15 Perfect Spring Felt Projects You’ll Want To Make

When you think of craft supplies, you likely envision markers in an assortment of bright colors, glittery sequins, and colorful beads. But what about felt? The unsung hero of craft supplies, felt is sturdy and flexible, and can be folded, sewn, and cut into decorations, accessories, and so much more. Despite its versatility and ease of use, this material is one that you might not be using all that frequently. So why not shake things up a bit? This year, you’ll want to put spring felt projects at the top of your crafting to-do list.

15 Perfect Spring Felt Projects You’ll Want To Make

Perfect Spring Felt Projects You'll Want To Make

Spring into a new season with felt projects! Clockwise from top left: Felt Flower Corsage Craft, Faux Flower Bouquet, Felt Rose, Bunny Peeps Bunting, Pillows from Felted Sweaters. Center: Bunny Rabbit Felt Case

Hop To It And Make These Easter Felt Crafts

Easter is almost here! Are you ready? If you could use some cute decorations for the holiday (and who couldn’t?!?), then take another look at felt. While you could use paper to make decorations, it’s important to keep in mind that the material has a fleece-like feel to it. There really isn’t a better option for making fuzzy lambs, ducks, and bunnies! Your Easter felt crafts will look and feel soft. In addition, these projects will be an adorable addition to the festivities.

Flower Felt Projects That Will Always Be In Bloom

The calendar might say it’s spring, but you might live in an area where warm weather and blooming flowers won’t return for a while. With that in mind, you can still add flowers to your home when you make flower felt projects. The material can be folded over and over in an assortment of ways without losing its shape, resulting in a design that is both intricate and unique. The softness of the material also gives the flower a more realistic appearance, too. When selecting colors for your flower felt project, consider opting for material in vibrant colors. Need a little help on creating felt flowers? This video tutorial on the Felt Flower Corsage Craft can get you started.

Repurpose Sweaters With DIY Felt Projects

Are you in the midst of spring cleaning and have discovered sweaters that have seen better days? Don’t pitch those sweaters! You can repurpose those sweaters and other knit or crochet items into felt, which can be used for future craft projects or repurposed into comfortable pillows or other home décor items. And how do you make felt, anyway? Whether you want to toss that old sweater in hot water or use another method, our helpful guide on felting can get you started. Reusing a beloved item in a new way is eco-friendly and an inexpensive way to add to your craft supplies. Win-win!

More Felt Projects To Make

Posies for My Toesies Shoe Embellishment

Welcome warmer weather with Posies for My Toesies Shoe Embellishment!

Feeling inspired? If you’re looking for felt projects to make, then you’ll want to check out our list of ideas! Many of these projects are easy to make, so you could work on a spring felt project with your child.

  1. Felt Flower Corsage Craft
  2. Bunny Peeps Bunting
  3. Easter Bunny Decor — Too cute!
  4. Bunny Candy Cone
  5. Bunny Rabbit Felt Case
  6. White Rabbit Napkin Rings
  7. Felt Rose — So colorful!
  8. Felt Flower Mini Tote
  9. Fun Flower Pins
  10. No Sew Felt Flower Ornament — Kids will love making this one!
  11. Posies for My Toesies Shoe Embellishment
  12. Felt Princess Flower Crown — What a dreamy and romantic felt craft project!
  13. Felted Posy Flower Bag
  14. Faux Flower Bouquet
  15. Felt Floral Plastic Bottle Bracelet
  16. Bonus: Felting Wool Sweaters
  17. Get Started with Felting Materials: 5 Types of Felt 101

What is your favorite spring felt?

25+ Flower Crafts To Brighten Your Day

Let me get something off my chest. I am so happy to see the return of spring. Winter in my area can be drab and dreary, especially as the sun sets long before dinnertime. As a result of this dismal weather, I’m ready to say goodbye to bare trees and sad patches of snow. I am counting down the days until I can say hello to clear skies and plenty of sunshine! This year, I’m doing something a bit different. I’m digging into the craft supply box to make flower crafts with my kids because I want to celebrate spring’s return. From crochet granny squares to coloring sheets, these cute flower craft activities are perfect for my family because they are kid-friendly, super colorful, and generally inexpensive. It’s win-win-win for everyone. In addition, we gain a sense of accomplishment and pride by completing a project. It doesn’t also hurt that we also get to brighten our home with flower craft patterns we’ve made by hand.

