Geek Crafts Roundup: Have A Nerdy Halloween

I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your bi-weekly dose of geeky goodness.

If you ask me, Halloween is a night made for geeks. I mean, when else can we run around in public dressed up as our favorite characters, monsters, or themes and get high fives instead of puzzled looks?!

If you’re ready to get your DIY ghoul on, here are a few of my favorite trick-or-treat ready costume and decor ideas:

1. Classic Robot Costume from Oh Happy Day

2. Get Ready for Glam Rock: Ziggy Stardust Make-Up from Kandee Johnson

3. Project: Gory Brain Cap from CRAFT

4. Fanged Pumpkins from Martha Stewart

5. Simple (yet effective) Edward Scissorhands costume for kiddos from caraslifka on Instructables

6. Tutorial – Wands from majann on deviantART

Want even more crafty Halloween ideas? Head on over to my Fairy Wings Roundup right here on FaveCrafts!

Cinema Saturdays: Halloween Treat Boxes

Make a customized homemade goodie bag for your Halloween party guests, grandchildren, or even trick-or-treaters. This video tutoria from will show you how to make completely handmade Halloween treat boxes. These treat boxes are made with die-cut candy jar chipboard shapes with windows cut in the center so you can see all the goodies inside. To hold the candy inside the box, you can recycled plastic packaging to make transparent windows for the treat boxes. Alternatively, you can slip a cellophane bag of candy inside the treat boxes. Embellish the boxes however you like using scrapbook paper, flowers, stamps, and more. Find out how to make these adorable treat boxes with this video tutorial:

Halloween Twitter Party Highlights

If you missed out on our Halloween themed Twitter party Wednesday, you missed out on some fun! We got together with some of our favorite crafty people and some new friends and talked Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes, and Halloween recipes!

Craft Twitter Party 400px Halloween FaveCrafts Pumpkin Decorating, Halloween, Recipes, and More in This Twitter Party!

Since we didn’t want anyone who couldn’t make it to feel left out, we pulled some of the highlights from the questions we asked for you to scroll through.

Q1: Welcome! Let’s do intros. Tell us a little bit about YOU.

@CraftyChica: Q1: i’m Kathy and I like to make stuff. Lots of stuff. All the time.
@CynGagenQ1 I’m Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity. I love to craft and I love Halloween!
@cristinfrank: Hi. I’m Cristin from Eve of Reduction. I love to decorate with recycled materials – and especially upcycle
@MyPaperMoose: Q1: I’m Jacqueline. I love crafting, especially with paper! Just wish I had more time to craft 😀
@LionBrandYarn: Hey, crafty chatters! This is Jess from Lion Brand Yarn. 🙂 I love to knit and crochet.
@MarkMontano: I’m a Gemini and cat hoarder and I love long walks in the 99c store. That’s me in a nutshell.
Great response from @CraftyChica! Im a Sag, a Chihuahua hoarder and I love long strolls in the Mexican grocery store ceramic and candy aisles!

Q2: Halloween- You like it scary or cute?

@shala_beads: I like it both ways, scary and cute. Preferably glittered as well!
@MyPaperMoose: Q2: How about a little somewhere in between? But more cute than scary I suppose!
@spazzgirl: Q2: Scary all the way! The creepier the better. Am I right @Markmontano? (lover of baby doll head crafts)
@cristinfrank: I like cute Halloween decorations but tend to do more Tim Burton-ish crafts. I want to do a candy corn craft – open to ideas!
@MarkMontano: I do love ripping off a baby doll head and dipping it in plaster. Kind of creepy, but satisfying at the same time.
@LionBrandYarn: Q2. Both! You know, a knitting needle saves the day (briefly) in John Carpenters Halloween!
@FreeKidsCraft: Q2: A little of both! This kids’ Halloween craft roundup is a great mix of cute & creepy:

Q3: What’s one thing you always make for Halloween?

