Crazy-Cute Celebrity Pumpkin Patterns

Unique pumpkin patterns can be hard to come by, but we’ve done our research over at These celebrity pumpkin patterns are as unique as the stars they’re modeled after. Whether you’re looking for your favorite reality star, internet sensation, or heartthrob, we’ve found fun and creative ways to create the perfect pumpkin. Trust us, you’ll be famous with your neighbors when you pull off one of these crazy-cute celebrity pumpkins!


Grumpy Cat Pumpkin

Grumpy Cat Painted Pumpkin

It’s hard to resist the adorable charm of Grumpy Cat. That precious frown quickly quickly became an overnight internet sensation. Whether you have a Grumpy Cat shirt or you just love to share his many memes on the web, you can’t deny his appeal. Now you can bring Grumpy Cat home with the Grumpy Cat Painted Pumpkin. It’s one of the best painted pumpkin ideas we’ve seen this season. With some paint and felt ears, you can bring that famous face to life. This frowning pumpkin will give everyone a smile.


Honey Boo Boo Pumpkin

Honey Boo Boo Pumpkin


Whether your a fan of the show or not, everyone knows who Honey Boo Boo is. This cute little kiddo seemingly became famous overnight! If you can’t get enough of the reality show this simple pumpkin tutorial will have your front porch glittering like Honey Boo Boo herself in no time! Let your fan flag fly with the adorable Honey Boo Boo Pumpkin pattern, it’s sure to catch the attention of your guests this season.



Justin Bieber Pumpkin

Justin Bieber Pumpkin
Be honest, no one is a stranger to Bieber Fever! Show off your love for The Biebs and his awesome tunes with this hilarious pumpkin parody. The Justin Bieber Pumpkin uses a voluptuous wig to bring that infamous hair swoosh to life right in front of your eyes. It’s sure to be a memorable pumpkin! If you’re looking to do something different with your Halloween pumpkins this year, this is the pattern for you. Plus, what better surprise can you present your favorite Bieber fan with this fall?




Snooki Pumpkin


Dedicate your autumn decor to everyone’s favorite new mama, Snooki of the popular MTV show Jersey Shore. When it comes to celebrity pumpkins, this pattern is the queen of them all. Add a fun poof to the top of your Snooki Pumpkin and add a pair of dangles to show off the diva in her. It will have all your friends and family laughing, and quickly become one of more memorable painted pumpkins you’ve ever created.



Which celebrity pumpkin will you make first?

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids: 16 Copycat Recipes and More

Ding dong! It’s that time of year again. Trick-or-treaters are preparing their best Halloween costumes, parents are decorating the house, and everyone has candy on the brain. You want to make this Halloween better than the rest…but how? Copycat recipes for candy of course!

AllFreeKidsCrafts teamed up with AllFreeCopycatRecipes to make this list of the best homemade candy recipes for a Halloween everyone will remember, including edible Halloween crafts for kids. These copycat recipes mimic some of the best name-brand candies, so these Halloween treat ideas are great for impressing friends and family at Halloween parties. From excellent candy bar recipes to yummy Halloween crafts for kids, there’s something for everyone to love. Don’t worry; this list also includes sealed-candy ideas for trick-or-treaters, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Trust me; if you give out these awesome Halloween treats, you won’t get a single trick played on you this Halloween.

Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

Homemade Snickers Bars

Chocolate lovers will be in heaven with these awesome candy bar recipes. These Halloween treats are delicious homemade versions of all your name-brand favorites, like these Homemade Snickers Bars. Your kids will love bragging to their friends that the best candy on the block came from their house. Check out more of our homemade chocolate candy recipes:

Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Kids

Trick or Treat Party PoppersGet the whole family in on the candy-making fun with these edible Halloween crafts for kids. Even the youngest family members will love making easy Halloween treats as a family. But instead of just dropping candy into visitors’ trick-or-treat bags, make some Trick-or-Treat Party Poppers to add a little surprise. Trick-or-treaters won’t know if they’re about to get a trick or a treat! Here are more trick-or-treat ideas for a fun Halloween:


Copycat Recipes for Candy

Candy Store Gumdrops

Homemade candy recipes make the best Halloween treats! Everyone in the neighborhood will think you got these sweet treats from the candy store, especially if you make these Candy Store Gumdrops. If you’re looking for more Halloween recipe ideas without chocolate, these copycat recipes for candy are for you:

Healthy Halloween Treats

Apple Candy Monsters

Halloween treats for kids can be healthy, too! If your kids need a break from their trick or treat candy but still want something sweet, they’ll love Halloween snacks like these Apple Candy Monsters. Your kids can even help make these Halloween recipes. Don’t miss the last of our copycat recipes for Halloween:


Still hungry for more? You’re in luck! Get more delicious copycat recipes for candy with a free ebook from AllFreeCopycatRecipes, or download more Halloween crafts for kids with a free ebook from AllFreeKidsCrafts:

19 Halloween Crafts for Kids

13 Best Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes


What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

103 Halloween Sewing Patterns: Your Complete Crafty Guide to Halloween

103 Halloween Sewing Patterns: Your Complete Crafty Guide It’s that time again . . .

What’s the worst part about Halloween?

That’s a trick question. There are no bad parts of Halloween, only good parts and better parts! Halloween is a crafter’s paradise, bursting with reasons to start fun new projects. In fact, there are so many crafting opportunities that the biggest difficulty can be narrowing down the field. Thankfully, AllFreeSewing stepped up to the plate this year to round up the Complete Crafty Guide to Halloween, featuring the very best of Halloween crafts! This guide has everything: Halloween recipes, DIY home decor, homemade costume ideas … if a project is awesome, crafty, and Halloween-themed, it’s here.

 Eatin’ Good: Halloween Treats

Halloween Treat Bags



The best part of Halloween trick-or-treating is dumping your haul on the kitchen floor when you get home and gorging yourself on sugary goodness. This year, help your kids trick-or-treat in true style, with one of these awesome homemade trick-or-treat bags! Then impress all the neighbors’ children by handing out incredible homemade peanut butter cups.




Sittin’ Pretty: DIY Home Decor

Fantastic Fall Pumpkins

Pumpkins are everybody’s favorite part of fall. They look good, they taste good, and they make for some seriously fun carving. Add a little pumpkin spice to your Halloween decorations with one of these unique pumpkin sewing patterns. Whether you opt for the Fantastic Fall Pumpkin or the Pumpkin Wall Hanging, your house will be ready for the season.



Lookin’ Fly: Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

The Cutest Prince Charming Costume Ever


There’s nothing more charming than a little prince. This collection of homemade Halloween costumes will give your kid an adorable edge over his or her fellow trick-or-treaters. Whether they want to get gussied up like a Disney Princess or are prepared to scare as one of the recently risen dead, like a mummy or a ghost, you’ll be able to find plenty of easy sewing patterns in the Complete Crafty Guide that cater to their Halloween whims.




What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

10 Totally Festive, Wearable Pumpkin Crafts

Dress up for Halloween this year…and not just with a costume.

It’s Halloween time again. It’s the season of pumpkin spice lattes, scary movies, trick-or-treating, and orange-colored Oreos. There are so many things to love about Halloween. For all Halloween’s scariness, not much about the holiday frightens me, except picking out a Halloween costume. I have so much trouble deciding on a costume, but I still want to be festive on Halloween day! Well, I found a solution for myself with these DIY pumpkin crafts.  Below, AllFreeJewelryMaking has complied a list of  10 wearable crafts that you (and I) can sport throughout the season.

Neat Pumpkin Homemade Necklaces

Pumpkin and Ghost Clay Necklace

You won’t miss out on the Halloween spirit with these homemade pumpkin necklaces. These wearable pumpkin crafts are a simple way to  add some festiveness to your outfit. Even if getting dressed up in a costume is not your cup of tea (or apple cider), this Happy Halloween Necklace still lets you delight in participating in the holiday. If bats are not your fancy, try this Pumpkin and Ghost Clay Necklace instead.


Beware: Awesome DIY Wearable CraftsPrecious Pumpkin Beads

There are plenty of other pumpkin crafts you can use as accessories this holiday. I just love these Precious Pumpkin Beads! You could use them to make all sorts of DIY jewelry, such as necklace pendants, bracelet charms, DIY earrings, or even cute pumpkin pins. They are such a versatile pumpkin craft!