With the plethora of flower craft ideas available on FaveCrafts, you’re probably wondering where you can even start finding a project. What’s a crafter to do? I’ve curated a list of flower craft activities for you to explore. This list includes some paper flower crafts for younger kids that will be fun to work on together with adult supervision. In addition, I’ve selected a few flower craft projects for adults and teens that are more time-intensive, because who isn’t up for a challenge? This list of flower craft activities is also the perfect opportunity to try a type of craft that’s new to you. Ever wanted to learn how to crochet or spend the afternoon working on coloring sheets? All you need to do is round up your materials, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Finally, just remember to have fun when crafting with your kids!

You’ll love adding some serious flower power to your kitchen table or work space with these amazing flower crafts. In addition, you and your kids can make duplicates of your favorite craft projects to share with family and neighbors. Most of all, who wouldn’t want their day brightened with colorful paper flowers or flower pots in bright designs?

25+ Flower Crafts To Brighten Your Day

Celebrate the start of spring with these flower crafts! Clockwise from top left: Junk Mail DIY Wall Art, DIY Pressed Flower Cards, Origami Spring Wreath Idea, Mini Q-Tip Flowers, Summer Bouquet Coloring Sheets.

25+ Flower Crafts

What are some of your favorite flower craft projects?

5 To Dye For DIY Tie Dye Designs

Even though fashion trends go in and out of style so quickly, they always seem to circle back around. It was only five years ago that big hair made its way back into our lives with backcombing, and Peter Pan collars are reminiscent of the 50s. The one style that remains constant is tie dye. That easy craft is always a great go-to because of its bright colors and the creative possibilities. It’s too much fun to make your own tie dye designs for you and your family. This is a great summer project that will get you outside and having fun with your family.

What I love most about tie dying is that you can make up whatever method you want to achieve the look you want! It’s also a great upcycling craft to revamp old t-shirts, shoes or baby clothes. They give a rich color and a little extra brightness in your life (especially with this wet summer that we have been having!). These are the best tie dye techniques that you or your kids can do! They’re simple designs and unforgettable methods that will have you dye everything you have. Try the classic tie dye swirl technique, or attempt a new salt-resistant method; whatever you choose to do, make sure you wear gloves so that you won’t become your project!

To Dye For DIY Tie Dye Designs

Cpt America Tie DyeCaptain America Tie Dye Tee

This is an insanely cute superhero craft that you can make for yourself! Get ready to protect and avenge the world with this easy tie dye tutorial for the new superhero movie. You and your child will love making this almost as much as you will love wearing it around town. Now you don’t have to worry about wearing the same shirt as someone else.



Swirl TechniqueSwirl Technique

This classic swirl tie dye technique is the standard method for making tie dye shirts and apparel. You will adore this easy tutorial on how to create the perfect psychedelic t-shirt.



Bulls Eye TechniqueBulls Eye Technique

Make your shirt have rings that get smaller and smaller to the center. This Bulls Eye Technique is a fun new way to dye your clothes.



Salt Technique (Final Product)Salt Resistant Dye Technique

This sounds like a complicated process, but I promise that it is so simple. Similar to a watercolor salt technique, the salt soaks up the dye to give a stippled texture to your apparel. It is easier to make isolated designs by sprinkling the salt in a more concentrated area. I’m super excited to try this one out!



Sponge TechniqueSponge Tie Dye Technique

If you’re not into patterns, then try this unique, personalized, sponge technique that gives you the freedom to create whatever design you want. It would be great to try an ombre tie dye with it!


Can’t get enough? Try these 100+ Tie Dye Techniques and Patterns

100+ Tie Dye

What are your favorite tie dye patterns?