@SewCalGal: Q3 – Pumpkin bread, pumpkins, embroidered dish towels
@MyPaperMoose: Q3: Im creating fun packaging for the candy Im handing out. Gr8 way to get my name out locally
@shala_beads: Q3- My family always makes pumpkin butter with our jack-o-lanterns. Yum yum.
@cristinfrank: Halloween sculptures out of sidewalk chalk

Q4: Do you have a favorite Halloween recipe?

@cristinfrank: I always make pumpkin soup on Halloween. There was a recipe in Parade (sunday insert) that I’m going to try.
@RecipeLion: These pumpkin cinnamon rolls are our favorite. They’re super yummers!
@FreeKidsCraft: Q4: Apple Candy Monsters!
@spazzgirl: Q4: There’s lots of yummy recipes with leftover candies too but I rarely have a leftover!
@RecipeLion: The lion lurves these “scream” cheese brownies, too. You know where were coming from @favecrafts ?
@ShesNachoMama: No pumpkin, but my QUESADILLA DE LOS MUERTOS is an easy Halloween recipe! #vivacultura #craftychat #diadelosmuertos

Q5: Costumes: do you make them or buy them?

@JudiFrew: Q5: Make my own, buy the kids
@shala_beads: Q5- MAKE! It’s the only way to go.
@SewCalGal: Q5: I prefer to make costumes vs buy them.
@LionBrandYarn: I almost always make my own costume. I have more freedom that way!
@CraftyChica: We always make our own costumes, or do a halfway handmade and alter a store-bought version.
@FreeKidsCraft: Q5: DIY or die! We have 25 cute & creative homemade Halloween costume ideas here:

Q6: Last one! Haunted Houses, love them or hate them?

@CynGagen: LOVE THEM!
@AFHolidayCrafts: hate them! They terrify me. I like these better:
@craftyvanessa: I have a love/hate relationship with haunted houses! I always say I’m never going back, but I always do.
@CraftyChica: I love the concept of them, but Im too chicken to survive one!
@SewCalGal: Q10 – I love haunted houses even though many still scare me. Still get a kick at Disney’s Haunted House.

Sad you missed out on the fun? You can still read most of the tweets in Twitter, but next time be sure to join!

Don’t forget you still have 2 days to enter your fabulous pumpkin decorating ideas in our Pumpkinpalooza contest!

Geek Crafts: Fairy Wing Roundup


I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your bi-weekly dose of geeky goodness.

Whether it’s ren faire season, Halloween, or a night out with your fanciest pals, every geek needs a good set of fairy wings. (What? It’s true!) Are you ready to get your DIY pixie on? Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started:



1. How to Make Easy Cellophane Wings from Janel Norris on Instructables

2. Tutorial: Fairy Wings from Documenting Delight

3. How to make Fabric Fairy Wings from Firefly Path

4. Lightwings: Fiber Optic Fairy Wings from the_gella on Instructables

5. Crocheted Fairy Wings from Fruppi on Instructables

6. Twinkling Fairy Wings from Sparkfun Electronics

Want even more sparkly goodness? Head on over to my Geode and Rock Craft Roundup right here on FaveCrafts!

“Best Witches” for a Vintage Halloween!

Ghosts and goblins roam the night, giving kids a dreadful fright!  Don’t distress, they’re not that mean…They just want to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Who remembers awesome vintage Halloween cards like that?  I love the look of holiday themed vintage crafts, and Halloween lends itself so perfectly to a wonderful assortment of vintage-themed projects.  From vintage black cats to a more modern take on old-school steampunk designs, these awesome Halloween crafts will help you get in the spirit of Halloween in no time!

Get your celebration off to the right start with this All Hallows Eve Banner.  Made with various bits and pieces, this festive banner makes a wonderful Halloween decoration.  You could also use this same tutorial and trade Halloween for Christmas or a birthday banner.  The possibilities are endless for this festive party decoration.

And Halloween isn’t Halloween without some pumpkin decorations.  Help your pumpkins last longer by thinking of other creative ways of decorating them, like covering them in vintage lace.  This Vintage Doily Pumpkin is absolutely stunning, and takes minutes to make.  This is a great way to decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and it makes a great decoration for those having a fall wedding.

