26 DIY Rugs You’re Going to Love

There’s nothing quite like creating your very own DIY rug to fill your heart with song…or is that just me? Seriously, if you’re on the hunt for free crochet patterns for rugs or any other rug-related lore, you’ve come to the right place. It turns out that there’s always an excuse to make your own rug because there are so many places to put one in your home!

26 DIY Rugs You're Going to Love

Below you’ll get ideas for every location in your house that could possibly do with a mat. Feel free to mix and match – these rugs aren’t wedded to one particular room in the house, so get creative with it! You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a blast with these groovy homemade rug ideas. Once you start, it might be very hard to stop!

Entryway DIY Rugs
Bubble and Bulge Rug

  1. Bubble and Bulge Rug – Cute, cute, cute!
  2. Modern Outdoor Rug
  3. Crochet Rug Boho Pattern
  4. Simple Stripe Rug
  5. Scrap Squares Rug
  6. DIY Outdoor Rug with Rope – Super easy!


Kitchen and Dining Room DIY Rugs

Easy Hexagon Rug

  1. Easy Hexagon Rug
  2. Crochet Hexagon Rug – This would look awesome in your living room, too!
  3. West Elm-Inspired Painted Rug
  4. Neon Jersey Rug
  5. Easy Mandala Crochet Rug – Really, this is too pretty to resist.
  6. How to Crochet a Round Rug

Bathroom DIY Rugs

Spa Bath Mat

  1. Brilliant DIY Rag Rug
  2. Spa Bath Mat
  3. Old Fashioned Oval Rug – Just like at Grandma’s house!
  4. Infinity Rug
  5. Beautiful Easy Crochet Spa Rug – You will fall in love with this crochet rug!
  6. Quick Bath Mat Upcycle

Accent DIY Rugs

Bold and Beautiful Accent Rug

  1. Bold and Beautiful Accent Rug
  2. Quilt Strip Accent Rug
  3. Lacy Doily T Shirt Yarn Rug
  4. Red Christmas Crochet Rug – Still great for all year round, too.
  5. Striped Rug
  6. Nautical Waves Rug – Easy to make!
  7. Easy Geometric DIY Rug

DIY Rugs for Kids and Pets

Playroom Rug

  1. Checkerboard Game Carpet
  2. Rabbit DIY Rug
  3. Shaggy Dog Rug – I’m totally making this for my fuzzy friend.
  4. Playroom Rug
  5. Faux Sheepskin DIY Rug – Everyone will love this!


Don’t stop there! You’ll find more wonderful DIY home decor ideas in Best Blogger Craft Ideas 2016: DIY Home Decor, Paper Craft Ideas, Sewing Projects, and Unique DIY Crafts free eBook

What’s the best home decor project you’ve ever made?

Home on the Range: 19 Country Western-Inspired Crafts and Recipes

While I certainly would never claim to be a country girl, I have to admit that I’ve always been captivated by all things Western. The cowboys, old black and white Westerns, the beauty of the American Southwest, all of it. So while you may be a city slicker like me, you can still channel a fun Country Western vibe with this list of summer crafts and recipes, all geared toward letting your inner cowgirl out into the open.

I’ve complied the best Southwestern recipes that are perfect for a summer cookout, from adorable dessert recipes to easy-to-make alcoholic drinks. If you’re new to playing bartender, then you should definitely check out this super handy how-to guide for making cocktails and other drinks. If you’re less of a mess cook and have more of a crafty side, then you’re totally covered. I’ve included denim crafts, yard and garden projects, and other awesome DIY home decor ideas that will let you totally trick out your homestead.

Be sure to comment below and let me know your favorite cowboy-inspired crafts and recipes. Saddle up and get ready, because I know you’ll love these easy craft ideas and yummy recipes.

Home on the Range - 19 Country Western-Inspired Crafts and Recipes

Home on the Range: 19 Country Western-Inspired Crafts and Recipes

 Cowboy Crafts: Rustic-Inspired DIY Projects

Cowboy Boot DIY Planters

These boots were made for planting!

Salsa Can Recycled Planters

A wonderful recycled craft project that your family will love!

Saloon-Worthy Drinks and Southwest Recipes

Desert Desserts Cactus Cupcakes

Tasty + adorable = the perfect desert dessert combo!

San Antonio Margarita Recipe

The perfect compliment to warm summer weather!