Crafts, Ahoy: DIY Nautical Decor and More

Oh, the beautiful sea. It’s no wonder why the ocean is an inspiration for many writers, musicians, artists, and poets. One of nature’s most beautiful gifts is that big blue mass of water and all the treasures it contains. With this DIY nautical art, you can practically close your eyes and feel that breeze rolling off the ocean.


If you are planning a beachy trip, make “shore” you collect shells for this DIY nautical décor (as long as it’s legal at your beach). You can also dress in the loveliest crochet accessories that would make a sailor blush (because of your beauty). Even in the cooler months, the ocean can provide feelings of relaxation and adventure. Bring some of that nautical inspiration into your home with these beach crafts, and you will feel as happy as a clam. Best of all, many of these crafts utilize recycled material, so you will be saving the ocean as you create.


DIY Nautical Wall Art

Coastal Wall Art

Nautical inspiration is in style, so jump on board and let your creativity test the waters. These beautiful wall art ideas will make you feel right at home by the sea. Whether you like seashells or sea glass, you will love this DIY nautical wall art.

Nautical Wall Art

Seashell Mosaic Wreath

Embellished Antique Mirror


DIY Nautical Décor

Under the Sea Hanging Votive Holder

Everything from candles to recycled bottles can be found in this charming collection of DIY nautical décor. In the morning by the sea, or wherever you are, you can enjoy the sensations of beach like through these décor ideas.

Under the Sea Hanging Votive Holder

Old Textured Beach Bottles

By the Sea Potpourri Jar

Beach and Seashell Glass Candle Rings

Infinity Rug

Decorative Seashell Spheres

Sparkly Sea Shell Ornament


Seaside Crochet Patterns

Starfish Dishcloth

Live your life as the islanders do and take some time out of your day to just chill. These free crochet patterns are inspired by the big blue and will help you feel cozy as you’re dreaming of the sea breeze. Enjoy these crochet patterns that will wrap you under an afghan and take you under the sea.

Starfish Dishcloth

Beachside Afghan

Sea Grass Table Runner

Tequila Sunrise Afghan

Pretty Pink Crochet Afghan and Pillow Set


DIY Nautical Accessories and Apparel

Beachy Boot Cuff

As John Denver once sang, “To live on the land, we must learn from the sea.” These DIY nautical accessories will help you keep that oceanic wisdom with you wherever you go.  Create a necklace to help you remember past trips to the shore or create a shirt to wear on your next vacation. With these crochet and jewelry patterns and your imagination, you will emulate the spirit of the sea to everyone you meet. Greet every day with a smile and the song of the ocean in your heart with these DIY nautical accessories and apparel.

Beachy Boot Cuff

Memories of the Sea Beach Necklace

Desert Sunset Paradise T Shirt

Shibori Chic Tie Dye Tee

Nautical Sleeveless Shirt

Cool Summer Hoodie

Beach Mat and Tote Bag

Beachy Wrap


Beachy Wall Art


If you love this DIY nautical décor and accessories, check out these Top 20 Craft Ideas for Seashells and 19 Beach Crafts for the Home.


Which is your favorite beach to visit?


15 Ways to Bring the Beach Home

When I was younger, the first week of August was usually when our family would head off for a vacation. During my adolescent and teen years, , we often ended up at the same beach-side hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My mom’s favorite activity was collecting shells in a plastic bag – she would gather up her stash and show us her findings at the end of the day. While a plastic bag is a convenient means of storage, there are so many (better) crafty options. This got me thinking – there must be people just like my mom who love to collect shells and other keepsakes but don’t know what to do next. Alternatively, there are plenty of DIY lovers who can’t get to the beach (that’s where your local craft store come in). Now you can bring the beach home and create the ultimate summer crafts.

Don’t worry yarn lovers – we haven’t forgotten about you. Bring out the best aspects of the beach in your afghan, scarf and wall decor designs. Cool colors and soft ripples turn an otherwise normal crochet or knitting pattern into a work of art. Ready to head to the beach? Leave the sunblock at home – you won’t need it for these genius DIY ideas.