This Needlefelted Pumpkin Cube is another great vintage craft for Halloween.  Made with easy to find supplies and decorated with those classic vintage Halloween greetings, this decorative item makes a great centerpiece or mantel decoration.

Still need some festive costume accessories?  Jazz up your wardrobe with one of these 21 Steampunk Style Jewelry Designs.  By combining different textures, materials, and colors, the art of steampunk gives your jewelry a look that’s totally unique and original.  Use clock gears, washers, keys, lace, and coins to give your projects the vintage look you desire.

And don’t forget to send out your awesome Halloween greetings this year!  This “Best Witches” card is a great way to send your love to friends and family this Halloween.  Use your favorite vintage Halloween greeting and embellish it to create a card that’s sure to please everyone!

Get ready for a classic Halloween with these fun and easy vintage craft ideas!


Do you like the vintage look when you’re decorating for the holidays?  What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for?

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth This Halloween with 12 Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween is closer than you think, and the editors at want to help you make your party a success. It’s easy to go to the store and buy candy, but where’s the crafty fun in that? Instead of stocking your Halloween dessert table with the same old treats, check out our list of 12 Halloween Party Food Ideas and cook up some food that is sure to wow your guests and leave even the healthiest of eaters satisfied.

Our collection of delicious Halloween delights includes cake pops and suckers designed to look like everyone’s favorite Halloween monsters. These edible crafts are perfect for a party, as your guests will be able to eat their desserts without worrying about keeping track of any silverware. They’re also a great parting gift for guests on their way out. With handy snacks like these, everyone can enjoy all of the festivities and eat at the same time.

You want your guests to enjoy themselves with different activities at your Halloween party, but if you’re looking to bring everyone together, introduce some more filling Halloween pastries. These edible crafts come in all shapes and sizes and are inspired by popular Halloween images. The decorating techniques vary, so these pastries are not only delicious and fun to look at, but also challenging for those looking to try something different.

This list of 12 Halloween Party Food Ideas wouldn’t be complete without some healthier alternatives for the guests who are looking for a little fruit with their dessert. Projects in this category offer ideas for combining healthy food with some sweet toppings and decorating regular fruits to make sure they still fit in with the Halloween theme. With these fruity options, even those without a sweet tooth will be leaving your party on a full stomach.

Not all of your guests will be looking to fill up on big desserts, so make sure your Halloween dessert table includes some of these bite-sized treats. Our list contains edible crafts with several different looks and textures, ensuring that your guests will have plenty of flavor options to choose from. Everything from cute to creepy can be on your dessert table if you try your hand at some of these smaller party treats.

All of us here at want your next Halloween party to be fun for everyone, including yourself, so take a look at our 12 Halloween Party Food Ideas and prepare a real treat for your party guests. By the time you’re done with this collection, you’ll have enough edible crafts to cover your entire Halloween table.

What is your favorite sweet treat on Halloween? Whether it’s candy, chocolate, or taffy apples, we want to hear from you, so comment below.

Pumpkin Decorating, Halloween, Recipes, and More in This Twitter Party!

It’s been a while since we’ve held a Twitter party here at FaveCrafts so we thought it  was about time. What better occasion to celebrate than Halloween?

We’ll be gathering in the Twitter-sphere on October 17th at 3pm EST to talk about crafting for Halloween, pumpkin decorating ideas, and fun Halloween themed recipes. Join us with your questions and ideas! There’s still plenty of time to pull some great ideas for you Halloween parties. We’ll also talk about pumpkin decorating ideas, so if you’ve still been searching for the perfect idea to decorate your pumpkin and submit it to our Pumpkinpalooza contest this could be the time! Personally, I have a slew of pumpkin carving questions. I bet some of you could answer them!

All you have to do to participate is sign into Twitter on October 17th at 3pm EST and search for the #craftychat hashtag or sign into Twebevent with your Twitter account to follow the conversation. To join the conversation be sure to use the #craftychat hashtag in your posts. If you’re using Twebevent, you don’t have to add the hashtag the site will automatically do it for you.

