Snow Need to Flake Out – 14 Snowflake Crafts & Giveaway

Get your snow gear ready because AllFreeChristmasCrafts has a blizzard of snowflake and snowmen crafts that you have to try. Now, we all know that the winter can feel a little dreary at times. However, there is a way to add some cheer to this frosty season. We’re talking about snow. No, not the freezing fluffy white stuff outside, but adorable crochet snowflake and snowmen crafts. With these projects, you get the best of both worlds: the beauty of snow without the bitter cold.

Wear snowflake scarves and sweaters so that you can stay warm and stylish when the temperature begins to drop. Snuggle up in a comfy sweater near the fire or accessorize with a trendy scarf for those moments when you have to venture outside. Snowflake clothes aren’t your thing? No worries, we have plenty of other snow-spired projects. What about decorations to make a winter wonderland in your home? Or, chilly ornaments and snowmen to add even more snowflake fun to your home?  We’ll admit that we’re suckers for anything remotely reminiscent of Frosty the Snowman because he’s just so darn cute. If you feel the same as us, then you’re going to be blown away at the Frosty-inspired crochet projects we found. Whether you prefer snowflakes or snowmen, we know there’s something here for you!


Wear Your SnowflakeFalling Snowflakes Sweater

Get warm and cozy with a snowflake sweater or scarf. Picture yourself curled up on the couch in your handmade sweater, drinking a warm cup of hot cocoa while reading a book as it lightly snows outside your window. Sounds pretty relaxing, right? We think so, too. Stay warm this winter and crochet your own cold-weather clothes!

  1. Cascading Snowflakes Crochet Scarf
  2. Falling Snowflakes Sweater





Snowflake OrnamentsSparkly Crochet Snowflake Ornament

Create unique homemade Christmas ornaments for your tree this year. The designs of these crochet snowflake ornaments are all unique because we all know that no two snowflakes are the same.

  1. Picot Loops Crochet Snowflake
  2. Crochet Snowflake Ornament
  3. Sparkly Crochet Snowflake Ornament






Mr. and Mrs. SnowmanFrosty the Snowman Inspiration

Last, but certainly not least, are our frost-spired crochet snowmen. Everyone loves jolly Frosty the Snowman, so why not get a little creative and crochet some of these happy little guys? Great to use as decorations around the home, these crafts are too cute to pass up!

1. Crochet Snowman Family
2. Crochet Snowman Jar Cozy
3. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman
4. Frosty the Snowman Tea Cozy
5. Crochet Frosty the Snowman




Giveaway!99 Snowflakes Volume 2

Win 99 Snowflakes Volume 2, a book full of stunning crochet snowflake patterns, from the light, large, and lacy, to the solid, small, and compact.

With the patterns in this book, you can learn how to make frosty decorations like:

  1. Chilly Snowman Christmas Stocking
  2. Crochet Snowflake Garland
  3. Upcycled Crocheted Doily Snowflake Garland/Bunting

The deadline to enter is July 8, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time, so enter today for your chance to win!






Beachside Buddies: Summer Crafts for Kids

Precious Pom Pom Sea CreaturesDon’t you just love going to the aquarium? When I’m at an aquarium, I often fantasize about climbing into the tanks with those beautiful fish and adorable turtles. Luckily, there’s a less dangerous way to get close to these stunning creatures–I can craft my own!

The Pom Pom Sea Creatures pictured at left show how many different underwater creatures you can make with one material. The jellyfish is silly as-is, but I think some googly eyes would make him even more lovable. If you like to spend your summer days outdoors rather than indoors, there are Sea Creature Sand Castle Molds that make sand castle building easy. These cans are painted with grinning starfish, clams, and more. We’ve got a ton of summer crafts for kids and adults that are inspired by aquatic life.

Just Keep Swimming: Fish CraftsCute Knitted Fish

Cute Knitted Fish – I can’t decide what I love more about this knitted fish pattern: the multicolored yarn or the button eyes.