What are your favorite Country Western crafts and recipes? Leave a comment below!

10 Sorority Gift Ideas for Your Little and Fun DIY Gifts

So there are a million and one sorority gift ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, but there are the basics that every Little needs to start out with. If you’re a Big who wants to show your Little the ropes, you know how much you wanted to show your letters in every aspect of your life when you first accepted your bid. You probably went straight to Etsy to buy Greek apparel (I did it too). But quickly, you realized how over-priced Greek apparel and sorority trinkets are. You’ve learned, and you surely don’t want your Little to make the same mistake. Your job is to help your Little and guide them on their journey through the chapter and as a member. Starting them out with easy DIY crafts is the fun part. By this point, I know most of you have already started your “Welcome Home” baskets for your Little, but these are the basic starter DIY gift baskets that every new Greek life member needs.

Sorority Gifts

When I went through recruitment, it was informal, but it was the best time of my life. I used to be very much against Greek life—still slightly am, but I understand Greek life now and appreciate it for the intentions and the standards that each organization sets out for their members. I loved working with so many people with different interests and different viewpoints. I eventually dropped because of personal reasons, but the girls in my chapter are still some of my best friends.

Even if you are in a sorority or are not currently, these are some amazing gift ideas for those who are in a sorority or some very adaptable crafts. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, what can I do with a paddle craft?” Actually, they are some really cute homemade wall decor. They are great for recognizing a milestone in your life. I’ve seen big/little matching ones, welcome paddles, “21st Birthday” paddle…the list can go on. Monogramming is very trendy with DIY home decor and homemade clothes. A personalized cooler is great for camping trips. These easy crafts are adaptable, you just have to think outside the box a little bit.

Crafting these cute gifts saves you so much money and it gives you the freedom to personalize it without breaking the bank. These would be really cute for graduation gift ideas and practicing monogramming. Sure, you can easily go on Etsy and find crafts already made, but is it really the same? No, it’s not. I can guarantee it because it wasn’t made by you to your little from her big. That’s what makes those baskets special. You may make them in advance, but it is for your perfect little that you find in the fall or spring recruitment.

10 Sorority Little Ideas and DIY Gifts

Monogrammed StoolMonogrammed Stool

This would be super cute with your letters monogrammed on the seat with colors to match your sorority. For those not in one, your initials would be just as cute with your favorite colors.


Family TreeFamily Tree

Everyone, no matter if you’re in Greek life or not, loves a good family tree. This one uses wood burning, but you can easily just put one on a canvas instead.


Paint and Paper LettersPaint and Paper Letters

Decorating your letters in their favorite pattern gives your decor a little more personality. If you don’t want your letter, use an inspirational word!


Pin BoxPin Box

Make something cute to hold their pin, or you can make this trinket box to hold small jewelry items.


Personalized CoolerPersonalized Cooler

I realize this is a sports cooler, but painting this your favorite colors, letters, and your open motto would be too cute.


Sharpie MugSharpie Mug

This is such an easy craft. I’ve done this so many times to make a personalized gift. Coffee is a must in college!


Decorated Bulletin BoardDecorated Bulletin Board

Getting organized right off the bat is setting up for good habits in all parts of life.



DIY Fleece Throw

from lifeovereasy.com

DIY No Sew Fleece Throw from Life Over Easy

If you don’t have a tie blanket, you’re missing out. These are so easy to make and last for forever.



Sparkle Letters

from eighteen25.com

Sequined Letters from Eighteen 25

If you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle to your letter, this is an easy tutorial on how to skip the rhinestones.



84 Paddle Ideas

from pagebypaige.com

84 Sorority Paddle Ideas by Page By Paige

The biggest collection of sorority paddle inspiration.





What else would you give to your little? If you’re not in a sorority, what do you think would be the most fun to make?

Let it Glow: 9 Glow-in-the Dark Ideas You Won’t Believe Are Real

Glow in the dark crafts are not just for Halloween. There are so many possibilities for your projects to glow – and we’ve rounded up our favorites.

These glow in the dark ideas will allow you to have the best glowstick party ever. Plus, glow in the dark crafts for kids are always fun and sometimes educational. I love to see the look on a child’s face after playing with glow in the dark play dough and watching them enjoy the little things in life. Glow crafts can be so mesmerizing and now I just want to know all of the things that glow in blacklight so I can throw a party myself! Because I’m totally hip and cool, right?

