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Cinema Saturdays: How to Bind a Quilt with the Quilter’s Boot

If you are simply anxious to learn a new way of binding the edges of your quilt, you can now learn the Quilter’s Boot technique with this video.This special and unique technique involves sewing the binding around the entire quilt and then mitering the corners rather than the more usual method of mitering corners as you go. This is a really fun, easy way of sewing your quilt binding, especially on a mini or doll quilt. Using your fancy tool, you simply sew, trim and pluck — it is really that simple! It is so helpful to watch this two-minute video and see exactly how you can make the magic happen by binding your quilt with the Quilter’s Boot method. And remember, you can use this method for kids’ quilts, quilted gifts and even holiday quilts!

How to Bind a Quilt with the Quilter’s Boot:

What’s your favorite binding technique?