Beginner Knitting: How to Change Colors

There comes a point in a knitter’s life when they’ll be asked to change colors.  I still remember when I came across this for the first time.  I realize that there are tons of knit sweaters out there that incorporate stripes and that they’d have to change colors to do so, but I had no idea how this was done!  I knit items in solid colors for quite a while before mustering up the courage to look up a few tutorials.  As with a lot of things in knitting, it turned out to not be so bad after all.  In fact, it was pretty simple!

First, let’s learn how to change colors at the end of a row, like you would for adding stripes to your project.  Then we’ll learn how to change colors in the middle of a row – both aren’t as scary as you might think!  

  • To add another yarn color at the end of a row. Simply drop the old yarn end, and begin the row with the new color yarn. Later, you will weave the yarn ends into the finished work with a yarn needle.  Continue knitting with new color for as long as pattern dictates.

  • To add another color in the middle of a row.  To add a new color of yarn in the middle of a row, simply drop the yarn you were working with, and begin working with the new color as you would if you were changing colors at the end of a row.  Tie the two yarns together at the back of your knitting using a square knot.  Use a yarn needle to weave in any tail ends once the project is finished.

  • For rows that follow, when the new colors join together, twist the colors around once before changing yarns. This helps to connect the colors so there won’t be an open hole at the area where they meet.


Do you have any techniques/tricks for changing colors?  We’d love to hear them!


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