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Camping Crafts for Kids: Have an Indoor Camping Expedition

Campfire CupcakesI’ve been camping in every corner of this country and have such great memories because of it. My family has always taken the road less traveled, opting to spend a week in the woods rather than at a resort. Sometimes if it’s raining, the wrong season, or campgrounds are too far away, it’s just not practical to go camping, but have no fear! You can still have an amazing camping experience in your own home with camping crafts for kids, edible crafts for kids, and even bug crafts for kids to make the experience authentic.

Turn your living room into a tent, your kitchen into a river, egg cartons into ladybugs, and don’t forget about the essential campfire!  Here are some great camping crafts for kids from AllFreeKidsCrafts to do indoors on your own camping expedition.

If you have an entire weekend to spare, try this awesome Indoor Camping Expedition craft. It has food, crafts, and even a skit to perform so that you can get the whole camping experience.


Campfire Craft Projects for Kids Glowing Campfire Craft

The first thing you need is a toasty campfire! No campsite is complete without one, and you will want something to warm your feet while you are stargazing. Try this great Glowing Campfire Craft to create the effect of a real fire that kids will love. If you’re getting hungry, then the sweet treats in the Edible Crafts Campfire is a camping craft for kids that will fill your tummy. It even looks like real red and yellow flames, but I promise that they won’t burn you when you take a big bite.

Other Campfire Crafts for Kids:
Starlight Tin Can Lanterns
Twirling 3D Star
Rockin’ Tic Tac Toe Homemade Game
Dreamy Dreamcatcher
Campfire Hats
Painted Walking Stick


Edible Crafts for KidsCutest Cookie Campers

Next you’ll need something to munch on. S’mores are a classic camping treat, but if you’re in the mood for something different, then I have just the snacks for you. Try the Cutest Cookie Campers snack to create a realistic camping scene with a tent, little campers and a campfire all made out of yummy food. Sweet treats always go over well with kids, so make Campfire Cupcakes as a camping craft for kids with a sweet tooth.


Bug Crafts for Kids

When you go camping you are staying in nature, and that’s where lots of little critters live. Spiders may seem creepy crawly when you see them on the ground, but once you make them yourself, you will realize that they aren’t so bad. Try making the Creepy Bottle Cap Spiders project and you will see that spiders aren’t so much creepy as they are cute.  Cute Carton Ladybug Crawlers are another great way to introduce kids to the outdoors through camping for kids.Cute Carton Ladybugs

Other Animal Crafts for Kids:
The Very Cuddly Caterpillar
Carefree Coffee Filter Butterflies
Spidey Cents
Investigating Insect Habitats
Egg Carton Caterpillars
Flower Petal Butterflies
Beaded Butterfly Beauty


What is your favorite part about camping?