Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day is almost here. Ohmygooodness I completely blanked. Between a new job, working out, wedding crafts, and, you know, eating I completely spaced. Guys, Dad’s do so much for us. I don’t even have to get on a pedestal for everyone to know how much your dad or father-figure do for their families. This holiday seems to get underscored a lot, especially in classrooms, because it is in the middle of the summer, but I feel like we should give our dads the same treatment as any appreciative holiday!


Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts


Man Cave SignsMy mom was always really good about homemade Father’s Day gifts. There is this frame with pictures of all three of us kids, painted, with the year, but this is the best part: my mom put all of our fingerprints on the frame with our full handprints on the back. Kid’s handprint crafts are the best for capturing that moment when they’re that age. I had made him a frame out of bottle caps one year (he still has that thing in his office). Honestly, any pictures of the kids doing a cute thing would make his day. My dad also has a thing for funny t-shirts. Personalize things. Make memories. We need to give Dad’s the appreciation they deserve or any father-figure. I always made two Father’s Day gifts when I was younger because I am very close with my uncle. Father’s Day is about appreciating the man or men in your life that mentor and help you in life.

This Father’s Day, don’t give Dad the same old tie or card. I know those are quick Father’s Day gifts, but these Father’s Day crafts are so much more fun, and he will love the hard work that you put into it. You can upcycle old ties that he doesn’t wear anymore and create a necktie wreath for your door or his office space. You can mimic my mom’s idea with the picture frame or use this recycled pop-can picture frame. If you’re in a quick fix, these gifts are a way to personalize the holiday while still saving you time. He will love your creativity in making these projects. If none of these still don’t fit your fancy, try some of these wire-work crafts and you can make a tie holder.



Father's Day Gifts


Recycled Soda Can Frame

Rustic Man Cave Signs

Recycled No Sew Necktie Wreath

Goody Bag

Father’s Day Pie in a Jar

Daddy’s Day Alphabet Kids

Golf Tee Porcupine

Store Your Stache

36 Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas Free eBook

Golf Ball Flowers

Painted Toolbox

Office Memo Board

Handprint Plate

What are your most memorable Father’s Day gifts?

15 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make for Their #1 Man

Dad’s the man, and now the time has come to show it. Father’s Day is coming sooner than you might think, and while Dad might say he only wants a sunny afternoon barbeque, the truth is that he’d love nothing more than a sweet token of appreciate from his kids. After all, your kids will grow up before you know it, so helping your little ones make a special present for their papa will give him a keepsake he’ll save forever.

Whether Dad is a tech-geek, an athlete, or an all-around manly man, there are plenty of homemade Father’s Day gifts your #1 man is sure to love! Don’t wait another minute to start creating these Father’s Day crafts with your kiddos.



Easy Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

No holiday is complete without sentimental gifts, and Father’s Day is no exception. It takes a lot of love to find the perfect Father’s Day gifts for kids to make, but luckily, you can use these ideas to get started. With these Father’s Day crafts, kids can award their dad with the Best Daddy Award, or show him that he’s worth a fortune with the Million Dollar Money Clips. Browse this list of Father’s Day gifts homemade by kids, and find the one that your #1 Dad will absolutely love.


Homemade Card Ideas

Don’t have time to DIY a gift? Already bought a present for Dad? Never fear, AllFreeKidsCrafts is here! Making him a homemade Father’s Day card is the perfect way to get a little personalization into Dad’s special day. After all, gifts are nice, but words of love and appreciation will stick with Dad forever. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, these charming homemade cards are ‘perfectly suited‘ to make this Father’s Day a memorable one.



39 Father's Day Gift Ideas


These Father’s Day crafts are the best of the rest, but if you still need more ideas, don’t fret. You can find 39 Father’s Day Gift Ideas on AllFreeKidsCrafts!



Which Father’s Day crafts are you planning to make?

Give Dad Something Great: Handmade Ideas to Make His Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and we think that store-bought gifts are just a little boring. Unused ties, Best Dad mugs, and golf balls are all collecting dust this year. It may seem like there are no other options for Father’s Day, but I can assure you that handmade gifts are the way to go. My dad still has some of my childhood artwork on his desk and hanging on his walls. I still stand by my motto: Happiness is Handmade.

Where to start? To make things easier for you, I’ve divided up our best “Dad Crafts” into categories so you can pick the right craft project to make. Start thinking about what your dad really likes and I’m sure you’ll make his day this Father’s Day!

