22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas

The summer season is fast approaching! Where do your thoughts go when you are day-dreaming about summer? Mine go straight to the beach. There a very few sights that are as breathtaking and calming as an ocean view.  With gorgeous scenery, light weight fabrics, tan skin, and sand between your feet, there is only one more thing you could possibly need, and that is a stunning piece of beach-worthy jewelry. Since wedding season is in full swing, we here at AllFreeJewelryMaking have designed a collection just for you of some fabulous beach-worthy wedding jewelry projects. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or a simply a wedding guest at a beach wedding, there is something for everyone in the collection of beach jewelry ideas.


22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas


Seashells, nautical knots, and sea glass pieces are all fabulous elements to incorporate into a wedding them in creative ways. From braided bracelets to colorful bauble rings, everyone will be able to find the piece needed to complete their beach wedding look in this collection.


Seashell Jewelry PiecesSeashell Wire Necklace

There is no way to better represent a beach wedding then to include elements in your ensemble that are actually from the ocean. Stunning seashell projects like this Seashell Wire Necklace are prefect for a beach wedding theme. Find more seashell jewelry projects amongst these beach wedding jewelry ideas.








Finger Knitted Nautical Necklace

Super Easy Sea Glass Stretch BraceletOcean-Inspired Jewelry

Whether you are looking for your something blue, or are simply inspired by ocean hues, these ocean-inspired projects are for you. This Super Easy Sea Glass Stretch Bracelet is the ideal beading project both for beginners and for veteran beaders looking for an easy, stress-free DIY jewelry design. Find more alluring sea glass jewelry pieces and more in the Ocean-Inspired section of our beach wedding jewelry ideas collection page.





Under the Sea Bauble RingEven More Beachy Jewelry Ideas

Are you looking for more cute beach-inspired patterns? Try this lovely ring pattern. The beads on the Under the Sea Bauble Ring resemble seas urchins, making it the perfect accessory for a summer beach wedding getaway. Still haven’t found the right beach wedding jewelry piece for you? There are even more beachy jewelry ideas for you to choose from on this fun collection page. Also, be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking.com for the latest summer DIY projects and wedding jewelry designs.



What is your favorite piece of beach jewelry?

As If! 21 Jewelry Patterns Inspired by the 90s

There is a theory in fashion that every 20 years, trends will start reappearing. In the late 90s, fashion from the 1970s, like flared jeans, daisy chains, and colors like olive green and burnt orange, was the rage. In the mid-2000s, the 80s were alive and well. I remember being in high school about 10 years ago and rocking bright eyeshadow, band tees, and fishnets (Yikes!). And it seems like this 20-year staple has come around again, because the fashion, colors, and styles of the 90s are absolutely trending everywhere right now. 90s fashion faves like crop tops, bright bold colors, and platform shoes are in demand from fashionistas everywhere. However, it doesn’t matter if you were a 90s kid or not, because you can still embrace these crazy fun vintage jewelry ideas that are all over the runway.

As If! 21 Jewelry Patterns Inspired by the 90s

From looks inspired by classic 90s movies like Clueless to the glamorous styles worn by famous 90s supermodels, there’s literally a look for everyone! If you spent most of your teen years at the mall, I’ve got you covered with fun DIY accessories inspired by your favorite stores. I’ve made sure to include the most popular jewelry trends from the 90s, from hemp bracelets to velvet accessories, so that you’ve got endless options for when you’re channeling your favorite nostalgic vibe.

If you’ve got your own 90s-inspired jewelry patterns, or just want to let us know why you love the 90s, make sure to leave a comment below! Sit down, relax, pop in your favorite 90s movie, and get to crafting your favorite easy jewelry pattern from the list below!

As If! 21 Jewelry Patterns Inspired by the 90s

Pop Culture Princesses: Jewelry Inspired by Your Favorite 90s Icons

Enya Bohemian Midi Ring

To wear: When you’re listening to your old Spin Doctors CD

Scene Stealing Jewelry: Patterns from 90s TV and Movies

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Choker

To wear: When you’re writing down notes with your gel pens

 Mall Makeover: Jewelry Inspired by 90s Fashion

Delia's Inspired Daisy Chain

To wear: When you’re rocking your favorite body glitter

What’s your favorite 90s movie? Leave a comment below!