Glow in the dark ideas don’t have to be for parties. You can make your own glow in the dark flowers (WHAT) and even a table?! The possibilities are endless for us crafters – both young and old.

First, our Facebook fans fell in love with this glow in the dark table. Seems too good to be true, but this table has full instructions for how to make your own. For free.

With the help of a blacklight, you man make your own glow-in-the dark play dough which looks like so much fun!


Yes, these glow in the dark flowers are real. And yes, you can make them yourself.


Make your trendy terrarium a glowing dinosaur exhibit.


Glow in the Dark Terrarium Craft via AllFreeKidsCrafts.com


No paint or glow sticks involved, these balloons are still the most glow-tastic balloons we’ve ever seen.


Snow globes aren’t just for snow anymore my friends. Glowing snowmen are the best! Let it glow.


DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Globes via AllFreeHolidaycrafts.com


Want a totally awesome bike and feel like a superhero? This bike makeover is for you.


Night Bike! via Instructables


These bouncy balls are the epitome of fun.


Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncy Ball via AllFreeKidsCrafts.com


You can’t go wrong with mason jars. These would make the best centerpieces at your next party.


Glowing Mason Jars via AllFreeholidayCrafts.com



 Which glow in the dark idea do you want to try first?

35 Of the Cutest Miniature Craft Ideas … Ever!

Okay, prepare yourself. Are you ready to see some of the teeny tiniest, most adorable craft projects on the planet? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re bringing you some of the cutest mini craft projects FaveCrafts has to offer. In fact, we think some of the best crafts come in the tiniest packages.

If you love to knit, sew or create your own home decor, you’ll find fun and easy projects to get your creative juices flowing. If you don’t fit into any of those categories, don’t worry! We’ve included a few extra projects that are sure to inspire you. Mini crafts make great gifts, so consider saving a few and giving them to the ones you love. No matter what, be sure to try your hand at a few of these projects – they don’t take up much space and are a breeze to complete.


Mini DIY Christmas Crafts

The holiday season is just around the corner, so now is the time to start crafting. If you’re not in the mood to take on a big project, these mini DIY Christmas crafts will work for you. They’re quick to make and super easy – no need to spend a ton of time and money at the craft store. Use these designs to decorate your desk or kitchen table – homemade Christmas crafts can really boost your mood, especially during the cold, dark winter months.


Mini Button Wreath

Mini Beaded Christmas Trees

Mini Button Canvas Trees




Tiny DIY Sewing Projects

Grab that needle and thread or pull up to your sewing machine – these projects are perfect for sewers. Whether you have a ton of experience or want to try something new, mini projects will keep you on your toes. These DIY sewing projects are cute and whimsical, making them ideal for creative people like you. Carry your favorite lipstick and a wad of cash in your teeny tiny tote bag or keep your pins close at hand with a homemade pincushion. Once you make one miniature craft project, you might become addicted!


Felt Flower Mini Tote

Mini Cupcake Pin Cushions

Felted Mini Handbag




Itty Bitty DIY Home Decor

People usually associate home decor crafts with big, expensive materials. These projects pretty much turn that notion on its head and show that you don’t need a ton of time and money to make your space shine. Line up a few planters on your back porch or store important odds and ends in a pretty box – all you need is a little creativity. Don’t let your home turn into a gloomy space! Teeny tiny DIY home decor crafts like the ones shown here will put a smile on your face well after you’ve completed making them.

Pink Mini Storage Box

Mini Succulent Planters

Mini Bloom Organizer Box

Tiny Teacup Topiary




Mini Craft Project Ideas

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite mini craft projects to keep you busy when you have a few spare minutes. Readers love the tiny amigurumi seal project and the Tiny Apple Keychain is a hit during back to school season. Students will also appreciate the homemade clipboard and will want to throw paperclips and erasers in the leather pouch. Tiny projects don’t require much time, so you can make a bunch and save them for later. If you’ve never made a mini project or just want to create something adorable, start with this list. You’ll want to display your designs forever!

Tiny Apple Keychain

Mini Knitting Tote

Tiny Seal

Tiny Cupcake Clipboard

Tiny Leather Pouch

20 Mini Handmade Craft Ideas



What’s on your craft to-do list?