Beach-Inspired Summer Craft Ideas

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to hit the beach to find the best items for your summer crafts. Craft stores supply everything from shells to sand, so head to your favorite shop and get to work. Use the beach as inspiration when you crochet your next scarf or construct your next wreath. Fun summer crafts like these never go out of style, so you can leave them up well into the fall.


Super Fun Crafts With Shells

Seashells aren’t just meant to be displayed in a jar or on a plate. Instead, use them for your craft projects. Use regular glue, decoupage and other adhesives to add colorful, iridescent seashells to your DIY designs. The added dimension adds depth and excitement to any handmade piece.




 What’s your favorite summer memory?


16 DIY Country Crafts for You and the Young’uns


The best thing about this time of the year is that everyone has fresh produce, cute animals, county fairs, and gardening on their minds. Wouldn’t it be lovely to live on an apple orchard with free-roaming chickens? Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to have that simple country lifestyle to themselves. However, with a few rustic crafts like a Carved Wood Farm Plaque, you can bring that farmhouse charm  into your own home. No matter where your crafting skills lie, you will be able to find a DIY country craft that suits your talents and your lifestyle. You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to make these cute crafts!

One of these days, I’m going to be able to rise early in the morning and tend to my garden (and rabbits and ducks). I will have myself a hearty lunch and spend my free time enjoying the sights and sounds of farm life. I’m probably over-romanticizing it, but hey, a girl can dream! Until our country dreams come true, we can create DIY country décor and cute farm animals crafts. The simple life is just a craft away.


Farm Animals Crafts

Clay Pot Farm AnimalsSit your little ones down at the table and watch them create a whole barnyard full of animals right before your very eyes. Don’t you think your daughter would look extra cute in a Little Farmer’s Market Dress while she works? You might even want to whip up a Lacy Anytime Vest to wear for yourself as well. With the right attire, you will have all your new critters following you like Little Bo Peep.


DIY Country Décor

State Fair Farmhouse CupboardYou can add a touch of vintage charm with these beautiful farmhouse-inspired decorations. You will fall in love with your home all over again once you add a hand-painted cupboard or whimsical veggie figurines. From beautiful decorations to adorably useful knickknacks like Metallic Keys Stamped Clothespins, the aesthetic of rural living can be yours. Roll up your sleeves and transform your home into a picturesque paradise.




Garden CraftsEven if you don’t live on a farm, you can still care for your own little garden. So what if your only “animals” are earthworms and butterflies? This free eBook Garden Crafts will show you clever ways to decorate flower pots, plant stakes, watering cans, and more. Everything a suburban farmer (like you) needs is in this nifty free eBook.





What types of animals and produce would be found on your dream farm?


Ah, The Great Outdoors: Homemade Camping Gear and Munchies

The-Great-OutdoorsOh, how I miss family camping trips. As a child, there was nothing more exciting than watching my parents pull sleeping bags, lanterns, and outdoor eating utensils out of a storage closet. My little brother and I would run around and try to remember what each object was for. My parents, of course, would be less than amused: “Get out of the way; this box is heavy!” “Chelsea, turn that lantern off or you’ll waste the battery!” Making camping preparations was just about as exciting as the actual trip itself. If you’re planning a campout this summer, try to make some of your own homemade camping gear.

Your journey begins once you dust off a cooking set or unload cozy sleeping bags and when you discover the best s’mores recipe ever. And it will live on in the pages of a handmade travel journal. Make the absolute most out of your trip right from the start. These DIY camping ideas will make sure that your trip is as fun as it can be. Camping, of course, can be a stressful time, but we have everything you may need to bring right here, as well as a few snacks to enjoy. Let the kids be part of the fun with camping crafts for kids as well.


Homemade Camping Gear

Everything from cooking sets and sleeping bags to hand warmers and simple campfire seating can be found in this handy must-have camping list.