28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box

If you like DIY jewelry, odds are that you have tons of different pieces of jewelry just lying around your home. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for jewelry to get tangled or lost this way. Get organized and continue your crafty, DIY trend by making your own jewelry holder. No matter what it is you need to organize, we’ve got the answer for you. Whether that’s a jewelry box, a necklace holder, an earring holder, or a bracelet box, you can find it in this collection of 28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box.

28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

You can’t go wrong with a classic! That’s why making a homemade jewelry box is never a bad idea. Great for holding all of your odds and ends, a jewelry box is a staple in the bedroom of every jewelry lover. What we love most about homemade jewelry boxes is that you can completely customize it to fit your personal style.

Mosaic DIY Jewelry Box

1.  Mosaic DIY Jewelry Box
2.  Three Blind Mice Trinket Box
3.  Trinket Box
4.  Sailor’s Embellished Jewelry Box
5.  DIY Lace Jewelry Boxes
6.  Darling DIY Jewelry Box
7.  Tin Jewelry Box
8.  Antique Cameo Jewelry Box
9.  Cardboard Accessory Box
10. Stunning Quilled Paper Jewelry Box
11. Beautiful Bracelet Box
12. Reliable Ring Display

DIY Earring and Necklace Holders

If you don’t want to drop your necklaces in a jewelry box where they could still get tangled up, what you need is a DIY necklace holder. This will allow your necklaces to hang independent of each other and not result in a tangled mess. Similarly, if you’re worried that putting your earrings in a box will make it harder to match pairs, then you should try making an earring holder that keeps your earrings together. If you don’t want to spend hours finding and freeing your favorite pieces of jewelry, then these DIY earring and necklace holders are definitely what you need.

Wood Mountains DIY Necklace Holder

13. Wood Mountains DIY Necklace Holder
14. Necklace and Earring Organizer
15. DIY Wall Necklace Organizer
16. Metal Tabletop Jewelry Organizer
17. Picture Frame Earring Organizer
18. Shabby Chic Earring Holder
19. Lacy Vintage Earring Organizer


DIY Jewelry Dish

For everything else, there are jewelry dishes and trays. If your jewelry is so beautiful that you want to openly display it in your room, then this option is most likely for you. These options look great on the top of a dresser or desk and, as long as they’re not too cluttered, make it very easy to decide which pieces of jewelry to wear each morning.

Trendy Jewelry Tray

20. Trendy Jewelry Tray
21. Cake Stand Jewelry Organizer
22. Bread Dough Jewelry Box
23. Homemade Clay Jewelry Dish
24. Fashion-Forward DIY Jewelry Dish
25. Easy DIY Clay Jewelry Dishes
26. Perler Bead Catch-All DIY 
27. Seashell Jewelry Holder
28. Clay Ring Cone

What’s your preferred method of jewelry storage?

Link Love: Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor

I will be honest, I had never heard of macrame before. I didn’t even know how to use it in a sentence! So it came as a surprise when I typed it into Google and find that it’s just knots. (I’m sorry to those of you who already know what it is, but bear with me for a few lines.) Homemade macrame jewelry is what mostly comes up. Basically, it’s a series of knots assembled in a way to hold stuff of varying sizes. It normally uses cotton, linen, yarn, or rope—what you choose to use for macrame materials usually depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re making macrame jewelry, then you can use a lighter string with beads. For right now, however, I wanted to explore what other options macrame crafting has to offer.

So what do I go to first? Home decor. Living in the city gives me an awesome urban background to try a hipster/urban-chic decorations. These DIY home decor ideas are a great way to bring a little Bohemian-chic into your home. They may remind you of those corner-hanging-lamps with the tassels and the psychedelic coloring, but the modern world has transformed the hipster decorating ideas. These designs call for basic knot-tying skills such as square knots and overhand knots and are an up-and-coming trend for home decor. Don’t both spending money, let alone attempting to find the exact color and fabric you want, at a store when you can use any fabric, in any color, for your own color scheme.


Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor


Macrame Projects


Macrame Bottle Vases from Crafting Fingers

Easy DIY Plant Hanger from A Charming Project

Macrame Wheat Grass Eggs from The Merry Thought

Macrame Rope Wall-hanging from Miss Amy Phipps

Macrame Plant Holder from Classy Clutter

Macrame Yarn Garland from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair from Classy Clutter

Macrame Herb Hanger


Although most of the items that the macrame is holding are potted plants, you can use these to hold about anything. You can use a garden gazing globe and create beautiful colored light inside your home. It can be used as a hanging storage place for your child’s stuffed animals. This is a trending craft that will work for whatever setting you have in your home. Even try it outside to hang your hanging plants. Urban, Bohemian, country, rustic… These rope crafts are going to be the hottest thing to make!