Here are some other wearable craft options:


Frightening Festive Earrings

Cute as a Pumpkin Homemade EarringsNot a fan of necklaces or bracelets? Not a problem. The easiest way to add pumpkin jewelry into your wardrobe is DIY earrings. There are so many great tutorials on how to make earrings for Halloween, but my favorite are these Cute as a Pumpkin Homemade Earrings.

Dare yourself to try these other DIY earrings:

Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie


And if you have a little pumpkin in your life….try out this adorable Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie from FaveCrafts!

Be sure to try out these festive, wearable pumpkin craft ideas this Halloween! If you are interested in more Halloween jewelry projects (maybe skeletons and witches are your favorites), check out AllFreeJewelryMaking for more ideas.


What is your favorite Halloween accessory?






The Ultimate Kids’ Halloween Guide: 155 Halloween Crafts for Kids

Ultimate Halloween Guide

Dare to scare the neighborhood…with your craftiness!

You might think 155 Halloween Crafts for Kids is a trick, but you’re in for a treat.  From easy Halloween decorations to the coolest homemade Halloween costumes to sweet and spooky kids’ Halloween recipes, the Ultimate Kids Halloween Crafts Guide from AllFreeKidsCrafts has every awesome kids’ Halloween idea you could possibly ask for. You won’t want to miss a single one of these incredible Halloween kids’ crafts!




Halloween Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Goofy Little MonsterLively Halloween Lanterns

This comprehensive list is your one-stop shop for kids’ Halloween crafts. From age one to eighteen, we’ve got Halloween craft ideas for everyone, sorted by age for your convenience. Young ones will love this Goofy Little Monster, and preteens will have a blast making these Lively Halloween Lanterns. The whole family will love making these Halloween crafts for kids together.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Lucky Ladybug CostumeScurvy Pirate Outfits and Swords

Whether your kids want to be a strong superhero, a ferocious jungle beast, or a pretty princess, there’s a costume on this list for them. Your kids will love making and wearing these fun and easy kids’ Halloween costumes, and their friends will never believe their awesome costume is homemade, not store-bought. And of course, you’ll love helping your kids achieve their creative Halloween vision. Try tiptoeing through trick-or-treating with the Lucky Ladybug Costume, or battle on the high seas with these Scurvy Pirate Outfits and Swords!

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

Monster SnotYummy Mummy Oreo Pops

These Halloween treat ideas are so cool, you’ll want to make them every year. Edible Halloween crafts for kids are tons of eerie fun, whether you try making Monster Snot or Yummy Mummy Oreo Pops. These creepy treats are easy kids’ Halloween recipes that only look spooky; they taste delicious!

Halloween Crafts from Household Items

Creepy Bottle Cap SpidersMacaroni Monster Mates

Save the trip to the store for grabbing trick-or-treat candy; these silly Halloween kids’ crafts can be made with materials you already have! From painting projects to paper crafts to Halloween food ideas, you can find tons of budget-friendly kids’ Halloween crafts. Try a quick craft like Creepy Bottle Cap Spiders, or play with your food and make these Macaroni Monster Mates.

Easy Halloween Decorations for Kids

Rumpled Halloween WreathPlants Vs. Zombies Garden Stones

These creepy crafts will really get you into the spooky spirit! Do It Yourself Halloween decorations are so much fun to make as a family. Make a Rumpled Halloween Wreath for a festive front door decoration, or make an eerie battle scene in your garden with the Plants vs. Zombies Stones. There’s a ton of frightful Halloween fun packed into this list of Halloween crafts for kids, from trick-or-treat bags to fun Halloween recipes, so don’t miss out!

Halloween Party Ideas

Three-Dimensional Monster HandsSpooky Symmetry Ghosts

Trick-or-treating is always a great time, but why not have even more festive fun by throwing a party? You’ll find all the decorative Halloween craft ideas you need for your party with this list of Halloween Party Ideas, from Three-Dimensional Monster Hands to Spooky Symmetry Ghosts. Your kids will love these easy Halloween crafts. Don’t forget to try Magic Potion Making to really get the party started!