PENTAX ImageRugged Camper Cooking Set

Camping or Sleep Over Bag

No Sew Hand Warmers

Fun Camping Butt-Kits

Camping Tote

How to Make an Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Marshmallow Sticks

Good Things to Bring Camping

Summer Hike Water Bottle Strap

DIY Folding Camp Chair

Tin Can Name Plates


Food for Camping

I hope you’re not expecting something “healthy.” These delicious snacks for camping will satisfy your adventurer’s sweet tooth and include the best s’mores recipe ever. If you want to try a little something different and stray from oatmeal raisin cookies, then try making a few campfire cupcakes. As you make them at home, you’ll grow even more excited for your trip. Just make sure you don’t eat them all before you leave!

Campfire-Smores-Kabobs[1]Campfire S’mores Kabobs

Campfire Cupcakes

Cutest Cookie Campers

Edible Crafts Campfire

The Coolest Campfire Cookies

Camping Getaway Snack






How to Make a Travel Journal

No camping trip is complete without a special place to store all your memories. If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, consider making a travel journal to jot down a few funny stories or tape in some canoeing tickets. These woodsy journals are perfect for you to tote along on your trip.

Earthy-Memory-Book[1]Watercolor Travel Journal

Earthy Memory Book


BONUS!  If you need a few extra crafts to keep the kids busy while you’re setting up camp or trying to pack, download our free eBook:  22 Summer Crafts for Kids. I bet my parents wish they had this when they were trying to load the minivan!


What is on your list of must-have camping gear?


The Glow of Summer: Fun Lantern Crafts

And at last, we see the light! With these beautiful glowing crafts, you can learn how to make a lantern, tiki torches, votives, and more. Every summer needs an extra special glow. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor party or barbecue, or planning on going camping, be sure to plan for some magical summer lighting. The enchantment of paper lanterns, glowing jars, and critters for kids can be all yours this summer.


How to Make a Lantern


Nothing says summertime romance like a beautiful paper lantern. Even though these don’t float into the air like Rapunzel’s did, they are still lovely and will give any summer gathering a magical feel. Some are round, some are square, some are tall, and some are short. Whatever your lighting needs may be, there is a lantern waiting to be made with your hands.

Polka Dot Tissue Lantern

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Tomato Cage Lanterns

Personalized Paper Lantern

Glowing Glass Bottles


Shiny glass is just the right touch for a glowing flame. These crafts will help you combine two beautiful elements: fire and glass. Tiki torches are the most festive outdoor lighting for the summer, and you can use them again and again. Votives are clever crafts that book your decorating skills to the test. Don’t fret if you live in the city, because you can also create special star lights and lanterns that will turn your walls (or the roof of your tent) into a starry sky on a cloudy night.

Bold Bottle Tiki Torches

Seaside Votives

Sparkling Star Gold Lights

Fancy Pretty Decoupaged Jar Lanterns

DIY Night Lights for the Kids


Don’t hog all the lighthearted whimsy to yourself. These DIY night lights are perfect for the kids to help you with. They can make colored Mason jars, fun glowing critters, and create there own starry sky lanterns. These crafts are perfect for the family camping trip or an outdoor sleepover. No matter what you do this summer, make sure the younger ones get a taste of summertime enchantment for themselves.

Glowing Mason Jars

Unexpected Plastic Egg Fireflies

Blob Votives

Jellyfish Light Ocean Crafts

Starlight Tin Can Lanterns

BONUS:  Find more DIY summer decorations and a few tasty recipes!  Our free eBook 12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes has everything you need to plan the perfect outdoor picnic. Let your craftiness shine!


DOUBLE BONUS:  If you want to turn “junk” into more fun projects, have some a little extra crafty summer fun with 32 Recycle Crafts for Kids.


Which glowing summer craft is your favorite and why?