Where and what will you use macrame for?

DIY Jewelry in Glass Vials

Fairy dust, terrariums, bottle messages…oh my!

Every day, I’m looking for new and unique homemade jewelry that I can wear with practically everything. I especially love those cheesy, inspirational words scrawled across a silver pendant–no, I’m not kidding. My preference for jewelry is utterly extreme. I either need a statement necklace with a rose-gold watch or my silver knock-off Pandora charm bracelet with a simple silver pendant necklace. I mean, go big or go home, right? Some days, a long, v-shaped  necklace suits my fancy. Do you know what my v-shaped necklaces consist of? Stuff I collected from the 7th grade… I’m sure you can imagine the horror of my 2006-2007 school wardrobe. Since I don’t feel what I own is age appropriate for right now, I might as well make it! Simple and interesting are my goals for DIY jewelry…

Glass Vial Jewelry

Those glass bottles and vials are all the rage. You know, the ones that resemble a miniature version of a message-in-a-bottle? I’m sure you love the idea of those tiny message-in-a-bottle crafts you see, but you just don’t know what to do with them. Sure, they would look good in a shadow box display with your seashells that you collected during your vacation, or they would be adorable as an accent detail in your scrapbook. But jewelry?

You’ve often found yourself asking these questions when it comes to homemade glass bottle jewelry: How do I even begin to make them? How do I make them age appropriate? I don’t like necklaces, but I want to use the glass vials.

Sweetie, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of atypical crafts for this glass bottle jewelry. They aren’t your common message-in-a-bottle’s, but there are some that a notable messages within the bottle. Okay, okay, so it technically is still a message-in-a-bottle, but it isn’t always your vow of irrevocable love. You can give yourself your own words of inspiration, or channel your inner fairy with some glitter (because glitter makes everything better). Be sure to check out the terrariums-in-a-bottle! Whatever you choose to do, these timeless homemade necklaces, earrings, and rings will always be in style because of their creative designs and innovative ideas.

DIY Jewelry in Glass Vials

Globe Jewelry DIY Pendants

Buck Up Bottle Necklace

Mini-Terrarium Necklace

Snow Globe Glitter Rings

Snow Globe Necklace

My Heart Belongs to You DIY Necklace from Live It. Love It. Make It.

DIY Terrarium Necklace from Saved By Love Creations

Wish Bottle Necklace from Crafts Unleashed

3 Ways to DIY Bottle Necklaces from Paper and Pin

Chanel Potion Necklaces from Quiet Lion Creations

Time In A Bottle Earrings from Morena Scorner

Letters Bottle Necklace from All Things Paper

Message In A Bottle Keychain from Shrimp Salad Circus

Perfume Bottle Necklace from Ice Pandora

What’s your inspiration for DIY Jewelry in Glass Vials?

Fashion Flashback: 1950’s Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas

Sometimes, we all think about what it would feel like to live in a past decade. One of the easiest, and most chic, ways to get a sense of what it might have been like in another decade or century is to wear some fashionable vintage jewelry. AllFreeJewerlyMaking has put together a list of some of our favorite 1950’s inspired jewelry making ideas for you to craft. So, if you have ever wanted to go back to the decade when Queen Elizabeth II became queen, The Sound of Music hit the stage for the first time, and Grace Kelly became a princess, then make these ten vintage jewelry pieces. You will instantly feel like you have been transported back in time.

Fashion Flashback: 1950's Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas

Fashion Flashback: 1950’s Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas


1950: The Birth of “Peanuts”

While growing up, we all loved waking up on the weekend and reading the comic section of the Sunday paper. So, relive those moments when you make this Wire-Wrapped Beaded Stud Earring. As jewelry making ideas go, we could see an adult Patty wearing these bold DIY earrings.


1951: Television Pops with Color

In 1951, colored television was introduced, so to to celebrate its invention, craft this fabulous Vintage Inspired Green Beaded Necklace. Chic and bright, you will feel just like a ’50’s lady wearing it.

1952: Great Britain has a New Queen

Princess Elizabeth became Queen at the age of 25. In honor of her coronation, learn how to make an elegant DIY necklace with this Lilac Rosette Seed Bead Necklace. When you wear it, you can imagine you were at the coronation!


