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FaveCrafts News: Our Brand New Crafting Studio


It seems like just yesterday that we launched FaveCrafts.com here at Prime Publishing LLC. In 2009, our company launched our first website and expanded a year later in 2010 to include even more sites you love – AllFreeCrochet.com, AllFreeSewing.com, AllFreeKnitting.com, and more. After those first few years, we expanded to 38 fully functional sites. Now, we’re expanding even more!

Several years ago, we built our very own crafting studio and test kitchen in-house to begin creating our very own content right here at home. We’ve since hired a stellar video production team and have created nearly 500 videos since then with guest bloggers, our 3 in-house chefs, and our editorial team taking the stage! If you haven’t checked out the FaveCrafts.com Youtube channel or the videos on our site, we recommend you do so ASAP.

After years of growth, we’re still growing! With so much more exciting crafting video content on our calendar, we need more space. That is why Prime Publishing LLC (the FaveCrafts team) is expanding our Northbook, IL offices to include a brand new crafting studio, another test kitchen, more storage space for all those important supplies, and even some extra room for our editors. Check out the video below to learn more and keep checking back for more progress!

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We’re going to need plenty of video ideas! What kind of crafting videos would you love to see?