Tropical Reef Fish – Paper plate crafts are great for the parent in a pinch. You can keep kids entertained for hours with these budget-friendly fishies.

Seahorse Window Hangers – Inspired by a popular book , this summer art project is perfect for children who like to play with clay.


2 Hour Felted JellyfishJellyfish Crafts for Kids

2 Hour Felted Jellyfish – Follow this easy felted knitting pattern to create a jellyfish pal for your little one.

Happy Hanging Jellyfish – As far as bedroom decorations go, they don’t get much cuter than these cheerful kids crafts.

Elegant Jellyfish Ornament – Keep the spirit of summer in mind during the cold winter months with this eye-catching handmade ornament craft.





Yarn Turtle Patterns & Crab CraftsToddler Turtle Pillow

Toddler Turtle Pillow – This crochet turtle pattern is a cuddle buddy and pillow in one.

Tuck the Turtle – Tuck is a mellow turtle who’s bound to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Crabby the Crab – Don’t let his name fool you; Crabby is actually a smiley guy. This free crochet pattern is available in symbols or in English.

Styrofoam Cup Crabs – Googly eyes and pipe cleaners make these summer crafts come to life.


What’s your favorite undersea creature to craft?



More Tees, Pretty Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

More Tees Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

Get ready for summer fun by stocking your drawers with a seasonal essential: t shirts! T shirts are lightweight, so they will keep you cool during outdoor activities. Plus, any color or design looks great with a pair of jeans. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a graphic tee that reflects your personality. Instead, you can jazz up a plain tee for your toddler, teen, spouse, or yourself. Check out these fun DIY t shirts and take the indecision out of packing for your summer getaway.

T Shirt Patterns for Kids

Painted Tee Shirt Dress   I Heart Tie Dye Tee   Bass Boy Tee

Painted Tee Shirt Dress –The best part about this easy sewing craft is that your little girl can decorate it however she wants.

I Heart Tie Dye Tee –Spend some quality time with your little princess and make this pink tie dye tee together.

Bass Boy Tee – You don’t have to empty your wallet to make sure your little rock star is ready for the concert! This playful tee shirt design includes a guitar.


DIY T Shirts for Teens

Dashing Doodle Tee Shirt   Houndstooth Tees   Romantic Twilight Tees

Dashing Doodle Tee Shirt – This tee shirt is a unique way to spread the love, whether it’s at a graduation party, birthday celebration, or holiday. Ask your friends and loved ones to write messages and draw pictures on this tee shirt and send it off with your high school grad when she goes to college.

Houndstooth Tees – For an edgy tee shirt design, look no further than this project. Great for girls and guys, this tee shirt craft features a red gradient.

Romantic Twilight Tees – This set of tee shirt designs will please any vampire fan in your family. Featuring clever sayings like “Love Bites,” these DIY tee shirts also have eye-catching graphics.


T Shirt Ideas for Him

Impatient Plaid Tee   Captain America Tie Dye Tee   Home Team Custom Tees

Impatient Plaid Tee – From a distance, this DIY t shirt almost looks like the real deal, but it’s actually a tie dye tee that’s perfect for lounging by the pool.

Captain America Tie Dye Tee – Those Marvel movies aren’t going away any time soon! Learn how to tie dye a shirt that looks like Cap’s patriotic shield. Your hero will love it.

Home Team Custom Tees – Check out this video tutorial to find out how to make a tee shirt that represents your guy’s favorite sports team. A handmade tee shirt makes a great birthday gift or Father’s Day present.


T Shirt Craft Ideas for You

Striped Crochet Tee   Dog Lady Graphic Tee   Pretty Petal Tee Shirt

Striped Crochet Tee – Designed with intermediate crocheters in mind, this shirt crochet pattern calls for lightweight yarn. The spunky stripes evoke the nautical trend that is so popular every summer.

Dog Lady Graphic Tee – Dare to be bold in this cute shirt. With the help of a printable stencil, this DIY tee shirt craft is easier than it looks.

