Spooky Scary Haunted House Coloring Page

Spooky Scary Haunted House Coloring PageHalloween is exactly one week away, and we couldn’t be more excited in the FaveCrafts.com office. Our office goes all out every single year. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that our crafty and creative editorial staff loves getting creative with Halloween costume ideas. Some of us even wear costume ideas we found while working! The perks of being a crafting editor are endless. In order to celebrate Halloween this year, we released a free adult coloring book for adults last month. Since you are (hopefully) all done with your costume or adding the final touches, we wanted to provide another free coloring page.

This Spooky Scary Haunted House Coloring Page is totally free to download and makes a great pre or post-trick or treating idea. Busy kids and adults who just downed too much sugar will need to be kept busy. Click the image on the right or the link below to download the free adult coloring page.

Download the Spooky Scary Haunted House Coloring Page (pdf).

5 Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults

5 Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults

Love this free coloring page for adults? Check out the fully downloadable and printable coloring book, 5 Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults. Featuring creepy cats, eerie graveyards, and more, any Halloween lover will go crazy for this free download. You could even print of these pages and hand them out with treats!

What is your favorite Halloween character or image? I love bats!

17 Legendary Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

If you’re in a panic because you waited too long to make your annual homemade Halloween costume, don’t be scared stiff just yet. I am here to help you. You may be just as notorious of a procrastinator as I am, or this may have been the year where you put your energy towards your kids or grandkids’ DIY Halloween costumes and forgot to focus on yourself. We can get through this together! With these amazing last minute costume ideas for adults, you’re sure to find something up your alley.

17 Legendary Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

There are all sorts of creative and fabulous Halloween costume ideas here to choose from. Whether you have a weekend till your costume deadline or literally five minutes, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs!

Easy and Clever Crafts to Make in a Pinch:

Adult DIY Minion Costume

Halloween Costumes for Guys Ideas

Here are some creative Halloween costumes for men you’ll want to try out.

Toy Army Man DIY Halloween Costume

Group and Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

You’re bound to find a great idea among these crafty couple costume ideas and group costume ideas.

Flapper DIY Halloween Costumes

Unique Halloween Costumes

These easy Halloween costumes for adults are slightly more involved, but can still be accomplished in a weekend.

Quick Portrait Costume

Don’t forget to check out more ideas for DIY Halloween costumes in 10 Tips for Making Halloween Costumes.

10 Tips for Making Halloween Costumes

And, this wondrous video will give you some no sew Halloween costume tips:

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve come up with quickly?

13 Healthy Halloween Treats that Won’t Scare Your Kids

I like to call the period of time between Halloween and Christmas the Season of Perpetual Junk Food. It seems like once the end of October rolls around, it becomes a futile and endless battle to avoid a sweet tooth overload. It may be easier to avoid extra candy in your own life, but this stretch of time can be particularly challenging for kids to resist what with trick-or-treating and parties at school. But fear not, because healthy Halloween treats do exist! These Halloween crafts will make your holiday easier than ever. Create a Halloween to remember with these fun candy alternatives that come in all shapes and sizes. Getting creative for Halloween just got a whole lot more fun with this helpful list. From non-candy treats to wicked cool crafts, there’s something here for everyone. Below will give you some excellent Halloween craft ideas that will scare away cavities without spooking the little ones in your life.

13 Halloween Candy Alternatives that Won't Scare Your Kids


Candy-Less Halloween Candy Alternatives

These cute Halloween treat bag ideas don’t revolve around cavity-inducing candy and treats.

Spooky Straw Printable Labels


Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

These spooky crafts can be made with adult supervision for a wonderful alternative to sweets.


Spooky Bottle Cap Monsters


Halloween Treats for Kids

Treats don’t have to be super sugary to be delicious.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts

Halloween Polymer Clay Chocolates


If these DIY Halloween ideas got your brain whirring, you’re also sure to enjoy 13 Halloween Crafts for Kids.

13 Halloween Crafts for Kids

What’s your favorite alternative to Halloween candy?


Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decorations: Two “Krazy” Tutorials

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute DIY Halloween decoration for your home or for a party, these two tutorials from Krazy Glue® will come to your rescue! They’re thrifty and easy homemade Halloween decorations that anyone can pull off. So, avoid the crowds at the stores by simply making your own last-minute decorations!

Mad Hatter Tea Cup Trio
Created by
Vicki O’Dell

Use Krazy Glue® and Halloween tchotchkes to transform an old tea set into a Mad Hatter Tea Cup Trio. The craft gel formula makes it quick and easy to secure miniature decorative elements in place. Perfect for a centerpiece, mantle décor or place settings.