10 Picnic Craft Ideas To Help You Celebrate Summer

The weather is warm and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing … it’s finally summer! There’s nothing worse than spending time indoors when you could be soaking up the sun (just make sure you wear sunscreen). Head out for a picnic this summer and soak up all of the best aspects of summer. You can go for lunch, in the late afternoon or even enjoy the sunset during dinner time. No matter when you head out, you’ll surely create lasting memories, especially when you add a DIY element into your outing. Picnic craft ideas can turn a plain old summer evening into an unforgettable event. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on any of these fun summer crafts – save that for your family’s summer vacation!

10 Picnic Craft Ideas

Before you head out, take some time to create your own picnic blanket, utensil holders and more. Also, don’t forget that the Fourth of July is just one month away, so be sure to incorporate some red, white and blue into your picnic crafts. Make a beer bottle holder for dad, reusable cloth bags for kids (keep them for school lunches!) and a crochet tote that you can wear all year long. You can even create a theme for your picnic – choose a few portable ladybug crafts to bring on your audience – they can serve as a complement to those Spotted Ladybug Picnic Cups!


Beer Bottle HolderFun Summer Crafts

Beer Bottle Holder

Rolling Place Mats

Reusable Cloth Snack Bags

Crochet Tote Bag



Spotted Ladybug Picnic CraftsPicnic Crafts For Kids

Spotted Ladybug Picnic Cups

Initial Name Plate

Picnic Helpers




4th of July Picnic Placemats

4th of July Picnic Craft Ideas
(Start Planning Now!)

4th of July Picnic Placemat

Patriotic Tie Dye Picnic Set

Gingham Salt and Pepper Shakers




12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes

Before you head out for a picnic, download a copy of “12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes“.

We joined up with our friends at AllFreeCopycatRecipes to bring you our favorite picnic craft ideas and recipes – you’ll want to save this one forever!




What’s your favorite way to celebrate summer?


So, You’re Throwing a Memorial Day Cookout…

Throwing a Memorial Day cookout this year? Lucky you; hosting a Memorial Day BBQ is a time-honored American tradition. Decorate for your perfectly patriotic party with our Memorial Day crafts and DIY party decorations. We have ideas for a Memorial Day table spread, with cups, containers, and Happy Hot Dog Trays. Plus, we have a stellar Memorial Day menu to boot. Your party will look and taste awesome with all of these Memorial Day Ideas. Fire up the grill and celebrate the American way: with great friends, flags, family, and food!

  Lanterns of Liberty      Patriotic Pinwheel Cake Pops


DIY Party Decorations

Party in the USA with these inspired Memorial Day decorations. DIY party decorations are must-haves when hosting one of the biggest outdoor holidays of the year. So, make your backyard picnic spread patriotic with stars and stripes. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create the perfect party decorations with a little help from these fun tutorials.

Happy Hot Dog Trays    No-Sew Memorial Day Table Runner

  1. Happy Hot Dog Trays
  2. Starry Napkin Holders
  3. Patriotic Wine Glass Name Tags
  4. Patriotic Star Coasters Tutorial
  5. Memorial Day Party Flags and Recipe
  6. Spirited Silverware Holder
  7. No-Sew Memorial Day Table Runner
  8. Patriotic Favor
  9. Lanterns of Liberty
  10. DIY Memorial Day Garland



Memorial Day Menu

Add some red, white, and blue to your Memorial Day BBQ with these patriotic, Memorial Day recipes. These fun side dishes and darling desserts will form an excellent Memorial Day menu, because they’re delicious and decorative. Your guests will admire your creativity in crafting such fabulous foods. Pop some burgers and hotdogs on the grill and your menu is complete.

Memorial Day Decorated Dip Recipe      American Marshmallow Milkshakes

  1. Crab Summer Salad
  2. Midwestern Vinegar Cucumber Salad
  3. Perfect Summer Salsa
  4. Greek Salad with Lemon Dressing
  5. Mouth-Watering Watermelon Salsa
  6. Memorial Day Decorated Dip Recipe
  7. No-Baked Potato Salad
  8. Patriotic Pinwheel Cake Pops
  9. American Flag Cake
  10. American Marshmallow Milkshakes


How do you spend Memorial Day?