Never participated in a Twitter party you say? No worries! We’ve pulled together a blog post that explains it all.



Just joining in on the chat gives you an entry into our giveaway! The more you join the conversation, the more chances you have to win. We’ll be giving away a Funkin, some Energizer Flameless candles, and a Halloween costume book! If that’s not incentive to join in, I don’t know what is.

Giveaway Rules:

  •     Giveaway open to US and Canada residents 18+
  •     Contest closes October 17, 2012 at 4:00p EST.
  •     Send out a tweet along with the #craftychat hashtag in order to be entered.
  •     Winners will be announced at the end of the chat.

Pick the Perfect Pumpkin Project This Fall

Pumpkins are so popular during the fall season. It seems like there’s always people carving them up or using them to cook. It’s no wonder the pumpkin seems to be a symbol for all things fall. Here at FaveCrafts, we couldn’t be  more excited, because this means we get to provide all of you readers with a special treat. Not only will we be featuring our favorite pumpkin projects from our sites, but also some scrumptious pumpkin recipes from our friends at RecipeLion. Not only will you be busy crafting this season, but now you’ll have delicious recipes to keep you even busier.

Craft Projects:

Oogie Boogie Pumpkin Pattern Template – This project from AllFreeHolidayCrafts brings to life a classic Halloween baddie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re looking for a more challenging pumpkin carving design, then you have try this.

Cute as a Pumpkin CostumeFaveCrafts is bringing you the most adorable costume ever, and even better, it’s no sew! Get ready to be thrifty with some easy craft materials and old clothes

Crochet Pumpkin – It can be difficult to find time to go pumpkin picking once fall comes around, but don’t worry, because AllFreeCrochet has the solution. You can make your own pumpkin that will last much longer than one year, and with your crafting skills, it’s sure to be the perfect shape and size for your home.

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach – Pumpkin crafts are for the kids too, and AllFreeKidsCrafts found the most magical idea yet. Help them to bring a childhood classic to life by turning a plain pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage. This project is great for encouraging creativity and imagination.



Wacky Pumpkin Mac and Cheese – Any delicious meal needs a starchy side, and this one from RecipeLion will have your family begging for seconds. Take a classic American meal and add some fall flavor that will really spice it up.

One Pot Pumpkin ChiliAllFreeCasseroleRecipes has found the perfect blend of heat and sweet with this main course. This is perfect for a chilly autumn evening with the whole family around the table.

Caramel Maple Pumpkin Pie In a Glass – Be bold and contemporary with a classic dessert with this recipe from FaveHealthyRecipes. If you’ve got a family that’s always active during the holidays, this is great for on the go.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe – Finish off your meal with a refreshing pumpkin drink courtesy of AllFreeCopyCatRecipes. It’s just what you need to hit the spot on a cold night.

With these pumpkin projects in your arsenal, you’ll be busy practically every day during the fall. These projects are just the beginning, so be sure to check out the rest of our pumpkin delights on our websites.

What’s your favorite way to use a pumpkin?

8 Fun and Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you heard of If you haven’t been on the site yet and you love crafting or cooking or just being creative in general, you really need to check it out. It’s a site much like FaveCrafts with user uploaded tutorials for lots of really cool recipes and projects. One thing they have a huge collection of is DIY Halloween costume ideas. Isn’t that just what you were looking for right about now?

We’ve pulled together a collection of 8 fun and simple Halloween costume ideas to get you inspired and excited for Halloween this year! As you can see it doesn’t have to take months of preparation and an expensive budget to get away with a really cool and original costume idea.

8 Fun and Simple Halloween Costume Ideas


Need a fun last minute Halloween costume idea for your kids? This Halloween costume couldn’t be simpler to make and it’s quick to put together. Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell, it’s super budget friendly! Especially if you already have white fabric paint and freezer paper at home.




Were you as big of a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas as I was? If you were, then you understand the excitement I felt when I saw this Oogie Boogie costume! It looks so real! The best part? It glows in the dark just like Oogie should.




