In Case You Missed It: Top 20 Crafts from Creativation 2017

Every year we attend Creativation, the Craft and Hobby Association’s annual trade show. We network, learn about the latest trends, and afterwards we put on our favorite crafts from Creativation contest. Our bloggers  make innovative projects using the new products they received at our annual networking event for a chance to win a cash prize!

This year, we selected 20 finalists based on certain criteria. Ingenuity while using the sponsor product, well-written instructions, and high quality photos were among the qualifiers. And it was so challenging to narrow down the entries, but we’re confident you’ll enjoy the projects you see in this list of finalists.

Be sure to scroll down to see the three winners from our Best Blogger Contest 2017!

Top 20 Crafts from Creativation

Blogger Contest 2017 Winners!

Third Prize

Rustic Chic Love Chicken Wire Frame

Rustic Chic Love Chicken Wire Frame

By: Betsy Burnett from

Second Prize

Nuvo Drop Butterfly DIY Card

Nuvo Drop Butterfly DIY Card

By: Justine Hovey from

First Prize

Hope and Love Altered Planner

Hope and Love Altered Planner

By: Irit Shalom from

Special thanks from our sponsors at our networking event!

  • Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
  • Deflecto
  • Fairfield
  • FloraCraft
  • Leisure Arts
  • Plaid
  • Premier
  • Sakura
  • ShareASale
  • Spinrite
  • Testors

Find an abundance of trending new craft ideas at

Which is your favorite craft from Creativation 2017?

New eBook: Christmas Coloring Pages for Adults

The holidays are just around the corner and things are getting a bit hectic, aren’t they? It really is the most wonderful time of the year, but making and shopping for presents, planning Christmas dinner, coordinating travel arrangements, and so much else can make for a very busy time.

Well, we have the perfect way to relax!

Together with designer Carol Foldvary-Anderson, we’ve just released a brand new collection of 4 Festive Holiday Coloring Pages for Adults. This printable PDF features four beautiful holiday-themed coloring pages that you can easily print and color at home.

4 Festive Holiday Coloring Pages for Adults

4 Festive Holiday Coloring Pages for Adults

What’s inside 4 Festive Holiday Coloring Pages for Adults:

  • Peace, Love and Joy Coloring Page
  • Angel of Peace Coloring Page
  • Christmas Ornaments Coloring Page
  • Christmas Candles Coloring Page

Each lovely coloring page varies in difficulty, so you can choose what to color based on image preference as well as the amount of time a page is expected to take. You can frame completed pages for holiday decor or gifts, and you could even scale down the pages to make card fronts! Coloring holiday-themed pages will certainly help in meditating on what the holidays are all about.

More Christmas adult coloring pages:

4 Festive Holiday Coloring Pages for Adults



Get your free copy of 4 Festive Holiday Coloring Pages for Adults today!




What is your favorite Christmas image? Snowmen, angels, reindeer, or something else?

Around the World with 80 Artists: An Interview with the Author

Crafting traditions can be found across the world. No matter where you live there is sure to be a tradition of creating and crafting. Creativity and art have the ability to bring people together and inspire harmony. This very tradition was the driving force behind the upcoming collection, Around the World in 80 Artists.

This collection of projects from international artists and designers was compiled by Mahe Zehra Husain of the Creative Art Academy as a way to celebrate diversity in art as well as raise money for the Malala Fund to educate girls around the world. This book contains 80 projects from 80 artists from 22 different countries across the world. This project highlights a love for creativity as something that holds us together. To help fun this project, check out the kickstarter fund here.

Around the World in 80 Projects

Mahe Zehra HusainTell us a bit about your project (Around the World in 80 Artists) and what inspired you to create it.

I was so tired of seeing sad stories in my Facebook news feed, it seemed as if the world was falling apart over small differences in color, religion and lifestyle. The crafting community was so different in comparison. There was such a feeling of friendship and appreciation among the artists I knew, I felt it was super important to highlight that positive and show the world that creativity can hold us together.

Your book focuses on projects from around the world. What crafting traditions inspire you?

I am influenced by my South Asian heritage. I love bright colors and mixed media and am known to incorporate a lot of bright fabrics in my work.

Out of the 80 projects in your book, which projects are your favorites?

That’s a hard question! I am super into watercolors and coloring pages and so I really like the tutorial I am sharing with you and I also love the coloring pages included in the book.