Pretty Petal Tee Shirt – Feminine and floral, this gorgeous tee shirt pattern will liven up your summer wardrobe.


What do you like to make with your old t shirts?





Citrus Sweet: Build Your Color Confidence

Summer Citrus CoastersFreshly cut grass, saltwater, and sunscreen are just a few of the scents of summer. Even better than the scents, though, are tastes. When I’m on the beach, I like to enjoy a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Even if you don’t have a chance to lounge around in the sun, you can get a taste of the season with a few citrus inspired crafts.

The Summer Citrus Coasters pictured at left are must-haves for your next picnic or pool party. This easy sewing pattern is fun and functional. Plus, the bold colors will help your guests remember which drink belongs to whom. Or, check out the Floral Ball, is an explosion of reds, greens, and yellows that makes a beautiful centerpiece, whether your gathering is indoors or out. If you have a hammock hanging in your backyard, the Citrus Burst Pillow will make those afternoon naps extra cozy.


Dazzling Orange Tiger LilyWhen folks think of the word “citrus,” the first fruit that pops into mind is the orange. This bold color lacks subtlety, so if you’re hoping to draw some attention, orange is the way to go.

Dazzling Orange Tiger Lily – It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY paper flower craft, because the cute freckled petals are printable.

Orange Crochet Tank for Tot – The best part about this cute crochet top is the black and white ribbon that ties at the slit in the back.

Rustic Orange Peel Garland – You’d be hard pressed to find a DIY garland that smells as sweet as this one.



Lovely Lemon WreathThere’s a reason I reach for lemonade during those hot summer afternoons. Lemons are so refreshing! These crafts smell as delightful as they look.

Lovely Lemon Wreath – This DIY wreath will greet all of your guests with a hint of lemony freshness.

Lemon Candles – You can make these quirky handmade candles and give them as favors at your next party.

Lemon Sugar Scrub – Keep hands soft and smooth with a yummy sugar scrub. Kids can help, too!


Groovy Green T Shirt ToteNow we’ve come to my favorite shade of citrus: lime green. It’s hard to keep frowning when you come across a craft in this bright color.

Groovy Green T Shirt Tote – Designed with the environmentally-friendly in mind, this DIY bag is made from recycled and earth-safe materials.

Wicked Lime Green Backpack – There’s something sassy about this crochet backpack. I love the fringe at the bottom.

Scrappy Rag Wreath – Vary your fabric scraps to make this DIY wreath super cute.


What’s your must-have summer accessory?








Get In Shape! Geometric Patterns for Summer

When I sat down to review Simply Modern Christmas: Fresh Quilting Patterns for the Holidays, I was expecting 80 pages of red and green quilts. Instead, I was greeted by page after page of sewing projects that would look just as great in June as they would in December. The author, Cindy Lammon, is a designer and blogger known for her floral patterns. With the 14 tutorials in this book, Lammon balances tradition and innovation by using basic shapes and bold fabric. Geometric shapes allow each pattern to pop. Plus, they are easier for beginner and intermediate sewists to piece together. I decided to pull together some stand-out projects that rely on the beauty of simple shapes. Whether they use circles, squares, triangles, or a combination of all three, these projects are chic and summery.


Get In Shape! Geometric Patterns for Summer


Squares: DIY Jewelry, Handmade Wreaths, and Granny Squares


Knots and Nuts Bracelet

Knot and Nuts Bracelet – The light colored cord and gold hexnuts in this DIY bracelet contrast beautifully.

Thrifty Square Rose Wreath – Roses bloom in the summer, but you can keep these lovely buds on your door all year long with this handmade wreath.

Angel Heart Granny – Let your heart soar with this adorable granny square pattern.


CHRISTMAS BONUS: Snowflake Square Motif


Triangles: Handmade Baskets, Shawl Patterns, and DIY Necklaces


Wire Mesh BasketWire Mesh Basket – This pretty DIY basket is modern and elegant.

Knotted Lace Shawl – Get warmth without weight for that cool summer breeze.

Blue Triangle Necklace – For a night on the town, you can’t beat this handmade necklace.