Are you sushi obsessed enough to try your hand at making this  DIY Halloween costume idea? Looks simple (and tasty) enough, right?







Your little ones are probably too young to want to save the damsel in distress, but how does fighting dragons sound? Let them live our their knightly dreams with these fun Halloween costumes.


Who doesn’t love Where the Wild Things Are? Bring nostalgia and joy to Halloween with this fun DIY Carol costume.






His and Hers Lego costume? You two will most definitely win best couples costume!




Do you still play Angry Birds? How about with your friends? How about life-sized with your friends? I smell some fun photo opportunities.






This Halloween costume idea seems simple enough, right? Lots of kids dress up as Mario and Luigi. What makes this one different is the sound effects!



Besides all the simple costume ideas you can find on Instructables, they are also holding an amazing costume contest they’re holding for Halloween! Since you’re all incredibly creative and crafty, it seemed like a good thing to share.

If you love Halloween and make your own costume every year anyway, why not enter? There are 6 different categories that you can submit your costume to and multiple submission are accepted! So pull together your best zombie-mermaid-leprechaun and start snapping some pics to submit right away

Not intrigued yet? How about this: this year they’re giving away two extra special Grand Prizes – your choice of a 15” Macbook Pro with Retina Display or a Full Spectrum Laser New Hobby Laser Cutter. There is also the chance to win an iPad 2 and a digital camera. How’s that for incentive?

You have until November 7th to enter, which is not a whole lot of tiny to sew, stitch, glue, and solder together an award winning piece so get to crafting!

What will you be this Halloween?

P.s. If costumes aren’t your thing, maybe pumpkins are. Check out our Pumpkinpalooza contest for more chances to win fun prizes.

Spooktacular Homemade Halloween Costumes for Less

Every day, Halloween just gets closer and closer, which means less time for all of you crafters to work on your homemade costumes. They’re time consuming, and the materials can be costly. You don’t have to panic, because the editors at FaveCrafts have been busy for months finding the most creative Halloween crafts that won’t break the bank. We’d like to show you some of our favorite Halloween costumes that are as inexpensive as they are amazing.

$5 No-Sew Candy Costume– Your little one will look so sweet in this colorful candy costume. It’s big, but gives your child freedom to move around, and the design is easy to follow so you can change the color scheme to represent your child’s favorite candy. This is a big hit with little girls, and it barely costs you anything! For all of you non-sewers, this is perfect for you!

Cute Popcorn Costume – If you really want to show off how creative you can be with your Halloween costumes, transform a family member into a delicious bag of popcorn. The colors are bright and eye-catching, and the design is totally original, but also comfortable. This goes to show that you don’t need to spend months stressing about an original look; this will be done in no time at all.

Eyeball Halloween Costume and Bag – For a crazy result that your kids will love, try using Tie-Dye. This project is a lot of fun to do with the whole family, and it encourages kids to take an active role in creating their own Halloween costumes. Best of all, the design can be as wacky and weird as your little one wants; instead of just picking out a pre-made costume, they get to express more of their creative ideas.

Shiver Me Timbers Pirate – Pirates have only gotten more popular as the years go on, so you’re going to need to get ahead of the game with your costume. This design can be used for pirates of all ages, and has easy steps to follow. Your family can become its own gang of swashbucklers with some of your own custom details too.

Crafty Pumpkin Costume – Working with fabric doesn’t have to be expensive or messy; this project is quick and free of hassle. The materials are very easy to find, and putting them together is just as simple. You could create this type of project for a family member of any age.

Retro Robot Costume – Here’s one craft about technology that’s easy for anyone to do. If you’re looking to make green, environmentally conscious costumes, you’ll love this design. Using a few objects from around the house and recyclable materials, you can put together a detailed-looking project with a sense of humor. The lights and candy slot make this a fun, interactive costume for your little trick-or-treater and the people they visit.

If this post got you excited to for more Halloween costumes for less, check out our site.

Also, if you haven’t already heard about our exciting new pumpkin contest, click here for the details!

What’s your favorite homemade Halloween costume?