22 Crafting Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed: Part 2

In our last crafting tutorials post, “24 Crafting Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed,” we put together an extensive list of articles to help beginners learn new skills, tips, and tricks. We built an exhaustive post that was devoted to sharing all sorts of neat techniques and great ideas with the crafting world. The list was our own library catalog of all of the fascinating tricks and tips we had collected. It was our magnum opus, and it was a popular resource among our greater crafting family — that means you.

The original crafting tutorials post went live months ago. A lot of things can happen between then (July) and now. One of the changes we’re eager to tell you about is our new list filled with all of the cool skills we’ve picked up in the last few months. Whether you’re completely new to crafting or are here to pick up a few new techniques, these crafting tutorials are super helpful and fun. We hope they’ll inspire all sorts of fantastic and unexpected projects!

22 Crafting Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed: Part 2

22 Crafting Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed: Part 2

  1. How to Clean Paper, Cardboard, and Toilet Paper Tubes
  2. Are Toilet Paper Roll Crafts a Safe and Sanitary Idea?
  3. How to Dye Clothespins
  4. How to Make a DIY Jewelry Organizer
  5. How to Use Polymer Clay: A Guide for Beginners
  6. How to Decoupage Furniture
  7. How to Embroider the French Knot
  8. How to Laminate Cotton Fabric
  9. How to Sew a Stem Stitch
  10. How to Sew a Zipper
  11. Box Stitch Knitting Tutorial
  12. DIY Paper Quilling
  13. One Row Button Holes Knitting Tutorial
  14. Fabric Twine Tutorial
  15. How to Create Different Quilting Patterns Using a Walking Foot
  16. Should You Wash Fabric Before Sewing?
  17. How to Sew a Curved Hem
  18. Hand Towel Sewing Tutorial
  19. Macrame Material Ideas + How to Knot Over a Form
  20. The Ultimate Guide to Paint Brush Types
  21. How to Wrap a Gift with Newspaper
  22. Learning How to Square Up a Quilt Block

What Crafting Tutorials are You Most Excited to Try?

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

Wintery DIY Wall Decor

Gift giving stresses me out big time. I spend way too much time running around and deciding what to get people, feeling like my mind is a blank slate. I am awful at it. Small gifts is not my love language.

Occasionally I have pockets of inspiration, and I feel like queen of the world when I discover (or make!) a great gift that someone appreciates. Reading Marie Segares’ post last year on 7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts seriously helped me reframe how I view gift giving and holiday crafting. I highly recommend giving it a read!

Peering at this list and coming up with a few ideas of my own, I give you this year’s edition of:

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

1. Start Immediately

Snowflake DIY Candy Jar

One of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to Be Proactive, and that applies to Christmas crafting. We have a matter of weeks before the holiday is upon us, and if handmade projects like knit and crochet patterns take 1-2 weeks to complete, well, you can do the math! Starting now allows time to pick your projects, take breaks, make mistakes, fix them, and finish your presents.

2. Plan

Classic Infinity Scarf

Marie Segares talks about deciding who will get handmade gifts, and then planning what to make for them. Getting organized and writing out a plan (or pinning the projects you’d like to make, or crafting your plan in any manner of your choosing) will help you visually see how much time you have and how much crafting there is in store! My norm is to sit down and make as many scarves as possible (like my absolute favorite infinity scarf pattern by Fiber Flux, linked on AllFreeCrochet) and choose recipients after I finish the scarves. This is not the best method. It is, in fact, a terrible method. Be intentional with your gift giving and plan out your gifts and your recipients!

3. Have a Backup Plan

Tropical Leaf Watercolor Printable

Maybe that crocheted afghan you wanted to give your best friend isn’t going to happen in time. Maybe you can’t knit 16 pairs of slippers before December 25. That’s okay! Be gentle with yourself, and consider an alternative like free printables for making wall art, quick knit or crochet projects, and any of the ideas below! If all else fails, a store bought item or gift card never hurts.

