Keep it Together! 4 Business Card Holders to Make

When you’re at a craft show or networking with other craft people, you’ll want to exchange business cards and keep in touch with them in the future. Who knows where those relationships can lead? Maybe one day you’ll be designing our own craft line because of one little business card! Well, over at Creative Income blog we’re all about networking and we’ve realized that there’s no better way to keep your contacts organized and show off your skills than with a handmade business card holder!

These three are great examples of handmade business card holders that help to show of your creativity and your talents without even having to show anyone what you make! How cool is that? You can whip out your business card holder and let it do the speaking for you.



I love the colors in this pretty sewn business card holder. It has two pockets and lots of room so you can hold your cards and the card of all your new connections! Check out the free sewing tutorial to see how to make it and whip one up before your next craft fair.







This little pouch is for all you knitters out there! If you sell knit items or even yarn this is the perfect way to showcase it.


This little vintage inspired pouch is classy and perfect for a large stack of business cards! If you love this business card holder as much as I do, be sure to pick up the free tutorial. 




Don’t worry crochet fanatics, we didn’t forget about you. The pattern in this business card holder is so pretty and it give you the chance to use your two favorite colors. Or you could really show off your commitment to crochet and make each row a different color. 




So there you have it! Easy and adorable ways to keep your contacts in order the next time you’re at a craft show, networking event, or making friends in town.

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