1953: A Great Discovery

One of the greatest discoveries in science happened in 1953 when DNA was discovered. Instead of studying the inner workings of DNA strands, weave together the strands of this Double Strand Pearl and Crystal Bracelet.


1954: The Launch of a Search

This was not just any search; Britain sponsored an expedition to find the Abominable Snowman. Yes, you read that correctly. But, whether or not you believe in his existence, prepare for his spotting by learning a simple bead weave pattern with this white as snow Classic Pearl Bracelet. It is one of classiest jewelry making ideas there is!


1955: Rosa Parks Makes a Statement

To honor Rosa Park’s bravery, make stunning statement DIY jewelry making ideas, like this Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace.


Fashion Flashback: 1950's Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas

Fashion Flashback: 1950’s Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas

1956: Grace Kelly Marries her Prince

Ever elegant and beautiful, no one deserved to be a princess more than Grace Kelly. Feel like she may have in 1956 when she became one with this Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet.


1967: The Creative Cat is Born

When Dr. Seuss wrote The Cat in the Hat, he wrote a children’s story like none before it. Be creative like he was and learn How to Make a Custom Color Pearl Necklace. These pearls aren’t just plain white!


1958: Let’s Think Space

In order to beat the USSR, the U.S. launched NASA in 1958. We think these beautiful Rocking Rhinestone Studs could look like an elegant space rock.


1959: The Hills Are Alive for the First Time

This Modern Pearl Necklace and Earring Set is perfect for Fraulein Maria; and, it would have looked timeless on Julie Andrews when she played her years later.





Why would you want to go back to the 1950’s?

Your DIY Jewelry Summer Bucket List

Everyone should have a summer bucket list, so AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together a DIY jewelry bucket list for you to complete throughout the rest of your summer.  With this list of ten stunning summer jewelry crafts, you will not only learn what are hot pieces right now, but also how to craft the always popular summer jewelry pieces.

Your DIY Jewelry Summer Bucket List

Your Summer Bucket List

1. Become thrifty

Yes, that is right. There is nothing wrong with being thrifty, especially when it is fun. Try making any one of our Delightful Dollar Store Crafts: 20 DIY Jewelry Projects or budget-friendly crafts. You can also follow this quick 10 Minute Scrapped Bracelet tutorial for a chic look.

10 Minute Scrapped Bracelet

10 Minute Scrapped Bracelet


2. Think vintage

Vintage jewelry is always popular but it is not always easy to make DIY vintage jewelry pieces. So, as your second point on your summer bucket list, try one or all of the projects on our list of 15 Vintage Jewelry Patterns. If you only have a few minutes while your kids are at swim practice, then you can make this gorgeous 5 Minute Vintage Cuff instead.

5 Minute Vintage Cuff

5 Minute Vintage Cuff


3. Cherish memories

You have not mastered the art of DIY summer bracelet making until you have made one of these projects from our free eBook, How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 12 Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns! After, mastering the projects in this eBook, teach your daughters by using this cute Chained Together Friendship Bracelets tutorial.

Chained Together Friendship Bracelets

Chained Together Friendship Bracelets


4. Get some color

The best way to do this is to dye your jewelry, not tan it. Learn how to to tie-dye jewelry with this Colorful Tie-Dyed Jewelry project; or, get your color naturally with the Blackberry Dyed DIY Necklace

Blackberry Dyed DIY Necklace

Blackberry Dyed DIY Necklace

5. Get in shape

Bring some movement to your appearance with this Burnished Copper Necklace or any of these cute Geometric Bead Rings.

Burnished Copper Necklace

Burnished Copper Necklace

6. Go green

Start recycling and upcycling your jewelry with this Ocean Stones Statement Necklace or any of these Chic Recycled Crafts: 14 Recycled Jewelry Tutorials.

Ocean Stones Statement Necklace

Ocean Stones Statement Necklace

7. Master braids

Learn how to braid with these 35 Braided Jewelry Patterns: How to Kumihimo, Fishtail Braid, Box Braid and More. After you learn those, you will be ready to make a summer hemp bracelet, like this Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet.

Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet

8. Bring the charm

Mastering the art of an elegant and simple charm bracelets takes skill. Try making this Simply Sleek Leather Charm Bracelet and these adorable Cute Candy Charm DIY Jewelry pieces.