Can you tell us a bit about your process for this project? What sort of challenges did you face?

It was hard to get 80 artists together but Facebook helped me a lot there. I set up a group and invited a few artists I knew and then they started inviting others they admired and so slowly we made our way to 80 artists from 22 countries.

If you could only craft with 3 materials for the rest of your life, what three would you choose?

Paper, Glue and Scissors

What country or region do you take crafting inspiration from?

Submitting Your Projects to FaveCrafts: Tips from the Editor

Last year, we launched a brand new program for our bloggers and designers to submit their projects to our site. Years ago when FaveCrafts first launched, our editorial staff had to manually upload every single project submitted to the site. That meant a lot of work on the editor’s end and a lot of waiting for the blogger. Luckily, we just keep getting smarter here at and Prime Publishing LLC (our home!). In hopes of improving our speed, efficiency, and personalizing the process, we launched our Submit Your Craft program. Now our bloggers can upload all of the information for their craft. By providing the description, photos, and more for projects, our designers have delighted in this new process. So far 1,569 projects have been submitted to FaveCrafts alone. In total all of our crafting and cooking sites at Prime Publishing LLC have received 15,369 projects and recipes!

Submit Your Project

Now, we’re looking for even more projects!

Check out the tips below from the FaveCrafts editor (that’s me!) on how to submit your projects to FaveCrafts and starting sending your ideas our way!

How to Submit Projects to

  1. In order to submit to FaveCrafts, you need to head on over to our Submit Your Project page and click the “Share Your Project” button!Submit Your Project
  2. You will be prompted to choose a type of craft, simply choose the craft project that fits your link best. If you are submitting a general crafting idea, select the “Craft Projects” button!
  3. Next you will be prompted to name your project. Name your project something that is easy to understand and relevant to our readers. We recommend names that are a max of 4 words long. You may also choose a category on the site to place your project. If you’re unsure, leave it blank. Our editors can do that part for you.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to upload an image.
    • You must upload at least one image for any and all projects with a minimum size of 500 x 200 pixels.
    • Please try and upload your best quality photo.
    • Additionally, we prefer photos without words or watermarks on them. This makes it much easier for us to feature these projects in our newsletter, blog posts, and collection pages.
    • You may upload multiple images. In fact, we encourage it!
    • The following are some examples of fantastic photos that have been submitted recently:
  5. Now you will be asked for a description of your project. This description must be at least 50 words long. Get creative here! Remember you are tempting people to click on over to your site or make your project. Sell your project!
  6. From here on out, the information will changes from project type to project type. Fill out these questions to the best of your abilities. If you don’t know, simply skip it!
    • Some fields (like difficulty level) are required. You will be prompted to fill it out if so.
  7. If you want us to link out to your project, insert your link into the HTML link section when it pops up.
    • This must be a direct link to your project and not to your home page.
    • We do not link out to company projects or links. Company projects should be submitted to us in full. When your project is added to the site, one of our editors will reach out in regards to creating a branded profile for your company.Your URL User Submission
  8. After this you will be asked for your materials list and instructions. If you prefer not to provide this information, you can skip these steps.
    • Hint: If you are looking for a link to your blog, we recommend still providing a materials list as many crafters are more likely to visit a link if they know what they need for a project.
  9. In the notes section, feel free to leave any additional information about your project. Additionally, you may leave any special instructions for the editor here.
  10. Before submitting, you will receive a preview of your submission. If anything is wrong, feel free to click on the section list to the left of the preview to return to a tab and fix the issue. Once everything looks okay, click “Save & Continue”.User Submission Menu
  11. Finally, you will be asked for your name and email address. The name you fill out here will be the name that shows up on your byline on the site, and the email address provided here will be the one we use to contact you when the project is posted. We recommend using the same information for all of your projects.

Submit Your ProjectSubmit Your Project FAQs

Find even more helpful tips and tricks on how to submit your project to FaveCrafts in our Submit Your Project FAQ. This helpful list of frequently asked questions offers helpful hints on the submission process as well as some fantastic tips on what type of projects, project names, and submissions do well on out site.


What kind of projects would you love to see submitted to FaveCrafts?

FaveCrafts News: Our Brand New Crafting Studio

It seems like just yesterday that we launched here at Prime Publishing LLC. In 2009, our company launched our first website and expanded a year later in 2010 to include even more sites you love –,,, and more. After those first few years, we expanded to 38 fully functional sites. Now, we’re expanding even more!