CHRISTMAS BONUS: Knit Pillow with Aran Triangle





Circles: Handmade Wreaths, DIY Bookshelves, and Bracelet Patterns


Circle of Leaves Knit Wreath

Circle of Leaves Knit Wreath – Play with different colors of yarn to make this wreath green for summer or red for fall.

String of Circles Bookshelf – The perfect gift for the high school grad who’s heading for college.

Circles and Pearls Bracelet – This dainty DIY bracelet is a cinch to make.


CHRISTMAS BONUS: Circle Bell Ornaments




Hexagons: How to Make Your Own Bag and Crochet Rug Patterns


Drawstring Tote Bag

Drawstring Tote Bag – Great for little girls, we love the backpack-esque style of this purple and green bag.

Hexagonal Market Bag – Pick up your produce and store it in an eco-friendly bag.

Crochet Hexagon Rug – This hexagon rug pattern is small enough to fit in any room, but eye-catching enough to draw some attention.

CHRISTMAS BONUS: White Hibiscus Afghan




Simply Modern Christmas: Fresh Quilting Patterns for the HolidaysEnter for your chance to win a copy of Simply Modern Christmas: Fresh Quilting Patterns for the Holidays, a book of patterns for  quilts, table toppers, stockings, and more. Great for beginners and intermediate sewists alike, these patterns are universal, so a simple fabric swap makes them appropriate for any season. Read our full review here, and enter the giveaway here.

What geometric shapes do you like to use in your crafts?






Seeing Spots: Ladybugs’ Picnic

Sesame Street has a history of teaching kids on the sly, and the song “The Ladybugs’ Picnic” is no exception. While children watched those cute bugs play games, tell jokes, and toast marshmallows, they learned how to count to twelve. In honor of Flashback Friday, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite ladybug crafts. You can make these projects by yourself or with the help of the Sesame Street fan in your house.


Seeing Spots: Ladybugs' Picnic


Ladybug Craft Ideas for the Home


Scrappy Ladybug Magnets – These adorable DIY magnets are a fun way to clear out your scrap stash.

Charming Ladybug Bracelet – We love the red and yellow color combination in this woven bracelet.

Ladybug Applique Design – An embroidered ladybug would look so precious on a pillow.

Summertime Ladybug Mug – Use pinks, blues, and greens on your ladybugs to make this hand-painted mug really stand out.


Ladybug Crafts for Kids


Paper Plate Ladybug – This ladybug has a sweet smile that your kids will love.

Little Ladybug Wreath – No need to fear! This cute crawler is totally harmless and will brighten up your child’s bedroom.

Ladybug Sun Shades – Beat the heat and keep the sun off your little one’s face with these foam visors.

Matching Math Game – A great indoor or outdoor activity that teaches and entertains.



How to Make a Ladybug with Upcycled and Recycled Materials


Upcycled Ladybug Storage Jars – Keep coins, buttons, paper clips, and more in these sweet storage jars.

Ladybug Bottle Caps – Put those discarded caps to good use as eco-friendly ladybug toys.

Recycled CD Ladybugs – Not sure what to do with those scratched CDs? Give them new life with this darling craft.

Cute Carton Crawlers – Break out your pipe cleaners and googly eyes to put the finishing touch on these bugs. Your kids will love them!


What’s your favorite craft to make with your kids?





Meet the Authors: “The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas”

One of the perks that comes with being the editor of a crafting website is that designers will send their latest projects and publications right to you. When a new book from F+W Media arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to take a peek. The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas: Awesome Craft Techniques for Handmade Craft Projects is a quirky collection of family-friendly projects that were created by co-authors Andrea and Cliff Currie.

You might recognize Andrea as a “Craft Wars” champion (and you can read her reflections on the experience here). Her husband, Cliff, is a designer in his own right, and while the main goal of these tutorials is to have fun, you’ll pick up techniques from the pros along the way. I feel extra fortunate that I also got the chance to interview Andrea and Cliff about their crafting styles, sources of inspiration, and more.