Quick Homemade Gift Ideas

Half Hour Jumbo Tote


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

11 Beginner Tie Dye Tutorials and Tips

Learning how to tie dye is one of those useful life skills that often go underappreciated. I remember tie dying shirts at birthday parties when I was little and having a blast, so it’s my opinion that the world would be a little more cheerful if we all learned to tie dye. For one thing, there are so many tie dye tutorials out there, you can’t possibly run out of ideas. And not only can you have a lot of fun with it, it’s a great way to help your kids or grandkids create their own memories as they make amazing projects. Check out the lists below for tutorials and tips for making some truly wonderful tie dye projects today!

11 Beginner Tie Dye Tutorials and Tips

Tips to Get Started

  1. 100% cotton material is your best bet. For clothes, a basic 100% cotton T-shirt creates a perfect canvas that will hold dye the best.
  2. Experiment with different styles. From striped patterns to spirals, there are tons of tie dye patterns out there to choose from. If you do your research (by checking out the tutorials below!) you can choose the best pattern for what you want to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to branch out and choose something a little different!
  3. Combine colors for amazing effects. Pick colors that will blend well together, because the dyes that are next to each other will form new colors that you may not want! For instance, rather than sticking that pink right next to the green, consider placing it near your orange or yellow spots.
  4. Rinse under cold water before throwing your project in the washing machine! That will prevent dye from getting over your other garments. You will also need to wash the shirt (or whatever your project is!) by itself the first few times in the washing machine, again with cold water.

Tie Dye Tutorials to Try

  1.  Bullseye Tie Dye Technique

    • This technique is a tried-and-true tie dye method that yields beautiful results. The bullseye is like the poster child of the tie dye world: you’ll definitely want to try this tie dye tutorial out!Bullseye Tie Dye Technique
  2.  Crumple Tie Dye Technique

    • You’ll fall in love with simple yet spunky tie dye pattern that will wow everyone who sees it. This is another classic tie dye design that you’ll likely recognize. Add it to your list to make!Crumple Tie Dye Technique
  3.  Swirl Tie Dye Technique

    • I have a confession to make – I know you shouldn’t play favorites, but this is my favorite one! I remember using this technique when I was little to create an awesome T-shirt. This is a great one to choose if you’re having a hard time deciding where to start.Swirl Tie Dye Technique
  4.  Sunburst Tie Dye Technique

    • Pictured is just one of the many ways you can use this cheerful tie dye pattern to create your own masterpiece. This one is extra fun, because you can make many small sunbursts or one giant one for a pop of color!Sunburst Tie Dye Technique
  5.  Heart Tie Dye Technique

    • Similar to the bullseye, this beautiful tie dye pattern is right up your alley if you’re looking for a gift for your daughter or granddaughter, or an activity you can do with them. It’s sure to yield awe-inspiring results!Heart Tie Dye Technique
  6.  Batik Tie Dye Technique

    • This tie dye pattern is not only incredibly lovely, it’s a fun alternative to more classic tie dye designs. Get your crafting cap on, because this fun tutorial is totally worth your time!Batik Tie Dye Technique
  7.  Abstract Drip Dye Tee

    • For something a littler different, this abstract drip technique will yield a playful result that will wow everyone who sees it. You’ll definitely have fun with this twist on traditional tie dye.Abstract Drip Dye Tee

Want more great ideas? Be sure to check out 100+ Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques.

What’s the coolest tie dye project you’ve made?

24 Crafting Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed

Lately, the editorial staff here at FaveCrafts.com has been working hard on creating extensive how to articles to help our readers out with basic crafting projects and solve every day creative problems. These crafting tutorials not only come with charming DIY craft ideas, but allow you to make the best of crafting materials, your creative space and more. Whether you are brand new to crafts or just looking for some tips you may not know, the articles below are helpful and perfect for saving for later. This smart list will serve as a resource you return to time and time again.