Rustic Etched Drinking GlassesFor The At-Home Bartender

Superhero Cork Coasters

Beer Bottle Holder

Denim Drink Cozy

The Best Drink Recipes: 13 Refreshing Easy Summer Recipes for You

Rustic Etched Drinking Glasses

Decorated Shot Glass

Father's Day BBQ PlateFor The Grill Master

How to Make A Dad’s Rib Rub Jar

Father’s Day Grilling Apron

Father’s Day BBQ Plate

Father’s Day Spice Rubs

Dad and Son Tie Dye Camo Set

Personalized Plaid Platter

Manly Coffee JacketFor The Jet-Setter

Father’s Day Coin Frame

Sepia Tone Crocheted Slippers

Framed Tie Wall Art

To the Ends of the Earth Card

Necktie Cell Phone Case

Manly Coffee Jacket

Stitched Leather Keychain

Cozy Cabin Slippers for Men

Golf Themed Photo CubeFor The Fitness Fanatic

Golf Ball Flowers for Father’s Day

Golf Themed Photo Cube

Dad’s Golfing Frames

DIY Golf Towels

Rustic Man Cave SignsFor The Outdoorsman

Rustic Man Cave Signs

Fishing Picture Frame

Father’s Day Forest Card

Rustic Cabin Plaque for Grandpa

Fisherman Quilt Wall Hanging


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Knitting for Men: 14 Manly Patterns


Father's Day Free eBook Library

"Father's Day Crafts" eBook Father's Day Crafts: Blogger Edition 2010 Book "Crafts for Father's Day: 36 Homemade Father's Day Gift Ideas" free eBook


What are you crafting for Father's Day

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whenever I ask my dad what he wants for Father’s Day, he usually gives me the same dad-like response: nothing. He doesn’t want me to spend my money on something silly. This is infuriating. I’m set on buying him a Father’s Day gift. The least he could do is give me an idea! If you have this same problem, you’re in luck. We’ve done all the work for you.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be struggling to find unique and special last-minute gifts to purchase for your pop. While some dads are famously easy to impress, some are just a little bit more discerning. This fun flowchart will help you find the perfect gift for any dad, whether he’s as hungry as Homer Simpson or as dapper as Don Draper. The best Father’s Day gift ideas are the gifts that you spend the time and effort to craft yourself. Unfortunately as you grow older, macaroni necklaces and finger painting will just not do the trick. Lucky for you, we have compiled these crafts just for you. Just start with which famous father your pops resembles and follow the arrows! These Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to make your dad super proud and impressed.

Father's Day Sewing Patterns

Father’s Day Gift Guide

1. Skinny Tie Tutorial – Dress your dad up with this on-trend tie. Even Don Draper would be over the moon if he received this lovely gift from Sally.
2. The Boxy Dopp Kit – If your dad travels a lot for work, jet-setting off to new places all on his own, this manly toiletries kit is the perfect gift.
3. The Gentleman’s iPhone Case – Some dads have no idea how to use a phone while others are tethered to it constantly. If you’ve got a techy dad, this is the gift for him!
4. Men’s Pisces Sweater – A Cosby sweater for a Cosby Dad? Enough said.
5. How to Sew Pajama Pants – Keep your couch potato of a pop happy with these pajama pants.
6. Sofa Caddy – Couch potatoes will love this in-reach organizer.
7. Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts – Feed a dad a doughnut and he will be happy for a whole day (or until he is out of doughnuts).

Looking for more Father’s Day gift ideas? Check out 17 Simple Sewing Projects for Men: Father’s Day Gifts.

 Easy Weekend Quilts + Simple Quilts GiveawayPlus! Don’t forget to enter to win Easy Weekend Quilts + Simple Quilts.

Quilts can be quick projects. It can be hard to fathom finding a quilting pattern that doesn’t take hours upon hours of work to create, but the authors of Easy Weekend Quilts and Simple Quilts have perfected the art of creating quick and easy quilt patterns for all skill levels.

The deadline to enter is June 9, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.


What are you planning on buying your dad for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day Photo Shoot Saturday!

Photo Booth Father's Day CardPhoto Booth Father's Day cardWith May almost coming to a close, we’re all eager to get closer and closer to June, the first month of summer and of course, Father’s Day. That’s why we at AllFreeHolidayCrafts feel such a strong urge to share our favorite handmade Father’s Day card around, the Photo Booth Father’s Day card. This card is as personalized as they come, and it’s a whole lot of fun to make. Spend this Saturday in full-out photo shoot mode and capture a few goofy photos of the kids to make Dad the greatest card out there.

Photo Booth Father’s Day Card

Father's Day Photo Booth Card


Photo Booth Father's Day CardPhoto Booth Father's Day CardThe Photo Booth Father’s Day card is so much more than a handmade card for Dad; it’s a day full of photography, and dress-up fun for the kids. Follow the step-by-step directions in this tutorial to create fun and goofy props for the children and grandchildren to model with. This Father’s Day craft will fill the entire day with fun and laughter.