What 3 words sum up your crafting style?

Andrea: Fun, Colorful, and Surprising

Cliff: Different, Multi-functional, and Fun

What is your go-to crafting tool?

Andrea: Hot glue gun because it’s equal parts useful and dangerous. Just how I like my men. 😉

Cliff: If I had to craft my way out of a precarious situation using just one tool, I’d pick a good pair of scissors. I can’t think of one project I’ve done that doesn’t involve using scissors. I like having heavy-duty, precision, and fabric scissors nearby me at all times. In fact, I’m pretty sure every drawer in our house has at least one pair of scissors in it!

Andrea, you’re a Craft Wars champion. How has that experience influenced you?

It’s not often you get to test your skills in front of an international audience and a panel of very discerning judges. What I learned is to embrace my kitschy style and to not worry what others might say, even if they are industry leaders! If you can’t sell your vision/style then you won’t ever be able to sell your products. Craft Wars was a crash course in selling my creations and I’m very grateful for the experience.

Cliff, some of your projects in The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas call for unusual supplies like Legos and dinosaur figurines. Would you say that the materials inspire your crafts? Or is it the other way around?

I have a little obsession with the 80’s. OK, it’s a big obsession, which I’m sure you’ll pick up on in the book. I enjoy working my childhood toys into fun projects and I’m lucky that the CEO (Andrea) has the same affinity for all things 80’s as I do. So, I suppose you could say the supplies inspire the crafts but it’s mostly a decade that inspires my crafts!

You’re called “America’s Handmade Sweethearts.” What is the best part about working with your spouse? Are there any unique challenges that come with it?

Andrea: Working with Cliff has been a wild ride and I love every thrilling moment of it. I suppose the audience that deemed us “America’s Handmade Sweethearts” never really saw those not so “sweetheart” moments. You know, like when we have creative “differences” and “accidentally” ruin a project by spilling alcohol ink on it. Yeah, those are the moments you realize that working with your spouse was the best decision you ever made.

Cliff: I couldn’t imagine not working with my glittery gal. She is so incredibly talented and driven which really pushes me to the edge of my creativity. We really have a symbiotic relationship. Her weaknesses (engineering and methodically measuring) are my strengths, and my weaknesses (design, color theory, and imagination) are her strengths. So the creations we collaborate on always turn out really amazing because it’s equal parts of both of us.

The Crafter’s Book has a unique his/her format. How did you develop this idea?

Andrea: We had never seen a “he said/she said” style book before and it was something we felt we’d buy if we saw it, so we pitched it and we were lucky enough to have F+W Media pick it up! Plus, let’s be honest: we wanted to battle out our creative differences in a book where the readers get choose who is the supreme crafter in the family, all while enjoying a plethora of fun projects. So far, we don’t have a clear winner but it seems like people lean towards Cliff’s projects slightly more. It pains me to say that, by the way.

Did you collaborate on the projects even if they were distinctly “hers” or “his”?

Cliff: Yes, we collaborated a lot. Well, actually it was more me relying on Andrea to steer me towards projects that were cohesive with hers.

Andrea: Yeah, we really didn’t foresee how hard it was going to be to create complementary yet very different projects but once we got about halfway through the book we found a fun groove, which made the projects flow much easier.

This book has a lighthearted, “just for fun” vibe, but many of the crafts combine fun and functionality–the Miniature Taxidermy Bulletin Boards come to mind. Would you say that making crafts practical is one of your goals?

Andrea: I suppose Cliff’s functional style has really rubbed off on me. When we were first married (9 years ago) I was happy just glittering something and calling it a day but he really pushed me to think out of the box and to find more uses for each project. Nowadays I’m always looking to craft up something fun and functional.

Cliff: I used to always work with wood and metal (very manly materials) and then Andrea sprinkled her sparkle all over the house and eventually our styles collided into a mishmash of practical and whimsical. Oh, and I’m not afraid to say that I LOVE glitter!