Cute Candy Charm DIY Jewelry

Cute Candy Charm DIY Jewelry

9. Make Statements

Statement jewelry pieces are stylish this summer, so learn if they are for you by designing the Black Velvet Statement Necklace or the Striking Fringe Statement Necklace.

Striking Fringe Statement Necklace

Striking Fringe Statement Necklace


10. Do KNOT give up

When beading, chaining, or wiring gets hard, do not give up. Instead take a break and make some knotted projects, like this Nautical Knot Necklace and these DIY Love Knot Jewelry pieces.

Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical Knot Necklace



What is on your bucket list?


8 Enchanting and Magical DIY Jewelry Projects

The summer months can be long, hot, and busy. With a million places to be, it is hard to spend time focusing on what pieces of jewelry to wear that day. As a result, we end up either wearing no jewelry or putting on plain pieces. What we all need this summer are some fun, exciting, and easy-to-make jewelry ideas that will make our busy selves look brighter.  With these eight enchanting DIY jewelry projects AllFreeJewelryMaking has selected for you, you will not only glow with charm, but you will also be adding a little magic to your lives.  Inspired from our favorite fairy-tales, myths, and fantasy stories, these eight DIY jewelry pieces will have you believing in fairies once more.

Glinda The Good Witch’s DIY Jewelry Ideas

These two dazzling DIY jewelry pieces, the Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet and the Magical Crystal Shard Bracelets, would have the Wicked Witch of the West chasing them with more zeal than she did those ruby red slippers! Watch out, Dorothy!


The Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet

The Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Magic Crystal Shard Bracelets

Magic Crystal Shard Bracelets

Tinker Bell’s Marvelous DIY Jewelry Ideas

With the Magical Recycled Glass Pendant and Fairy Circle Necklace, you will have two extraordinary DIY jewelry pieces that even Tinker Bell would have approved of. But, with these on, you won’t need any fairy dust to make some magic for you; they will do all the work for you once they are on.

Fairy Circle Necklace

Fairy Circle Necklace

Magical Recycled Glass Pendant

Magical Recycled Glass Pendant


Sleeping Beauty’s Entrancing DIY Jewelry Ideas

We can see Princess Aurora wearing the charming Crown Seed Bead Ring, and the evil Maleficent wearing the dangerously fashionable Faux Druzy Bead Ring. Your prince is destined to find you with these rings on. After all, even Maleficent deserves a chance, right?

Faux Druzy Bead Ring

Faux Druzy Bead Ring

Crown Seed Bead Ring

Crown Seed Bead Ring


Hermione’s Spellbinding DIY Jewelry Ideas

Smart and brave, we can see Hermione wearing either of these earrings. She would wear the Mystical Galaxy Earrings to work at the Ministry of Magic and the Magic Pixie Dust Earrings when she is spending time with her two pals, Ron Weasley  and Harry Potter.

Mystical Galaxy Earrings

Mystical Galaxy Earrings

Magic Pixie Dust Earrings

Magic Pixie Dust Earrings


 Who is your favorite magical character?


Five Forever Fashionable Flower DIY Jewelry Projects

While flowers may drive our allergies mad during the spring and summer seasons, we can not help but love them. Always happy and cheerful, DIY jewelry projects with flowers are the perfect way to make your outfits “pop” with color and dimension. AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together some of their favorite flower jewelry pieces for you to make to brighten up your summer. These five forever fashionable flower DIY jewelry ideas are guaranteed to make you look just as elegant and charming as the crafted flowers you wear.

You will love each of these five pieces so much that you will want to make them all. Luckily, each project comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions, so you will be wearing your blooming flower bracelet, necklace, earrings, ring, and brooch in no time at all. Flowers have inspired some of the greatest love poems ever written, so why shouldn’t these five flower projects inspire your style this summer?

Blooming Since the 1920s DIY Necklace

If you love the 1920s style, then you will fall in love with this Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace.  This vintage DIY jewelry project is perfect for those of you who love to wear those classic pearls and elegant brooches. Make something new with an old style by making this graceful necklace.


Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace

Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace


And, if you love this 1920s inspired necklace, make this elegant and chic hair accessory to go with it. You will feel like you have truly traveled back in time when you when put on your vintage necklace and Royal Blue Flapper Hair Clip.


Blossoming Burlap Hemp DIY Bracelet

When you think of summer bracelets, you think of hemp. This Bohemian Hemp Bracelet adds a little twist to the ever popular hemp bracelets by incorporating burlap into its design. As a result, you get a rustically beautiful flower cuff bracelet.

