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Banned from Facebook

Viewer is banned from Facebook

Fake Names on Facebook Are Being Banned

In recent events, it appears that Facebook is now cracking down on people with false names. In fact, these people I am referring to have been banned from the Facebook Site with their IP Addresses Blocked. Essentially they are blocked right out of the system.

On my internet sites, we are all about crafting and sharing projects back and forth. We have great community spirit. Some communities like AllFreeCrochet have nearly 20,000 followers. You can be sure that there is a significant portion of these same people that have false names on Facebook due to privacy.

As much as we all love crafting, we have an obligation to ensure we are playing by the rules on many of the social networking sites we use.

In a recent concern posted to our community about the usage of fake names on Faecbook, clearly we all have an opinion. Who’s to say who is right. I think there is a time and place for having a fake name for privacy reasons.

Let’s consider the following:

  1. Some people have hard childhood situations where they would prefer their fellow school mates not be able to locate them in their adult years.
  2. Some people are hiding from abusive situations and prefer not to be located.
  3. Other people are high profile and don’t want their privacy invaded with common people being able to locate them.

Though some of us want to hide from others. The way Facebook is designed causes connection with others. As someone that is hiding, it’s easy to locate someone else that may know you and see if there is a connection and check friend’s lists. I’m not trying to scare anyone, just being realistic.


Measures You Can Take:

As much as it kills me to say this. We all have to remember that it is not our right to use Facebook. It is a privledge. They are a company where they need to protect their data and their statistics. They have the obligation within themselves to ensure their data they are collecting is accurate.

The terms of service for Facebook is pretty clear on what you can and cannot do. Terms of Service.