Mad Hatter Tea Cup Trio

  • Krazy Glue® 20g Craft No Run Gel with Skin Guard
  • Three Tea Cups with saucers
  • Two foam balls
  • Fern pins
  • Various birds, skeletons, trees, witches hats and other decorations
  • Glitter, spray paint
  • Broken wooden candle stick or other decorative wood items from the craft store or wood section of the home improvement store.
  • Easter grass
1. Wipe the bottom of the tea cup and the center of the saucer with alcohol.
2. Glue the tea cup to the saucer with Krazy Glue®.
3. Glue one of the tea cups to a broken wooden candlestick or other wood pedestal.
4. Cut two foam balls in half and glue – flat side up – into the cups.
5. Use 2-3 fern pins to secure the Easter grass to the foam ball.
6. Use Krazy Glue® to glue in the decorative elements as desired.
7. Skeleton – spray desired color and while still wet sprinkle with glitter.
8. Tree – scrape decorative flocking from the tree with the side of a ruler. Spray paint black and then sprinkle with glitter while still wet.
Spooky Spider Pumpkins
Created by KariAnne Wood
Use Krazy Glue, googly eyes, and a set of pipe cleaners to bring life to your Halloween décor. Ideal for indoor décor, or as a candy dish for your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters.
Spooky Spider Pumpkins
  • Large round pumpkin
  • (4) small pumpkins
  • Black spray paint
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Pins
  • White yarn
  • Krazy Glue®
1. Carve the lid off of the large, round pumpkin. Spray paint large pumpkin, lid and mini pumpkins black. Let dry.
2. Cut out (32) 5-inch sections of black pipe cleaner. Bend pipe cleaners on the end and curve the center for legs. Using Krazy Glue, adhere (8) pipe cleaner legs to each of the small pumpkins. Let dry.
3. Glue the googly eyes to the front of each of the pumpkins.
4. Add pins to the front of the large pumpkin in a spider web pattern. Wind the yarn around the pins to create a web. Secure with Krazy Glue.
Comment below and let us know, what are your last-minute Halloween tricks?

14 BEST Last-Minute Halloween Craft Ideas

Are you like us and feel like the month of October has flown by? It’s gone by so fast and we’ve barely gotten enough Halloween crafting in! That’s when our best last-minute Halloween craft ideas come into play. Whether it’s an extra DIY Halloween decoration for the home or just some festive crafting fun, these are the quick craft ideas we love!

BEST Last-Minute Halloween Craft Ideas

Among our list of last-minute Halloween craft ideas are no-sew costume ideas, homemade Halloween decorations, and easy printables. Some of these Halloween craft ideas are great if you’re planning a last-minute party or get-together. Simply put together a few of these quick and budget-friendly decorations and presto! You’re home is party-ready, and you can say that you put all of your crafting skills to work in order to make it happen.

14 BEST Last-Minute Halloween Craft Ideas

Genius Homemade Halloween Costumes: make these no-sew Halloween costumes when you’re in need of that last-minute costume!

New Sew Repurposed Fabric Pumpkins: upcycle old fabric or scrap fabric from your stash to make these easy DIY Halloween decorations.

New Sew Repurposed Fabric Pumpkins

Candy Corn Polymer Clay Earrings: need to look festive on the last-minute? Make these beginner-friendly DIY earrings and you’ll easily look festive on the spot.

Candy Corn Polymer Clay Earrings

Little Crochet Pumpkin Garland: nothing makes your home look instantly festive more than an easy DIY garland.

Little Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Halloween Mason Jar Treats + Free Printable Labels: ditch the bags for mason jars and use these adorable free printables for a unique way to hand out your Halloween treats.

Halloween Mason Jar Treats + Free Printable Labels

Easy Skull Centerpiece: not only are candy skulls on-trend, but succulents are even trendier. Make a chic DIY home decor piece with this easy tutorial.

Easy Skull Centerpiece

Metallic Sharpie Treat Bags + Free Printable Label: need a quick treat bag? These free printables are so easy and quick, they’re a no-brainer!

Metallic Sharpie Treat Bags + Free Printable Label

Trashbag Spiderwebs: really! Learn how you can use trashbags for a super spooky last-minute and budget-friendly DIY Halloween decoration.

Trashbag Spiderwebs

DIY Pom Pom Flower Pumpkin: so pretty and simple. You’ll want to display this homemade Halloween decoration all year long!

DIY Pom Pom Flower Pumpkin

For more quick Halloween craft ideas, check out 25+ Halloween Crafts to Make at the Last Minute.

What’s your best last-minute holiday or hosting advice?