Craft Tutorials You Missed

  1. How to Remove Hot Glue 
  2. How to Decouage on Wood
  3. Best Yarn for Dishcloths
  4. Coloring Book Therapy: Fact or Fad?
  5. How to Prevent Your Knitting from Bunching Up
  6. How to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles
  7. Coloring Therapy: Scribble Stress Away
  8. How to Wash Tie Dye Shirts and Projects
  9. How to Set Tie Dye in Fabric
  10. How to Paint Terra Cotta Pots
  11. How to Remove Tie Dye from Skin
  12. What to Do When Mod Podge Does Not Dry Clear
  13. How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns
  14. How to Tie Dye: The Full Step-by-Step Tutorial
  15. How to Make Natural Dyes for Fabric
  16. How to Print Coloring Book Pages
  17. How to Remove Mod Podge
  18. How to Paint Rocks
  19. How to Bring Knitting Needles on a Plane
  20. Bracelet Size Chart and Bracelet Sizing Chart
  21. How to Store Craft Supplies: Craft Room Storage Ideas
  22. How to Watercolor for Beginners
  23. How to Oxidize Silver
  24. How to Prepare Recyclables for Crafting


What crafting questions do you want us to answer?

7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts

I’m Marie from Underground Crafter, and like many crafters, I love to make handmade gifts for the holidays. Not only do I get to express myself creatively, but also can often make higher quality DIY gifts than what I can usually afford to buy for my friends and family.

7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts

I’m also not the only crafter who has ever become overwhelmed by making gifts for the winter holidays or has lost sleep, gotten a repetitive stress injury, or just became annoyed with the demands of handmade gift giving.

To help make this year’s holiday crafting more pleasurable, I’m sharing 7 tips for getting a head start on holiday crafting.


7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts


Start Your Homemade Christmas Decorations & DIY Gifts Early

This one almost goes without saying, but start your holiday crafting as early in the year as possible. You will give yourself more time so you can work at a leisurely pace, or you can choose to make gifts for more people on your holiday list.

Decide Who Will Receive Homemade Gifts

Not everyone appreciates handmade gifts, and others may not be fans of your favorite craft. The holidays will be more fun for you (and for the recipient) if you focus your efforts on making gifts for those who will actually enjoy them. I call these people “handmade-worthy” recipients.

As you think about all the people (and pets) you may consider making gifts for, narrow your list down to those who would appreciate something handmade. These are usually the people who have had kind things to say about your crafting, who are makers themselves, or who have worn and used previous handmade gifts.

Make a Project List

Now that you’ve eliminated those who aren’t “handmade-worthy” and know everyone you’d like to make gifts for, make a list of the types of gifts you’d like to make for them. Some crafters make variations of the same project for everyone on the list (like a favorite knit scarf pattern in different yarns) while others like to make a completely unique gift for each recipient.

Survey Your Supplies and Budget

Survey Your Supplies and Budget

Most of us crafters already have a stash of supplies. Look through your existing stash and compare it with the items on your project list. Now take a look at your budget to decide when and if you need to purchase any additional materials.

Be Realistic About Your Time Frame

In my experience, overestimating the availability of time is the most common struggle crafters face when working on handmade holiday gifts. While we could all make unlimited gifts if we had unlimited time, the reality is that as each week moves by, our holiday gift deadlines become narrower. So, be realistic about how long each project will take, and consider revising your list based on the amount of time available.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take Frequent Breaks

Even when you are working towards crafting deadlines, be sure to take care of yourself. Take frequent breaks (every 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your craft and the intensity of your work) to stretch and rest your eyes/hands. This will help you avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, even the best plans go awry. Have a backup in case you can’t finish your projects on time. This might mean putting aside money to purchase gifts later.


You may find virtually working alongside other crafters on holiday gifts makes the entire process more fun. Look for holiday make-a-longs on your favorite social networks. If you crochet, join the Holiday Stashdown Crochet-a-Long which includes 15 free crochet patterns by 15 designers.

10 Signs You Are a Craft Hoarder

Sometimes we all just need a little reminder that we are not alone.


[break]It doesn’t matter how much ribbon you already have, you still want more.

✨Ribbon stash

A photo posted by Creations by Kate Ronan (@bythebay_jewelry) on

[break]You’ve resorted to storing your supplies anywhere, no matter how high.

[break]Photos like this one make you drool…

[break]Your paint collection looks A LOT like this.