Do you remember the first Halloween craft you made? What was it?

Halloween Party Guide: Recipes, Decor, and More!

9 Halloween Crafts and Halloween Recipes for PartiesAre you planning to throw a Halloween party this October? Go big when it comes to your party decorations and recipes and grab your free copy of our latest holiday eBook, 9 Halloween Crafts and Halloween Recipes for Parties. From Halloween party recipes to handmade Halloween decorations, this go-to holiday guide will show you how to plan the perfect bash without breaking your budget! Learn how to make peanut butter cookies that look like bats or to create edible ghosts that the kids will love. No matter what type of treat you’re sharing over a trick, these yummy Halloween recipes will be an instant hit. Don’t forget to work on that haunting ambiance and add a few Creepy Yarn Spider Eggs or a holiday-themed table runner. No matter what you need for your Halloween party, 9 Halloween Crafts and Halloween Recipes for Parties will have you covered!

Creepy Yarn Spider EggsDecorating for Halloween

From table runners to votives, these handmade Halloween crafts will have your house looking sinfully spectacular. With the help of our free, printable Halloween eBook, you’ll be able to start on you Halloween home décor ahead of schedule. Free up some of your spare time to start making Halloween décor, it’s a sure fire way to make your house the scariest one on the block. Ensure that you don’t get skipped by Trick or Treater’s this year and download your copy of 9 Halloween Crafts and Halloween Recipes for Parties.

Party Crafts for Halloween

Grown Up Halloween Party

Hang fake spider eggs from the ceiling, add bloody votives to the bathrooms, and use a creepy witch hat centerpiece at your party table. With Halloween craft ideas like these, your party will be one howlin’ good time! Have a group of kids that are all grown up and out of the house? Have your neighbors over for a grown-up Halloween party, our latest Halloween eBook has just the right about of inspiration you’ll need to pull it off. There’s no reason not to celebrate while you wait for Trick or Treater’s to approach your door, so get crackin’ on these creepy crawling Halloween party crafts.


Halloween Peanut Butter Treats

Halloween Recipe Ideas

Grab your favorite ideas out of our free eBook, 9 Halloween Crafts and Halloween Recipes for Parties and get started on some of these tasty treats. These delightful and delicious treats are devilish enough to die for, and what would suit the holiday better? Whether you are a chocolate addict, a fruit fanatic, or a cookie monster, the crafty and cute selection of Halloween recipes included in this eBook will have something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plan the perfect Halloween party yet with some of the cutest, and most clever, Halloween dessert recipes on the web. We’re sure you won’t regret making any one of these fun sweets.

How would you plan the perfect Halloween Party?

Make a Toilet Paper Roll Treat Holder for Halloween

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

Hello Halloween lovers. Oh yes, this holiday coming fast and now is the time to get those fun little treats created for classroom parties. What’s easier than some candy all wrapped up? I hoard toilet paper tubes and paper towel rolls for occasions like this. We will be making 15 of these for my girl scout troop. It’s super easy and fun. I’m using some new products from both Glitz Design and May Arts ribbon.



  • Materials needed:
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Patterned paper
  • Tulle
  • Stapler
  • Washi tape
  • Ribbon
  • Candy
  • Small plastic bag
  • Halloween embellishments
  • Gemstones or enamel dots



First, start off by cutting your patterned paper down to 4-¼”. That’s the size of a normal toilet paper tube.

Attach your paper using a stapler. This is much faster than trying to use glue or other adhesives.

Next, fill your small plastic bag with candy and stuff it into the center of the tube.

Wrap your tulle around the tube lengthwise and close with a piece of coordinating washi tape.

Choose a couple Halloween ribbons and trim the ends to 45 degree angles. Layer them and tie a knot in the end to close the tulle around the toilet paper tube.

Trim off any excess tulle or ribbon and it’s time to embellish.

I created tags by using punches or pre-made embellishments. I layered then a numbered die cut with a fun raven and a large-faceted gemstone.


So fast and so fun! I hope you give this one a try. I made this in about 15 minutes. Happy haunted crafting!