Quilt in a Day: Our Top 7 Last Minute Halloween Projects and Patterns

Can you believe Halloween is only a day away? If you’re just realizing you’re missing a special decoration or bag pattern, don’t worry; the editors at FaveQuilts have prepared something special for you. This list of last minute Halloween quilt patterns are perfect for the quilter in a hurry. These patterns will only take you a few hours, which means you’ll be ready to enjoy a frightful and fun Halloween without worry.

1) Reversible Fall Holidays Quilted Placemats

Reversible Fall Holidays Quilted Placemats

Spending money on every single holiday that occurs between October and December can seem like a real nightmare on your wallet. You can cut expenses easily when it comes to your table decor by combining two holiday fabric collections you like to make these Reversible Fall Holidays Quilted Placemats for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.


 2) One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad

As the title says, the One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad only going to take an hour (or maybe even less time) out of your day, and it’s well worthy the effort. This cute little pumpkin pattern not only acts as a perfectly-sized hot pad for your delicious dishes, but this scrap quilt pattern can also be used as a doily, dish, or autumn decoration.



3) Wreath of Bats Pattern

For a Halloween quilt pattern that’s fast and versatile, but very elegant, try the Wreath of Bats Pattern. You’ll never look at these creepy creatures the same way; with a simple applique design, you can transform any of your festive fabric into a stellar new centerpiece for your room that’s got an impressive complexity that’s very easy to create.



4) Scrapbusting Strip Pieced Halloween Pillow

Strip quilt piecing is an easy and efficient way to bring together your favorite fabric without sacrificing tons of time, which makes the Scrapbusting Strip Pieced Halloween Pillow a project to add to your list. Grab some Halloween quilt scraps or other fabrics that will complement your decor and make pillow designs that are really striking.



5) Halloween Table Runner

If you’re having guests over and are struggling for a quick way to dress up your table, try the Halloween Table Runner. Use your charm pack quilt patterns to make a modern design with just the right bit of edge to stand out, but still fit in with the overall holiday theme.



6) Easy Applique Treat Bags

Can’t find a good basket or bag to use for your little trick or treaters? Then you’ll need to learn to make some Easy Applique Treat Bags, which you can easily personalize with your kids’ favorite fabric and designs.




7) Pumpkin Patch Quilt Block

When it’s time to start relaxing and getting the kids to wind down from all of the exciting festivities, this creative Pumpkin Patch Quilt Block pattern will really come in handy. They can use snap buttons for a number of activities you can enjoy as a family.







For more quick and easy Halloween projects, check out our list of 9 Decorative Halloween Quilts + 3 DIY Halloween Bag Patterns!

What’s your best last minute quilting tip?


Halloween How-To: Little Angel Costume

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

If you’re like me and have kids, you get a little sticker shock from the price of Halloween costumes. Luckily, my kids have a crafty mom, who will attempt to DIY just about anything for a good price. This year, my daughter said she wanted to be an angel. I went online, researched other ideas and pulled a few thing together very quickly to come up with my DIY angel costume.

Price Breakdown:

  • Tulle (10 yards on sale 40% off = $9)
  • Headband for waistband (Free- from my stash)
  • Wire hangers (Free from my cleaners)
  • White long sleeve t-shirt ($6 Target, but it will get worn a lot)
  • Shoes ($6 from Wal-Mart, but will get worn a lot)
  • Feather Boa ($3 after 40% off)
  • Tights ($3 from Target, but will get worn more)

Total cost- $27 (I bought items I knew would get worn for the rest of the school year, so my cost is actually lower if you think of it that way)


Other Materials:


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Doilies or coffee filters
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Wire snips
  • Adhesive tape
  • Duct tape


To Make the Wings and Halo:

First, you need to snip the curved hanger part off and duct tape the straight parts together. After that, you’ll want to take apart a third hanger and create a halo going perpendicular to the where you attached the wings together.


Next, you want to cover the wings with the doilies using a adhesive tape runner. I folded mine mostly in half and filled in.


Next up, you want to glitter those wings by brushing them lightly with Mod Podge and shaking white shimmery glitter all over. I did this part outdoors.


To finish the wings up, use your hot glue gun to adhere the feather boa along the edge and around the halo. Take your time and don’t burn yourself like I did. This is what the finished wings and halo will look like.



To Make the Skirt:

Cut your tulle down to 3” wide pieces and measure how long you want them to be. You will be able to trim later as well once the child tries it on.


Tie the pieces of tulle through the openings in the headband all around. We ended up with three rows to make a nice full skirt. You can add as much or as little as you would like.


Trim up the ends to the height of the child after they’ve tried it on. This is what the finished skirt will look like.