Do you ever feel uninspired? How do you break out of “crafter’s block?”

We always get crafter’s block at just the wrong moments, but when that happens we know to step away. Usually we go for a hike or a bike ride. Living in sunny San Diego makes it easy to refresh our brains and bodies at any given moment.

What can we expect from America’s Handmade Sweethearts in the near future?

It’s probably no surprise that we have a billion ideas for future books but we’ve learned to let things come naturally rather than tediously pushing one idea forward. While we let our thoughts simmer we are remodeling our home, which is a large undertaking even though it’s only 1,400 square feet! You should expect to see some pretty amazing transformations on our blog and fun craft projects ta boot!


What’s your favorite craft to make with your friends and family?




Put a Ring on It: 5 DIY Ring Patterns

Put a Ring On It - 5 DIY Ring Patterns

Can it be true? Hollywood’s Eternal Bachelor, Mr. George Clooney, is engaged? Shocking! Word on the street is that he put a gorgeous (and enormous) ring on his girlfriend’s finger a few days ago. We’ll believe the marriage buzz when we get the invitation. In the meantime, all the hype about George settling down has us fantasizing about the ring of our dreams. Here are 5 DIY ring patterns that look fabulous and don’t cost a fortune.


Cocktail RingNo. 1: Cocktail Ring

Say “hello” to the classy and versatile Cocktail Ring. This piece of DIY jewelry looks great dressed up or dressed down. Whether you’re wearing jeans or sporting a dress jacket, this ring looks positively fetching. You can wear it to a Christmas party, and it makes a great addition to your New Year’s Eve outfit, as well. Believe it or not, this handmade ring gets its sparkle from a $2 pendant the designer found at Walmart. Make a trip to your local retailer, or raid your closet and dresser for costume jewelry. This DIY ring is the perfect project for people who like to upcycle and repurpose their baubles.


Spiral Bead RingNo. 2: Spiral Bead Ring

Looking for something a little more modern than rhinestones and floral motifs? Check out this Spiral Bead Ring. Choose your favorite bold bead to set off the silver wire. This deep blue looks lovely, but a bright purple or dark green would be just as stunning. The delicate wire wrapping on each side of the bead gives this ring a feminine look. Make this ring for a friend whose style is a little edgy.



Wire and Pearl RingNo. 3: Wire and Pearl Ring

This Wire and Pearl Ring is every vintage-lover’s dream! Pearl beads allow you get that sophisticated vibe without spending money on authentic pearls. Grab your pliers and a handful of pearl beads and get to work! We love the varied colors of the beads in the photo, by the way. This is an easy tutorial for jewelry-making rookies to make. This DIY ring pattern will have you thinking summer, so wear it with your favorite sundress.


Garden Green Bauble RingNo. 4: Garden Green Bauble Ring

It’s easy being green with this Garden Green Bauble Ring. In fact, you can put together this springy accessory in less than an hour. The trick to making this DIY ring one-of-a-kind is mixing up the size, style, and texture of your beads. Try to use several larger beads as well as small ones, and feel free to incorporate faceted beads, seed beads, glass beads, and more. Whatever catches your eye is sure to catch someone else’s!



Wire Wrapped Circle Ring No. 5: Wire Wrapped Circle Ring

And what about those of us who like to keep things simple? There are hundreds of wire jewelry patterns out there, but it would be hard to find one that is simpler and more elegant than this Wire Wrapped Circle Ring. Classic shapes make for classy jewelry. If you want to add a dash of color to this DIY accessory, watch the video tutorial to see  how to add pretty little seed beads to your ring.

What would your dream engagement ring look like?





Craft Your Own Zoo: 21 Animal Crafts

Ever since I woke up at 3 am to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton live on TV, I’ve been following their family more closely than a patriotic American probably should. It’s hard to resist this picture-perfect royal family, especially since Will and Kate have welcomed a bouncing baby boy into the world. This jet-setting trio is currently on a tour of Australia, and they took little George to a zoo on Easter Sunday. This highly-publicized getaway got me thinking about all of the animal crafts on the Web. Whether they are knitted, crocheted, sewn, or sculpted, these cute zoo animals make perfect gifts for baby showers. Little George may be used to expensive toys, but I bet that even he would love to cuddle with one of these creatures.