Ooh la la! Planning a Parisian Bridal Shower

Bonjour, mon ami! If you know a bride who thinks Paris is the definition of romance, then we have ideas for a Parisian Bridal Shower that will make her feel like she’s being swept away on a vespa ride through the city of love.

This bridal shower plan isn’t as dramatic as the one in the movie “Bridesmaids” — there will be no giant cookies. However, there are plenty of pastels, sweets, and romantic lighting. Shower the bride will the glamor of Paris and she’ll be feeling l’amour!

Let’s go on a getaway to the most romantic city on earth. Let AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com be your tour guide as we help you plan the perfect Parisian bridal shower!


It’s called the language of love…

Here’s a printable list of French phrases the lucky couple can use on their honeymoon! Just right click to save and print.

…And now, for the Parisian planning!



DIY Party Decorations

Pretty Paper LanternsFirst, you must make your decorations, which should be feminine, delicate, and decadent. Decorate with florals like these Pretty Paper Lanterns and French Twist Fabric Flowers. Use Pretty Paper Pomanders as centerpieces. Finally, make DIY Party Bags for Macarons; you’ll need those for Step 2.

French Twist Fabric Flowers
Pretty Paper Pomanders
Pretty Paper Lanterns
DIY Party Bags for Macarons





Easy Party Recipes

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops Bon appetit! Serve Midnight in Paris French Martinis alongside your main course, Blueberry Smoked Turkey Baguettes. For dessert, offer Floral Shower Cupcakes and Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops in the DIY Party Bags for Macarons from Step 1.

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops
Floral Shower Cupcakes
Blueberry Smoked Turkey Baguette
Midnight in Paris French Martini


DIY Party Favors

Mix Your Own FragranceFrance is known for its high-end perfumes, so give the bridal shower guests some DIY Pretty Perfume Bottles filled with fragrance you mixed yourself. Learn How to Make Exfoliating Soap as well, and place it all in French Wedding Favor Bags as a luxuriant gift.

French Wedding Favor Bags
DIY Pretty Perfume Bottles
Mix Your Own Fragrance
How to Make Exfoliating Soap



DIY Party Activities

How to Arrange Rose CenterpiecesBegin your Parisian bridal shower with an activity that doubles as wedding prep! Your guests can learn How to Arrange Rose Centerpieces, and you can choose the best arrangement to make again for your wedding reception. Play some fun games with this Wedding Mad Libs Printable and Shower Smash Book Game. For more bridal shower games, check out this list from Life on the Homestead.

How to Arrange Rose Centerpieces
Wedding Mad Libs Printable
Shower Smash Book Game
Printable Bridal Shower Games



What makes Paris so romantic?

How to Plan a Baby Shower With a Nautical Theme

There’s a baby on board! Casting off into the mysterious sea of motherhood should be recognized with a whale of a baby shower. Prepare your friend or family member for a safe voyage with a nautical-themed baby shower.

Nautical fun like anchors and whales has been popular for the last few summers, so your party is sure to make waves among family and friends. Dive into the adorable menu and decorating possibilities with AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com as we help you plan a sea-worthy baby shower, step by step!

Climb aboard the baby boat…

Use these ideas throughout your nautical baby shower theme.

  • Blue and white
  • Rope
  • Whales
  • Water
  • Anchors

1. Baby Shower Menu

First, you need a menu fit for a sailor and a new mommy. No worries, pregnant ladies are allowed to eat fish, as long as they don’t eat too much in one sitting. Make some delicious Coconut Shrimp as your entree, with Blueberry and Bree Crostini as a side dish. Top it off with these adorable Simple Seashell Cookies for a perfect nautical-themed baby shower menu.

Coconut Shrimp Simple Seashell Cookies
Coconut Shrimp
Blueberry and Brie Crostini






2. Baby Shower Decorations

Once you’ve decided on your menu, it’s time to decorate! This theme includes so many cute details like whales, stripes, and anchors. Use Mermaid Shell Topped Bottles as a centerpiece. The possibilities for these Nautical Baby Shower Printables are as big as the ocean. Stick them on toothpicks in your coconut shrimp, and use them throughout your buffet. Next, make some Nautical Painted Napkins for your guests. Hang some No Fuss Nautical Buoys from the ceiling, and you’ll have a super sea-worthy party room.