Hungry, Hungry Holiday: Recipes for Halloween

The autumn holidays will be here before you know it which is why is bringing you these recipes for Halloween. While every holiday looks festive, with costumes and decorations and all the cheer on TV, there’s nothing more important than the food. Make sure that this year’s Halloween is the most delicious yet. From savory, to sweet, to something to sip on, we’ve got a recipe that will have you smackin’ your lips.


Halloween Drink Recipes

Cran-Cherry Plasma Transfusion Gash Cocktail

If you have a thirst like that of a vampire these Halloween drink recipes are perfect for you. Not only are they delicious and refreshing, they celebrate the blood-sucking scariness of the holiday.

Cran Cherry Plasma Transfusion

Bloody Screwdriver Punch

Crimson Gash Cocktail


Savory Halloween Snacks

Simple, Slurpable Pumpkin SoupSpooky Brain Chicken SaladSwamp Soup with Mud Balls

Sink your teeth into something spooky with these savory Halloween snacks. Don’t be afraid to try these recipes. They taste good and they add an extra element to your Halloween decor.

Simple Slurpable Pumpkin Soup

Spooky Brain Chicken Salad

Swamp Soup with Mud Balls


Halloween Dessert Recipes

Carved Scary ApplesChocolate Covered Strawberry GhostsFrankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. It can also be sweet! While you probably already have bags and bags of store-bought candy ready for the trick or treaters, these Halloween dessert recipes are a little more gourmet. With fruit and frosting and sprinkles, this Halloween may be the sweetest yet.

Carved Scary Apples

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops




Artful HalloweenEnter to win a copy of Artful Halloween from This book is chock full of DIY Halloween projects that are perfect for your next Halloween party or just to add a touch of Halloween home decor for the season. You’ll find instructions and examples for 31 handmade Halloween crafts in this book that save money and give your festivities a personal touch. You have until September 24, 2013 to enter. Enter to win today and you will have plenty of time to add some Halloween handmade items to your home!


 Which holiday recipe will you make a tradition?

Trick or Treat! The Ultimate Halloween Crafting Guide

Beware! Halloween is creeping up on us, which means it’s time to start getting into the spirit of the haunted holiday. Between decor, costumes and pumpkin carving, Halloween can get very expensive very quickly. Here at Favecrafts we’ve made it our mission to reduce the spending and increase the crafting. We’ve found the best tricks and treats in our archives so that you can craft your way to the spookiest, cutest, and most creative Halloween you’ve ever had. Don’t let the ghosts of expensive Halloween’s past haunt you in your sleep. Browse through these blogs and get going on your Halloween crafts!

Plastic-Bottle-Skull-LightsCuddly Cow CostumeFaux Bois

Handmade Halloween Costumes

Before you head to your local Halloween depot, take a minute to look through these easy tutorials. You’ll be amazed at how hilarious, scary, and unique your costume can be when you make it yourself. There’s even one in there for your pup!

Homemade Halloween Decorations

This year your house will be the spookiest on the block with these homemade Halloween decorations. Haunt your yard with ghosts, headstones, and lanterns made entirely by you. Just make sure you have enough candy – the trick or treaters will be flocking to you!

Kids Crafts

Perhaps you’re already super excited for Halloween, but there’s no doubt your kids are absolutely ecstatic! Playing pretend, eating candy, and carving pumpkins – what more could a kid ask for from a holiday? Make sure to get your kids involved this Halloween with these kids crafts.

Pumpkin Craft Projects

It just isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin on your doorstep. With these pumpkin crafts, you can carve them in so many creative ways. You can also make them out of fabrics and papers and use them as decoration in and around your home. It’s a pumpkinpalooza!


Witch craft will you tackle first?

Cinema Saturday: Make Your Child a Complete Superhero Outfit

Today’s Cinema Saturday includes two new videos that will help you to create a Superhero outfit. If you know a superhero kid, here’s your chance to help them dress the part. Our designer and friend, Maureen Wilson, created this superhero outfit complete with a cape, utility belt and mask. Any kid with a playful imagination will love saving the world in this special costume!



Find more playful outfits here:


Do your children like dressing up? What’s their favorite dress-up outfit?