Elephant Crafts

Elephant Lovie Blanket

 Elephant Lovie Blanket (pictured)

Gracie the Tiny Elephant – A pocket-size pal to take on the road

Knit Floral Elephant – These knit elephants have a girly flair

Elephant Crochet Hat – Cute baby shower gift


Elephant Angel Ornament

Christmas Bonus!

Elephant Angel Ornament

An Elephant Never Forgets Card



 Zebra Crafts

Cuddly Zebra Blanket

Cuddly Zebra Blanket (pictured)

Zebra Wall Canvas – Go wild with your home decor!

Zachery Zebra – Great traveling companion for little ones

Zebra Finger Puppet – Simple craft to use in the classroom


Zebra Print Rings

For Party Animals:

Zebra Print Rings – Perfect party favors!

Zebra Stamped Streamers



 Giraffe Crafts

 Giraffe Pillow

Giraffe Pillow – A great addition to a jungle themed nursery

Felix the Fun Giraffe – Craft a giraffe out of clay

Giraffe Baby Hat and Costume – So precious!

Beanie Sock Giraffe – A fun way to get rid of old socks and scraps


Awesome Origami Giraffes

For Party Animals:

Awesome Origami Giraffes – Kid-friendly activity!



  Lion Crafts

Adorable Lion Baby Booties


Adorable Lion Baby Booties (pictured)

Leonara the Little Lion – Makes a super cute ornament, too!

Lion Finger Puppet Another classroom-ready craft


Silver Streak Lion Ornament

Christmas Bonus!

Silver Streak Lion Ornament – A quirky take on the King of the Jungle





What is your favorite critter to craft?






The World is Your Oyster: 12 Precious Pearl Crafts

Just like lace and flowers, pearls add a dash of femininity to clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. But did you know that these delicate gemstones come from irritated mollusks? That’s right; if a parasite burrows its way into a mollusk, the mollusk grows a pearl around the affected area to prevent it from spreading. Pretty cool stuff! I wish humans had a defense mechanism like that. Unfortunately, we don’t (yet), and natural pearls are super expensive. Luckily, I can use pearl beads to give my wardrobe a ladylike look.

DIY Clothing Ideas for You and Baby

Decked Out Denim VestDecked Out Denim Vest – Have you heard about the denim on denim trend? People are mixing and matching colors and washes of denim for a casual yet polished look. This vest, pictured at left, adds a little glam to this fashion staple.

Baby Couture Onesie – Now Baby can look as fashionable as Mom! The string of pseudo pearls on this onesie is so cute.

Beaded Poncho – Gold-plated pearl beads set off the earth tones in this knit poncho very nicely.

Crochet Pearl Belt – This silvery belt is the perfect addition to a vintage outfit. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can make a matching pair of gloves.


Earrings, Bracelets, and More: DIY Jewelry

Crochet Ribbon EarringsCrochet Ribbon Earrings – Go vintage with these pastel beauties.

Tee Shirt Beaded Necklace – Believe it or not, an old white tee makes the perfect necklace chain.

Circles and Pearls Bracelet – Modern and sleek, this bracelet would make a great gift for a teenager.

Ladylike Ribbon Necklace – This beautifully-crafted necklace is sure to get some attention the next time you go out.


 DIY Home Decor: Indoors and Out

Elegant Garden TopiaryElegant Garden Topiaries – You can make these sophisticated topiaries for an Easter brunch, bridal shower, or tea party.

Pearls on Wood Bird – Birds tend to flit away whenever you get too close, but this little guy will stay by your side and brighten up your living room.

Crystal and Pearl Decor – This versatile craft looks great on trees, mantels, and more.

Floral Candleholders – For centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with these chic DIY decorations.



How do you use pearls in your crafting?