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Buying The Artist’s Vision and Stories

Nearly 20 years ago I was an Artisan’s sections of the Canadian National Exibition where there was a couple of guys selling some “Self Made Jewelry”. The jewelry was unlike anything I had ever seen. One of the guys had a dentist friend… He was making some jewelry with false teeth. Before your cringe and think that’s pretty gross… there was something about the jewelry that was somewhat “goth”  but out right fascinating. It was undeniably the most unique thing I had ever seen. The stuff they were offering wasn’t for me… but their ideas for the jewelry was memorable.

10 years later. As I scanned across a table at another Artisan’s Festival, the jewelry on the table was indexing my brain from a memory of the work that I had seen before. When I looked up, it was the same two guys. This time, they had developed interpretive passion about their jewelry. By now, their collection was enormous. They were busy with people standing 2 or 3 people back from the table just to get a look and listen to the stories about the ideas they had. In the 10 year span since my last visit to their table… their passion was being incorporated into their work… it wasn’t just jewelry anymore… it was wearable artwork. You knew when you bought a peice that you were buying into their creativity.

From that moment and the last time I seen them nearly 10 years ago… I was so drawn to the ideas I had seen on the table. Not so much the “Goth” but the idea that something can be created to have emotional creative energy which is captured inside the artwork. The artwork tells its own story, but now the jewelry has a second story by the actual designers.

When someone is buying creativity… it’s not just the colour and shape. Its the emotional connection and meaning associated with whatever you are producing. If your a designer… or wannabe designer… it’s important to think about who is your purchaser and what would draw the type of customer you are looking for.

After all, they are not just buying some fabric, metal, or plastic… they are buying into the creative dream of the designer.