[break]Sales like this make your heart flutter even if you don’t need any more beads.

[break]Your craft room isn’t messy, it’s creatively organized. No judging allowed.

[break]Your car just can’t.

Tisket a Tasket… #basket #crafthoarder A photo posted by chriscranecould (@chriscranecould) on

[break]And you wouldn’t DREAM of throwing out fabric scraps.

Bag 1 of 5 bags of fabric scraps…really heather? #crafthoarder

A photo posted by H E A T H E R (@aspensummit) on

[break]10 pounds of buttons would never be enough.

[break]Basically this is your life and you’re PERFECTLY OKAY WITH IT.

[break]Are you a craft hoarder? Tell us below!

An Interview with Wise Craft Author, Blair Stocker

meinstudiolowresTeam FaveCrafts was SO excited to read and review Wise Craft by Blair Stocker.  Filled with amazing ideas for turning thrift store finds into home decor gold, Wise Craft is a must-have book for making your own home decor and accessories.

We were just so inspired by Wise Craft and all the amazing projects inside that we couldn’t wait to find out what the motivation was behind all these awesome tutorials.  Blair was sweet enough to answer all our questions, and even gave us some crafty tips on what to look for in thrift store finds and what three things she always has in her craft stash.

As a little added bonus, we’re giving away one copy of Wise Craft to one lucky winner!  Scroll on down to find out more about how you can win this awesome book!


What inspired you to create Wise Craft?
There are so many books already on the market that go deep in one craft or medium (like crochet, knitting, quilting, etc). I like to do all of these things, and rarely meet a DIY project or method I won’t try at least once. I felt like there must be others out there also want to dapple in all types of crafts to make their home a lovely place, without learning deeply about one particular one (at least not at first). There seems to be lots of us, thankfully my hunch was right!

What are some tips you have for crafters who are looking to embrace the DIY lifestyle?
Get inspiration from your favorite catalogs and stores. Often my favorite color combinations for a household related DIY project come from my favorite apparel catalog or store. And my favorite motto when it comes to household color changes? “It’s just paint!”

What is your favorite project in Wise Craft?
That’s hard to say, every one of the projects have so much meaning around them to me. I really do love the Avalon Quilt project in the Winter section of the book. It was made from my kids outgrown corduroy clothing. I collected it over a few seasons until I had what I thought was enough to cut into, then supplemented with some clothing from the thrift store.

You seem to be inspired by everything around you…but when the ideas just don’t seem to come, how to you overcome “craft-block”?
I work at home in a basement studio. If I find myself stuck and I just can’t seem to get the cogs churning, then I know its time to get out and do anything but make something! I love to window shop high end stores to look at the colors and displays. Sometimes I take myself out to lunch and people watch. I try to get together with my creative friends on a regular basis just to talk about all the things we want to do. And I never stop learning. Whether its going to weekend quilting retreats, taking online or in person classes, I am ALWAYS inspired when I learn something new.

What do you look for in a good thrift store find?
I keep a running list in my bag of what it is I’m wanting to find, because my eyes can glaze over when I walk into a big thrift store. I think it’s more of a gut feeling to find something- like fabric, clothing to cut up, or something furniture related- and just know it’s THE perfect thing. I’ve been collecting things from thrift stores for years, and I still come home with things that leave me wondering what I was thinking. I’ve gotten better. Practice makes perfect!
I usually don’t bring anything home that has something missing or needs too much repair, because I never get around to it.

Tell us three must-have craft supplies you have in your stash all the time.

  • Hot glue gun
  • Good scissors
  • A sewing machine

With these three things, almost every next step is possible 😀


BONUS!  We’re giving away one copy of Wise Craft to one lucky winner!  You have until August 29th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway!  Head on over to the giveaway page now and register to win today!


Want a little sneak peek?  Check out the Woven Chair Back project!

Block Party Ideas: A How-to Guide

Memorial Day kicks off the hot American summer and suddenly we’re ready to put on our sunglasses, get outside, and party!