Several years ago, we built our very own crafting studio and test kitchen in-house to begin creating our very own content right here at home. We’ve since hired a stellar video production team and have created nearly 500 videos since then with guest bloggers, our 3 in-house chefs, and our editorial team taking the stage! If you haven’t checked out the Youtube channel or the videos on our site, we recommend you do so ASAP.

After years of growth, we’re still growing! With so much more exciting crafting video content on our calendar, we need more space. That is why Prime Publishing LLC (the FaveCrafts team) is expanding our Northbook, IL offices to include a brand new crafting studio, another test kitchen, more storage space for all those important supplies, and even some extra room for our editors. Check out the video below to learn more and keep checking back for more progress!

Be Sure to Check Out:

We’re going to need plenty of video ideas! What kind of crafting videos would you love to see?

FaveCrafts News: New Best Blogger Craft 2016 free eBook

Best Blogger Crafts 2016 free eBook

Weeks ago we announced the winners to our Best Blogger Contest 2016! These fabulous projects not only won the honor of being the Best Craft of 2016, but cash prizes too! Those lucky and talented bloggers, however, are not the only ones to submit crafts to this thrilling contest. We received over 60 entries to this contest. Want to see them? Lucky for you, we have compiled them into one gorgeous, printable free eBook. With step-by-step instructions and vibrant photos for each project, these ideas will keep you crafting for months to come.

All of the bloggers featured in this eBook are expert crafters that you can trust to show you how to make professional-level crafts that will change the way you craft.

All of the crafts and tutorials featured in this eBook were made from materials from some of our favorite crafting companies. Check out projects that feature top of the line projects from Beadalon, Create and Craft, Design Master, Testors, Plaid Enterprises, Fairfield World, FloraCraft, Leisure Arts, Premier Yarns, Sakura, Simplicity Creative Group, Sizzix, and Therm O  Web.

Check out some of the gorgeous free craft projects featured in our brand new eBook:

Brilliant Nightstand Makeover  Decoupaged Flower Pot Crafts  Tinted Crochet Pillow
This free eBook includes:

  • Home Décor Crafts
  • Homemade Wall Art
  • Paper Crafting Ideas
  • Handmade Cards
  • Sewing Patterns and Ideas
  • Quilting Patterns
  • and plenty more craft project ideas!

Head on over to FaveCrafts to download this brand new eBook and get crafting!

Plus, check out our blog post over on about 5 Things that Happened at the #BlogNetworkingEvent2016.

More free eBooks to love:

What is your favorite project you have made this year?

Paint and Plant: Earth Day 2016 with the FaveCrafts Team

earth day fcb

The first Earth Day in 1970 was coordinated to organize a nationwide teach-in to not only celebrate but empathize the need to protect our green spaces. Now, forty years later, people across the USA still celebrate this important day by taking time out of their day to plant trees, teach special lessons on environmental conservation, and more. Never one to skip a great opportunity to get creative, we here at Prime Publishing LLC (the team behind!) decided to do our part by combining planting pretty flowers and crafting!

This year, we painted adorable itty bitty terra cotta pots in beautiful colors before planting charming petunias in our brand new creations. The pretty and purple Wave Pansies and other green cuties we picked up at Home Depot looked lovely sprouting out of our painted masterpieces. One editor, Jesse Carpendar said of the experience:

Decorating flower pots was a relaxing way to welcome spring into our office. It was nice to see everyone’s creative side emerge. It’s been even nicer to have cute pink flowers greeting me at my desk every morning since.

Check out our video below!

Earth Day with Prime Publishing LLC and the FaveCrafts Editors

Our Terra Cotta Pots and Pretty Plants

Purple Wave Pansies

Terra Cotta Pot Craft

Petunia Painted Pot Crafts

As you can see, we have an office of crafty editors with green thumbs. The petunias and pots are still blooming beautifully on plenty of desks. Spring is here and we reveled in the chance to bring some spring indoors.

It was wonderful to bring some of the beauty of the outdoors inside. The purple Wave pansies were gorgeous and immediately brightened up my desk!

– Erin Jones from our Marketing Team

31 Clay Pot CraftsMore Painted Pot Crafts and Flower Planting Tips

Do you have a green thumb, a black thumb, or somewhere in-between?