Photo Booth Father's Day Card

Once you have finished your cut-outs and props, create a simple background to re-create the feel of an actual photo booth. Then it’s time to move on to the best part; the photo shoot! Your kids and grandchildren will have so much fun dressing-up for Daddy and Grandpa’s card, you won’t believe how many great shots you’ll be able to get. In all honestly, taking pictures of the little ones has never been this easy!

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

This wonderful Father’s Day card is as great as they come, it’s a blast to create and will leave you with life-long memories, and photographs too! Gather up the young in’s and get started on this wonderful Photo Booth Father’s Day card; it’s perfect for your father and husband alike.


Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

What’s the goofiest craft that you’ve ever started with the kids?

# 1 Dad! Father’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make

kids-fathers-day-cover-smallLet’s raise our juice boxes to the men who fix our bikes, the leaking faucet, and scraped knees. Their generosity extends much further than the handyman status, and for that, we thank them. And while a toast would satisfy those grateful guys just fine, they deserve more. Treat your favorite fellas to a day that is dedicated to them. Yup; a 24-hour period that is all about appreciation, love, and admiration aimed at the gentlemen who make your family whole.

To show your handsome Hercules just how much he is adored, spend time making homemade gifts for Father’s Day with your kids. This process should be fun and exciting, so to alleviate any stress, AllFreeKidsCrafts has gathered the 16 best Father’s Day crafts for kids to make and bound them neatly in a free eBook for your viewing pleasure. The challenge of finding the perfect craft to create has been eliminated, and all that’s left for you to do is to get artsy. That doesn’t sound like a bad job, now does it?

The 16 crafts presented in this free eBook are varied enough that you are sure to find the perfect crafts for the men in your life no matter their interests. We have covered every type of guy from the sporty dad to the sentimental father. There are cards, gifts, and decorations included to make sure that the third Sunday in June is a full celebration this year.

Homemade Card Ideas for Father’s Daytoddler-art-for-daddy

Nothing will mean more to Dad or Grandpa than a heartfelt note expressing how he makes you feel. Whether those strong dudes show their sensitive side or not, it’s there, and it’s just waiting to make its appearance. Since your meaningful note will be tailored specifically to the recipient, your homemade card ideas for Father’s Day should be too. That’s an easy task to complete thanks to the diverse projects presented in this free eBook of Father’s Day crafts for kids to make. Watch Dad’s heart melt as you hand him your handmade card that you made all by yourself. Even if you’re just a toddler, there is a darling card that you can make.

Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day


Though a gift is not necessary if you give Dad the perfect card, it would still be very much appreciated, no doubt. Homemade gifts for Father’s Day are worlds more meaningful than a store-bought present, even if it’s exactly what he asked for. When you pour thought, effort, and love into a gift, it shines more brightly than any brand-new car or straight-out-of-the-box electronic. Make Dad a gift that he will treasure forever, like the Daddy’s Day Alphabet Kids Picture. There is no question that this sweet gift will have a permanent place on Dad’s desk and in his heart.

What was the most meaningful Father’s Day gift you have ever made?

Easy Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts… and Some Poetry

If you’re looking for something to make for dad, check out the quick and easy Father’s day crafts and kids crafts for Father’s Day below! AllFreeKidsCrafts and AllFreeHolidayCrafts have teamed up to bring you the ultimate last-minute guide to Father’s Day DIY.

But first, an award and a poem:

Best Daddy Award
Dear Old Dad, you’re so rad.
You lift my spirits when I’m feeling bad.
We love when you make us pancakes on Sunday.
Every day is fun with you, even Monday.

My dear Ol’ Man, the man with the plan.
I want to be just like you, if I can.
You’re so clever and handy with tools,
You make the rest of us look like fools.

Dear Old Pops, you’re really tops.
For you, I’ll pull out all the stops.
It may seem like a worn out cliché,
But I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!

Dads are the coolest, aren’t they? They love you dearly, teach you nearly everything worth knowing, and they know how to have a blast with their kids. From your first game of catch to that special dish he makes better than anyone in the world, the best things about dads all culminate to create that special relationship between a father and his kids.

Even if you’re running late and haven’t figured out how to thank Dad for everything he’s done for you, you can still make some amazing last-minute Father’s Day craft projects that he’s sure to love.