No-Fuss-Nautical-BuoysMermaid Shell Topped Bottles
No Fuss Nautical Buoys
Nautical Painted Napkins
Nautical Baby Shower Printables








3. Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games ahoy, matey! These games are extremely easy and quick to make. All you need is your printer to make Personalized Bingo Cards and Baby on Board Price is Right. Your guests will love the cute nautical designs. End the day with a Dollar Store Sailboat Race, which begins with party guests designing their own little sailboats. Everyone will love these games, and the mom-to-be will adore having some fun with friends before her maiden voyage into motherhood with the new baby.

Dollar Store Sailboat RacePersonalized Bingo Cards
Baby on Board Price Is Right
Dollar Store Sailboat Race






Bonus: Baby Shower Favors Ahoy!

Make these cute crafts as baby shower favors.

What other nautical baby shower games would you play?

How to Arrange Flowers: Buy, Arrange, and Care for Flowers Like a Pro

The Flower School New York prepares florists and floral designers with classes in introductory, intermediate, advanced and intensive floral design, as well as advanced wedding floral design, master classes and workshops. Students learn principals and techniques of floral design, flower procurement, and flower conditioning to prepare for careers in floral design. But you don’t have to study floral design for years to use be able to arrange flowers like a pro.

Use the Right ToolsUse the Right Tools

To handle and prepare flowers for beautiful and creative arrangements, you need to use the right tools. Make sure you get a hold of the right tools before attaining the flowers and greens. Floral clay, foam, wire, and tape help to keep stems and leaves in place within the arrangement and keep flowers and greenery from moving or sticking out at odd angles. Use a water spray bottle to keep flowers and foliage fresh, plastic liter soda bottles with the tops cut off to hold plant materials as you work on arranging them, and chicken wire to hold stems and other materials in place. Sharp scissors and clippers are necessary for snipping leaves and cutting through tough stems and twigs, as Country Living explains. Rubber bands hold stems together and keep flower bunches upright. Cooking spray seals the pores of flowers like tulips and orchids to conserve moisture and make flowers last longer, and a tablespoon of bleach in the water prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria that attack flowers and greens and shorten their shelf life.


Incorporate Greenery

Flawless Flower ArrangementIn “Fresh Flower Arranging” by DL Publishing, the authors recommend using seasonal foliage whenever possible, especially when working with expensive flowers like specialty roses or exotics like bird of paradise. Greenery provides a contrasting backdrop to highlight flowers, as shown in the Flawless Flower Arrangement right, and even add fragrance. Evergreens like pines and arborvitae lend a fresh, clean scent to florals, and herbs like mint and rosemary add pleasant green fragrances. Branches clipped from shrubs with interesting foliage traits such as red bark or variegated leaves add color and texture to arrangements.


Flower Arranging Tips

Cut flowers and leaves can transpire or lose moisture into the air, quickly. If you’re ordering flowers from a delivery service, ensure your flowers will last longer by misting them with a water spray bottle and adding floral preservative to the water once they arrive. If you’re arranging flowers yourself for bouquets, like the gorgeous Exotically Vibrant Bouquet below, or centerpieces, there are various things you can do to make flowers look nicer and last longer.

  • Exotically Vibrant BouquetPlace arrangements out of direct sunlight and away from heating and air conditioning vents to slow moisture loss.
  • If using flowers of one color, use different shades of the same color or interesting textures with leaves, twigs, and other materials for contrast.
  • Remove all leaves from stems that will be below the water line in the container to prevent rotting and bacteria.
  • If you have tightly closed flower buds, put their stems in warm water to get them to open.
  • Whether using store-bought flowers or freshly cut flowers and foliage from the yard or garden, clip the ends of stems off and put them in water as soon as you get them inside to arrange. This helps them take up more water to stay fresh longer and prevent wilting.


What is your favorite type of flower?

5 Unexpected Uses for Glass Beads

This post is brought to you by Andre Smith.

Glass beads are so versatile. Not only are there several sizes, shapes, and types of glass beads, but you can use them in a wide variety of craft projects. Most of the time when people think of beads, the first craft that comes to mind is jewelry making, which is a very viable creative outlet for the use of beads. However, knitting, mixed media art, cross stitch, and home decor projects are also great areas in which you can use glass beads. Below are five great craft ideas and how you can incorporate the use of beads into them.