No more hiding inside watching TV, it’s time to meet the neighbors and soak up some rays. Remember the good old days, when neighborhood kids ran wild or zipped around the block on bikes while their moms and dads grilled, talked, and hung out?

Let’s throw the perfect block party—the kind they’ll talk about for years to comewith a sizzlin’ grill, red gingham table cloths, music, lemonade, and laughter.

Block Party Checklist

Let’s get started. Here’s your checklist for must-dos to plan a perfect block party this summer. Print it and stick it on your fridge!

Decide on the date, send invitations or fliers to your neighbors, and plan for safety with your local municipality. Then, you’re ready to get into the finer details of the block party, including the menu, decorations, and activities.

1. Block Party Activities

Paint the Town DIY Outdoor Idea


Giant Outdoor WaterbedThe most important part of the block party is the activities. After all, it’s a party. There are obvious activities like listening to music, dancing, and enjoying the buffet. But make sure you plan some fun for the kids, as well. Create some homemade paint and let the neighborhood kids use the whole block as their mural. While the sun’s shining, set up a Giant Outdoor Waterbed in someone’s front yard, so the kids can cool off. Every great block party has a bike parade, where kids can decorate their bikes, like this one from Apartment Therapy.


2. Block Party Decorations

Burlap Utensil Holders

What says summer more than blue jeans or red gingham? We love these simple red and blue decorations. They’re so classic and summery, and remind us of childhood potlucks and block parties. String Festive Denim Party Bunting from tree to tree near the central party house. Then, decorate the buffet with a red gingham tablecloth by Beach Vintage. Top it off with cute Burlap Utensil Holders, easy!

3. Block Party Menu

Barbeque Chicken Sandwiches

Apple Pie on the Grill

Grill out with Barbeque Chicken Sandwiches, then chill out with some Fresh Cherry Lemonade. Have the neighbors bring the appetizers, salads, and other desserts. Check out this gourmet burger bar layout from Heart Tree Home and display your food in a similar way, as a buffet with everything labeled. Here’s the rest of our block-rockin’ menu to fuel all the neighborhood fun.


 What’s your favorite block party memory?

Stay Sharp: Make Time to Make Something

When was the last time you picked up a new hobby? It is so easy to fall into the same patterns every day—whether it’s your career, your kids (or grandkids), or even the same crafts and activities that you’ve perfected, it’s human nature to let yourself stay firmly in your comfort zone.

Recent studies have shown, however, that breaking out of those ruts can help us not only break new ground in our own lives, but may actually help prevent memory loss.

Dr. Denise Park from University of Texas at Dallas found that his subjects, all older individuals, made great gains in memory retention after they had learned a new skill, be it photography, computer science, or even quilting! “We found quite an improvement in memory, and we found that when we tested our participants a year later, that was maintained,” Park told NPR earlier this week.

As obvious fans of quilting, we couldn’t agree more with this assessment. Hobbies like crafting and quilting require use of your whole brain—the creative side, envisioning patterns and designs, and the technical, mathematical part of actually putting the craft or quilt together. It’s no wonder this mental workout improves memory!

In fact, Dr. Park went so far as to state that “by maintaining a very active brain, you could defer cognitive aging by a couple of years.”

It’s not often that we here at FaveQuilts encourage our readers not to quilt, but why not branch out a little? The best thing about the world of crafting is that there are always new avenues to explore.

DIY Home Decor Crafts

Hearts and Flowers Tissue Box CoverMake an amazing little tissue box with the plastic canvas Hearts and Flowers Tissue Box or light up a room with the Scrap Ribbon Lamp.

Not thinking big enough? Take up glasswork with the Faux Stained Glass Window! The important thing is to try something new, whatever that may be. Let no hobby or craft be too big or too small. Even something like the Pansy Ball Jar, which is so simple to put together but looks so beautiful wherever you put it, is a great way to exercise your brain and get something totally delightful out of the deal.

Make Your Own Jewelry

Bright and Tassled Bbeginner BraceletIf DIY home decor isn’t your thing, why not try beading and jewelry? This is one of those creative skills that is fun to do, looks wonderful, and lasts forever. How can you resist a statement piece like the Bright and Tassled Beginner Bracelet or these adorable Flirty Spring Rings?