Scrabble Tile Fathers Day Frame

AllFreeHolidayCrafts and AllFreeKidsCrafts offer a wide array of fun Father’s Day crafts for kids and adults alike to make on Dad’s special day. Try making a Scrabble Tile Father’s Day Frame with the kids, and set it on his bed table with a homemade Father’s Day Shirt and Tie Candy Tin. Make your hungry golfer dad some Golf Ball Cake Pops, or let Dad relax with his favorite book and a Father’s Day bookmark!

Silly Dad Ties

The little ones can get in on Father’s Day kids crafts too, courtesy of AllFreeKidsCrafts! Tiny tots can dress up like the best-dressed dad they know with these Silly Dad Ties. Dad will love wearing a homemade Tie-Dye Tool Tee from his favorite kids while he enjoys some Father’s Day Pie in a Jar! Top it all off with a Best Daddy Award to show him that he’s the best dad around. These quick and easy Father’s Day crafts are a great way to make something special in no time!

Make last minute Father’s Day crafts on your own or with the kids for a special something that dad will adore on his special day. Looking for more? Check out the amazing Father’s Day crafts at AllFreeHolidayCrafts and AllFreeKidsCrafts for more great ideas!

What are you planning to do for Dad on Father’s Day?

I think I’ll make my dad a radioactive tie and a nerdy clock because he’s a chemist!

Geek Crafts: Nerdy Neckties for Father’s Day


I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your weekly dose of geeky goodness!

Father’s Day is coming up, so now’s the perfect time to work a little geeky magic on an otherwise tame and traditional gift. Forget taking a trip to your local menswear emporium. This year, give the awesomely geeky dad in your life something he’ll actually want to wear: Behold, my nerdy necktie roundup!

If your dad’s not the necktie wearing kind, check out my Geek Crafts: Recycled DON’T PANIC Drink Set instead. You can’t go wrong with a cold drink and a calm attitude!

1. How-Tuesday: DIY Geek Power Tie from The Etsy Blog

2. Resistor Necktie from Becky Stern on CRAFT

3. GFG Guest Tutorial – Lego Belt Buckle and Tie Pin by Delia Creates from Delia Creates on Kojo Designs

4. Kraftwerk-inspired LED Tie from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

5. Tutorial: How to Freezer Paper Stencil (or Fake Silk Screen) a Necktie from Crafting a Green World

6. How to Embroider a Necktie from Craft Stylish

Are you making something awesome for your dad? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Father’s Day Gifts

It’s never too early to start thinking about an upcoming holiday like Father’s day for example. It’ll be here before you know it, so you might as well be prepared. Make some fun crafts with your kids to give for Father’s day. Father’s day gifts are great when they are homemade. Daddy’s always love watching their kids grow up so of course he’ll love something made from the heart. Here you can find a fun and easy Father’s day gift that he’ll cherish forever.

The word gift usually means something that he doesn’t know about, something that he has to unwrap and be surprised about, but not with this craft. What a great gift for Father’s day then to do some crafting with your kids and make portraits. This is really neat because it’s so different, you can draw your portraits of each other on your sliding glass door or a lower window in the house. One person needs to be inside while the other on the outside.

With Dad on the outside, it’s the child’s time to draw his face by tracing it with a fun Crayola washable marker. This allows the child to use a little bit of creativity while working on their drawing and tracing skills. They can draw the nose, the eyes, the lips and mouth, maybe even some teeth if Dad has a big smile on his face. You can end up with the silliest portraits by using crazy colors. Make the lips purple or draw the hair green. It’s a great time for everyone.

If you don’t want to use a window in the house you can buy a clear washboard so that when it’s done you can put it in a frame and hang it up. This truly is a great craft for a Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day Crafts: Blogger Edition 2010 eBook

In this eBook, explore a collection of Father’s Day crafts designed by craft bloggers. You will find easy sewing crafts, paper crafts and thrifty crafts using items from around the house. You will even find a few food-themed craft projects for Dad! Learn more and download the free eBook here.

Included in this eBook:

  1. Stitched Leather Keychain by Jenya of MyEvaForeva
  2. Father’s Day Accordion Frame by Terri O. of Super Simple Crafts
  3. Tie Gift Bags by Kendra Halterman of My Insanity
  4. Manly Coffee Jacket by Molly Kozera of Bit O’Shine
  5. Upcycled Back Scratcher by Cristin Frank of The Eve of Reduction
  6. Father’s Day Burger Box by Kimberly Crawford from For the Love of Paper
  7. Father’s Day Coin Frame by Katie of Bower Power
  8. Father’s Day Card by Terri Sproul of Terri Sproul Blog
  9. Homemade Spice Rubs by Becky Kazana of The Fab Miss B
  10. Homemade Treat Can by Jennifer Priest of Scrapbook Royalty

Thank you for sharing your ideas and continuing to inspire us!