Bohemian Hemp Bracelet

Bohemian Hemp Bracelet


Flourishing Darling Daisy DIY Earrings

Learn how to crotchet wire earrings together with this Pretty Daisy Drop Earrings tutorial. Simple yet adorable, this DIY jewelry project is fun and creative. These affordable and delicate earrings go with almost every outfit, and will cheer up your appearance. You cannot help but smile when you are around daisies.

Pretty Daisy Drop Earrings

Pretty Daisy Drop Earrings


Love Daisies? Make some Clay Flower Hair Pins to go with your dainty daisy earrings. They are a great way to add some style to your hair this summer.


Waking White Chrysanth DIY Brooch

The best way to brighten up any shirt of jacket is with a beautiful brooch. With white such a popular color this season, why not combine the two? With the Silky Chrysanth Brooch on, you will have made your outfit elegant, classic, and stylish.  To make your brooch “pop” even more, wear it on a black jacket or shirt.


Silky Chrysanth Brooch

Silky Chrysanth Brooch


Flourishing Revitalized Rose DIY Ring

Roses are forever classic and elegant, so why not make a ring that will be always stylish? This Radiant Rose Ring is the perfect DIY jewelry project for you to make next. You will not find a more stunning DIY ring anywhere else.

Radiant Rose Ring

Radiant Rose Ring


Love these five flower projects? Then be sure to check out AllFreeJewelryMaking for the latest flower projects!


How do you incorporate floral into your summer outfits?

“Liberty and Jewelry For All”

The Fourth of July holiday revolves around outdoor barbeques, fireworks, parades, picnics, and craft fairs.  To celebrate, people dress in red, white, and blue. This year, add to your patriotic outfit with these festive and original DIY jewelry ideas AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together for you. Just like the 13 original colonies of our nation, there are 13 original DIY jewelry pieces here for you to create. Each project relates to one of our brave founding colonies who fought for our independence in 1776.  So, show your patriotic and festive side on our country’s 238th birthday with these 13 original DIY jewelry ideas!

Liberty and Jewelry For All

Erupting Massachusetts Bay Bracelet

Paul Revere started his long ride from Massachusetts, so make make this Crackling Firework DIY Bracelet to commemorate his heroic ride.


Ever Ready Rhode Island and New Hampshire

Bordering Massachusetts Bay colony on each end, Rhode Island and New Hampshire saw a lot of action during our fight for Independence. Celebrate Rhode Island’s part with these playful Patriotic Filigree Earrings, and New Hampshire’s role with this nationalistic Nautical Braided Bracelet.


It’s a Yankee Doodle Bracelet

If you lived in New York or New Jersey in 1776, you were without a doubt a “Yankee.” Well, honor all the American Yankees with these two beautiful bracelets, the Star Beaded Bracelet and the Red, White, and Blue Wrap Bracelet.

Star Beaded Bracelet

Star Beaded Bracelet


Loyal and Brave Maryland

Celebrating Independence Day with jewelry does not have to be expensive. Dress up your ears festively this holiday with these Plastic Cup Earrings.


Crackling Connecticut DIY Ring

Do not forget to bedazzle your ears for your Fourth of July celebration with some DIY Jewelry. To do, make our festively beaded Happy 4th Earrings and think of Connecticut, the colony originally known as the “River Colony.”

Happy 4th Earrings

Happy 4th Earrings


Delaware’s Daughters of the Revolution

Celebrate all that the Daughters of the American Revolution did for our independence by making this Sweet Liberty Beaded Crochet Bracelet for your daughters.

The Liberty Bell Rings

Make and wear this fun Fourth of July Fireworks Ring to commemorate the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, one of our nation’s most cherished symbols.


Very Virginia Ribbon DIY Jewelry

The Fourth of July is known not only for its fun celebrations, but also its heat. Cool off with these two pieces of Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry and honor colony that gave us our first president.

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry

Sweet Land of Carolina

Nothing says patriotic like some stunning star DIY Jewelry pieces. With the Falling Stars and Star-Shaped Wire Hoop Earrings, you will be rocking some stars for the brave colonies of South and North Carolina.


You’re a Grand Ol’Necklace

Need a simple yet grand necklace for a party? Then, make this Cobalt Blueberries Necklace for a democratic Georgian colony.



 What jewelry do you wear for the Fourth of July?