Add tights, shoes and a t-shirt and you’re done. It took me about two hours to complete this project, but my daughter loves it and can’t wait to wear it this Halloween and use it for dress up at home. Try something fun today and make this year’s Halloween even more special.

Halloween How-To: Boo-tiful Framed Art

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy for Any Occasion.

Today I’m here to share a quick project, as always! I was at my local craft store when I saw this fabulous Halloween burlap on sale! It was screaming “Buy me,” so I grabbed 1/2 a yard to create these fun and fast frames for Halloween. I made four of them in about 1/2 hour. It makes such a great teacher gift or something simple and fun to give to a friend. I used an 8 X 10 frame, but this would be super fab in a large shadow box with 3-D Halloween objects, too! The possibilities are endless.


  • 8 X 10 frame (mine were thrifted for a few cents)
  • Cardstock
  • Halloween burlap or any other kind of Halloween fabric
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fake webs (mine are from the dollar store)
  • Plastic spiders (also from the dollar store)
  • Sewing machine (optional)


Clean your frame with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Take a look at your burlap, choose a good piece and cut an 8 X 10 piece from it.

Using your spray adhesive cover the 8 X 10 piece of burlap with adhesive and adhere to your cardstock.

Trim that piece down to fit 8 X 10.

On your sewing machine, give a messy stitch all around the four sides, going over it a couple of times to secure it to the cardstock and to finish the edges.

If using a shadow box frame, adhere your 3-D pieces with hot glue. If using a regular frame, go ahead and place this in your frame as is.

Create a spooky effect by draping the webbing across the frame and hot gluing it in place. Embellish further if you would like. I added plastic spiders to mine.



Halloween How-To: Spooky Glass Bottles

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

For today’s tutorial, I wanted to share something fun for the upcoming Halloween holiday. I love reusing items like Starbucks Frappaccino bottles. They are so nice and sturdy that once I’m done with my drink, I can’t bring myself to throw away or even recycle them. They are the perfect shape and size for filling with candy and giving as a quick gift. This is such a great recycle craft idea.


  • Materials:
  • Cardstock
  • Patterned Paper
  • Paint
  • Die Cutting
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Gemstones
  • Stamp
  • Ink
  • Glitter tape
  • Adhesive


Clean and remove bottle labels using Un-Du sticker remover or a similar product.

Choose your die cuts and patterned papers and trim them to 2-¼” in height. If you don’t have a die cutting system, find a template you like online and cut by hand.

Stamp small sentiments and trim them down.

Spray paint bottle caps with two coats. Allow to dry in between.

Adhere patterned paper, then die cuts, next sentiments and lastly gemstones and sequins.

Tuck tied ribbon behind your front piece.

I created my pieces in the Silhouette Design Studio with print-and-cut pieces from Echo Park. You can also search on Pinterest for free Halloween printable and just cut those out as well.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from Our Fans

AllFreeSewing asked our fans what the easiest costumes to make for Halloween were and got some incredible answers! We laughed, gasped, and reminisced over your feedback to us. By the end of the post we realized that when it comes to quick Halloween costume ideas, you guys don’t mess around. In response to your awesome input, we compiled a list of 29 Halloween Costume Ideas to make at the last minute. While we really can’t choose a favorite from this list of easy Halloween costumes, we did pull some stand-out answers for you to breeze through. Take a look and see if you’ve ever been guilty of these quick, but effective, approaches to All Hallow’s Eve. Enjoy this taste of Halloween costume ideas from our wonderful sewing community below, plus 5 new Halloween projects on AllFreeSewing!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Witch Hat

From our 29 Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Ghost = Sheet with a couple of holes, LOL.
  • Adam & Eve!!
  • Toilet…long skinny box for the tank…smaller square for the bowl glued on the front…cut round hole in bowl box for the candy.
  • Gangrene – it’s a group costume. Participants wear green hefty bags and green socks. Muwahahaha!
  • My son rolled himself in a white blanket & added a sign tied around his neck that said, “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.”
  • My niece went as a smarty pants once. She pinned smarty candies all over her pants!
  • Find the full list of 29 Halloween Costume Ideas right here!

Looking for More Homemade Halloween Costumes?

Wispy Ghost Halloween Costume

Check out the 5 latest additions to AllFreeSewing for Halloween! These are great ideas if you’ve got little ones around the house in need of easy, quick fixes.

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster Halloween Hat
  2. Wispy Ghost Halloween Costume
  3. Yeehaw Cowboy Costume
  4. DIY Lace Halloween Cat Ears
  5. Hocus Pocus Halloween Witch Hat

What are you being for Halloween?