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15 Ways to Bring the Beach Home

When I was younger, the first week of August was usually when our family would head off for a vacation. During my adolescent and teen years, , we often ended up at the same beach-side hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My mom’s favorite activity was collecting shells in a plastic bag – she would gather up her stash and show us her findings at the end of the day. While a plastic bag is a convenient means of storage, there are so many (better) crafty options. This got me thinking – there must be people just like my mom who love to collect shells and other keepsakes but don’t know what to do next. Alternatively, there are plenty of DIY lovers who can’t get to the beach (that’s where your local craft store come in). Now you can bring the beach home and create the ultimate summer crafts.

Don’t worry yarn lovers – we haven’t forgotten about you. Bring out the best aspects of the beach in your afghan, scarf and wall decor designs. Cool colors and soft ripples turn an otherwise normal crochet or knitting pattern into a work of art. Ready to head to the beach? Leave the sunblock at home – you won’t need it for these genius DIY ideas.



Beach-Inspired Summer Craft Ideas

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to hit the beach to find the best items for your summer crafts. Craft stores supply everything from shells to sand, so head to your favorite shop and get to work. Use the beach as inspiration when you crochet your next scarf or construct your next wreath. Fun summer crafts like these never go out of style, so you can leave them up well into the fall.


Super Fun Crafts With Shells

Seashells aren’t just meant to be displayed in a jar or on a plate. Instead, use them for your craft projects. Use regular glue, decoupage and other adhesives to add colorful, iridescent seashells to your DIY designs. The added dimension adds depth and excitement to any handmade piece.




¬†What’s your favorite summer memory?