Mixed Media Art


Mixed media art has always been around, but lately the framed pictures with all manner of material used to create unique and eye-catching artwork has really expanded and become more a part of the art world. A canvas does not have to be a home simply for paint. Instead, you can use charms, pendants, pipe cleaner, pieces of magazines, scrapbook components, and virtually anything else you can think of to create art that is framed (without glass) and literally pops off the page. Glass beads are a great addition to this type of work, as well. A great example of this kind of craft is a Blank Board Book Flourish Cover, in which you can use a variety of craft materials to create a one-of-a-kind piece,


Scrapbooking is another area of crafting in which glass beads can become very helpful. Use some glass seed beads to add definition or use beads and ribbon to create a page edging or border. You can also take some glass beads and wire and create your own addition to the page, like a wire letter with beading or a wedding bell shape with a few crystal-like glass beads. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating beads into your scrap-booking projects, and glass is a great option, particularly since glass beads come in so many different shapes so as to accommodate a wide variety of themes.

Knitting and Crochet


Knitting and crochet are two yarn crafts that are becoming increasingly popular. Adding a bit of beading to your knitting or crochet project can bring some extra elegance, charm, and class. One crafty example is the Silk Lace Bag. This looks like a simple crochet bag pattern, but the beads give it an unexpected look and texture. The tricky part about using glass beads in knitting and crochet is that you’ll need to know exactly how many beads you need before you start, as you’ll have to string them first. Then, let them rest down by the ball or skein of yarn until you need them, at which point you can just slide them up and use them in your knitting or crochet. [break]

Silk Floral Arrangements

One area of home decor crafting in which you can incorporate glass beads is the creation of silk floral arrangements. You may have seen sand and river rock used in a vase with silk flowers to create an interesting and unique look. However, what you might not know is that you can also use glass beads to create the same effect. Whether you want to use chilli pepper shaped beads with red silk roses to create a kitchen accent or simple round beads mixed in with other mediums, using glass beads in the vase or base of your silk floral projects is a great way to add creativity and personality. [break] [break] [break]

Wreath Making

Wreath Fit For a Goddess Another area of home decor crafting that benefits from the addition of glass beads is wreath making. Floral additions, birds, bird nests, butterflies, and a wide array of other items are available for those who craft wreathes. However, adding glass beads to the mix can add some sparkle and shine to your creation. Try using the wire from a bird or butterfly embellishment to string on some beads in beautiful colors, curling the end of the wire with pliers, then wrapping the beaded wire around some of the wicker or wreath. Instead of having an ugly wire you have to hide somewhere in the back, you now have a beautiful addition to the wreath, and it is less likely to poke or injure people who may arrange various aspects of the wreath, as well.


Glass beads provide the crafter with a wide variety of opportunities in nearly every area of crafting. From beaded lampshades to scrapbooks, mixed media art to wreaths, and even jewellery making, there are endless opportunities for you to express your creativity using glass beads.

Some of the information for this article was found on Just Fabulous Glass Beads.

Keep it Together! 4 Business Card Holders to Make

When you’re at a craft show or networking with other craft people, you’ll want to exchange business cards and keep in touch with them in the future. Who knows where those relationships can lead? Maybe one day you’ll be designing our own craft line because of one little business card! Well, over at Creative Income blog we’re all about networking and we’ve realized that there’s no better way to keep your contacts organized and show off your skills than with a handmade business card holder!

These three are great examples of handmade business card holders that help to show of your creativity and your talents without even having to show anyone what you make! How cool is that? You can whip out your business card holder and let it do the speaking for you.



I love the colors in this pretty sewn business card holder. It has two pockets and lots of room so you can hold your cards and the card of all your new connections! Check out the free sewing tutorial to see how to make it and whip one up before your next craft fair.







This little pouch is for all you knitters out there! If you sell knit items or even yarn this is the perfect way to showcase it.


This little vintage inspired pouch is classy and perfect for a large stack of business cards! If you love this business card holder as much as I do, be sure to pick up the free tutorial. 




Don’t worry crochet fanatics, we didn’t forget about you. The pattern in this business card holder is so pretty and it give you the chance to use your two favorite colors. Or you could really show off your commitment to crochet and make each row a different color. 




So there you have it! Easy and adorable ways to keep your contacts in order the next time you’re at a craft show, networking event, or making friends in town.

If you want more tips like these and articles on how to build and grow your very own craft business, be sure to subscribe to the free, weekly Creative Income newsletter!