Blog Hop Recap March: My Favorite Crafts

Thank you for posting your wonderful crafts! All of them were so unique and amazing. It was hard to pick and choose which ones I liked the most. But I was able to narrow down my choices to five crafts I really liked.

The Eggshell Mosaic Bracelet by Tiffany Windsor caught my immediate attention.

I loved the texture and appearance of the bracelet. Being the jewelry lover that I am, I would definitely add it to my collection. It is easy to make and it looks great. Such a cool idea to include eggshells as decorative ornaments. Such a unique and elegant look. I definitely recommend you make it yourself!

What is a perfect outfit without the perfect necklace? This Shrinky Dink pendant necklace by Amy Anderson is the finest accessory to your style whether it is casual, elegant, business, etc. Its glass looking texture and bright colors give it a catchy dimensional look.

Amy describes in her blog how she enjoyed watching and eagerly waited for the Dink to bake in the oven. I guess most of us can relate to her, at least I can, since watching your craft bake is like watching your favorite dish cook in the oven. The result was stupendous Amy! Great job! Now all of you get to see how she did it and try it yourselves!

As I am on the jewelry fever right now, I can’t not mention another great invention that I saw on the Blog Hop for March. Who would have thought that paper can make a great material for a pretty necklace. At least, I haven’t. This St.Pat’s Day Necklace by Carol Heppner is so pleasing and so simple to make. I just adore it!

You cannot make jewelry without beads. I love the African Trade Beads by Marie Segal not just because I am a huge fan of African crafts but because they are so colorful and fun to wear. I got myself some earrings from South Africa a few years ago with the same style of beads so it is so pleasing to see a tutorial on how to make and use them yourself  in the comfort of your own home.

Follow Marie’s instructions and you will see how much fun it is! Great idea Marie! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

And last but not least, the diaper wreath. All of you moms would love that one. I know I do. All these diapers around the house can be used to create a fun wreath to decorate your loved one’s room or simply to surprise a friend at a baby shower. Either way, I thought this was very creative. I just wish I could see some instructions on how you made it TxMum2ThreeBoys so that everyone can be a part of your creative idea.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated! Loved the projects, your blogs and work! Keep up the good work artists! It is not  easy to be one but definitely very rewarding. I know because I am one myself. Good luck to all!


  1. nik says

    Thanks for the recap. All beautiful work. The Shrinky Dink pendant project will thrill my nieces!

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