled Magazine Crafts to help you work through all the paper in your recycling bin!  This is a great collection filled with tons of great ways to upcycle newspaper and magazines, from simple embellishments to amazing planters for your houseplants.  This is the ultimate collection in green crafting!


BONUS!  We’re giving away one free copy of All Things Paper, filled with tons of amazing paper crafts that you can use to decorate your home and accessorize your favorite outfits!  You have until November 8th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome book!  Head on over to the giveaway page to enter to win now!  Good luck!

22 Ways to Craft with Old Jeans

If you’re like me, you have a pile of old jeans taking up space in the closet just waiting to be given away, tossed, or repurposed.  If you’ve been looking for some ideas on how to reuse those old well-loved, worn out jeans, you’re going to love this amazing collection of 22 Ways to Craft with Old Jeans.

From cute accessories to home decor, jeans can be transformed into all kinds of projects.  These Simple Scrappy Pots, for example, are a great way to add some color and texture to a bland terra cotta planter.  You can also liven up an old frame by adding some denim embellishments, like this Denim Flower Frame.  Great for kids of all ages, this frame is an awesome stash buster and will help you work through your denim pile in no time!

Check out the rest of these 22 Ways to Craft with Old Jeans for even more ideas and tutorials!ways-to-craft-with-old-jeans-2




Denim Accessories

multi colored denim wreath

Denim Home Decor

sew easy skirt tote

Denim Bags and Totes


Other Cute Denim Crafts


What have you crafted with denim?

Save Big, Craft More: Use Upcycled Materials for Your Next DIY Project

This post is brought to you by Mary Egan of Craft Foxes.


We all know that times are tough and you can’t always afford to buy new crafting materials or supplies. But never fear – there are crafting supplies and opportunities right under your nose! Your teacup collection can become a new dessert stand and old sweaters can become smart accent pillows for the couch. The possibilities are endless when you start to view everything through the lens of upcycling. Upcycling is a great way to create new and exciting items out of things you already own and may not use. Here are four fun upcycling crafts that might just spark your innovative side.

This book purse is one of the most popular upcycled craft ideas. It may pain some bibliophiles to dismember their favorite stories, but this is a great way to show your appreciation of the written word and display your crafting skills. For this craft, you’ll need an old book, some fabric to line the inside of your handbag, glue, a utility knife, and a sewing machine. It’s a great craft for book lovers of any age, but also a great craft for teens. Use this craft as an opportunity to teach them that they can make their own fun and unique handbags without spending a great deal of money.

Let’s face it—we all have t-shirts lying around that could use some jazzing up. Rather than leaving that blank, white t-shirt all crumpled at the back of your dresser drawer, why not upcycle it and create a whole new piece of clothing? This cool, DIY t-shirt design can be done simply with some fabric paint and the eraser on a pencil. Simply dip your eraser into the paint and begin creating a pattern you’d like on your T-shirt. Create any shape or design — it’s up to you! For more great upcycling ideas, check out 11 Creative T Shirt Crafts for Kids and Teens on FaveCrafts.

Visit CraftFoxes for more information on how to upcycle an old T-shirt!

Teacups are a beautiful accessory to keep around the house and you can even use them to create new home decor pieces. For instance, teacups make great candleholders! They can become light fixtures, flower pots, dessert stands or even wall clocks. The great thing about teacups is that they come as ready-made crafting pieces. They already have gorgeous designs on them—all they need to add is your imagination. Once you’ve finished creating a Teacup Candleholder, create a Teapot Flowers Topiary for your table.

At the end of winter, you might find that you have some sweaters that no longer fit you, or you simply don’t like the look anymore. Here is a fun and frugal way to recycle those sweaters and create a pretty patchwork accent for a couch or armchair. You’ll need to cut your sweaters into eighteen 7-inch squares to cover a 20-inch square pillow form. Simply sew the squares to the pillow and you’ve got a great new piece with which to decorate your home. Still in the mood to create? Check out another creative tutorial for Recycled Sweater Throw Pillows.


Have you tried any upcycled crafts lately? What did you make?

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Can you think of a better way to celebrate Earth Week than with an entire week full of green crafts? We sure can’t, which is why we’re celebrating Earth Week by sharing some of our favorite eco-friednly creations! To honor the Earth and all of it’s greenery, FaveCrafts.com and its sister sites are challenging you to craft green all week long! The best part is that this fun and simple challenge comes with big reward! Today is the last day to enter to win one of two exciting Earth Week prizes. Find the complete contest rules, today’s green tutorial, and enter to win the giveaway below.

FaveCrafts Earth Week Logo

*This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy the free tutorial below.

Today is the final day of Earth Week, and we’re going out strong with this trendy and useful tutorial from Jo-Anna at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. With this handy mason jar idea you’ll learn how to make a sensible and stylish soap dispenser for your home that honors the Earth. This one-of-a-kind Mason Jar Soap Dispenser will give your bathroom a rustic and relaxed feel that your guests will love.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


Transforming old mason jars into soap dispensers is one of the most unique uses for these trendy containers that we have encountered! The Mason Jar Soap Dispenser  is also one of our thriftiest Earth Week ideas, because you’ll use this homemade soap dispenser every day. Instead of adding to the clutter on the green Earth, work on creating recycled crafts like this one to express your creativity and honor the planet during Earth Week. Get the free pattern tutorial here.

 Glitter Dipped Mason Jar CraftsMason jars are the best! Create more projects using mason jars with these free projects!

Delicate Lace Wrapped Mason Jars
Rustic Wedding Mason Jar Chandelier
Monogrammed Mason Jar Crafts
Glitter Dipped Mason Jar Crafts
21 Mason Jar Crafts for Your DIY Wedding

Earth Week Giveaway

Leave a comment on the blog for your chance to win one of the two Earth Week prizes. One lucky winner will win a Wool Felt Bug Kit and an Art Journal Kit from Arterro, and another lucky winner will win two hanks of At the Bahamas: Multi Colored Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn from Darn Good Yarn. Today is your last chance to enter so don’t miss out!

Bonus! As a gift to all Earth Week participants, when shopping with Arterro enter the coupon code FAVE20 for 20% off any order through May 1st.

Arterro Art Journal KitArterro Wool Felt Bug Kit

At the Bahamas Yarn


  • There is a maximum of one entry per person per day. The entry will be based upon a comment left on this blog post. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied. You can comment once a day on each blog post.
  • Winners will be selected at random from the comments on the Earth Week blog posts.
  • Winners will be announced here on the blog on April 29th as well as contacted by the email address provided.
  • You have until April 28th, 2013 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment on any of the Earth Week posts. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.

What is your favorite way to craft with old mason jars? Tell us about it below!