Best Blogger Craft 2016 Announcement

Best Blogger Crafts 2016

Every year, we here at Prime Publishing LLC and throw a blogger party at the CHA Mega Show. This event is open exclusively to bloggers in the industry and allows the best of the best to mingle with some of their favorite companies, allowing them to make crafting connections that can last for a very long time! To celebrate, we host the Best Blogger Craft Contest every year where bloggers who attended then create prizes from the samples they receive from the companies! After this, we vote on these stunning projects.

This contest ended April 6, 2016. So, we’re here to present the winners!

Without further ado, our Best Blogger Contest Winners for 2016!

First PlaceThe Powertex and Foil Ballerina

The Powertex and Foil Ballerina from Roberta Birnbaum

Second Place

Shabby Chic DIY Scrapbook

Shabby Chic DIY Scrapbook from Cathy Parlitsis

Third Place


Life and Live DIY Canvas from Irit Shalom

Check out the rest of our entries in our list of the Best Blogger Crafts 2016 and stay tuned for an eBook featuring all of these stunning new craft project ideas.

Special thanks to our 2016 Sponsors:

  1. Yarnspirations 2. Plaid 3. Sizzix 4. Simplicity Creative Group 5. Leisure Arts 6. Sakura 7. Premier Yarns 6. FloraCraft 7. Fairfield World 8. Design Master 9. Testors 10. Create and Craft 10. Therm O Web 11. Beadalon 12. Snap

13 Spring Crafts That Will Make Your Life Instantly Better

It’s FINALLY starting to not be horribly cold outside and I’m just itching for spring to be officially here. To me, spring means putting away my boots, packing up my winter coats, and sunshine! Glorious sunshine. Winter is just so gray and sunshine just makes life better.

You know what also makes life better? Crafting. Crafting + Spring? The perfect combination for an instant pick-me-up.

That’s why for National Craft Month this year we worked with some of our favorite brands and bloggers to put together the 13 Spring Crafts: Easter Craft Ideas, Spring DIY Home Decor, and More free eBook. What I love about this book is that it has something for everyone. There’s a knit shawl pattern for the knitters, a crochet beanie for the crocheters, and a paper pinwheel wreath for the paper crafters, for example. Perhaps you’re even a triple threat and craft in all three of the areas! Plus there are even more types of crafts in this book and you’ll just have to download your free copy to see for yourself!

Did you know that to celebrate National Craft Month and the beginning of spring we also have giveaways going on ALL month long? Yup, you read that right! Check them all out here


March 11th through March 12th: AQS Gift Card

March 13th through March 14th: MD Hobby and Craft Bundle

March 16th through March 17th: Marvy Uchida Easy Crystal Applicator

March 18th through March 19th: Sizzix eclips2 DIY Electric Cutter Starter Kit

March 20th through March 21st: iLovetoCreate Color Craze Assortment

March 23rd through March 24th: Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Skeins

March 25th through March 26th: Painter’s Paradise Collection

March 27th through March 28th: Little B Fancy Finishes Kit

March 30th through March 31st: Red Heart Yarn Assortment

Which craft has the tendency to make your life instantly better?

12 Easy DIY Projects That Will Restore Your Faith in Crafting

12 Easy DIY Projects free eBookI’ve been in a bit of a Pinterest slump lately. I’ll find a project I like while scrolling through pins only to realize that I either 1.) Can’t find the actual tutorial. 2.) Don’t have the necessary tools or supplies on hand or 3.) I’m simply not skilled in that XYZ area of crafting.

It’s been quite frustrating to go from being inspired to being completely bummed about the idea of crafting.

That’s why I’m so glad that our new free eBook is called 12 Easy DIY Projects. And rightly so. Covering almost every area of crafting, these free tutorials are all in one place and all quite easy to do. That’s the beauty of it!

Featuring projects from Clover, Fairfield, FloraCraft, I Love to Create, Little B, Plaid, Prima Bead, Simplicity, Spinrite, Sizzix, Stencil1, and STYROFOAM™, you’ll find that crafting doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing to produce amazing results. There is something for everyone in this free eBook and we hope you invite your best crafting buddies over to try out these projects together!

Oh, and I almost forgot! With this free eBook this month, we are offering giveaways each day from the sponsors above! How awesome is that?!

Ready for the best surprise announcement ever? This, ALL of this, could be yours!

Aren’t our sponsors the greatest!? Be sure to enter for your chance to win! The deadline to enter is February 28, 2015 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.

What is your favorite thing about crafting?