Learn the basics of DIY jewelry making and you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of fun with fashion. Gorgeous, easy necklace tutorials like the Silver Shade Bead Necklace and the Classic Daisy Chain are the perfect way to play around with techniques you already know by building on a built-in knowledge base.

Paper Crafts for Kids … and For You!

Simple Quilled Daisy CardLearning a new hobby can be pricey, but with just a little ingenuity you can sidestep the heavy bill. From paper plate crafts to toilet paper roll crafts, there is no shortage of things to make with inexpensive materials.

This Simple Quilled Daisy Card has a simple process but a beautiful, understated look. For something a little more bold, try the Crepe Paper Tulips, which will turn any room into paradise.

As it turns out, it really doesn’t matter what you make … as long as you’re making something. Challenge yourself to learn something new. And you never know—leaving that quilt project that’s had you stumped for weeks to brighten up your kitchen with easy DIY paper flowers just might shake loose your quilter’s block and allow you to sew forth with ease!

Of course, if you’ve never quilted before… well, now seems like a pretty good time to start. Your brain will thank you!

When was the last time you took up a new hobby?

6 Amazing Wedding Websites You Don’t Know About

wedding-sitesBrides-to-be, listen up because I’m about to reveal some serious insider information. While other soon-to-be-married ladies are emptying their bank accounts and pulling their hair out, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear and throwing your head back with satisfied laughter. I’m here to introduce the most coveted secrets for making wedding planning a walk through the park. With this knowledge, you’ll avoid bridezilla mode and actually enjoy wedding planning.

Sure, you can visit those go-to, popular wedding sites for gorgeous, inspirational photos, but what about functional sites that actively help in the planning process? These ultra-useful websites may not be all over Pinterest, but they’re all over your budget, keeping it in check. Some of these sites purely assist in keeping costs down by tracking your progress, while others are resources to find low-cost options, including dresses, decorations, and invitations. You will be shocked at how much further you can stretch your budget thanks to these incredible sites.

1. Postable.com – Your hand will thank you for finding this awesome site, and if you were planning on hiring a calligrapher, your wallet will thank you. Collect all of your guests’ addresses in a genius way (they fill them in!), and then watch the envelopes address themselves. With endless fonts to choose from, your invitations will still look exactly as you pictured them.


2. AllFreeDIYWeddings.com – DIY brides and non-DIY brides alike will adore this frugal approach to wedding planning. The volume of DIY ideas ensures that you will find just what you are looking for. If you’re not DIY-ing your wedding, the site still offers invaluable advice and key insights from experts.


3. PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com – Wear the dress of your dreams without paying the price tag of nightmares. This uber-convenient site allows ex-brides to make money by selling their old dresses and allows new brides to save money with reasonably priced designer gowns. The site also sells accessories and bridesmaids dresses, turning your hunt into a simple search. *You can even set an alert if you’re looking for a specific dress!*


4. Wedding-Recycle.com – Here’s the real money saver. This site offers absolutely everything you can think of from decor to boutonnieres. What makes it really unique (and awesome!) is that you can sort the listings by color, so your wedding color scheme is safe for the keeping. Once your big day is over, log back on to sell your items!


5. IDoCam.com – Save some serious dough by allowing guests to be your videographers. IDoCam will send you high-definition cameras to get up close and personal on your big day, and then they’ll edit the footage for you. Additionally, the raw footage will be viewable online for family and friends, whereas a professional videographer would only provide you with one copy. You’re sure to get more intimate, fun, and personal moments on film when your friends and family are operating the camera.


6. Newlywish.com – Forget creating a registry at three different stores for cookware you don’t actually want. This site provides convenience and some seriously cool gifts. Besides the typical kitchenware and houseware items, Newlywish also allows you to add “experience” gifts to your registry like cooking classes, concerts, and dance classes. In addition, you can set up honeymoon funds, accounts for a gym membership, and more actually useful gifts. Get what you really want with this totally clever concept.


Have you run into a too-good-to-be-true wedding website that other brides should know about?